What I Eat To Stay Lean | My Camera Gear + Filming BTS

What I Eat To Stay Lean | My Camera Gear + Filming BTS

Hey everyone, welcome back. It is a beautiful day in Melbourne today, So yeah this week has been a very busy week. For me, I’ve been filming a lot: I’ve filmed 4 full workouts, a meal, prep video and now today.

I’m filming the 5th episode of the flat belly challenge, which I can’t wait to just get it over with because I’m really tired from all this planning. Umm filming, editing and yeah, just want to finish this and take a little breather.

You know just relax for a little while, like just for a day, I also rented a place to film this program because I wanted it to be different cause.

I’ve been filming at the gym for the longest time and I felt like it was a bit boring, a bit stale, so I rented this place just for this program. I hope that you guys enjoy the new scenery.

A lot of you guys commented that you like the new series, so I’m like damn, should I film here from now onwards, but I can’t afford to just keep paying for the studio, so we’ll see how it goes.

So anyway, I’m going to have my cherries. Now I have 2 portions of cherries.

It’s about a kilo worth of cherries right here: Umm yeah, I’M all ready to go to the gym. These are all my equipment over here. So I get so paranoid before I go to the gym.

I’ve been to the gym so many times to film and realized that I don’t have my memory cards or i don’t have my tripod, or I don’t have my batteries That drive me nuts, So yeah. This studio is so far away.

It’s about 40-50 mins away. So, I’ve got to check a few times before I go. I’ve got a tripod: I’ve got 2 GH5s, Lumix Cameras. These are the 2 lens that I use the most, it’s the 8-18 mm lens and also the 12-35 mm lens.

I’ve got a gimbal here, a mic because I don’t like to sound echo-y I like to be clear and crisp and clear, And also a lighting just in case it gets too dark.

Okay, I’m going to get changed now, so I’ll see you guys in the studio, Hey, so we’re here at the studio, So anyway. Let me show you guys around Here’s. The studio Can’t see me, It just looks like a massive warehouse like this area is just like a warehouse area,.

There’s no one around and the lighting’s really good, so yeah. I think the reason why I really like this place is because of the massive windows like it provides a lot of natural lighting for filming And yeah.

Let me just show you my set: Here’s where my makeup artist does my makeup, over here to get this face.

And also here’s my kitchen, my chef normally prepares me, my healthy, delicious meals to stay in shape. I’M kidding guys, It’s just me and Adrian. I can’t afford to hire people like seriously, So umm yeah.

I just rented this place for this program because I wanted things to be different. Just you know, a fresh start for the year, so yeah.

I don’t think I can do this all the time because I can’t afford it. So don’t get used to it! So, here’s my setup, My camera How’s, that look. I like it. I really like the lighting It’s like angelic, I’m Chloe, So oh yeah, a lot of you guys always ask me why my eyes are looking over here most of the time because you have slanted eyes.

This is how I’m going to record my intro from now on: Hey everyone, But anyway. I’M always looking at this articulating screen, so this camera is really nice because I get to have a flip screen. And I always look at it because I get so paranoid that I’m not recording, And that happens so many times.

Yeah, so every time. When you look at me in my workout videos, why? I’M just looking at the camera, I’m just waiting for the freaking red dot to like to appear because it goes like it blinks right it blinks when it’s recording, so I’m like blink, please So ignore the death stares Yup anyway, let’s just record the intro.

His workout, is part of my free 30 days flat belly challenge. But you can do this on its own, or you can do the program too. Or you can check out the program too Or feel free to check out my program. Word’s are hard. Aren’t they Wooh, I honestly can’t wait to finish filming this workout program?

It’s been a long week, We’ve been filming so much And how you feeling man, I’m tired. I can’t wait for this to be over, This is the last episode 5 right, Yeah. This is episode 5, but there’s going to be more coming in February.

Let’s take some photos now, Honestly, it’s so hard, if you don’t have a good thumbnail nobody’s going to click on the video and all my effort is just gone down to .

…, So here’s the thumbnail photo that I’m probably going to use I don’t know there’s so many nice ones, So this is like my favourite. I just showed that to Adrian She always changes her mind, so I don’t think that’s the one I’M very indecisive, So anyway, a lot of you guys have asked how I take my photos.

What camera I use and how to do i get the quality on my IG So I’m going to show you guys my secret, My big secret tip of taking photos like this is to use the bracketed mode in this camera. It’s so amazing and that seriously save my life, Adrian. What do you think You’re basically taking 5 to 7 photos and combining them So yeah photos from different exposures and wahlaa.

It’s a really nice balanced lighting photo, Especially for like situations like this, where you have like really harsh lighting from the back and not enough lighting from the front So yeah, that’s my number 1 tip Alright time to film. Our last workout It’s 40 minutes, my arms going to kill me It’s 45 minutes.

Yeah, your stabilizer is heavy. It’s a workout for him too, Arm workouts and squat. As well. Just finished the workout. It was insane, I’M so sweaty, but I just wiped off all my sweat.

Oh my god. I need to take a shower That took us about an hour because I did like the high-impact version for 45 minutes and then another 15 minutes of low impact.

That’s it. Oh, my god, we’re done! I’M so happy So now we’re going to get some food, I’m going to reward myself with some seafood because I’m craving for some like chilli crabs.

I’ve been wanting to have it, but I just haven’t got a chance to. Oh, my god. I really want this, I really want that. We’re going to get some mussels and some prawns, You wanna try yabbies. Did you see that one?

So, I’m just going to show you guys quickly what I’m? Having for lunch? Look at that, So this is the muffin that I made the other day. I had one already. It was really good, still pretty fresh It’s been 3 days, though Umm some chicken, some kimchi, some Kale and potatoes Stir fry kimchi, is so good.

I was so hungry in the car, so i finished all the cherries. So i pretty much finished half a kilo of cherries. Today, That’s a lot, but it’s okay. I did a major workout just now. The chicken is really good.

It’s just some tumeric, some chilli, some salt, pepper and some kelp seasoning. That is the key Very, very good, I’m going to finish up my meal, and I’m going to prep my chilli crab.

Oh my god, I’m so excited! I never made it before, But I’m going to make the sauce first And that’s for my dinner. I’M so excited it’s been like how many years, Like 2 or 3 years since I had chilli crabs.

So Finally, it’s done. Are you excited, I’m starving, So we got mussels fresh oysters? Some rolls, I’m not going to have this. I think I don’t know And umm some crabs. Oh my god!

Let’s start I’m excited about the bread because it smells so good Yeah. I put some butter on it, so it smells like really amazing right now. Are you excited, Yeah? Of course, you are, I’m already eating.

So we weren’t supposed to film a mukbang, but this looks like a pretty amazing one, so we decided to go for it. So, I’m going to eat now, and I’ll see you guys soon.

Hello, it is the next day, so I ended up just chilling last night after my dinner, after those big massive crabs, it was so nice Yeah. I was just so exhausted because I had liked an hour workout and burned me about 500 calories. I was exhausted. I had lots of food lots of carbs and then more food, so I was pretty much like crashing like after my dinner.

So yeah, I went to bed pretty early and didn’t do much So I guess this can’t be a “ what I eat” video since it’s the second day, So yeah, I don’t have a very eventful day today, I’m just going to be working in front of my laptop So since what I did yesterday was mostly filming and eating.

That was so good. I’ll probably talk about my video work because I do get a lot of questions from you guys about that. So if you’re new to my channel or if you just started following me in the last year or so, I actually used to do a lot of fashion and travel content.

I used to go to fashion events like super intimidating because there’s lots of fashiony people And once I even got myself on the runway, that was super scary and yeah. Those were good memories.

It was really fun to create all this fashion and travel videos, but anyway my top tip in creating a really good video is to have a good camera. And the camera I’m using is this Lumix GH5.

This camera films in 4k, 60p, and it has in body stabilisation and also lends stabilisation, which is really good because you want your footage to be really smooth and not shaky When your footage is silky smooth. It just looks a lot more professional.

You know, And with this camera, you can even film in 180 frames, which is 6 times slower than normal speed, which makes everything looks so slow and cinematic, which is how I like it. So, the next tip is to use your camera features.

For example, this GH5 has timelapse features, so you can just create timelapses and hyperlapse videos that look so amazing looks so cool and all this can be done with this function. Just one function, It’s all automatic.

So I don’t actually have to create this timelapse myself on the computer. It is all done in the camera And also if you watch my food videos, you know that I film from the top a lot so like a flat, lay view all the way from the top.

So, there’s a flip screen over here, which makes it a lot easier because I could just flip it and turn it and look. You get what I mean, So I can see what’s going on at the bottom.

You know, And also, if I want to film from the bottom up like that, I can. This makes me sound like a little pervert, But yeah. It’s really, really helpful because it can film from different angles, which is really cool.

And my final tip is to learn how to use Adobe Premiere. It is not that hard and once you get started, it’s going to be a lot easier.

So don’t worry about it. Just get started, Just get started. Anyway! That’s it for today’s video because I need to get to work, umm, so yeah. Several people ask me to do a meet up workshop for cameras/editing.

So let me know if you guys are interested in that, if you’re in Melbourne or Sydney, and I’ll bake some cookies And yeah, so let me know down in the comment section and don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up, smash that thumbs up button and subscribe and I’ll see you guys in the next video Bye.

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