WHAT I EAT IN A WEEK + BOOTY Workout | Intermittent Fasting | BCAA

WHAT I EAT IN A WEEK + BOOTY Workout | Intermittent Fasting | BCAA

Good morning, everyone, so its week, four sorry, I didn’t blow it last week, so it wasn’t a what I eat in a week for week, three, or I was supposed to continue my intermittent fasting for the second week, but halfway through the week.

I just started like cheating hi, so I wasn’t eating as healthy as I was compared to the last two weeks, so I’ve gained a little bit of weight. So, I guess that’s just how life is, like it’s not gonna be perfect.

Sometimes it’s just gonna slack you’re gonna you know I have a setback. Sorry, yeah! That’s what happened last week this week, I’m going to try to be good again.

I’M gonna start intermittent fasting. It’s actually not too difficult. It’s just because of my working schedule. Like sometimes I work and be really late at night and I get hungry at halfway through the night, so that’s the problem. I just need to sleep earlier, wake up earlier and yeah.

So if you haven’t checked out my intermittent fasting video from last week, I gave a couple of tips on how you survived fasting because if you haven’t done it before it is a little bit challenging its kind of like a mental game.

So, sometimes you just need a couple like things to help you with that today, let’s start being healthy, okay, so fastest is like nine o’clock last night, and I think it’s like talk birdie now, so I’m just gonna have my first meal.

I’ve made my breakfast, so there’s just mango purée at the bottom and on the top, and just some cheez-its with almond milk, cinnamon and vanilla extract. So, it’s really, really simple, so I’m just gon na mix it in because it’s no sugar add it.

So, you haven’t tried chatzi’s before you’ve got to try it it’s really high in omega-3, which is really, really good for you, and also really, really high in fiber, and this there’s a good amount of protein in it as well.

I’M heading to a gym now, um. Sorry, I’m going to work on my legs and my booty. Today. I’ve been drinking like BCAA since, like somewhere last week since intermittent fasting, basicall.

I’m having my lunch. It is so good, like really really really good, so it’s just type in curry, but I didn’t use any like fish sauce because I’m not a fan of fish sauce.

So it’s just all natural and coconut milk and yeah meat. Then I just want to talk a little bit about my worked up just now. Um I was living as heavy as I was before. I left, maybe even happier with people through. I don’t remember how happy I live before.

I left. I think 130 kilos, but today 140 kilos, that’s insane. So basically, I have been eating a lot because I have so much energy in the gym. Like my leg, strength are all back like definitely all back my upper body almost there. I can do about six pull-ups.

Now, which is pretty good, so I’m really, really happy about that. But again, I’m not really training as hard as I used to that. I used to like go crazy on my workouts, and I’ll do like lunges squats that moves like all in one day that was crazy.

What’s up you guys, it’s day two, and so I’m having my breakfast now. I just had 2 big tablespoons of peanut butter, and this is my favorite peanut butter right now.

There’s no sugar added! It’s just a little bit of salt and roasted peanuts. It’s the best. You know, so I’m having some scrambled eggs with tomatoes.

So, there’s quite a bit of fat in today’s breakfast because I want to be full for all the time because I don’t know when’s my next meal, I’m gonna be quite busy for the next couple hours.

Yeah, I’ll, see you guys in the next clip. I’ve been working really hard for the last couple of hours, not only having my second meal, my lunch, so yeah, it’s just enough over chicken from the other day, so I’m going out to get some groceries because there’s no more food at home, I might bring you Guys with me, but usually, it’s super crowded, sorry anyway, heading out now.

Just got back home from groceries, and I got quite a few snacks gonna show you guys. I got my banana chips because I love them so much. I had so many of these in the car I got. These never tried it before looks pretty good.

Sorry, I wanted to try it out. Got some salsa. Black beans can watch our seats. Cuz, I’m running out of this Thai curry paste hot chocolate. Oh, good!

This thing is so good. I love this not as much as panna chocalate, but Pico. Chocolate you’re. Good, too, is dried. Strawberries are bright, Melbourne, which I love, mmm yep, cashews, almonds, vegetables, that’s not much at all, but yeah.

I love the banana chips. We finish it so quickly, not exactly healthy, but today I’m going to try fast training. So, it’s about 12 now, and I’m going to just drink some BCAA.

So, I’ve talked about drinking BC a while fasting and what I mean is to drink BCAA like before. You train that’s gonna decrease the chance of muscle breakdown, and things like that.

So, I just want to be on the safe side, so I’m drinking BCAA, so I’m using this prana pomegranate flavor BCAA. I used to love this stuff. I used to drink it all the time, but now I think it’s a bit too sweet for my liking.

So yeah. Let me know if you have any BCAA suggestion, preferably something that’s not so sweet so guys.

If my video has helped you out in any way or has given you any food ideas or inspiration, please hit the like button down below, it really helped me out. It’s basically supporting me and telling me to make more of this sort of videos, so yeah really appreciate it.

If you hit the thumbs up button below, so yeah, I spend like a week on my intermittent fasting video. The video that I just post up died on Tuesday.

I spent so much time on it because I was reading so many articles because there’s a lot of information and some information are conflicting and also some information that outdated.

I just want to make sure I give you guys the best information I can so if you haven’t watched that video and you’re curious about intermittent fasting check that out and also thumbs it up.

If you like it, sorry yeah, I’m gonna head to the gym. Now, and do some workout and I’ll see you guys, you know B, so I’m chicken here this is just roast chicken. I just bought it from the store and low cop rats, but this is new. I’ve never seen it before the protein level is really high.

Is seven grams per serving wrap and cop is only 11 and the seven gram of fiber as well? So, I think I’m gonna have two of these and that’s just yogurt with paprika. I just mix them together.

You can add some salt as well and just tomorrow is I love these. These are so tasty.

So if you have an Australia, try this these tomatoes, just have a look at this. Oh my god. I look so good. It’s really good nice really good. It’s so simple, but it’s really, really tasty.

The wrap itself is surprisingly really really nice. I’ve tried many like healthy, wraps like low-carb high protein and whatnot, and they are always, so they dry and just tasteless and just hot to eat.

It’s just not tasty. This one, this rock, is so good, so here’s my dinner. This is basically the left over from this afternoon.

Um I have some salad leaves tomorrow’s some chicken down here and the yogurt dressing. From this afternoon I rarely ever eat on my bed today. I wanna relax. Oh, why? How is this angle, I think, is perfect.

I’M gonna have some right now, this is 85%. I just made my channel sashimi salad um. I have some topic. Oh, I think that’s why this some time ago. So, that’s Japanese egg, Sam scallop, mmm, ginger and lots of vegetables.

We just bought tons of ice cream. I got some soy ice cream and my fake my favorite ice cream, much ice cream. No, no one! Another to you! You know!

Sometimes you don’t have to follow rules like like exactly if you feel like breaking the fast do it. Your body doesn’t wan na fast for another 16 hours today, don’t do it just possible 10 hours.

Gonna have this now the thing is 10 o’clock. Now I’m gonna eat this watching some YouTube, and I’m gonna sleep, and I’ll see you guys tomorrow morning good morning, so I didn’t really fast yesterday, so I fasted for about 12 hours, which is still pretty good. I think I’m not too fast about it.

If I come fast for 16 hours straight, I can, I’m not gonna force myself to. If I can, so yeah. I already had my breakfast. I had it with cereal, so yeah. This is from the United States and the stats are pretty good.

It’s a bit of sugar in it. It’s just coconut palm sugar. Sorry, I guess that’s not too bad, so I’m gonna head out now to get some cables or tonight like stream. Oh my god, don’t know how it’s gonna turn out.

So, I don’t know if I’m excited or nervous about it, but is something new sorry yeah going to go out now, get it all sorted.

What you like I’ve added another broccoli zucchini in there. Sorry, that’s my lunch. So yeah, totally forgot that I had these and the same rice at the bottom Chi. It’s still really cold in Melbourne. I’M not bad, really cool, not Melbourne anyway, but oh, hey, so yeah.

I live stream for the first time yesterday on YouTube, and that was an experience. It was really nice. A lot of you guys turned out. So thank you for turning up for my first live stream, so yeah.

I think I’ll probably do another one like in a few weeks or in a month, and I’m thinking of doing a keep away we’ll see, so I’m just knocking on these Wow breakfast looks pretty Good.

I have scrambled eggs, salad, oh my eyes and Japanese seaweed somewhere here, so it’s really, really tasty YUM. I just make my lunch and look at this portion.

This is at least like four meals, definitely full meals. I have charged so in their Israeli couscous, which I’ve never tried before. So, this is the first time I cooked it. And, oh, my god, guys.

I love the texture of the couscous is quite like bouncy chewy, I don’t know its good is also pumpkin capsicum, zucchini they’re all roasted. This is definitely my favorite dish of the week.

Because I’m so busy working editing the planning videos all that, but yeah, this week has been crazy. I was so stressed out. I feel Austin elusive seriously. I thought I was gonna. Go crazy, Oh, like in bed like just stressing out constantly.

I was also supposed to go out my friends, but would have to cancel it in the end. Oh, it’s just like it was just a shitty week: okay, but yeah, today. I feel okay because I’m just like working all day, and that makes me feel – let me know if you like these type of videos.

I’m going to upload this video on the weekend. So have a good weekend. Everybody and I’ll see you guys on Tuesday and that’s gonna be an inner thigh and outer thigh workout videos.

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