What’s up guys welcome back to my channel if you’re new here, I’m Daisy – and it is the morning for me – and I’ve been seeing lots and lots of comments? If you guys ask me what I eat and what I eat on, like certain days of certain muscle groups that I work out like today, I’m going to do abs, cardio and arms.

I’ve been incorporating cardio into my workouts just a little bit more. I’M trying to do them on the days that I do my arm days. Um, that way on booty days, I can like solely focus on weightlifting and building my booty um.

That is also another question. Actually, that you guys had, um. Do I lift weights? Yes, I definitely lift heavy weights for sure um, so yeah, but what I eat today is just what works. For me, every single body is different, so what works for me might not work for you, but this is kind of just like a routine that I found, and I’m gonna kind of give you like the little guide to like what I do.

I usually intuitive eat, so I don’t have like a strict suit. I don’t know, let’s see, i kind of like intuitive eat mixed with counting macros so like I listen to my body and what I feel like it needs, but I also try to stay within.

Like a certain guideline of macros um, so right now, I’m trying to get a little bit leaner in general, just because I feel a lot better when I’m leaner so like I said, I’ve been incorporating some cardio and then what I’m going to do,  I’m going To eat a carb before my workout and then a carb after my workout that I’ve been cutting out one carb throughout the day, so I’m probably going to take out a carb during lunch or dinner.

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Just kind of depends on how I feel after my workout and how many carbs I need. You know because I’m going to work out in the morning, so I might just have a carb for breakfast and then in my protein shake I might make like an actual smoothie and then lunch I’ll have no carb, but we’ll see how it goes.

Um, but yeah. That’s kind of like what I like to do. I think it’s really important to have your carbs before and after to save energy and your muscles have energy to rebuild, um, but yeah. I’M just gonna show you what I eat. I hope you enjoy.

Okay, so I have my sourdough toast cooking in the oven, so cute and yes, I eat sourdough toast. I don’t think it’s honestly that bad, if you just have one, and you’re about to go workout, so you’re gonna go burn it off anyways.

My body needs the carbs, and it’s just sourdough bread from um whole foods, and then I am cutting up an avocado right here, as you can see, and I’ve just cut it into little cubes, I’m going to smash it, and I’m going to squeeze a ton Of lemon, like literally as much lemon as I can get out of this lemon, like you know, okay cool, so I also am going to cook my bacon. This is just organic uncured, turkey, bacon from whole foods. It is the best thing ever.

I’ve been eating. This probably for like a solid three to four months straight, nothing else: okay, while my bacon is cooking, I’m going to put just a little bit of this vegan butter on my sourdough toast. You can see that this is me miyoko’s creamery um, it’s vegan butter from whole foods and i literally just use like – maybe I don’t even really use a little, but i kind of put on like that. Much like I like, I like good, like buttered toast you know not like too oily, but oh shoot, they’re clean.

I swear kind of um, and then I’m just going to smash up my avocado like this, and I’m going to squeeze a little bit more lemon because, like i said, I literally like to squeeze the entire lemon on my avocado toast because I love the way it tastes. I also want to mention.

I am not a nutritionist, by the way. This is just what works for me again. Oh, my god, all the seeds are coming out again. Everybody is different, so I’m just gonna put that out there guys all right – and this is what my avocado post looks like and usually, I just tasted to see if there’s enough lemon. If not, I add more lemon, but I think I put the perfect amount this time, and then I got my three pieces of Turkey bacon.

They look really weird, but I promise you, they taste fire all right, and this is what my beautiful meal looks like. We got three pieces of bacon, and we got some alcohol toast.

Okay, I also have this big giant jug of water, um. I drink this every single morning because I think it’s really important to start your day with some water I’ve been trying to drink more just because I feel better, it’s better for your skin for every single part of you, so water – and this is my energy drink.

I don’t specifically drink ilani new um, sometimes all Celsius, sometimes I’ll, have usually just Celsius in this whatever’s in my cabinet for the most part, so i just really grab any protein drink that I like this one’s stardust, it’s pretty good.

Does anyone else see that little? Like happy dance when they see food, like I just get, I start wiggling so excited okay, so my skin has been through some. You guys I break out every once in a while, not even every once in a while, maybe like every other week. I’ll get a breakout like some weeks. My skin will be really clear.

Sometimes it won’t be, so I started seeing this new lady, and she’s putting me on these like vitamins and stuff, and this is hypo move cd3, vitamin D 3 drops, and it tastes really good. So, I try not to do like put the whole thing on just like a drop or so maybe two, it tastes really good, and then I am going to have some of my coconut charcoal.

This is good for your gut, so I’m going to see that, and I’ve been told a lot of acne comes from your gut, sometimes so that sketch so good. I have a healthy gut um, and then I just chose that because if I have anything else with charcoal like, I will literally die like my stomach will rip apart, and it won’t blow up so yeah. Now I’m just gonna let my food sit just for like maybe 20 minutes, and then I’m gonna go work out.

Also, I just wanted to show you like how cute are these flowers, I’m obsessed with tulips and mini daisies? I guess so. Many daisies are actually chamomile they’re not even many daisies, but because my name is daisy. Let’s just call the mini daisies um, but like this is an oh, so cute. Look at my little chickens, hi Harley, that’s Harley and enoch mudra.

If you guys have been following my channel for a while, you already know who they are Harley’s pissed, that she’s outside she hates being out there um, but she needs to go potty. So, it’s okay, all right! So now I’m about to work out, and I’m gonna um actually film, my ab video.

So if you guys haven’t seen that yet I’m going to do my little pyramid, abs, routine – and I did this a couple of days ago, and it literally killed my abs, like my abs – were seriously so sore, and it’s really hard for me to get my abs to Be sore, so I was like damn okay, I really need to show my friends on YouTube this um. So if you want perfect abs, just do this.

Okay, guys, I will say like look at my abs, like they have been coming in so much more lately and I really think it’s because I’ve been doing more cardio and more ab exercises alrighty guys. I just got back from the gym, and I’m gonna make my protein shake, but I’m gonna kind of make it oops, I’m gonna kind of make it into a meal because it’s already lunchtime and I need the carbs so rather than just having Protein and like almond milk, or something I’m going to make it an actual like meal smoothie all right.

So first thing is ice. Then I’m going to put in some spinach, i usually just use frozen spinach and I put in like probably a couple handfuls and then I do a whole banana, and I’m doing a whole banana because I just worked out so my muscles and my body need the Carbs to replenish myself, so usually I do half if I didn’t just work out, but since I did I’m gonna do while I’m going to do some almond butter. This is seriously the best smoothie you guys will ever have, you guys need to try it.

It is so good, and it literally tastes like I don’t know like chocolate like milkshake or something I don’t know it’s just good. You should just try it. I’M gonna put a little bit more low almond butter, and then I’m going to pour in some almond milk, and I don’t really know how much I put in i just  Michael, was that you are sorry guys that was my boyfriend um anyways.

Once I’ve put in a good amount of almond milk, I’m going to put in some whey protein powder – and I do one scoop – and this is the Girl Scout cookie – samoa whey, balik um protein powder by gnc. It is seriously so good.

It tastes exactly like a cookie, the thin mint. One, too, is incredible like this, which is almond milk alone, is insane, and then I’m going to put some L-glutamine for recovery, just one scoop. Ah, oh, I hate the way that powders feel like that gives me the chill. Okay. Now I’m going to blend all this okay and then my smoothie usually looks like let’s go in the light more like this green color, it kind of looks like a mint chocolate.

Shake, that’s from the spinach. It’s seriously so good! You guys need to try this if you haven’t yet, and it is dinner time yay, I’m gonna show you what I’m eating. We got some chicken rice, green beans and a little like a nut glaze on top. I love that nut glaze.

Oh my god. I cannot believe. I just said that sorry, Michael just YouTuber only fan and this meal was made by my wonderful mother, she’s seriously the best cook in the world, literally every single thing that she makes like gourmet, um anyways. I’M going to eat my dinner, okay, guys that are it for today’s video. I hope you enjoyed um.

That is just what I eat in a day. It doesn’t mean that’s what you should eat in a day. It’s just what I found works for me and my body and my metabolism anyways. I love you guys so much, and thank you for watching.

Flat Stomach Dieting

It may appear too great to be real, however by eating certain kinds of food, stubborn belly can vanish.

Cutting the stomach is not as hard as it appears, nutrition experts have found out. Some basic flat stummy diet plans consist of unrefined, wholesome foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, seeds, lean protein and beans. Red meat intake needs to be lowered, state to when a week.

The trick behind flat stomach diet plans would be to include mono-unsaturated fats, in every meal. Mono-unsaturated fats can be found in avocados, olives, seeds, nuts, flax, dark chocolate, sunflower oil, olive oil and soya bean oils. Research has actually revealed that mono-unsaturated fats target stubborn belly and likewise have other health benefits.

These form a part of ideal flat stubborn belly diet plans. Daily drinking “sassy water”, a mixture of herbs, spices, cucumber and citrus, helps in lowering bloating, and keeps you on the road to those flat stomach diet plans.

Insufficient consumption of fiber in our everyday food usage may be among the significant reasons in getting fatter and flabbier. Daily, minimum 25 grams of fiber needs to be consumed, for obtaining a stunning and a flat stubborn belly. Fiber, which is the indigestible part of veggies, fruits and entire grains, constitute the major parts of flat stomach diets.

The fiber consumption in your everyday flat stomach diet needs to be gradually, but regularly increased; Do not attempt to eat an entire lot at one time. This is particularly real of thick fiber-a type, discovered in barley, oats and beans.
For finest outcomes, it is suggested to increase fiber intake, over a period of month. Drinking a lot of water helps in regulating the food in your body quickly.

For flatter stomach, balanced amount of high-quality carbohydrates in our diet strategy is required. Eating 3 to 5 portions of 4-ounce veggies, 2-4 4 ounce portions of fruits and a cup of entire grain per meal daily, would provide maximum benefits. Drinking great deals of water is among the wanted factor in these Flat Stomach Diets.

Water eliminates Sodium from the body, and hence decreases the bloat. Drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily. Soft drinks and soups containing great deals of Sodium have to be avoided. Caffeine or organic tea is more suitable.

Foods containing sodium has to be avoided. Select fresh healthy foods over industrial packed foods. It is useful to read labels on the food and par take only low-sodium brands.

People avoiding breakfast or lunch, eat their largest meal later on in the day and have lower metabolisms. So by eating light at the night, you will receive double advantage: a flatter tummy and a healthy cravings this is how Flat Belly Diets is carried out. By consuming 5 times a day and maintaining even flow of energy in the body, a healthier life-style can be achieved.

Flat Stomach Diet – 7 More Tasty Food Choices and Dieting Tips

A chubby belly is menstruation of numerous people and, as such, various individuals strive daily to find a flat stomach diet that will solve the issue. The following are seven foods that have been understood to do just this:


These nuts are extremely flexible and tasty and contain high levels of protein along with vitamin E. They are likewise an outstanding source of magnesium, which is required by the body to preserve muscles, regulate sugar in the blood, along with produce energy for the body to use. Research has likewise revealed that the cell walls inside of the nut may avoid the absorption of fat. An ounce of almonds, around 23, has about 160 calories and is the recommended daily usage.


Research study has likewise shown that people who took in soy milk were more most likely to lose weight than those who took in dairy based diet plan drinks. A four ounce serving of tofu consists of 94 calories.


Eggs are the best source of protein. They are appreciated because they include many vital amino acids and people who consume them in the morning state that they feel less starving throughout the day than they otherwise would after taking in intricate carbs.


Berries are really high in nutrients and antioxidants, which serve to safeguard the body from a number of illness such as cancer but can likewise increase the impacts of workouts. The antioxidants also assist to improve the circulation of blood in the body. A half a cup of berries every day is a terrific property to your flat stomach diet plan.


A research study which was performed in 2003 states that women who were overweight and ate three pears or apples each day for a period of three months had more weight reduction success. Apples contain a compound referred to as quercetin that has been shown to fight cancer, promote lung health, and reduce cholesterol. An apple or two every day is highly beneficial especially when the apples in question were those with high levels of anti-oxidants such as the Cortland, Northern Spy, and Red Delicious.


Individuals who take in yogurt to acquire calcium instead of other foods are most likely to lose weight around their middle. The probiotic bacteria which is discovered in yogurts has actually been understood to promote the health of the digestive system, therefore lowering irregularity, bloating, and gas. A mix of low-fat yogurt and sliced fruit is an outstanding option.

Leafy Greens

Most of leafy greens have few calories and are also an exceptional calcium source, which is essential for the contraction of muscle. In short, leafy greens are able to provide you with energy for your exercises. Including a handful of spinach, broccolini, broccoli kale, rabe, and arugula to pasta meals, salads, sandwiches, stir-fries, and soups can include taste in addition to nutrients to your flat stomach diet meal.

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