What I Ate In a Day to Lose Weight – Losing 30kgs A Day of Eating – Lucy Lismore

What I Ate In a Day to Lose Weight – Losing 30kgs A Day of Eating – Lucy Lismore

Okay, so we are back with one of your favorite videos, which is a what I ate in a day to lose weight. Now, if you haven’t met me before you’ve, never seen any of my videos, my name is Lucy and in the past I lost a significant amount of weight around 30 kilos by changing what I was eating.

Reducing my portion sizes making some really simple switches: learning about nutrition, more importantly and moving my body more as well, so I have heaps of videos on my channel explaining my journey and where I’ve come from, where I’m at now, but in today’s video, I’m just going To take you through a basic example of what I would have eaten in a day while I was going through that weight loss period, I want to preface this by saying that this is not specific dietary advice.

This is just for entertainment and to give you a bit of an idea as to what I ate when I was losing weight, to give you an example of a day and maybe give you some recipe, ideas or some ideas about how you can eat in a Calorie deficit, especially if you have other people in your household, getting general information about nutrition, calories, macros and that sort of stuff online or from a personal trainer, is not a problem. But if you need specific information regarding your condition or your diet, or you want a particular meal plan, then it’s best to go, find a professional dietitian.

Who can give you that information? The second thing I wanted to mention is just what I did in particular. While I was going through my weight loss, the first thing to mention is that when I started I was around 90 kilos, so I had a significant amount of weight to lose, and so I didn’t need to make that many crazy changes to my diet.

To start to see progress, so what I focused on was reducing portion sizes, making those simple switches and looking out for the hidden calories as well as really learning and educating myself on the principles of nutrition as time went on, so it wasn’t anything too crazy, but From before I started eating in a calorie deficit to as I was, and afterwards there was a distinct difference between the amount of food I was eating and some of the things I was eating, but i never specifically cut anything out of my diet at all. I would still have a little bit of chocolate if I wanted it.

I would still have, for example, pizza because I love pizza and I still do to this day. I just was mindful of how much I was eating and how often I was eating it as well, so it was more about optimizing, my diet, rather than restricting and thinking about what was going to keep me fuller for longer.

Now i didn’t really know a huge amount about nutrition, as I was going through my calorie deficit, and I know a lot more now that my job has a lot to do with it, but in terms of general advice, if you’re eating in a calorie deficit, you Really want to be managing hunger and optimizing your diet to eat in a calorie deficit so that you’re finding it easy to sustain that for a long period.

So, that means one not going in a dramatic or an extreme calorie deficit. You want it to be manageable and sustainable, and also thinking about what you’re actually consuming and making sure that it is optimized to keep you full to make sure that you’re eating what you want to eat again.

So, you have that goal of being able to maintain it for a longer period of time. I did recently make a video on that. So if you want to go check it out, I will pop it up here, so you can click through to that one as well all right without further ado.

Let’s move on into the video we’re going to start with some breakfast all the meals in this video are pretty good because they actually work out to be relatively cheap proportion.

They’re super easy to make and also the portions that they make are quite big, so you can separate them out, and then you can use them as meal prep for the week, or you can just pick and choose throughout the week what you want to eat and Then the final meal which is dinner, will give you an example of how I would adapt a meal, and I still do this for me versus somebody who eats higher calories, so my partner at the moment he needs a lot more calories than I do just with The type of training that he does and the size of him, and so I often will have a slightly adapted version of what we have for dinner and I will make mine slightly lower calorie.

Just because I don’t need it as much, plus. I love vegetables, and he’s not such a fan either, so that will give you an example of that because that is a question that comes up so all much right. I’M going to stop talking! Let’s move on into breakfast. I hope you enjoy this video alright.

So for breakfast, we’re going to be making some egg muffins and what I really love about this meal is that you can put them in the fridge, or you can stick them in the freezer, and they’ll keep for quite a while, but you can also just throw In anything that you want, so you can change up the flavors or use whatever you have in your fridge.

So for today I’m going to be putting in mine some bacon some mushrooms and also some spinach to start with. What you’re going to do is crack six eggs in a bowl. Now this recipe is going to make nine. So if you wanted to make more for prep, then obviously just change up the amount that you’re using, once you’ve done that you’re just going to chop up literally anything that you want to put in these.

So, you can put as much or as little as you like so like I said, I’m going to be putting mushrooms, spinach and bacon in. So, I’m just going to chop all these mushrooms up. They are going to get fried off. So, I’m not too worried about the size of them, and then I’m just going to chop up the bacon as well. 

Once I’ve done that, I’m going to chuck that oil in a frying pan with a little bit of oil and just let that boil off and then once that’s cooked, i’m just going to add the spinach as well. It doesn’t need to be fully cooked because these are going to go in the oven, so just make sure you’re heating up and wilting it down, and then I’m going to add some herbs as you’ll see throughout this video herbs to me are life.

So, I think I added oregano here, but I literally would add anything. Now, while that’s cooking, I’m going to mix up the eggs in a bowl, and then I’m going to add a little bit of milk. Now I’ve chosen to add some almond milk, but i honestly just would chuck in anything that I have on hand, it’s just really to add to the volume.

So, you could use dairy. I just don’t eat dairy because of my skin at the moment, and then I’m gonna add more seasoning, so I’m adding some chili flakes some salt, some pepper and some fennel seeds as well because fennel with anything breakfast like is so good. When you’ve added all the seasoning and everything that you want to, you can chuck in your filling as well, give that another stir.

This is such an easy recipe, and it’s just so, so quick as well right next you’re going to grab yourself a muffin tin, I’m just using like a medium-sized one, and I’m just using some spray oil just to fill about nine of them. And then I’m going to pour some of the mixture in, so you want to fill it pretty much to the top of each one and then once you’ve done that it’s as simple as putting it in the oven at 180 degrees for around 15 to 20 minutes.

When I used to make these, I had a slightly larger muffin tin, so they did make slightly larger portions, but today this is what we’ve ended up with so what’s fantastic about. This is that you can have them as a snack, or you can have them as a meal, and you can add things to them. So as always, I’m garnishing it, but you could always add some cheese or some smoked salmon.

Something like that, if you fancied it all right, so we’re moving on to a mid-morning snack, or you could have this at any time of the day, and it is super simple again. You’re gonna get the theme running through this video, but I’m just gonna have some hard-boiled eggs with a bit of seasoning and some sriracha.

So super easy. I’ve never mastered boiling an egg. So, what’s great about hard-boiled eggs is you can’t really go wrong? So, you just boil them for about five minutes. I add some chili flakes and a little bit of salt and then definitely some sriracha and then, if I feel like, I need any extra, I might have these on a rivita or a rice cracker.

Something like that. Just to fill me up a little bit more or like in the previous meal, you can have it with a bit of smoked salmon as well, but it is so good, so easy high in protein really satiating and a great snack, okay, we’re moving on to lunch Time and this recipe is an absolute better, its fish finger tacos, so fish fingers, obviously they’re super cheap.

You can buy them in the freezer section and just throw them in there and keep them there. So for this recipe, we’re gonna, add a load of vegetables and salad and also some guacamole as well again, I’m just kind of using everything that I have in my fridge. So, I’m chopping up some onion, some baby tomatoes and some chopped coris lettuce as well.

So, once I’ve done that, I’m going to add it to this beetroot. I also found in my fridge, and I’m going to mix it all together with some avocado, so I’ve had an avocado in my fruit bowl for a little while, so fingers crossed it’s in good health. We will find out about half of it’s not too bad.

So, what I’m going to do is create a grid pattern, really gently, and then I’m going to use a spoon to scoop that out mix that all together and then make sure that you add any seasonings that you want to. So, I added salt, pepper, chili flakes and, I would usually add a little bit of olive oil or maybe some lemon juice, but I didn’t have either of those when I was filming, so we’re going without today.

Just watching this, I realized. I forgot to tell you that the first thing you want to do is put the fish fingers in the grill because obviously this is another really quick meal, but let’s assemble them now.

So, let’s assume that the fish fingers are in the grill, I bought these mini tortillas from the grocery store they’re like 90 calories each, and i just put them in a frying pan to toast. But you can just stick them under the grill, I’m adding a little bit of tartar sauce just from a jar and then adding my salad as well. 

They already look so good. All right now, we’ve got our base down we’re going to grab our fish fingers and I can only fit one and a half. These are quite chunky, fish fingers. So, I’m going to fill those up, and then I’m going to add a little bit more tartar sauce and a bit of seasoning, of course, and I’m just adding the last little bit, which is the few chili pieces that I had in my fridge and a little Bit more sauce because you just can’t take the English out of the girl and there we go.

That is our lunch and it is so good, so easy and so cheap as well all right we’re moving on to our second snack, or this could be a dessert after dinner as well, and it’s gonna be rice crackers with toppings.

Now the toppings always changed, but in this instance I had some banana and some almond butter. So, that was what I was choosing. It looks like an absolute mess, but it tastes amazing, so quick, so easy, so cheap, and again you can mix it up a lot as well all right, and we are moving on to dinner time which to me in my opinion, is definitely the best meal of The day, and we are going to be making a meatball sub from scratch, and I’m going to be adapting that for me to have a salad with a side of bread.

So, to start with you’re going to get two pieces of bread, and you’re going to soak them in some milk, I used almond milk again because that’s what I had, but you can use anything you’re also going to add some pork mince and some beef mince garlic. Some fresh parsley and some herbs, and then we’re going to add the bread and mix it all together and that will form at the basis of our meatballs we’re going to add.

That was quite a lot, but a little bit of oil to the pan, and then you’re going to form your meatballs. This made tons and tons and tons. So, you could definitely make this last for a good couple of meals or if you’ve got a hungry mouth to feed in the house. It’s a great meal for that, so they’re going to go into a saucepan on a medium heat, and you’re just going to let them brown off, turning them once one side is brown. You’ll also want to have your oven, preheating to 180 degrees Celsius as well.

At this point, so in the name of multitasking, I’m going to prep my salad, so I’m going to have lettuce, red onion tomatoes and some cucumber whatever again that I can find in the fridge all about ease, and I’m also going to have some mushrooms. Because I love them, and they’ve got a lot of vitamin D in them as well from the browning of the meatballs they’re going to go into an oven-proof dish very neatly: they’re beautiful, and then they’re going to get thrown into the oven. Okay.

So now it’s time to focus on the sauce, so we’re going to use 500 ml of passata some fresh parsley, again: salt, pepper and some garlic and a cup of water, and that’s just going to go straight into the saucepan that the meatballs came out of. So, we can get all those good juices, and we’re just going to stir that and let it simmer on a medium heat until it starts to reduce and then 15 to 20 minutes later we are going to start to reintroduce our meatballs yum.

They look so good and, as you can see, it does make absolutely tons, so you’re just gonna keep rolling them around in the sauce and let the sauce thicken up to whatever you like. Now we are gonna start making it, so I’m having the salad on the right, and I’ve dressed that with a little bit of red wine, vinegar and some dressing, as well as salt and pepper and garlic, and then for my boyfriend.

He’s gonna have a sub, so I’ve chopped up a half loaf of chia butter, and I’ve toasted it, and I’ve added some of the sauce from the frying pan a little bit of spinach and some meatballs, and then he’s having mozzarella on his, which is gonna go under the grill, which looks insane, and I probably would have the same on my salad if I could have cheese, but I wasn’t too fussed this night.

So, this is an example of how I would cook for two people, one who is eating in a calorie deficit or trying to eat slightly differently and one who is probably in a surplus most of the time, and so he’s having that serb. It looks amazing, and I did have a bite of it with no cheese, and I’m gonna throw all my vegetables and meatballs on top of my salad as well, and this is the final product.

How good does that? Look, it’s so amazing and what I did was added some salsa and a bit of that chia batter on the side of mine to enjoy as well. Oh, so good, all right guys! I hope you enjoyed that video, and it’s given you some good ideas for recipes. If you do make any of these recipes, then make sure to take a photo and send it to me tag me email me whatever it might be.

I love to interact with you guys and see what you guys are up to as well, but otherwise I will see you in the next video, have a great day.

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