Weight Loss Pills: Fact Or Fiction?


Weight Loss Pills: Fact Or Fiction?

I’M assuming you’ve surfed the internet before So. I’ve seen a lot of ads about treatments that help you lose weight with a weird trick, Or that you saw news about a research claiming to discover the so-called “ Exercises in a Pill”.

Sign me up now. If these things were really effective, I would speak for everyone saying shut up, take my money. Unfortunately, there is very little scientific evidence.

Remember any medication to lose weight in a safe and healthy way, But there are promising treatments now in the development stage Which may help people lose weight based on a new vision, Namely how the body absorbs nutrients and uses energy So sit back and enjoy your bacon sandwich. While we bring you the facts, fantasies about weight, loss, pills, Let’s start with what your doctor can do today.

Because you can get weight, loss pills with a prescription. It comes in only two types: appetite reducers and fat blockers Appetite reducers prevent the body from absorbing chemical signals.

Which your brain uses are called nerve impulses to regulate hunger. You may have heard of some of these neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and norepinephrine, Which is secreted by the pituitary gland to make you feel full So if these medications prevent your body from absorbing these nerve impulses, You will feel full and eat a small amount. Is it really effective somewhat and for a certain period of time?

Studies have shown that appetite suppressants with diet and exercise. You can lose weight for half to more than 2 kilos of excess weight, But after 6 to 8 weeks, The appetite control center in the brain modulates.

The amounts of nerve impulses, Thus, the benefit of losing weight disappears. Lipid blockers work in a different way by inhibiting the secretion of the enzyme lipase. When you eat fatty foods, The fat molecules must be broken down into their basic constituent molecules, Glycerol and fatty acids before it penetrates the wall of the small intestine That’s because fat molecules are too large to penetrate your cell membranes on their own.

Lipase is an enzyme that breaks down these fat molecules To do so. He must first associate with her Lipid-Blocking drugs bind to the enzyme lipase, preventing it from binding to fats Without lipase fats pass through the intestines quickly And get out of the body without being absorbed, So it is effective.

Studies have proven, to a large extent, that these drugs prevent approximately 30% of the fat from being absorbed Within two years. People who take anti-fat drugs. They lose two and a half kilograms more than people who did not eat it.

But there may be serious and serious side effects Because fat blockers keep fat in your intestines When you pee things can be a little messy and greasy too So these are your options from prescriptions. There are medicines that you can find in the pharmacy to lose weight. I will tell you in all honesty that almost all of them are ineffective and useless.

There may be no scientific evidence that it might help you lose weight. According to the Office of Diet and Dietary Supplements at the National Institute of Health, One of these supplements has succeeded in several trials and tests.

Its regular use in the United States was green. Tea. Green tea contains caffeine and an organic ingredient known as catechins. These two separate components do not make a significant contribution to weight loss.

But when combined, they seem to work well in harmony for weight loss. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system which has a thermogenic effect and heats up your body By stimulating the nervous system to order the organs to work quickly.

The catechins inhibit the action of lipase, which means little effect of lipid. Blockers. Caffeine and catechins also stimulate the release of norepinephrine, which helps regulate hunger control.

Therefore, these two components when working together give an appetite suppressant effect, The same way that appetite-reducing drugs work. There are apparently other processes affected by green tea as well, But we don’t understand it yet.

This is great news. Isn’t it Just start drinking a lot of green tea? I love green tea. Well, don’t expect a miracle, especially if you put sugar in it like I do. Even the most optimistic studies mention that drinking green tea leads to losing some kilograms over 12 weeks, But too much caffeine is dangerous too.

So, when we look at what is available now in the market, these are our options, But what about things that are not available in the market? Most of the scientists involved in making fat-burning drugs believe The best options are still at least ten years away from us.

But we have a little idea how it might work, in harmony, processes that include nutrition, as well as the building and breakdown of fats and sugars, And when your circadian clock indicates when to burn fuel it activates a protein.

In your body is called REV-ERB-a Supports the mitochondrial protein in your cells. Mitochondria, like operating stations in cells, they take fuel and convert it into energy.

Your body can use it. The body breaks down fat molecules in fat cells to nourish Mitochondria, To find out what REV-ERB-a can do for weight loss The researchers injected this protein into obese mice.

I don’t know what else to call it, These mice weren’t athletic. They had no endurance and their muscles were 60% weaker compared to normal mice. As were her muscle cells, It contains less mitochondria.

These mice were like us. If We kept sitting on the sofa all day, eating chips, The researchers injected these mice, with REV-ERBall of the mice’s cells, produced a lot from mitochondria. In a short time.

These mice were able to run longer distances than mice that had not been injected. Those injected obese mice lost a lot of weight and their cholesterol levels also improved Initially, the REV-ERB protein stimulated the metabolic processes, as it happens When you exercise regularly, So the bodies of mice burned a lot of calories out quickly, even when they were at rest.

Great Put that in pills and give it to me, I want to take it well, there is a problem. Well, tell me: what’s the problem Low doses of REV-ERB do not appear to have any effect In higher doses.

The hormone becomes Bad decoration while it accelerates the process of mitochondrial reproduction. In a short time, it disrupts The ability of your cells to produce healthy mitochondria in the long run, And your cells need healthy, mitochondria to stay alive. And since cell death is something we want to avoid weight, loss based on REV-ERB still needs more work.

Other treatments are still under development in search of a way to harness the magic of burning calories of brown fat. Brown fat is the good fat. Yes, there is good fat. In fact, you have two types of fat cells in your body. White fat cells hold fat until the body needs it.

It’s the kind of fat that gives you Excess weight and slack body. As for brown fat cells, they are different. They do not store fat but are supposed to You burn it. Brown fat raises the body temperature when it cools down by breaking down fat to Chemicals that release heat She can do this because they are full of mitochondria which are brown in color, so They are called brown fat cells. Mitochondria in brown fat contain a protein called UCP1, Which makes it work as a fat burning furnace.

But what? If there was a way to convert white fat cells into brown fat, In fact, there may be a way. The idea is that the hormone that we learned of its presence in the human body only in 2015, It is called iris in.

It is one of the hormones that the body produces when exercising Along with other known hormones such as testosterone and adrenaline, But while testosterone stimulates muscle, building and repair adrenaline stimulates.

Breaking down fats and sugar in the blood to produce energy ilarizine stimulates the production of Mitochondria And UCP1 protein in white fat cells convert them into brown fat.

So, if scientists can figure out how to put that into tablets or syringes, It will produce a lot of brown fat cells, and that means Burn a lot of fat without having to do anything.

But since they have just discovered the existence of irisin, they still have a way to go Long. Another treatment that appears promising includes developing a method for injecting brown fat cell stems In white fat cells to force the white fat cells to secrete mitochondria alone.

Harvard’s researchers have developed a way to make brown fat cell stems do this on their own And how much I would like to tell you what is the composition of that? But Since this could cost billions of dollars, it will be kept a secret And we know there is one downside to fat-burning medication. The drug combination causes a decrease in immunity.

It interferes with the immune response to inflammation. This is bad because you need an inflammatory immune response To make your immune cells fight off bacteria and without even simple infections. It may become very dangerous, But elsewhere. There are plenty of scientists working hard to. Let you someday being lazy and healthy.

At the same time, Therefore, you should not give up your running shoes anytime soon, At the moment, we are still. We have to maintain our bodies.

Dropping Weight Tablets – What Are These? And Which Type is Suitable For You?

There are lots of types of sliming tablets, or losing weight tablets. You had seen this “lose your excess weight without any effort” or” 30 pounds in simply 30 days without any diet plan or exercise”, lots and great deals of slogans like these to market these pills. What is the fact, are they truly reliable? Is these slogans? Are these pills suitable for me? And many concerns like these will emerge in your mind when you read such ads.

g5004255b404edd028a130929017a299e3afe953266bb9247b970c93e9af7ac10425f351c0954122c7c05d14c2ef108c3 640There are two main types of sliming tablets according to their origin. Natural made tablets and they are also called a kind of food supplements, and medicated or pharmaceutical slendering pills. Let us see what are the natural sliming pills, just they are focused extract from generally some plants which had shown to produce sliming action, these extracts might be from one plant or a combination of lots of extracts.

The most typical pre-owned extracts in the market are from pineapple, kiwi, green tea and apple vinegar. They all affect the metabolism rate, so they increase the amount of fat burned to produce energy for any activity. It is that easy, for an example, if any type of activity requires 100 calorie, with these pills it will require 120 calories or more.

So you will burn more calories for the very same effort -they likewise are called fat burners-. As you see you had to make some effort for that type of pills to work, so if you took it without any activities there will be no use of these tablets or there impact will be at the minimum. These tablets are generally taken after meals.

There is another classification of natural slimming tablets, fibers. Some types of tablets are mainly made from natural fibers, which ought to be taken prior to meals with a couple of glasses. Its function is to make you feel full, by the action of soaking up water and increase in size to take a big part of your stomach. Natural slimming pills has no side effect normally, and it is an over the counter items.

The other type is the pharmaceutical one. It is a medication; primarily it needs to be recommended by a physician. It is more potent than the natural one. This type has many classifications for many modes of actions. They are constructed out of chemicals, which has been checked to preform an action which will assist the patient to lose weight.

The very first classification is appetite suppressors, it is a medicine which is planned to be required to minimize your hunger, and it is a lot more powerful than the natural one. Its result in generally on the appetite centers in the brain, as they obstruct these receptors so you will not feel hungry, and when you eat you will feel full quickly.

As it is extremely powerful, it has numerous negative effects, primarily as it deals with the brain it will alter the mood, as main individuals who are taking this type of medication at their very first week they feel very unpleasant. This type ought to be taken once a day in the morning.

The most popular medication is Reductile ® or in some nations Meridia ® (sibutramine hydrochloride monohydrate). Another well-known category is the fat absorption preventers. This type works in the digestive system, it reduce the absorption of fats and oil from our bodies.

This type has less adverse effects as the medication will ever enter your body, its work is in the gastrointestinal system, and it will combine with the fat which inters your body in the form of food, take it and goes out. This type must be taken prior to meals, so that it can act upon the food fat. Xenical ® (orlistat) is the most typical of this type.

gd7f13125abdc141263201ea02f4724abc56c734f5184f2f79b62be95fbbc71d422019134ce1ea6dd0c6a383c926dfcdb 640So as you see this is a quick evaluation on the most common weight reduction tablets, and why they are meant to be taken and how they work.

g2a5091d81bea9c7cca3d9bba6e39b3b1ee2370bec55f474004cc75e6fac104257856874f434fe79241042ec23cf8b547 640There are many types of sliming tablets, or losing weight pills. Natural made tablets and they are also understood as a type of food supplements, and medicated or pharmaceutical slimming pills. It is that simple, for an example, if any type of activity requires 100 calorie, with these tablets it will need 120 calories or more.

As you see you had to make some effort for that type of pills to work, so if you took it without any activities there will be no usage of these pills or there effect will be at the minimum. Some types of tablets are primarily made of natural fibers, which ought to be taken prior to meals with one or 2 glasses.


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