Weight Loss Q&A: Motivation, Mindset, Nutrition, Loose Skin

Weight Loss Q&A: Motivation, Mindset, Nutrition, Loose Skin

Hey guys, are you going so here we are finally making another YouTube video for those of you who don’t know at the beginning of this year I uploaded two videos to my YouTube channel and one in particular got quite a lot of interest, which was my one

About my weight loss and calisthenics journey, so basically I just like to say a massive thank you to anybody who subscribed to my channel who commented on my video who, head over to Instagram and joined me over there, sent me a message or an email I received.

So many amazing inspirational messages and the fact that even one person would take any time out of their day to contact me blows my mind, but the fact that so many of you did just mean the absolute world to me.

So, I just want to say thank you so much, I’m still working through all the messages, but I promise I’ll get back to everyone, but I’m super, super grateful, and it really just reminds me of the reason I do what I do to say thank you and secondly,

I sort of wanted to just touched on why I hadn’t really uploaded any videos since then, and the main reason really is a lot has changed for me in the last nine months I was living in Australia for the last decade, and I’m now

Currently living in the UK, and so I was moving overseas, I set up a new career. I set up my online business and just I haven’t really had the time. I would have liked to dedicate to my social media and YouTube, but going into the end of the year now I’ve got a little bit more free time to dedicate to this.

So I would definitely be uploading more videos and a lot more amazed to Graham as well, so keep an eye out for that. So today’s video is going to be a question and answer video on my Instagram stories.

A couple of weeks ago, I asked you guys to ask me some questions and I have them all saved on my phone, so we’re going to go through them.

I’M actually going to split this video into two parts. So, I’m gonna do a fitness & calisthenics pace 2qa, and this one today is going to be more of a fat loss, nutrition and mindset.

Q & A because there’s just so many questions. I would have been here for like an hour answering them or say you want to find out all about weight loss, that sort of stuff then stay tuned, and hopefully this video.

This question is: how do you stay motivated? So obviously, this is going to vary from person to person, but there’s definitely a few ways that I find we’re really helpful for me to keep me on track and motivated on the day. So, I’m just feeling a little bit down.

So, the first one is to track your progress, and so I spoke about this in my push-up video, but it’s really, really important and try not to compare yourself to other people, but compare yourself to you and that’s why it is sooo super important to be tracking.

Your progress consistently throughout your entire journey, so when I start to lose weight, people said to me at the beginning, make sure you take photos of yourself and track your progress.

That way – and I didn’t, I didn’t – listen to them because I just didn’t even want to look at the photos or acknowledged. I look the way I did so.

I didn’t have that it’s a massive regret of mine now because what I did start tracking it and taking photos, I could refer back to them and really use them as a source of motivation and inspiration for myself just to see how far I’ve come, and nowadays, I Use my Instagram account for that purpose.

So, if there’s a day where I’m just feeling a little bit down, I will scroll through my Instagram account, and I’ll just have a look at what I’ve achieved and how far I’ve actually come and how it’s actually making an impact on other people.

And it gives me that motivation to continue on and just to get up and get going with the day gives me that kick up the bum that I need, so track your progress. It’s really, really important, and it will be super, super helpful for you as well.

So, the second one is to surround yourself with supportive, like-minded and positive people, and you’ll find that if you go through a fat loss journey or a weight loss journey that a lot of people around you are going to have a lot of opinions, and they’re.

Not always going to be positive ones, and that can be really disheartening and demotivating, especially if its people that are close to you.

So if you can surround yourself with people who have similar interests or who have been through the same thing as you, and have a positive demeanor about them, it’s going to go a huge way to motivating you to stay on track as well and just to have

Somebody who knows where you’re coming from and is fully supportive of everything you’re doing, will make a massive difference to your motivation levels, and so that’s a definitely a super-important one as well.

So, the last one is – and I talked about this – all – is just to do something that you truly love. For me. That’s body weight training, but for you, that might be swimming could be dancing. It might be cooking, healthy versions of recipes that you love.

It could be absolutely anything if you can find something that you really enjoy. Then you won’t be constantly looking for that motivation because you’ll just want to go and do that thing.

So try and find something that you love and until you find it just keep trying new things and eventually, you’ll find something, and you’ll be like this. Is me, this is my thing, so try that one as well alright.

So, the next question is: do you supplement protein into your diet? So, when I was initially losing the weight, I did not supplement any protein.

I first really didn’t pay any attention to macros at all. I just ate what I wanted, and it was more about portion control and just creating that calorie deficit. And then, when I got into calisthenics, I actually turned plant-based, and that was not a diet tree.

There were no dietary reasons for that. It was more because I thought summarize this, and I just wanted to see if it would help my skin, but because I was plant-based, I was not taking a lot of the animal proteins that I had been, but I was trying to build muscle and build strength.

However, that being said, I still didn’t supplement protein or really pay much attention to how much protein I was eating, but I started to have protein powder in some of my shapes every now and again, but it burns with you. It wasn’t because it was supplementing protein.

It was just more because I liked the taste all right. So, the next question is a nice, easy one? How old do you, a had 28?

So, I am 29 nearly 30, and I am 5′ 4 okay. So, the next question is about eating disorders. So, that’s the thing that might trick you: it might be the best just to flit forward a few minutes or switch the video off, but it says eating disorders have you ever had any and if so, how did you overcome them? So, I’ve been fortunate enough. Never to have an eating disorder.

However. I’ve definitely struggled with my mindset around nutrition at certain points of my journey, and so when I was trying to lose the weight, I didn’t have any problems with my nutrition.

All I was doing was eating in a calorie deficit. I was portion controlling and not snacking as much, and I didn’t really find that I had a negative mindset or the obsessive over food or anything like that.

So, a few years ago I changed my diet around a little bit for the sake of my skin because I have psoriasis, and I was hoping that maybe a few changes in my diet might help.

So, I did try keto, I tried the autoimmune protocol. I tried being plant-based, and then I also did intermittent fasting, and it was at this time that I found my mindset with my nutrition really went downhill, and I became really self-critical of myself and obsessive over food.

So, it was at this point that I became really restrictive with what I was eating and although looking back, I probably looked the best I’ve ever looked, I was definitely the unhappiest and I struggled quite a lot with depression and anxiety and not all of it came From the food, but it definitely manifested in my nutrition and how I controlled what I ate so to overcome this,

I took the approach of thinking about the fact that I’m not professionally competing, and I’m not an athlete, and I advocate for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

So, why was I being so restrictive and by doing so, what was I really achieving? And the answer was not a lot, and there was no reason to be so restrictive.

So, although it’s important to be a healthy way for long-term health and to avoid chronic illness, it’s important to consider the effect that restricting a diet so much might have in your mental health because that is equally important as your physical health.

And that is exactly why I try to avoid tracking my calories now I don’t really pay attention to my macros too much, and I try to eat quite intuitively.

So if I’m hungry, I will eat if I’m not hungry, won’t eat. If I feel like I’m smacking too much, I will just sort of rein it in a little bit. If I have a day where I eat quite a lot, I won’t be rate myself.

I just pick it up the next day and start eating a normal diet. Again so I try to listen to my body and focus on the fact that I am living a healthy and balanced life, and I am happy as well, and that is the main thing all right.

So, the next question is what has been the most difficult part of your journey so far, so I would 100% that mindset has been the most difficult thing to overcome so far and adjusting my mindset from being an overweight and unhealthy person to being somebody who Absolutely loves fitness and is a healthy way.

Has been extremely hard for me to adjust to and something that I am still working on, and so like a lot of clients that I see when I was overweight and crying in the mirror most days.

I just thought in my head: I will be happy when I’ve lost weight I’ll, be happy when I weigh less or when I’m skinny or whatever it was. I was saying to myself at the time and like nothing can be further from the truth.

I am definitely a lot more self-critical of myself now than I ever was, and as somebody that already is self dieter and can be quite hard on myself, it has become a bit of a vicious cycle of self-criticism and just generally making my life difficult for myself. So, I think at some point, when you’re on a weight-loss journey, your progress will start to slow.

You will achieve your goals and you kind of just left to think okay. What’s next, where am I going now, and that is very hard when you invested so much time, and you’ve been achieving things for a period of time to then suddenly have achieved them.

And now I wonder where you’re going with your journey, so this is still very Much something that I’m dealing with now and always fighting this battle of who I am or who I perceive. I am, and it’s very difficult to break out of that, especially when so much has changed in my life, but don’t get me wrong.

I am definitely happier in general, Nye, than I ever was. I have manifested a life that I absolutely love. I enjoy my training. I have the most amazing friends. I have an amazing job and career.

That’s come from this, and I absolutely love everything. I do, however, that mindset is still a challenge that I face today, and it’s definitely been the biggest challenge of this whole time.

So, this is something that I definitely want to dedicate a little bit more time to and make an entire video just around mindset around nutrition, fat loss and fitness because I think there’s a massive misconception out there that if you are skinny, or you lose weight, then You will be happy and nothing can be further from the truth.

There is definitely a lot of self-criticism involve in the process. However, there are so many benefits as well, so it’s really important to focus on the right gold and do it for the right reason, and that is not going to be aesthetics and that’s definitely something that I’ve experienced myself.

So if you’d be interested in that, let me know because it’s something that I definitely am passionate about. So, the next question is what has been the best thing to come from your fitness journey.

I absolutely love this question because there has been so many benefits to this journey for me. So initially, I would say that my friendships have been a huge one, so I have met probably about 90% of my friendship group through calisthenics through the gym, through weight loss and all these different avenues, and they are the most supportive, positive and encouraging inspiring group,

Of people that I know, so I’m so, so thankful for that because had I never gone through this process, I wouldn’t have met most of them and if they make me bring so much more to my life, so that would be one huge benefit that I would put at the top, so another one would just be my general attitude.

I’ve definitely throughout this whole journey become a much more resilient and determined person than I ever was in the past, and so I used to be quite shy and under-confident, and this has really given me the confidence that I needed, and I have a much higher level Of grittiness, whereas if I get knocked down, I’m much quicker to get myself up, brush myself off and keep moving on.

So, it’s really the journey and all the difficulties that you come across through your journey has really developed me into somebody who can overcome those very quickly and maintain a positive mindset, much more so than I used to be, and that has been a huge difference. In my life as well, so I say: that’s another really important one.

It’s just the way. It’s changed my character and who I am as a person and then how I deal with situations. Another massive one is my career, so I have obviously changed my career.

I’M now an online coach and a personal trainer, and I get to spend my life helping other people to achieve things just like me and change their lives, and that is just the most rewarding career.

It makes he’s so happy and the messages that I receive. Every single day makes everything that I do worthwhile. So, another amazing thing that’s come from this is that I’ve got the most amazing career and I meet amazing people as well, and the last one I’m going to talk about is obviously calisthenics. I’ve got the most amazing hobby and lifestyle out of this.

I love what I do. I love my training. My body feels strong, and I just look forward to getting up every day and that would never ever have happened.

Had I not lost the weight in the first place? I am such a different person compared to four years ago, and what this journey has truly shown me is that aesthetics is the least important benefit to come out of a weight loss journey and, like I said.

I used to think if I was skinny, your iPhone Lost weight, then I would be happy, and it would change my life, but what’s really changed, my life is all the other things that have come from this journey.

My friendships, my career, my determination and my resilience. These are the things that are actually important. So, this is the sort of thing that you should be using as your motivation on a bad day and really thinking about the benefits or the potential benefit that you’re getting, which are not aesthetic based and are not just about gaining or losing a few kilos because They are far more diverse and important than just us tests.

So, another question is: how long does it take you to see results and lose weight, so I lost, if you haven’t seen my previous video around four and a half stone which is about thirty kilos.

And I lost about 25 kilos of that in the first six Months of my journey and then I sort of maintained that weight for quite a while and then when I finally started getting into calisthenics. That’s when I lost that last little bit of weight, but the majority of the way I did lose in that first six months.

So, something that I want to quickly mention is that for the first six weeks or so, I really didn’t see much change in my appearance. I definitely saw improvements in my physical fitness, but in terms of my measurements and the way my clothes were fitting.

There really wasn’t much change and I think that’s important because a lot of people really expect to see results very quickly and won’t remain consistent because they’re not seeing those results.

But it’s important to have a much longer-term view and when you’re trying to look at weight, loss or even fitness and set yourself goals that are far into the future rather than a week by week or day-by-day goal.

So if you’re looking at analyzing your weight, for example, every single day, you’re going to see, fluctuations day and day, and they’ll, be weight, gain and weight loss, and you’ll find that when you lose weight, you’ll feel really happy and motivated when you gain weight.

You’re going to feel unmotivated you’re going to just want to give it in so, if you’re constantly tracking, then it can create that negative mindset, so try to not track so much and instead try to look at a much longer-term view of what’s happening.

And ultimately, if you were to look at a three or four-month period, you should see a downwards trend overall, rather than a day-by-day one, where you’re going to see an up-and-down trend.

Alright, so there’s the next question that she came up with quite a bit, which is how has losing weight affected relationships or dating, and so it’s interesting on when I actually lost the weight.

I was in a long-term relationship for 11 years, and he was very, very supportive. I sort of just did my own thing and make my own meals.

He would eat them as well, but he’ll just have bigger portions, and then he would go buy like snacks for himself and I would just try to avoid eating them and then exercise why I just did my own thing, but other than that, everything else was fine And I found that my passion for fitness actually wore off on him, and he became a lot more active as well, which was an amazing bonus.

So, I think something else that a lot of people are worried about in terms of dating or meeting new people is how they will react when they find out that you actually used to be quite overweight or that you looked very, very different in the past and Just how that might have affected you, and that is something that again has played on my mind, but I’m very open and honest about.

What’s happened to me and my journey, and I think that has been a huge game changer for me when you’re really upfront and honest with people, and you mention it without dieting yourself and with confidence, people actually find it quite impressive or inspiring.

At least it shows that you’re a determined and driven person and if you have a goal, and you want to achieve it, and you can and that’s quite a nice desirable attribute in the partner.

So, although sometimes we can think quite negatively about it, I think the way other people perceive it is very, very different, and we just have to appreciate that.

Maybe we’re just a little bit too hard on ourselves sometimes, and other people aren’t as harsh on us necessarily. So, it’s been not a problem and I don’t think that you should let it affect you in any way.

If you’re in the same position as me, and I’ve never had any bad experiences, so yeah, it’s been good. So, it’s starting to get dark here now because getting into the evening, but we’re on the last question. And the question is probably the most commonly asked question that I get, and not only on here.

But in my Instagram DMS and on my comments as well. And that question is, do you have loose skin or stretch marks, and the answer is that, yes, I do so because I lost quite a substantial amount of weight and there is definitely what we would call looser skin? However, if I were to stand here in front of you in a bikini, you would not know any difference that just looks like normal skin.

If you were then to grab the skin on my lower belly, you, it would be quite elastic and the stretch des Vosges in a way, and that is pretty much it. Everything else is absolutely normal in terms of stretch marks.

I have plenty of stretch marks, and I’ve had them ever since I was a teenager, and stretch marks are completely normal. Most people have them, and it’s not something again to be ashamed of.

Yes, it can get you down. Sometimes, yes, we could wish they’re not there, but ultimately, they’re just a part of our bodies and there’s nothing. We can really do about it, so it’s best just to accept it and to try and embrace it rather than ourselves get down by it.

So, I will try and do a cutaway and show you what I’m talking about but, like I say, it’s just a little bit of elastic skin. But again, you wouldn’t notice it. If I was just to stand in front of you and everything else is pretty much fine, so I do get a lot of messages for people saying that they want to lose weight, but they’re worried if they lose weight.

They’re going to have loose skin. That’s actually putting them off losing weight, and I would really encourage you to try and think about the other benefits that we talked about of weight.

So, things like what hobbies you could gain from it, what it could do for your character or for your health? What friendships you could make from it, rather than what you’re going to look like and potentially the fact that you might have a little bit of elastic you skin, or you might have some stretch marks.

That are a bit more obvious because really those things are not important, and if it’s more a concern of what other people might think of you, it’s just never something that I’ve contended with if it was the best thing to do is just to be completely honest.

I was overweight, and I did something about it, and now I’m here, and this is the repercussions from it, and people will accept it with honors Lane.

Honesty is the best policy, so it’s never really something that I’d actually paid much attention to until people started.

Asking me about it, and it made me actually realize that, do you have a little bit of loose skin and I always knew my stretch marks for there but the loose skin.

I just really haven’t thought about it too much, and if it doesn’t really affect me too much – and I can be quite self-critical, then I honestly don’t think it should affect you and in fact I’ve got psoriasis as well, so I’ve got the trifecta.

I’ve got loose skin, I’ve got stretch marks, and I’ve got psoriasis, and you know: we’ve all got something: everybody’s got something, so you just have to learn to try to love your body and not focus so much on aesthetics, but think about what your body can do And how you feel and your health, rather than the way you look?

Ok, so I’m going to try and show you what I’m talking about with this loose skin. But this is what I just look like normally, so from swaying some high waist joggers, and it pretty averages.

And then, if you pull this down again, I still look pretty much the same. As always, everything looks normal, and here it’s like nothing, but if I were to put on my skin here, you can see it’s quite elastic key and stretchy, and that is pretty much all that there is a loose skin wise.

So, I’m always going to have liked a little bit of a tub ER stomach at the bottom.

It’s never going to be like super washboard, abs or anything like that, and that’s fine I’m. I can accept that, and I would rather be a healthier, fitter me.

Then, and just have a little bit of loose skin at the then still be overweight, so that’s pretty much it, so that is the end of this Q & A video. I hope that I’ve answered most of your questions.

If you have any more questions, feel free to leave them down below, and I will try and answer them in the comments. If you are new to this channel, you can head over to my Instagram account, join us over.

Their send me a message to say hi, because I love meeting you guys and hearing your stories, and otherwise thank you so much for watching.

Thank you again for all the support. It means the absolute world to me. You guys have no idea – and I hope you have an absolutely amazing day.

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