Weight Watchers Smart Details Recipe – 2 Point Yummy Apple Treat

Weight Watchers Smart Details Recipe – 2 Point Yummy Apple Treat

Hey what’s up YouTube, it’s kids alone, and I wanted to show you a super yummy. 2.2 SmartPoint dessert. I actually haven’t made this, yet I heard about it either on Facebook or YouTube um. But let’s show you what’s going to go in it all right!

Everybody we’ve got some honey made. Graham crackers brought you by Nabisco to beautiful red, Gala apples, Snow White and also whipped dairy topping made with real cream all right, so the apples are going to be zero. Smart points, two graham crackers for one point and four tablespoons of this whipped topping for one point. So. First, we’re going to peel and chop up those apples, and I’m going to put them in the microwave for two minutes, with some cinnamon to get them nice and soft, some in a minimum, mm-hmm all right or crackling up, and then two crackers is one small point For two more its, then it’s going to be two.

Let’s pause this alright, so survey said we want to jack it up. So now it’s a three point: dessert cuz. We want more, graham cracker, loving them. Yeah four crackers is two points without getting it all over. Kim’s floor crying doing some more goodness on it, mm-hmm all right and then this dairy whipped, topping cream is four tablespoons is one point, so four tablespoons is a quarter cup.

Okay. Here we go come on now come on now looks good. Look at that beauty. All right, so it’s a three point, delicious snack and if you just want to do the two crackers, it’s a two point delicious. Let’s taste it all right, Laurie’s going to taste test it.

I got on mine who tastes, Chester’s, shirt, and you’re, pretty of them yeah. It’s gonna be like 5v same night. People same promise, no really good. Yeah, now put the fork down for two all right. I’M sorry yeah down really worth the extra point to get those two extra crackers in all right yeah.

I can’t wait to dig in for mine yeah all right, so we hope everybody has a great week. It was great yeah

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