Hey guys how’s it going so, as you can see from the title of today’s video in say what I eat in a week video. This is insane, I’m going to be filming everything I’m eating for a week.

That’s a big commitment from me.

So, the reason why I’m doing this is because I want to lose some weight. I just got back from Brunei yesterday, I’m making this video because I want to make myself accountable of what I eat because I’ve been in so much sugar and just crap for the last two and a half months.

While I was in Turkey Potter going for a night, so from all apologies types, all the turkey desserts and everything I ate in Brunei have gained 3 kilos, so I’m at 47 kilos.

Now. I know this is not a big number, but because of my little bone, mass 47 kilos is a little bit more than one computer with before I started my fitness journey, which was like about one 1/2 to 2 years ago.

I can’t actually remember now, but I was study 8 kilos at that point, and I wasn’t very skinny. I was obviously skinnier than I am right now, but I was not skinny to a point.

I didn’t have period, so I still had period at that time, so that proves that my body fat was still high enough at 38 kilos. So that also proves that my bone mass is so little.

I’M just a very petite person and I used to hate that a lot and that’s pretty much the reason why I started my fitness journey because I want it to be a little bit bigger and also for the last two years.

I’ve been mostly bulking because I wanted to gain some muscle mass, so yeah. That’s why I’ve been doing.

I had liked a few little mini cuts him there before holiday, but I was never very serious about it. I lost 2 kilos, and I’m like that’s it man, I’m good 2 kilos is good enough. So, that’s what I’ve been doing for the last 2 years.

So now I’m gonna be more serious about my car. I really want to get back in shape, so my goal is to lose about – maybe I 3 kilos to 4 killers and see how I feel about it and see whether that’s that’s what I want.

I’M gonna take it week by week. So if I feel like I’m okay, then I’m gonna stop, but definitely more than 2 kilos this time because 47 is the heaviest I’ve been so yeah.

Since this is my first week back, I’m not gonna count carries. I haven’t counted calories for ages, like six months. Oh more yeah, I’m gonna weigh myself now and also show you guys how my body looks like right now.

It’s definitely not as fit as I used to be, but it’s okay, guys, it’s okay! I can’t do this sorry. This is how I look like right now I haven’t eaten anything today. I have a little belly, not not too bad. I don’t.

Let me get a lot of fat around the middle part of my belly. If I do get lots of fat on my lap handle and also my upper back and lower back mostly on my lower back so and also my thighs, I have lots of fat on my thighs and yeah.

This is how I look like on day one week. One, and also the reason why you guys can’t really see my fat in my videos is because my leggings cover everything like covers mine. My love handles my back fat and also my thighs.

Sorry. Those are my problematic area. Let’s start today with a smoothie. Oh here’s, my smoothie I’ve had a love of almonds, chair seats and more berries, so cool. Is this a good angle eating my breakfast and then I’m going to head off to the gym having trainer mix in a while, so I’m gonna I’m gonna struggle.

I should haven’t read my whole body in the wall, so I’m gonna struggle for the whole week. So yes, good luck to me it’s lunchtime, but as you can see, it’s pretty dark outside because my body clock is totally screwed.

So, I have roast chicken in here all shipped sorry guys, I’m new at that over roast chicken and also sweet potatoes and some kale and I’m going to snack on some cashews in the meantime because I’m hungry so yeah, alright, let’s catch some cashy’s one.

Two three! Oh good morning, everyone its day, 2, so yeah.

I didn’t vote last night because I just got back to Melbourne like two days ago, so I have so much work.

So, I was just sitting on my computer working and then when I hear to get a couple of things because I’m fixing up my second bedroom, it’s just a mess, my filming room, basically such a messy room icon. I can’t, I can’t handle it anymore.

So, I went to Ikea when I came on to get couple funny, chair and well. I should think anything from Ikea because here I don’t stock, sorry yeah.

So last night I had quinoa with salmon for dinner and also coconut yogurt with blueberries, and that yogurt is so nice, yeah. So, that was dinner and snack after dinner.

So today I’m going to make some omelet for breakfast because I haven’t had like eggs for a long time, so maybe the yogurt again because it’s so good, I’m gonna have it yeah. I’M gonna have to go get again, yeah. I do want to go to gym today.

If I have time. Oh, I gotta go the PTO today because my ankle is still not okay. I can’t do lots of things like. I said I can’t do any like sumo deadlifts or that convention.

Without this, I can do you like Romanian stiff late, so yeah, I’m going to cook breakfast now, and I’ll show you guys the final product.

This is pretty tasteless. I forgot to add some salt, so I’m a genius now, the nice part. This is like my dessert for my breakfast: hey guys, so I just got back from the gym. I trained them back today.

So, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna cut my vegetables for my lunch and then I’m gonna talk a little because I feel like today I’ll struggle really badly June.

Today I was only at the gym for 30 minutes, so I just need a cup of assisted pull-ups. Let pull down rolls Mauro’s and so yeah. Basically, everything I did was compound exercises and yeah, I’ll struggle.

So back from that who down, I was able to do about 45 kilos before I left to Europe, and now I lower it down to 30 kilos, and I was struggling so bad to finish.

Eight rats, like I was struggling today, was the first day I tried my glutes in a while and my glutes and hamstring super sore today.

So, I’m really happy about that. So, something’s working. So while I’m waiting for my lunch, I’m gonna have some of these. Oh bar, oh, oh, oh, so I made this in my budget meal prep video, but I added more peanut butter in this one, so it is so much tastier. Also, more maple syrup, hmm.

So this is the final product. I just chopped everything into the oven.  So, it’s 10 o’clock in the evening now I had IKEA meatballs for dinner because I just didn’t have the time to cook. Today. I really want to clean up my home.

My home has been in the mess for the longest time. It’s just not a nice environment to be in so yeah, I’m going to have a little snack now. This is why I’m having same stuff the same coconut, you got. Yes, it is really, really good. So, this is the situation right now, I got this yesterday.

From came up – and this is only $49, but I regretted it – I don’t know what I’m gonna do with it. I might return it. That’s like the mess right here, so I need to clean it up.

I’M just gonna show you how messy it this, like, oh my goodness, there’s also Jim shark stuff everywhere, so I’m gonna like sort it out here, thanks Elmo, all SS eries, I back in the day super old like 5, 6 7 years old, and that’s like.

my marathon run thing kind of speed up, but yeah lots of mess lots of cleanup good morning – I am getting this done. The Wardrobe is doing a big mess, but the room is pretty neat now.

This is how the room looks like I moved my table here, just a rug. It’s really cheap, I think, was $30 or something from Kmart and look if so needs.

Oh, my god, but have a look inside still miss, but yeah, I’m really liking it. So far because it’s obviously something missing here, like it looks really plain, I feel like I need like a plant here. Let me know what ideas you have.

What should I do here like it looks really plain and boring, so let me know so. This is what I’m, having for breakfast today, I’m having some oats still cut oats with two eggs, and they’ll have some nuts to snack on.

So basically, what I’ve done is I’ve transfer all the mess to the leapin area, really Banaras, so messy right now have a good thing is. I saw all my furniture, so my living room is empty with lots of. So, that’s what’s happening.

Sorry, I’m gonna have my breakfast now and once I’m done with that, I’m going to sort out my wardrobe because there’s lots of things I don’t wear anymore, so I’m just gonna take it out donate it.

So, I think I’m gonna take a day off today because I just started going back to the gym. Sorry, I don’t want to push myself too hard yeah. I don’t know how to show you guys my living area, it’s a mess, let’s see, so here’s all the mess that I’ve transferred out. So, I’m just transferring my mess.

I’M not really like solving anything right now, but one neat room feels good. Okay, my bedroom is a mess, it’s time for lunch, but I don’t have much in the fridge. I haven’t done much shopping, which I should be doing today.

So, I’m just gonna whip up something from my pantry and this couple of sardines, and you know I think I’m gonna cook, like sudden pasta, no idea how it’s gonna taste like because I’ve never made it before probably gonna use some chili powder.

Because southern has a very strong taste so and some garlic, because I can’t be bought at cutting up my colleagues’ parsley yeah, let’s see how it goes. This is the final product, I really liked it.

I have a taste, I’ve added this tomato paste. That makes it a lot nicer and I just want to show you guys the stats of this pasta quickly, because it’s amazing sorry for each serving, which is about 100 grams there are 43 grams of protein.

That’s plenty and 18 grams of fiber. That’s insane! That’s amazing!

This is more than half of the daily intake, Hey. So, it’s been a couple of hours. I’ve just got back home. I went grocery shopping. Finally, a proper one, so yeah.

I’m just going to show you guys quickly why that because maybe you’re interested, so I bought some vegetables as always southeast broccoli, spinach Asahi because I’m running out of carrots – and this thing – oh, my goodness, guys focus, focus.

This thing is amazing: I love it so much and banana chips. I had so many of this in the car when I was on a way back home. This tastes so good. Definitely the best banana chips. I’ve ever had.

I got myself a protein powders. Well, haven’t had protein for a long time. I mean, like protein powder. Sorry, I wanna try this one out because apparently this one’s really good everything is sprouted, and it’s great for your guts. It’s vegan I’ll!

Let you guys know how it goes. Maybe tomorrow I’ve got more ease because lunch was so good fix, some berries. All these are nuts like almonds, pine nuts cashews and some sauces yeah tonight.

I’m gonna cook, something with miss, so yeah trying to spread out mm-hmm for my dinner, I’m going to cook miss chicken with vegetables. So, this is the first time I’m trying out this recipe as well because I don’t want to bore you guys with the same old recipe.

Oh, how quick bite, but this is really, really tasty, and it tastes like miso soup, but in the dry bone.

So, it’s really, really yummy, but if I have to choose between my lunch or dinner, I think my lunch was tastier, but this is really, really nice as well, but just not as tasty going to dig in now, I’m gonna hungry and I’ll see you guys.

Maybe tomorrow, tomorrow like in the next two seconds, what’s up guys it’s the next day and I’m having my breakfast now, I’m having oh, so I’m having birds, two eggs and some nuts hmm what’s happening here forgot to show you guys the end often result room from Yesterday, so this is how it looks like right now.

I have like only a couple of pieces out because I couldn’t be bought at looking yeah. I’M gonna wear this soon because I need to take some photos of it and the shoes are down here and this part I don’t know whether you can see the difference.

This less clothes, definitely because I’ve taken out quite a bit of coats, a lot less things from drawers and also from the top so cute and this side I’ve been changed more because I remove like so many coats.

I think it’s a lot neater now. It’s not super neat yet, but you know whatever. This is good enough finished us in like two minutes so good and I have the eights now and then I’m gonna work I’m craving for something sweet.

So I bought these, but not cheap honey did banana chips. This stuff is so good, so this tastes like plant-based protein.

If I had to compare it with whey protein, obviously ways gonna taste a lot nicer because it is not grainy. So this is a little bit grainy, not not too bad honestly, because I’ve tried a lot worse.

This is actually pretty good quality wise and the reason why I got this is the curse of the ingredients. Everything almost everything is Browser, which is really, really great for anyone that has really irritated god, like IBS one hour later, I’m having this I’m just gonna voice-over day six footage, because it’s just so much footage and yeah it’s just too long.

So I’m gonna voice over what I eat before today, so for breakfast, I’m having an avocado toast just with some salt pepper butter, really, really simple and tasty, and then I had grilled chicken and silver beats rainbow chard or lunch super healthy and tasty as well guys.

I’M just gonna put some of the recipes down in the description box, so you can check that out and for snacks. I have more dried berries and also the lemon balls, which was amazing well dinner.

I want a quick dinner, so I had tuna salad really yummy, because that is a very tasty tuna right there and that’s it for the day. So, for the final day day, seven I had tomato and eggs for breakfast and lunch was so tasty.

I had the leftover batch cooked some brown rice and also I cook chicken soup, which was really, really tasty.

So, I’m just editing my video now and it’s nothing at the same time. I’M having this strike babes so good. I love it so much and I’ve been having this every day. I’ve been snacking on the site before I thought i, Jim or after I come back from the gym.

So, that’s what been snacking and also cashews, as you can see, I think it was around here when I got it filled up last week, but now I was like all the way there and it’s just me.

It’s just me and my cashews just got back home. I had burrito bowl for dinner. It was so good. I always have that when I go to like burrito, which is somewhere near my home, so yeah, you know what’s amazing and I’m so stop.

I’m so full, so I’m definitely not gonna eat with the rest of tonight yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video.

Like I feel like this is such a long beard, I hope that I can edit it under like 15 minutes.

Oh, it’s gonna be hard yeah. Let me know if this is what you want to see again, so that I know to make more of these.

On videos, I’m going to end a video right here and I’ll see you guys in my next video bye

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