What I Ate This Week To Reduce Bloating | Food That Bloats You

What I Ate This Week To Reduce Bloating | Food That Bloats You

With morning guys, so I just woke up by 15 minutes ago, and I’m gonna have like my morning routine, pretty much like my citrus idol, which I absolutely hate. It tastes so bad, so bitter.

This, he’s really like dry and bitter and sour. You know like the taste of grapefruit seeds, it’s intense, it’s like a hundred times more nervous, probably even more concentrated than that, so it’s haha.

So citrus idle is what I take in the morning to help to kill the nasty bacteria, and it’s antifungal as well, and also I’m gonna.

Take some vitamin C because I’m really, really low. On vitamin C because of the amount of stress I went under last year, so one scoop of the vitamin C over here.

So now I’m gonna go out for a walk just to start today, I just like to go out and have some sunlight. It’s really good for me and just makes me feel better for the rest of the day, just a stunt day with like a walk, but it’s really cool today is that it haven’t decreased last night holy crap Melvin’s summer. It’s not like 25 degrees.

Every day it’s like 19, today, 11 later and then boy degrees tomorrow. So, it’s like pretty insane anyway.

I’m gonna head out now, and I’ll see you guys for my breakfast. I just got back from my walk, and I’m so happy because I can finally feel my legs. Oh my god, guys. I have lakes out.

Oh my god, legs I haven’t been able to feel my legs for the last race and today is day 20. I think, and finally, I have some energy in me, I’m so happy like because I haven’t been able to walk like I talked about it previously, like I can’t really do anything.

I come vacuum the floor. I can mop the floor. I just feel so fatigued and tired, exhausted brain fog like I can’t really do anything other than trying to do some work.

You know, normally, I feel the best in the morning, and its progress. I get more and more fatigued, so I really hope that today is not gonna be one of those days, anyway.

I’M gonna have my breakfast now, I’m gonna have some smoothie, so this is the daily nutritional support. Spooty has lots of vitamins, minerals and protein 15 grams of protein, some vitamin D, so I’m gonna have to scoop on a daily nutritional support. So, that’s my breakfast.

I got some chicken broth here, some berries and also a nutritional shake which is also pretty delicious. This is how much chicken broth will play right now.

Looks so freakin good. Look at that. So, I just want to record how my body looks like I guess before I have breakfast, the bloating has definitely gone down.

A lot like today is probably the best day. So far like he has been so bloated, yesterday was so bad. I was literally like three months pregnant at minimum, but today has got them down a little bit like.

I still have a little bit of belly like, especially down here and you when I tap my stomach. It is full of gas.

I can feel so much gas in there, but it’s not as bad as before. The reason why my breath is so light is because I can’t really digest well any more, like a problem with digesting food. Like every time I eat something, I get stomach cramps.

So, breakfast is the meal that go really like, but it’s still quite substantial number of calories in you, which is good man. I love a berry so much so.

I stop eating fruits for about two and a half weeks and I saw the doctor last week, and he asked me to bring back some risk because I was feeling so lethargic like.

I just couldn’t move at all, and it’s like just bring back the fruits because I was supposed to be off it’s for three to four weeks because of my bacterial overgrowth, and also I’m gonna.

Take these hubs to basically help with killing the bacteria and all of that along this also for the soup. I normally like to add a little bit of turmeric because it’s anti-inflammatory, and my stomach is going through a loss of information right now, it also some ginger. I love chicken broth.

I’ve been having chicken broth of bone from every morning anyway, I’m gonna have my breakfast, and I’ll be back for lunch, and also that you guys know like what I’m having right now to reduce bloating and all of that and all my medications and herbal medicines And whatnot so yeah see you again in a second.

So, if time for lunch, I’m gonna make my very popular famous, well-known setting cake that no one knows about other than the guys from Instagram that I’ve said that on my Instagram story a while ago and a lot of you guys asked for the recipe.

So, here this is very easy to make very delicious, very healthy. It’s not gonna cost. You deployed because it’s low fodmap, it’s not onions, garlic and all those things.

That’s gonna make you bloat and yeah, very yummy, and you guys hear the noise outside like seriously. Every time I decide to record a water eat in the day, video or something, someone decides to make a lot of noise outside all the time.

Here’s all the ingredients for my sateen cake. I got a sweet potato, here’s some carrot and some tobacco – sometimes I use turnips – and sometimes I use both sweet, potatoes and carrots, or sometimes just one or the other.

Now I’m gonna dry roast this in the oven, for maybe like 10 minutes or so, and now I’m gonna be using four cans of sardines, and these was so affordable.

They are only about a dollar each. So, here are all the ingredients I’m gonna need to make the cake. I have some sardines, sweet and sweet potatoes. Sweet potato is optional. It’s up to you.

I’M gonna use more carrots. If you want to, then I’m gonna use some herbs. I got thyme, which is really great for tummy issues. You know.

Time is also really good for antibacterial purposes: basil oregano, which is another really great herb for antibacterial reasons, antifungal as well; turmeric anti-inflammatory, some ginger a little bit from salt and some pepper.

So all these helps I pop in there is optional. You don’t have to use it, but it tastes like a Portuguese dish that I really liked, sorry, there you go. Oh my god. This is so hurricane good, so I’m gonna make it into a bowl and then smash it into a patty and bake it.

I think I can make about two to four more by let’s pop this into the oven for about 15 minutes.

So, I make this a couple of times: I’ve just changed it up a little bit here in there, but today’s sweet, like it’s a cool, sweet, rutabaga that takes a bit longer to cook, so I had to steam it again, but this is it hmm?

It’s a little bit bitter, it’s okay, so I’ve added a little bit of ham seeps as it is the one I’m using today, but my favorite brands problem with this. It’s from Australia and tastes really, really good. I’ve also tried another brand. It’s called money, Toba harbor’s!

That’s pretty good too, but I like the hem seats, one the most, so I’ve already taken my digestive enzyme before I eat my meal, and now I’m gonna take activate the B complex adrenal soup because I have adrenal fatigue and this is gonna really help To balance out my stress level and also GI balance, which is my antibacterial her medication.

I love sweet potatoes so much, but the first two weeks might have sleeper hair. I had liked the worst cram, so I stopped zippered here for about a week, and now I’m back on it. I have about a cup of soup with here. I hear a little bit more, maybe hmm! Now, let’s try our amazing sodding cake.

Hmm, it’s so amazing! It was a little bit more crispy the last time I made it because I pop it in the oven a bit longer, so I’ve been really hungry for the last two days because I guess I couldn’t really eat a lot of things. I hadn’t worst cramps in the last two weeks, so I guess my body is like really craving for it right now because I’m really, really hungry.

So, I’m just gonna give you guys a little update about my diet before I cook my dinner, and so I’m on a low fodmap diet and Bob map stands or fermentable. Oligosaccharides, disaccharide, monosaccharides and polios is basically a very fancy way of saying fermentable sugars.

So, these are the specific type of sugars that you’ve got can’t digest. So, it is fine, if you don’t have any small intestinal bacterial overgrowth if I mean we all have bacteria in our large intestine and a little bit like a little bit of bacteria in our small intestine, but like a certain like a certain species.

So if you do eat this food and if you don’t have SIBO, then you’re just going to get a little bit of gas in your lashes nest. And that is fine because because our lash intestine is a little bit more stretchy, and you don’t really feel that pain, and you got a bloat a little which is totally okay, but you’re not gonna feel that stomach cramp on you like on your stomach.

So, the problem is when you have SIBO, which is more intestinal bacterial overgrowth, which is my case.

You’re gonna have a lot of like bacterial overgrowth in your small intestine, which are not supposed to be there, so I don’t know why they go there. It’s well.

It’s because of stress and other factors that they kind of migrate from in lush intestines up to your small intestine. So, when we have this type of food and if you have SIBO you’re gonna have a lot of body in your small intestine and the problem is: Your small intestine is not stretchable, it’s just a small little tube, and it’s a very long small tube. That does not expand right, it’s very like it’s.

Just not very expenditure is gonna feed on like say broccoli or onions or garlic, then my bacterium. I thought it’s gonna feed on them and soon produce a lot of gas and that’s when I start to get a lot bloaty all the way from my upper stomach down to the lowest of me because it’s my freaking intestine right.

It’s a long, freaking tube! So, I’m gonna start getting a lot of bloating and the worst thing is the cramps that come with it. So, a lot of people think like.

Oh, you know, it’s just loading like. What’s a big deal, so there are cases of mal bloating to severe bloating and I have chronic severe faulty. And so, when I have like certain foods that broccoli, I can’t like to have cramps for the entire night, and I’ll wake up from it.

And I feel really nauseous, and sometimes I feel like vomiting, but I can’t vomit because I don’t really know how the vomit like it’s just, not a skill that I have. I can’t even burp, guys, I come burp.

I kind of embrace okay expect me to table it unless, if I’m severely sick, if I put poison there I’ll Bobby, but normally, I one night it just can’t come up.

So, I would just feel like crap – and I can’t do anything about it when I have certain foods, sometimes I’ll wake up for my sleep, I’ll feel, nauseous, and I’ll start producing a loss to live my life, I feel like vomiting, but I can’t so. I have a bit of acid reflux frog, just I guess like in digestion and all of that as well.

Acid reflux see boy, and all of that just make me feel very, very sick, like in the stomach and yeah, which is why I decided to you see a doctor about it because I just can’t handle it anymore, that I don’t want to live. My life likes suffering from eating broccoli like if seriously that is ridiculous.

I broccoli cauliflower onions, garlic, asparagus, like the list, goes on avocado eggs. My bacteria don’t feed on eggs, so I guess, like I can kind of tolerate it, but allergic to eggs.

Oh yeah, so yeah, I’m gonna talk about a certain type of food that I can’t eat because I tried it like two weeks ago. I think about two weeks ago, like lentils and oh, my god. I had it for lunch because I was trying to go more plant-based and holy crap, guys like after I had lentils, I literally couldn’t walk.

I was in so much pain. I had to lie down on my couch because I just could have heard I so like crime up in my stomach. I just wanted to test it out, but I shouldn’t have because lentils are known for its loading issues because lentils, chickpeas and beans it all contain the sugar called illegal saccharine, and these are fermentable sugars in your cups.

And there are also other foods that contain put Tins and raffinose – and these are just basically at our sugar in vegetables or carbs – they can find records in things like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts cabbage, and these are the food that cause a lot of bloating for me and this is the list goes on, so you can.

Just look up online and also food that contains fructose and that’s basically, onions, garlic, spring onions and a lot of other vegetables. So yeah, you can just look it up online. I for used to give me so much stomachache, especially back in high school.

I used to have it for breakfast cuz I wanted to be healthy. I didn’t want to have instant noodles and my mum cooked meat in the morning I’ll say: let me have some apples and guess what?

What hour later, I gotta call my mom. Can you pick me up soups come on, I can’t, we’re stopping hurts so bad. That’s the story of my life.

I know right not like today, I’m in a really good mood because I’m feeling a lot better today, but yeah, I’m putting a little bit bloated, but at least it is no cramp. So, I’m very happy about that.

That’s my little update about my food. I feel like I’ve been talking too much, so yeah. I hope everything makes sense.

If you have any questions, ask me down below, I’m gonna go and cook my dinner. It looks really bright because Sun setting at 9 o’clock every day, which is really nice, um yeah I’ll, see you guys in a little bit.

So, I’m gonna make some chicken broth for tomorrow. I have some tenants here and also some carrots, so just chuck it all in lots of ginger, and I minced it quite small because I really wanted used to all come out. I’M gonna add some salt.

I just have some pink Himalayan salt. Yes, some black pepper, just big chunks, so ginger is absolutely amazing for bloating. So, I’d like to add that to my soup and also a little bit of turmeric,

And I’m gonna add a little bit more tomorrow as well. But now I’m just gonna add some water. Add some hot water here because it’s a long time for the crock pot, yeah.

I’M gonna put this to cook for about toph hours to 24 hours. That’s my dinner and some eggplant sweet potato from lunch and tomatoes and also some hand that she’s gonna broth, I’m gonna, take two magnesiums.

I’ve already taken my digestive enzyme. I will take this every day. This is gonna help me to relax. Before I go to bed, give me a good night’s sleep, also adrenal soothe pretty much finish the whole bottle and sink because I have way too much papa.

So I needed up. It won’t sink, and yeah. My most important medication right here, so seven habits for dinner. For lunch, it has been a couple of hours since I have my dinner, and I’m feeling pretty okay. Today I don’t have any like cramps, just a little tiny bit.

I think it’s because of the sick tale. I had way too much Cobb’s today. I think that’s the reason why my stomach is acting up, my intestinal stomach. No, it’s the same. So now I’m just gonna go through everything I had for the last five days, and so I’m not allowed to have any salads, no snacks at all.

Because of my digestive issues. I can’t digest my food very well, so the doctor suggest me to just have three meals a day because every time when I have some eggs or right salads, I get cramps because I can’t digest the food because I don’t have those digestive juice, just not enough

To digest my food so for yesterday’s breakfast pretty much the same food, so some berries with some broth and nutritional shake. So, I had this for an entire week, pretty simple! I just changed it very sometimes and for lunch, I’m having some tempeh with squash turn. It’s hemp, seeds, capsicum and sweet potato.

These little things are called summer. Squash, they’re super tasty, and they’re quite sweet as well. So, I just roast them in the oven, with some oil, turmeric, salt and pepper for about 15 minutes 180 degrees Celsius and also roast some sick tales.

Turn it and caps comes with some oil and salt as well, and for tempeh. It is so easy to make them, they’re really tasty.

I like them quite thinly slice, so it is crispy. Yes, let’s try the tempeh, mmm. So crispy, have a look for dinner. I had some salmon with some leftover, vegetables and sweet potato, very simple and very tasty because I love sweet, potato and salmon.

So, that’s like my perfect meal and what day three, which was two days ago, I had the same thing for breakfast: just some nutritional shake broth and berries for lunch.

I have tofu hemp seeds, carrots, silver beet and just cut them up. Add some salt pepper, some turmeric and yeah. It was really, really tasty, some oil as well and for dinner, I’m having some salmon with some sweet, potatoes, capsicum and zucchini.

This is like my standard mu. I love serving a lot of salmon, I’m using his organic and well hot, and these all cut a lot more affordable as well.

So if you want to save on that, you can try to get off cuts. I’ve roasted some sweet potatoes again with capsicum and zucchini, with oil and salt and pepper, just the same thing, who gave them again so for day two, which was three days ago.

Now? Yes, I’m having the same thing for breakfast again: some nutritional shake and beef bone broth, but these beef bone broth took me about 48 hours to make, and you can see it gel up really well here, which is really great for my gut because I believe he got a swell but lunch I’m having some studying Kate.

Which was very similar to the one that I made today, but mostly with sweet potato, and it was very delicious as well and for dinner. I had my chicken soup again with rice and vegetables.

I sucked it with some white jasmine rice because I can’t have brown rice right now due to my digestion problem. I can’t really digest brown rice that wall as well and for the final day, which was day one.

I had ham seeds and sweet, short and sweet potato mash with some capsicum slice in the sweet, potato mash. It adds some salt and some pepper, if you like, and add the ham seeds on top to add some texture, some protein. It’s back to you for dinner.

I had some studies with some squash silver beet and capsicum, really easy. Just pan-fried everything, it was so simple. Alright guys, I hope you enjoyed today’s video, give this video a good all thumbs up, smash that thumbs up, but it hasn’t taken this for long time. Nice smash that thumbs up button.

It’s been weeks a week or two weeks anyway, smash that thumbs up button subscribe, turn, look vacations and also, let me know down in the comments like what about videos you want to see next.

Like do you want to know a little bit more about how I Got a Head maker with my doctor, like what’s of meals, I’m having and how I start incorporating more foods because, right now, my diet is a little bit more restrictive because I’m kind of on an elimination diet.

So, I can’t have a lot of food that irritates. My stomach, but I’m gonna start incorporating more foods and yeah. Let me know if you are interested in that.

Let me know if you want to see more what I eat in a week, kind of videos or what inj and that’s nice. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video, and I’ll see you guys in the next video.


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