Trying To Lose Weight? Watch This – Weight Loss Motivation & Realistic Expectations – Lucy Lismore

Trying To Lose Weight? Watch This – Weight Loss Motivation & Realistic Expectations – Lucy Lismore

Now, if you are trying to lose weight, we need to talk. I wasn’t actually planning on filming this video today. Hence, why I am looking like this bit. Scatty um, i literally just got in from my walk, and while I was out on my walk.

i received an email which almost made me cry or shed a tear, at least because of what it said and at the same time, I simultaneously got a message From one of my clients as well – and they were both regarding the same topic – which was them beating themselves up because they haven’t seen progress after one month of trying to lose weight, and I know that a lot of people were like yeah heard this story.

Time and time again, but the reason I wanted to make this video is because there’s this expectation that weight loss happens quickly, and I can understand where that expectation comes from.

You can watch a video for 15 minutes, and you can see the entirety of four or five years condensed down into that video, or you see these 30-day challenges two week challenges, and you see these amazing transformation results and i’m sorry that the fitness industry.

And I’M sorry that the health industry put this stuff out there, and I can understand because I was that person why the expectation is there, that weight loss is quick, but it’s not not a healthy weight loss, not a normal weight loss and not a fake weight loss. Either, it takes a long time, and that’s what I wanted to talk about in this video now.

This is not just something that I’ve received one or two messages about. I get this message time and time and time again of people putting themselves through such mental anguish, about the fact that they haven’t lost weight after doing something for a couple of weeks.

Or for a month or even two or three months and realistically – and I know This is not the truth that people want to hear, but you aren’t going to see progress in that time. Your body is going to fluctuate so much when you’re trying to lose weight that two or three months is such a small amount of time.

We wouldn’t expect to see any significant weight loss and, even if you have lost weight in that time, chances are, you might actually go back up in the scale as well. So, this video isn’t about how to lose weight.

I’ve got heaps of videos on calorie deficits. How to eat in a calorie deficit, how to exercise for weight loss and all of the stuff in between, including mindset stuff? This video is about the reality of weight loss.

Just to stop you from beating yourself up and to put some realistic expectations down again. I’ve been there before, and I know exactly how it feels, but I can draw upon, that experience and from that i can give you guys a genuine perspective. On how long weight loss really takes, and my journey has been going on now for the best part.

Five years, I think – and it is very much still at play, so there are lots of things in life that give us instant gratification, and it feels great at the time it’s a short, sharp hit of gratification, sort of like having that coffee.

In the morning or eating a chocolate bar or even going out and buying yourself a piece of clothing or something that you might like, you instantly feel happiness.

You feel content from what you’ve done, and then it starts to fade away over time, but then there’s also things in life that give us delayed gratification and those things often take a lot longer. So, we’re talking about things like maybe saving a deposit for a home.

You forgo the instant gratification of being able to spend that money, but over time, you’re able to save up for a deposit, and then you’re able to buy a house which gives you that delayed gratification.

The same with maybe studying, so you take that initial hit of I’M gonna go and do my degree or whatever you might be doing in high school even, and you work on it, you do it for a long period of time and then at the end, you get your certificate, your degree, whatever it might be, and you’ve put All that work in for that delayed gratification down the track.

Another example could be planning a wedding or a holiday, or even applying for a career that you know the application process is going to take an entire year to get through. When we do these things that have delayed gratification, we enter them.

Knowing that it’s going to take us a long period of time, and so we have that expectation that we don’t need to be looking at it day on day week on week, seeing our progress, making sure everything’s.

Okay and getting gratification and knowing that we’re doing the right thing because we know In the long term, we’re going to get what we set out to achieve and losing weight is one of those things that’s going to take a long period of time, and it’s going to be delayed.

Gratification you’re going to have to forgo things in the short term to ultimately get to where you want to go, but for some reason, and i’m sure the abundance of information and noise out there is to blame for this weight. Loss has become something that people expect instant gratification from. They expect to see results straight away.

They expect that they need to be motivated all the time that they’re going to see progress week on week, and so you really need to think of losing weight and getting healthier than part of the long term delayed gratification category. 

And not to do with The short term at all because it’s now a part of that category, you would treat it the same way that you would treat studying for a degree or applying for that job. That has a really long application process.

Essentially, what you’re going to do is let go of the expectation and know that it will come in a long period of time, but instead you know the steps that you have to take to get there and that is going to be a bit of a process.

As well, if you were studying for a degree you’re not going to go into your first semester and expect by the end of the week, one that you’re going to know everything that you need to know feel really confident with it and have achieved loads of things already.

What you’re realistically going to do, is you’re going to go in, and you’re going to start setting yourself upsetting yourself.

Those mini goals know that you’re going to be building that knowledge base over a period of years and years and years to come, you’re going to do little assignments, you’ll have little achievements along the way and when you zoom out at the end of your degree, you’re going to see how you’ve progressed throughout that entire degree and weight loss is exactly the same.

You’re not gonna go in and see after one month or two months or even three months that you’ve made a significant amount of progress. But at the end of four years, you’re going to zoom out and have a look at it and go wow.

I’ve come a long way, and it’s going to be incremental changes that have happened over time now. This is not your fault, but having unrealistic expectations is basically ruining everything.

So, I want to just tell you now from my experience and from seeing other people, who’ve lost weight. It takes a long time and that’s a good thing because if you find someone who lost weight quickly, it’s not sustainable, and it’s definitely not healthy, and it’s very, very difficult and rare.

Don’t forget a lot of things. You probably see is smoke and mirrors, or it’s just a band-aid over a problem. That’s just going to keep continuing on in the future.

We see time and time again. The people that are most successful with weight loss are the people that have been doing it. For the longest, like i said, I’ve been doing it for five years now, basically, and I’ve not been losing weight for five years, but the process has taken me around five years to get comfortable with understanding, different concepts, understanding my body finding what works well for me And ultimately, working on my mindset as well because as much as your physical health is important.

As I always say, your mental health is equally important and if you can go through a slow journey with your weight loss, it really helps to be able to adjust your mindset for the future again. I am sorry that the health and fitness industry is full of so much rubbish.

I break my heart when I get an email from somebody who just feels absolutely distraught and feels like they’re a failure because, as they state, they’ve seen two weeks, transformations.

Where people have lost a significant amount of weight or one month, transformations or two-month transformations or All these different things they’ve suddenly got abs, and it’s not true. It’s just not true. A part of that is down to the way that content is presented and how it’s received.

So, I have a video on my channel about how I lost weight and I talked about how I lost 30 kilos and I lost it at home. That video, I probably think, lasts about 15 or 20 minutes, and you can sit there and watch that and think that it happened pretty quickly.

But like I said, it’s happened over a very long period of time and there are certain things that I’m definitely still working on and to add to that you’re not seeing everything that I did beforehand.

All the ups and the downs and the self-doubt and the wrong diets, and all these things that i sort of briefly mentioned you know, there’s an entire life behind that video.

But you’re seeing it in a quick, 15 minute snapshot same with, for example, my handstand. You know, you see a quick video from, I can’t hand stand at all.

So, suddenly I can do a really good handstand. That’s taken me day in day out practice for the best part of three or four years, but it’s very easy to watch a 30-second Instagram reel.

Go! Oh! Why can’t I do it after a month of trying, so that is one side of it, but there’s a whole other side of it, which basically is misleading information stuff that I would have fallen for stuff.

That, probably, I still do fall for a little bit, but I know that a lot of stuff that you’ll see is just not real or possible as a person that has gone through an entire fitness journey, but also as a personal trainer. I know it’s impossible to get visible abs in two weeks.

It’s just not going to happen, but somehow through the internet, we can see all these transformations where it has happened, or we can see these amazing videos that fill our minds with the fact that this should be possible when it in no way is and again the reason that we’re talking about this is because, day in and day out.

I’m getting messages from women who are beating themselves up and just being mean to themselves because they think they’re failing, when actually they’re doing.

Amazingly. So, I’m in no way saying don’t do challenges or workouts that you see online, or don’t follow certain people because they claim certain things.

What I’m saying is just don’t let it affect your expectation, know that these things take a long time and see them for what they are, don’t fall for the fake marketing essentially, and let it affect your mindset because you’re actually doing a really good job.

I mean I can literally transform within seconds I have my arm, which is a little bit blubbery and then suddenly I can look really strong and there’s literally no change.

It’s just me. Sorry, I’m just looking in the viewfinder, which is why I’m looking up to the side, same with my body. Let me show you, so I can stand here with reasonably good lighting and look relatively strong.

I can’t flex at all, but this is what I look like, or I could just stand here like this and look completely normal, and it’s within two seconds. So, it’s not a lie per se, but I can say to you go from this to this.

In two weeks – and it’s literally been a 20 10 5 second transformations because there is no transformation other than I’m standing up a little bit straighter and maybe tensing my abs, and on that note, and I’ll make this the last point because I don’t want this video To be too long, but once you reach your goal: weight or body whatever it is that you’re trying to aim for you won’t.

Have reached your goal because there’s always going to be fluctuations like life happens and our bodies are by no means robots or machines, and There’s always going to be fluctuations. I actually made an Instagram post about this last week.

I will put it up here, and I’ll, try and link it down below if you want to check it out, but it was just showing how much my body has changed since losing weight.

There have been times where I’ve gained up to maybe eight or ten kilos, and then I’ve lost it again, and it’s always changing because life happens there are times where I don’t feel as motivated or excited to exercise, or I’ve been injured or unwell, and I haven’t trained.

And so, my body has changed and there’s been times where I’ve been a lot more social, so I’ve eaten more, and I’ve gone out a lot more, and I’ll put on weight because I’m enjoying life and that’s fine. But that gets to a point where you go.

Okay, maybe it’s time just to tighten the screws a little bit, and we’ll come back down, and I do that, so then it’s constantly fluctuating and like I say there can be some quite significant changes.

I’ll try and put some photos up here, and you can maybe compare things that on the outside. You may or may not notice from me, for example, you might say.

Oh, maybe she was like just putting a bit of weight. Maybe you wouldn’t even notice, but I can sure notice it in my exercise and the way my clothes fit and I feel, and it’s totally okay because it means you’re living.

It means you’re human, and you’re enjoying your life as well. Don’t be fooled into thinking that because other people appear to look the same way every single day throughout an entire year that you should be doing that too, or that you should always be seeing progress because you’re not seeing the entire picture either because it’s not being shown to you or you just don’t notice those things because ultimately, we’re our own risk critics.

And I spoke about this in my body – image video, which basically proved the point that things that I notice on my body – that i think are flaws for lack of a Better word that, basically, are my insecurities most other people have never even noticed on me at all, so we’re always our own worst critics, and it’s normal to have fluctuations, whether that be through the weight loss process or at the end, when you’re just into a maintenance phase.

Because calorie maintenance and body maintenance means constantly going up and down and changing, sometimes you might be into strength training. Sometimes you might do some more cardio. Sometimes you might not exercise, or your body is going to fluctuate, and that is perfectly normal. All right guys.

I hope that video has helped you in some way. I hope it makes sense because I’ve just come in not scripted or anything like that and just basically blabbed to the camera, but I hope it’s just at least giving you a little peace of mind.

If you are going through a weight loss journey, we want to think long term, and I don’t want you just to go yeah yeah. We know long term believe and know that it is a long process, and you wouldn’t want it to be a short-term process. Think long-term and in the short term, do not be hard on yourselves.

You are doing an amazing job, and you just need to be a little bit kinder to yourself, all right. I will see you in the next video, which shouldn’t be too long, next week.

I will have an intermediate calisthenics follow along workout, but don’t worry if you’re a beginner you’ll still be able to do some modifications as well, and I bought a new microphone, so fingers crossed the audio will be a little bit better too. So, hopefully I will see you there, but otherwise have an amazing day, and I will see you soon.

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