The Cracks In The Pound Melter Diet

I will do a follow up post at the end of my first month to let you know my complete results. The reason for this short article is because, I have actually not been able to find any evaluations by anyone, NOT attempting to sell this product and I discover that extremely odd.

Supposedly over 88,000 folks have done this diet and one would expect to find excellent and bad reviews all over the Internet. On blogs promoting the E-Book for sale, I see concerns by consumers but no one answers them.

This says to me the evaluations are only on the E-Book itself however not from folks who have really followed the protocol described. They can’t respond to the concern because they have not in fact done the diet themselves.

So let me share a little about myself so you can judge on your own whether my review is credible or not.

I am a LifeSuccess Coach with a concentrate on Health & Wellness. Empowering people to not only look and feel their best but to mentally defy age.

My husband I have actually been actually paying attention to nutrition and anti-aging for the past 7-8 years. I have never had a real problem with my weight up until my late 40’s.

So no, there is no fantastic story here about me losing 100 lbs. I am just your average female, who as I aged started getting 10 pounds. each years. I have constantly understood my looks (I have actually always been informed I look method more youthful than I am) and have actually worked to maintain my weight these last 10 years around 130 pounds.

When I was 46, I found a system through a company I was a distributor for that offered a diet of high protein, low cards and some awesome supplements. Within a week I was back up to 124 which is where I stayed just eating healthy but, still having my chocolate and ice cream occasionally in moderations. I just watched what I ate.

Seriously, while I stuck to my high protein diet perfectly, the weight just kept creeping up. I enjoy food and I ate healthy. I did not want to be reduced to always being on a diet especially if I saw no results.

I stopped dieting. I simply was going to consume as healthy as I could and discover to accept that this weight became part of the “Change in Life” and was hormone in nature. The last 6 months before my 50th birthday, my weight settled in at 145.

With winter, I might conceal it, the majority of it anyway. The issue was my birthday is in the month of May and summertime was coming up and I realized that for the first time in my life I was not going to be able to use a bikini and I knew myself all right I wasn’t going to like myself in a one piece.

I just didn’t know what else I might do. I have done the Gym thing, I eat right, I diet plan. I am tired of this Yo-Yo. I understand the majority of you reading this whether its 10, 20, 30, 50 or 100 lbs. you want to lose; you understand EXACTLY what I am discussing.

Then simply over a week ago, I found out I was going on a cruise in June of 2015. While I was delighted I was also conscious of the reality that I was going to be mainly hanging out with a 30 year old who had a rocking body! LOL, Oh boy, was that going to make me feel uneasy!

An email comes across my desk the very next day about the Pound Melter. After watching his video, it sounded exciting and was definitely not the same old stuff we have been being fed just wrapped up in a different package. I started doing my due diligence on Brown Fat.

I went ahead and ordered, it and read the entire Pound Melter E-Book. And the following day I started the Protocol. His protocol is definitely all healthy foods and good for you.

There is the protocol itself. Paul Sanders has very specific times you are to eat the foods; with no explanation to the times. The protocol, for the most part is self-explanatory EXCEPT there are at least 4 items of food that are not typical and he doesn’t explain how one should eat them or prepare them.

He seems to make the assumption that everybody has Brown Fat Cells and enough of them. This is just not real. As I learnt in my own due diligence research study, Brown Fat Cells are mostly found in thinner people, ladies and those with low blood glucose levels.

Since there is no other way to inform the number of Brown Fat Cells one has it would make good sense to recommend consuming these foods in addition to his protocol, given that as he specifies over and over, there are NO Food Limitations.

What is true is that leafy greens and water-rich fruits do assist to cool your body temperature. There is enough science behind that. The concern is then, by following Paul Sanders procedure & the Pound Melter Diet, can one in fact teach the body to remain at the lower body temperature level long enough to activate the Brown Fat Cells and will his maintenance strategy truly keep our body temperature level there?

My goal here is this, to not only follow his plan for the next 30 days or so, but to mix in a few other things that I have know about nutrition, plus what I have recently learned about Brown Fat and write a follow up article to this one in about 3 weeks.

I want to give the customer a genuine sincere evaluation. I would love to hear from you with your results so far if you have tried or are currently doing the protocol.

(Paul Sanders states it takes about 30 days to kick in, so I am OK with this) While I have eaten all of the foods as in the protocol I tend to wake up later and go to bed earlier so I have shifted the times in accordance.

Other than what is listed on the Pound Melter protocol, I don’t eat anything else for breakfast and for lunch and dinner usually have either a High Protein shake or some other protein. I do eat some of the foods listed to increase my Brown Fat Cells, during the day, along with drinking a minimum of 64 oz.

I genuinely think that science has actually really stumbled upon a viable piece of information about our bodies that will assist a great deal of folks slim down when we can nail it down.

If the Pound Melter Protocol doesn’t work, a minimum of it is a healthy way for folks to consume and might start them down a path of healthier way of lives, one they may not have actually found unless they were on this quest like I am.



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