What I Eat In A Day To Stay Lean

What I Eat In A Day To Stay Lean

Good morning guys it is like half seven in the morning: hey gorgeous it’s not that dark in her room, but it seems it but here’s my little princess, hello, hello, so guys.

Today we are going to be doing a what I eat. In a day. It’s going to be like a kind of vlog style thing, so I’m going to take you along with me on the journey. Hope you are all super excited.

I’M excited to share with you guys what I’ve been eating recently to help me have liked a slow and steady weight loss. So, I hope you are excited about the video if you are continued watching, so Eva has just gone down for her first nap, literally crystal for me.

So, she’s actually sleeping in her own room, which is great, but I am keeping her next to me bed in My room as a backup because she is teething so just in case that happens, she comes back into my room, but she’s actually been amazing.

She’s been sleeping in our own room for two weeks now, and my sleep is definitely improved, which is good, and I think hers has as well, which is even better she’s sleeping all the way through the night anyway. First thing I like to do in the morning is: I will drink, probably like half of this, and this is 1.5 liters, I’m going to drink.

Half of that and I’m going to make the bed i’m going to do my workout in my room uh. I like to do my workouts here so in case even eats me, I’m just across the hall I’m going to make the bed, then we will have a shower, have breakfast, and then I have a physio session and for my core just for like half an hour And that’ll be about it.

So, let’s get to make my bed also. I only moved in here like three weeks ago, so it’s not like super. How I want it to be, so if you think things are missing and there are no photos and frames.

That’s why before we work our I’m just watching Eva on the screen and head back to making noise, so I’m gonna sit here until she does go to sleep, and then I will begin my workout, I’m really sweating from that workout.

It is intense I pushed myself, it was good uh yeah, I’m gonna go in the shower now, but it was only just gone to sleep, so I’m like staring at the monitor making sure she does and is you having a shower now buy, and we’re back?

I’ve had a shower done my hair and makeup and got my angel awake, say: hi, hello, you come still! Yes! So now that we’re up – and I’ve done, my workout we’ve showered and everything I am going to go downstairs – give Eva some water. Let her play, and I’m going to have my breakfast, so i will show you guys the first meal of the day say: bye, bye, yeah.

Also, how cute are her trousers. I can’t even cope a little pom-pom now: okay, bye, okay, guys, so first meal of the day is my breakfast. So, I’ve had like one liter of water. Like 1.5 already, I haven’t even had coffee yet, so I’m gonna have a coffee.

I’M just gonna. Have an espresso one which I’ll make afterwards, but to begin we are going to do my morning shake, so I got ice in a cup, so I make sure that my milk is nice and cold. Normally, this would be in the fridge, but it was a good one. Isn’t it so? I got about three quarters full of the like nutribullet cup.

Then I’m gonna have half a banana just to give it a bit more of a creamy taste, yum. It doesn’t have bananas, fabulous, then I’m having my lean protein from pink ramen. I obviously you guys, may see previous videos if you like this one seriously, not just because it’s my own, but i genuinely really love this because it doesn’t have a really sugary taste.

It’s got a nice chocolate flavor, it doesn’t taste of like powder or gritty or anything it’s just a real good protein guys. You know, so I did one big scoop that has a pretty sure 20 grams of protein.

Yes, it does 20 grams of protein. It has 3 grams of sugar, um and carb spice. It’s a really good protein, guys. Obviously, I made it jokes and then what I do is I put in a little bit of chia seeds.

Normally, I put in peanut butter, but the peanut butter that I bought is chunky, and I don’t want to put chunky peanut butter in with my shake because then I’m going to get peanut butter bits in it, not a vibe guys.

So, I’m not having that. Then blend and that’s it that’s your day, such a quick breakfast get my straw, my glass straws and that’s it guys delicious. So, that’s my breakfast! I am gonna. Have a coffee as well.

I’M gonna have just a black coffee. I was going through a phase of having milk in mine that I’ve gone up that, so I’m just gonna have a black coffee, and that is my breakfast guys hope you enjoyed it and I will check in with you for what I have for my lunch.

Oh, you just did it wrong? What’s that for the camera, you ever said to sharing one of your bros. Yes, it was say hello, everybody, oh you’re so cute, let’s go see a nanny as well.

Mommy’S gonna go in the kitchen, so I’m back, guys. I went for a coffee with Aaron didn’t take my camera, but I will upload a picture. I ended up getting a soy cappuccino because I didn’t have any almond milk, but a lot of the photos. You can see what I had so now. It’s time for lunch.

I actually don’t know what I have, its meal prep today, and we’ve been having a company been making us feel prep. So, every day it’s like an exciting experience for me to see what I’ve got.

So, I’m gonna get that ready now, and then I will show you what I’m having for lunch, I’m literally starving and in the meantime i was just doing some work upstairs and, like I said, Aaron and I went for some food. So, let’s check out what we got for lunch and i shall show you so for lunch. I’M having some basmati rice, turkey, chili with red kidney beans and broccoli, don’t know anything measurements.

I have no idea – and this is one of my favorite meals – to have for lunch because it keeps me full and i just genuinely love chili plus it’s got all the essentials that you need carbs, fats and proteins.

So, I’m going to enjoy this. I’ve got my water back, I’ve drunk 1.5 liters already, and so I’m going to drink the other half of that. You guys should actually see me haha, so gonna drink, the rest of that I probably will have a tea, and I’ll.

Let you know which one because I’m not sure, probably what I want – probably dante lion and that’s about it, so I’ll check in with you guys at the next meal, snack but yeah.

So far, we’ve obviously had our shake this and a coffee. Don’t know how many calories it is, I’m not counting them, but yeah, I’m going to enjoy this, and I’ll speak to you guys after I’ve had it. So, I’ve had my lunch straight after my lunch. I like to now have tea.

Now, before I had either I was drinking tea, probably an awful lot more than coffee, but obviously, when I got pregnant and when I was breastfeeding, I had to really cut down, and I could only have a Monty which everyone knows is pretty boring, and it’s certainly Really fun in the evening, so now we’re back on the team.

Now my mom is here behind me: she’s having a weirdo, so we’re gonna get hers ready, and I’m gonna show you what I do for my tea and why I have it, so the tea that I’m having is daddy. I have this because it’s really good at getting rid of water attention, and I’m moving on to so much as I’ve just finished the recipe. So, I’m trying to get that down, so I’ve got a little concoction going now. I know I just said that chamomile is very basic.

However, it is delicious when you have it in the dandelion, so i literally just do like a little fingertip. Then I’ve got my dandelion here and again i just sort of freeze down probably about a handful or so again, I’m using Aaron’s coffee machine a bit of PS2, so he doesn’t care.

So, I’m gonna fill that completely up, gonna. Let it brew, you know, get all the goodness going. Here’s my mother’s king because I’m such a good child and that’s it, then I’m gonna.

Let it sit for me for about two minutes. I’ll, probably, have a couple of squares of dark chocolate. Let me show you the ones that I’m gonna have. This is Aaron’s, it’s all about sharing, so this is 75. I just normally have like two squares of that, or I’ve got a bit of an obsession with peeking at this at the minute.

It’s so good. I got fooled in by the branding, but it’s actually really good, with almond milk as well, and it’s delicious. So, I’m gonna have my tea, have some chocolate as a snack and some of this, and I will check in with you guys for dinner, which I eat around four.

Currently, now it’s half three and yeah, I’m dinner around seven. So, I will speak to you by then, if I have any snacks in between obviously I’ll, let you know but see you soon.

So I’m moving towards my slightly because eBay is asleep in the room off the sit. Obviously, I’m in my bathroom, but just in case I like to take precautions, so it is now eight o’clock at night and I ended up having a bit of a work issue that I have to deal.

I think tonight for dinner. I have chicken and salad and veg, like I said I don’t really know, but I’m very excited to eat, I’m literally starving and then I’m gonna have me that is afterwards too because I’m so hungry today and I feel, like you know, when you’re just Really busy working ends up taking my part, that’s basically what happened to being excited and, as you can see, I don’t really do much for my skincare. Don’t come at me.

I just honestly just don’t really have time. Anyone really wants to know what I take off. My makeup with it’s this thing from the garage – it’s great: I love it so taking it off getting rid of all the makeup from the day, so I feel fresh-faced then I’ll wash my face and then put this moisturizer on I’m such a proud but yeah. That’s it guys. My watering today hasn’t been as fun as I thought.

It would be. My what I eat in a day seems to get more exciting later on because I’ll hug dessert and dinner and that’s about it, but it’s more fun, then because it doesn’t look good um, but yeah.

It’s just annoying, work ended up getting away a little bit. So, I can eat my no more because normally, I would have had a snack later on in the day between lunch and dinner. I’M gonna take off my makeup, and then I’ll see you guys in probably like five minutes to do dinner, so yeah.

Let’s speak to you live, so this is my dinner. This is some marinated chicken, don’t really know, with lots of green beans and then i’m also going to add a plain salad to the side.

So, that’s it that’s going to be my dinner, I’m starving! So, I’m going to enjoy this, and then I will show you guys what I have for dessert afterwards, but um.

I’M probably gonna add like a little bit of sweet chili sauce to the salad as well because, I might add, a little bit of science to it, but yeah I’m gonna tuck into this now, so now it is time for my dessert.

So, I’m going to have this Greek yogurt pop and I have put honey jam, some goji berries and some almonds. Like chopped up. That’s basically it’s super easy, so I’m going to have that, and I’m actually going to have a couple of dates.

Some love dates, and then I’m going to make myself a hot chocolate. So, literally this hot chocolate is just cacao powder with almond milk and a little bit of honey, and I’m going to make that now and that will basically be hipped for my dessert.

So, if I’m still a little bit hungry, I have a square chocolate, but to be honest because I have hot chocolate, that’ll probably be about it, but yeah. Let me go and have my desserts now I am gonna go and enjoy my hot chocolate and my yogurt. Now I feel quite tired tonight, and then I think I’m gonna do some more work on my laptop and watch a little bit of TV.

But don’t forget to give this video a like and subscribe to my YouTube channel and if you guys want to check out the best training program, for you, don’t forget to check out the quiz below in my description box. That’s it from you guys, and I will see you next Tuesday for a workout video

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