What I Eat In A Day To LOSE WEIGHT | Low Carb Protein Bread

What I Eat In A Day To LOSE WEIGHT | Low Carb Protein Bread

For today’s breakfast I’m making something different, and you can also make this the night before just start in the fridge, and you can have this for the next two days.

So, I’m making the other portion today for each portion, I’m going to have like two eight-way and also one whole eight, and also, if you want to make this the night before and start in, fridge, make sure that all your ingredients are quite dry before you wrap It up because your reps are going to get really soggy if they’re wet so yeah.

Just keep that in mind. I do use any dressing other than salt and pepper and sun-dried. Tomatoes are quite tasty, so that is kind of like my dressing, so yeah, morning, everybody so that want my breakfast and the gluten-free wrap to wrap itself once not very nice because it was quite dry, and I was requested so maybe stick with a Normal wrap, I think a pita pocket would be amazing with it, so you can try that too.

So yeah. I look. I have a bit of makeup on, but it’s just because I had my eyelash extensions done and, to be honest, I don’t really know how I feel about it because it just doesn’t look like a gel like gel together when I go ahead and makeup on and Yeah. I don’t think I’ll do it again, because because I don’t think this puts my eye shape, my eyes go down like that at the side.

So, you look really sad, and the lash is kind of like make it look more fat, so it has to go up like that.

You might be, but it drips down a little. I think someone should invent. If some sort of lashes for the outer part of your eyes so that it goes like like like that it doesn’t go down before cup. You just go. I need that, so I think I’ll also wrapping my eyes this morning when I also sleep.

So, I look off like lashes fell off, so that’s really sad like so yeah, it’s really expensive as well. So, I’m not going to do it again. That’s an update about my lashes that nobody cares someone meeting, and I’m going to have some lunch. No. So today I’m going to have some toast, which is very unusual for me, because I normally have like proper lunch.

I go well, not saying that this is not normal. It’s just not what I eat for lunch yeah, but eating bread for lunch. That’s completely normal! So yeah I’m going to have some toes yesterday at Baker’s. I have it right in front of me Lokar protein bread, so I thought no, how it’s gonna taste like because I normally get the fresh loads, but they ran out.

So, I have to buy the mix, so this is the protein bread whole bread. I don’t think you have it in other countries. This is from Australia, but maybe you can order I’ve no idea, hopefully order the fresh meat I haven’t.

Had this low cut bread for a long time like months because ours bulking so I was like really pecking on carbs and stuff, but now that I’m cutting, I thought I know I’ll go back to this low-carb bread because it takes pretty good.

I like it, not everyone likes it, but I like it so the amazing thing about having low carb bread if you can allow for it on top, because it’s what I like, I like adding fruit from it.

This is also quite low in fat. So I like, like spreading most of my peanut butter almond butter whatever or like some sort of cream cheese that that doesn’t have that toes in it.

So yeah yeah I’m going to try some pop this up icon. I want to take a border, but now I conned great so good, so I’m having three slices, so this is just with and this cream cheese I’ve never tried this before, although I say this lactose free, so I wanted to try to and that’s just cream Cheese and figs – and this is yeah same cream cheese. This is the brand I’m using.

I really, really like it. It’s all natural, I don’t think, there’s anything added to it other than just salt. Sorry for the topping I’m using this Jam, so key Xena.

So, there’s no sugar added to this, but obviously, it is quite sweet because there’s a grape juice yeah great cheese in there so yeah those tones, don’t look very advertising at all because of the bread. It doesn’t look nice, but trust me is going to taste friggin group, so yeah I’m going to have my next meal.

I’M making this balsamic chicken bake. You’ll first need to make some dressing, which is a combination of balsamic, vinegar, olive oil and also in maple syrup and maple syrup is optional.

The exact measurement of everything abuse in this dish is in the description box, and so I’ve about 2 kilos of chicken thigh, skinless and fat trim. Then you can add your favorite vegetables. I have potatoes.

Sage leaves cap construction, eat, tomatoes, and I’ve also added onions, garlic and thyme, then season with salt and pepper and pour in the dressing.

So, I’ve added some garlic granules for extra flavor, because those stuff are amazing. The garlic granules going to give you a little bit of a crunch, so that it is nice, so chuck it in the oven for about 40 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius, and that’s it super simple, and also I forgot to mention to add the vegetables a bit later On because it’s going to get burnt or overcooked, so just add them back into the dish. Ten minutes before it’s ready. So, what dinner?

I cook myself, some balsamic chicken baked about 4 o’clock. Now I wanted to take some photos in a very light. That’s the reason why I started cooking quite early because I wanna take some photos all night, maybe Instagram some now or whatever, but this whole pot is so freakin dark outside it gets to start pretty early in the winter. It’s almost winter. You know, balsamic chicken looks really, really good.

I haven’t tried it, yet I don’t know how it tastes like. This is the first time I made it and I made a significant other vegetables in one going like. Why should diners? You know they put a broccoli, tomatoes and all sorry D H leaves a little bit later because they do cook a lot faster.

Let’s just try this chicken because it looks really amazing – and this is going to last me for days like definitely going to love me or want you – and I was just sitting here – eating like the potatoes in the chicken, and it’s pretty good.

I’M going to go to a gym now get change because my clothes stink smells like oven. What about hey? So, I just got home and here’s my dinner. I just hit it up in the oven.

That’s the best thing about cooking before I collision because when I come back and eat straight away, so lately I do try to track my macros, but not like every day, so maybe half of the week when I feel like it so right now I do eat A little bit less than before, because before eating and so forth.

So, I was pretty much like stuffing myself with lots of food every day, but right now, I’m getting like maintenance level or maybe a little bit deficit because sometimes I just feel hungry. But what I don’t have feel hungry either you like a snack on something like oh I’ll go for my pantry get some almonds.

These are such a yeah. Basically, for today I didn’t measure everything like very precisely so, based on how I normally eat it’s probably around 300 to 350 calories per meal, so for dinner today I did measure it.

I put it into song and it’s about 400 calories, so my thumb’s that much at all, so I’m just going to enter everything that I’ve eaten today and have a quick check at what my macro is today and just to give you guys an idea of what My carry intake is for today, so for my breakfast I have 300 calories.

That’s just an approximate finger around, maybe close to 330 to 350, and my lunch is actually under the next neck, around three and thirty calories to 350. Again my lunch.

That’s actually my pre-workout snack. I have some baked potatoes chicken science on vegetables, which obviously I didn’t include all the vegetables in here, because it’s really minimal and yeah. So that’s about 200 calories, so that’s not much at all and for dinner, its 385 calories, that’s schooling!

Other vegetables, like tomatoes or Queenie, so just adding another like 30 to 50 calories. For that, I guess and also the sauce yeah like oh yeah, so yeah, I’m not sure, that’s helpful at all, because I’m a lazy tracker.

I don’t track everything, but I do know that I keep my fiber intake, so that’s great. Sometimes I always do it with my fiber, and that makes me really get feed because so much fire bar and my thumb it just comes – can’t handle it. So, I get really guessing yeah, that’s pretty much it.

I hope that’s kind of helpful, because a lot of guys are just asking me to kind of give you a little bit more information about my macro. But honestly, I don’t follow some macros like really closely.

I just try to make sure the calories’ intake for the day is around my maintenance level or a little bit less, because I’m trying to lose weight, so I might have another popsicle later because family today I haven’t had many carbs, so I mean I have enough.

Fiber, but not much sugar, which is great, so I’m going to eat now, because my food is getting cool and I’m talking way too much so yeah see you soon. So, this is the popsicle that I’m having today, the stuff is pretty good.

Obviously, there’s still a lot of natural sugar in it, but at least there’s no added sugar, and this is only 44 calories for one. I think that’s where discord going to act is now. Oh, my god, it’s getting so cold in Melbourne. I have a heater right now, I’m just standing right next to it, because it’s just so cool yeah, I’m going to go to sleep now. Yeah, I had a popsicle.

I was very satisfied. It was very yummy, and now it’s about 12 o’clock, and I’m like I’m dying or just editing a video. Now I’m ready to sleep.

Finally, so I hope you guys enjoy today’s vlog and please keep this video thumbs up because it really helps me out, and thanks so much for watching guys, and I’ll see you in the next video bye.

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