What I eat to get FLAT BELLY & ABS | Healthy Yummy Recipes🍒


What I eat to get FLAT BELLY & ABS | Healthy Yummy Recipes🍒

Good morning all Welcome to a video of what I eat for the day And therefore Haha, I’m going to start today with something I hate doing every morning. So, I’ve been doing every day for the past week I have been drinking this healing drink It tastes gross guys and very disgusting, So yeah. Apparently, it’s really good for the gut and helps with bloating and digestion. So, I will give it a try and let you know if it works. So today’s video is sponsored by Lifesum Yay.

As you guys know, I don’t take sponsored content, and Lifesum is something I’ve been using for many years now. I’M talking about more than three years, I’m very happy with that because this is something I’ve been using. So just in case, if you don’t know Lifesum, It is an application for nutrition, helps. You keep track of your macros It is very useful when you are trying to lose weight or trying to gain muscle, and I have used it For both of these purposes. Over the past three years.

So anyway, I’ll share my macros and what I eat to lose some weight. You can download the app using the link below in the description box Anyway, I’ll start my day with a disgusting drink and Then the rest of the day will be amazing. Okay, let’s just let’s just do this Gosh – Let’s just get this over with I’m going to skull this and then drink this. Yes, it is over. Now I’m going to make breakfast I’M going to make sweet potato porridge in the morning And these are purple sweet, potatoes and soup potatoes 270 grams.

Now I’m just going to take those measurements this way and just cook it in water and some almond milk. Meanwhile, I’m making almond butter And the almond butter is ready. All I have here is a pinch of salt and almonds. Mmm, This stuff is so good. Now I’m going to mix potatoes with almond milk.

Also, I make myself some jelly, So it is rich in protein. Oh, my God, it comes out so nicely. This is my jelly Gosh, very nice. Look at the breakfast bowl, It looks so amazing Gosh, So all of these gelatin balls are packed with protein. Only So if you want something different, something warm for breakfast, I recommend you to try this dish for sweet potato porridge.

It’s really good man loved if it’s time for lunch, so I made healthy nachos with thinly sliced potatoes. So, I made two batches of potato chips, one sprinkled with potato starch and one without, Just spray it with some oil and season with salt. This is very simple: And now I’m going to cook ground beef, this is grass fed and also low in fat.

I will put some of Ginger lots of cumin some chipotle powder and that’s just going to spice it up a bit like taco seasoning and some smoked paprika. Yes, I like this Now I’m just going to cook it A tablespoon of tomato paste and some salt here’s my potatoes and this ground beef, that’s guacamole, So there are only avocados with lime, Pico de gallo, only tomatoes with coriander lime and salt as well Also some spinach.

So, I have some ground beef here because I don’t want it to dip into Potatoes. Look at the potatoes, they look very cool. Now. I’ll just put vegetables on it, So I washed the vegetables with some hot water, some tomatoes That sound amazing, guacamole Tada. Well, these are the chips.

Looks very good mm too, What’s healthy about that! It’s like regular, nachos, hmm Potatoes are really crunchy. Did you fry them all, not just in the oven? I actually prefer that without potato starch, It is actually more fragile. Mm too, I think all you need is lots of guacamole, Maybe I’ll put some chili Yes, cola, sauce Ooh.

That’s too much, That’s a lot, looks like a fraudulent meal. It seems unhealthy. Mm too, But it is actually healthy. Can you do this? Every movie night mm, hmm.

Well, it takes a little effort to make the fries first. I have to split them. Actually, that’s all you have to do, cut it. Put it in the oven spray, some oil. That’s it Let’s go ahead and get something on the TV, and then I’ll head over to straighten my eyebrows, so they look like a little blade touch again, and I’ll be back for dinner Good-bye.

I just got back from my appointment and look at my eyebrows. Oh my God. I love her so much. I love her so much this time. This is the touch that I like and love more than the first time because I, like it, a little straighter and this time it’s straighter But yeah.

I have makeup on because I think I look silly like Shin Chan’s, big eyebrows, without any makeup. Anyway, I put on some makeup. Yes, I’m going to go through my macro with you guys because I haven’t, I forgot that The current macro is about 40% carbs 30% protein 30% fat and again, I’m not very strict about it. If you are 2% lower carbs or 2% or 5% higher or 10% higher, it is only for men. So, I do my best to hit the target, but if I go under or a little higher, I don’t care, to be honest.

So for breakfast I had about 20g of protein, So I try to multiply about 20 grams per serving and As for carbs, I had 77g because it has a lot of sweet potatoes. But that’s okay because I’ll balance it out later at night, I’m not going to eat that heavy carbon dinner Actually 14 grams. This is kind of a point And before I forget, One of my favorite features of Lifesum is their recipes. They have a lot of recipes. They all look great.

I just want to try to think that’s really appropriate because there Calories included There are macros listed here. So, you don’t have to know yourself. You know, As if you have times when you don’t know what to eat and want some inspiration. You can just jump on the app and choose something, and my favorite part Is that I can add my own recipes and attach my cute pictures to it, and that’s very important. Well, my cute pictures And yes, I will only save it to an app, so I don’t include all my recipes here.

As you can see. The latest addition is my favorite protein gel, Oh my God, so good, okay, I have some with me here. I have to show you guys, Gosh hello, kitty, one very good, I’m so disgusting, But my favorite flavor is this purple one. It tastes like berries, so good Mmm Anyway, I got distracted there So I’ll have this protein jelly in every snack. Usually, I don’t have snacks throughout the day, just because of digestion issues I don’t usually have snacks, So I only have three meals a day, but Today I’m going to treat myself to some protein jelly And yes, that is very high in proteins like every share.

You get mostly Low-carb protein and real fats come from almond milk, as well as just the powder Oi- -Shi. That’s like a piglet, oh so cute. I don’t want to eat it, but you know what I can make again. It’s so satisfying because it’s healthy, delicious. It is guilt, free, It makes me happy: Okay, Wait.

I just included the beef nachos under the recipe section and yes, macro contains 42 grams of protein. That’s a pretty good 45 grams of carbs and 20 grams of fat. I think that’s a good thing. That’s about 500 calories! Okay!

I hope you find it useful, So this is what I do to help me maintain my weight now, and They also contain enough protein and fat from carbohydrates so that I eat enough and not too much or too little.

So yes, it is really useful If you want to lose some weight to kind of track. Your progress, if you don’t know how much you are eating now or What are the macronutrients you can do, is just enter the app. Then the app spit out the number like this. You know like 1500 calories, 50%, carbs 30% protein or 20% fat, and you can adjust according to how you feel like if you feel like you’re really tired with low carbs.

Maybe you can increase carbs, and you know Just adjust it based on how you feel You should not follow someone else’s instructions The macronutrient that you adjust based on how you feel Not everyone eats the same amount of food and feels the same Hope this makes sense Also if you are taller or bigger you will obviously be consuming more calories so don’t keep track of my calories guys And that’s just a rough guide for me too In any case I’ll do some work because I’m not quick to do it, and then I’ll have dinner And I’m really excited about it because this is one of my favorite dishes so yeah, I’ll be back I’m going to make zucchini and potato carrots.

So, what I’m going to do is I’m going to tear it up. Carrot in, like You know, pieces like that, and then I’ll cut them all the way to rice. It looks like a long grain of rice. Now I’m going to cook all the vegetables, I will cook it separately because of the colors.

You can cook it in a frying pan on its own, or you can add a little oil I’M going to make an oyakodon which looks like a Japanese chicken dish. 8. Here’s the chicken thigh got it 450 grams here That is about one pound, So, instead of using the dashi stock, which usually contains Glucose, is in it, unless you make it yourself I’ll use bone broth. I will also chop some capsicum from ginger salt and pepper Tamari. Sauce I usually add some for cooking as well.

I ran out, so I won’t add today. So oyakodon is usually very sweet, So I’m going to add some stevia, () and now I’m going to cook it. So, I added some water and, oh, my god, the broth is so rich. Now, I’ll, add some eggs. So, here’s the final dish: These are the islands.

This is zucchini and this is chicken with eggs, Fabulous. Oh, my God, it looks so good. I will add a little seaweed and sesame seasoning, It’s. Finally, over The first bite, So this is a kind of healthy oyakodon. It won’t quite taste, but is good enough.

I think it’s really good And therefore yes, I’m going to enjoy this on TV, and I’ll be back. I ate about one thousand four hundred calories today, which is a little more than what is recommended for me, But in terms of a macro breakdown, it’s like a point, so this is really good, not practice. Today I went for a walk this morning. Yes, I will exercise tomorrow. I usually eat Two to three days off, like every week.

I don’t want to stress my body too much, So you usually take two or three days off Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the video today, don’t forget to check Lifesum down in the description box. It’s completely free, But if you want to try the premium version, Whichever I use, I have a discount code for you, And this is Chloe30 at 30% off and don’t forget to smash the like button. If you enjoyed this video and also turn on your notification Because I have a new program that will appear soon like very soon like a week, So thanks a lot for watching I’ll, see you in the next video.

Success With the Flat Belly Solution Program – What Flat Belly Foods Get Results?

Getting healthy is a goal of many individuals. The flat stomach service might be the answer you are looking for if you are looking to learn what to consume to lose weight. Developed by Isabel De Los Rios, this program shows you how to lose stubborn belly fat and other unwanted weight by changing the method you consume permanently. Fad diets do not work as you go back to your previous consuming routines as quickly as the diet is over. This is not the case here. Ms. De Los Rios, a lifestyle, workout and nutrition coach, shows you how to alter your consuming routine for life.

The flat belly solution overcomes making use of metabolic typing. First you will require to determine which of 3 groups you suit in regards to metabolism. Each group has various dietary needs and guidelines are offered for each group. You will be all set to attain your weight loss goals and keep the weight off permanently when you learn this fundamental info.

In order to reach the weight you wish to, you require to ensure you are ready for success. You will require to determine your goals concerning your weight, your life and your health. You can then begin imagining success in each area as soon as you have these written down in white and black. Three actions must be followed to ensure you get to where you wish to be. These steps are:

1. When choosing flat tummy foods, take your metabolic type into consideration.

2. Preserve a healthy calorie intake.

3. Consume high quality food from a range of food groups.

To find out how to lose tummy fat, you will initially require to identify your metabolic type. This is done by completing a series of concerns. When the questions have actually been responded to, you will discover if you are a carb, protein or combined type. With this details in hand, you understand which healthy proteins, carbs and fats should be included in your diet plan and in which amounts. Each type also gives you detailed menu strategies.

Flat stubborn belly foods depend upon your metabolic type and some that might be suggested include natural poultry and meat, veggies and flax seed. An omega 3 oil supplement is also encouraged. To fine tune your meal strategy, it is advised that you keep a food journal to see which foods leave you satisfied and which don’t.

Workout is another element of the flat stomach service. Both strength and cardiovascular exercise need to be consisted of in your workout program along with interval training. To ensure you understand what types need to be included, the program features e-books that provide both directions and photos to help you meet your goal.

What makes the flat stomach option so reliable:

* The focus is put on consuming healthy foods.

* High quality protein is a part of every meal so you don’t feel starving and muscle mass is not lost.

* Suggested meal strategies are included to assist you get going.

* Meal strategies are created to be adjusted for each person.

* You learn how to pick healthy foods and how much of each to eat.

* Good nutrition is the crucial to the program.

* Heart-healthy omega 3 fats are stressed in this program.

* Fresh veggies and fruits are a vital part of your diet plan.

* Water intake is extremely motivated.

* The program discusses the results of different foods on the body.

If you are in the market for a healthy diet plan that you can use for the rest of your life, the flat stubborn belly solution is the answer. Not only is this a highly healthy program, it is based on scientific principles relating to nutrition and weight loss.

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