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Consume Fat Lose Fat: What To Consume To Lose Weight


Have you heard that consuming fat makes you gain weight and the secret to weight loss is to consume low-fat?


Have you heard fat boosts your risk of heart problem and raises cholesterol?

Chances are you have actually heard these dietary frauds and assume that they hold true but they are not. In their book, Eat Fat Lose Fat nutrition authors Sally Fallon and Dr. Mary Enig challenge whatever you were outlined hydrogenated fat, cholesterol and weight loss.

If you still think a low-fat diet is the key to weight reduction, you’re going to be surprised when you read this book, because the authors tell us what to eat to drop weight is hydrogenated fats, specifically high quantities of coconut oil, to achieve optimal weight and health.

At the shop you will see “Low-Fat” marketed in vibrant letters to show a product is healthy for you. While it’s true that trans-fats are definitely to be prevented, natural high-fat foods like avocados and saturated fats are essential to a healthy diet for their numerous health benefits.

Here Are Top 3 Tips How To Eat Fat To Lose Fat:

The big focus for the Eat Fat Lose Fat diet plan is on coconut oil. This necessary oil is high in medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) which increase metabolic rates and lead to weight-loss.

It also supports a sluggish thyroid and promotes T3 hormonal agents. Reviews are plentiful for the slimming effects of coconut oil with lots of people stating that taking coconut oil was all they did to lose 10-20 pounds.

Fats and Oils:

1. Consume 2-3 Tablespoons of virgin coconut oil each day (start out with 1 Tb and work your method up). You can cook with it or drink in warm water.

2. Use additional virgin olive oil

3. Eat raw cultured butter from grass-fed cows which is rich in CLA, a fat that increases fat burning.

4. Take krill oil/fish oil daily

5. Nut butters – 1 tsp. each day or 12 nuts

6. Use coconut milk in shakes, curries, dishes.

Animal Protein:

1. Consume grass-fed beef (high in CLA which promotes weight loss).

2. Organic raised meats and eggs.


1. Avocado (abundant in necessary fats and protein).

2. Limes and lemons.

3. Prevent all other fruits are too high in sugar.


1. All vegetables are acceptable except for high-starch: potatoes, yams, corn.

Client results:.

Michelle took 7 Tablespoons of coconut oil per day and lost 6 pounds in a month without doing anything else. She never ever felt starving and her cold hands and feet disappeared.

Leia started taking 3 Tb. of coconut oil a day for 4 weeks and went from 248 pounds to 222 (lost 26 pounds) and the only thing she altered in her diet plan was coconut oil.

In conclusion, consuming particular healthy fats like coconut oil, coconut milk, vital fatty acids will help you burn fat.

It is necessary to eat fat every day to assist you make cholesterol which is the substrate for hormonal agent production. The fats to avoid are hydrogenated oils and processed oils such as corn oil, vegetable oil, margarine.

There are many myths surrounding fat:.

1. Prevent saturated fat since it triggers heart problem.

2. Because they will raise cholesterol adversely, avoid foods with cholesterol.

3. Keep your cholesterol levels below 200 or it will cause cardiovascular disease.

The data shows that there is no connection between cholesterol levels, saturated fat consumption and heart problem. The drug companies are making it all as much as offer cholesterol lowering medication. Follow the diet noted above, and you will never need to worry about your weight or heart problem.


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