Small Waist (ABS) & Round Butt Workout 🍑26 Days Hourglass Program ⏳

Small Waist (ABS) & Round Butt Workout 🍑26 Days Hourglass Program ⏳

Welcome everyone to our 26 days, hourglass body program: This is episode 1. We will target the abdominal and butt muscles at the same time, and you can find the calendar for this program here for free.

This hourglass program is perfect for beginners to intermediates and will help prepare you for your next resistance-based butt program, So press the bell button to receive notification of upcoming videos, hit the like button and don’t forget to share your progress.

So, I can put together a video of the results at the end of the program and now, let’s get started, ok guys, we have 22 workouts today, 30 to 60 seconds each with 5 to 15 seconds. Rest, We’ll start with the knee raise, Slowly raise the knee without jumping.

If you want a less intense exercise, Only in the first four exercises will we be standing and the rest will be on the floor. We have a quick 5-second rest and then do a full minute of leg, lunges and raises Lunge back and when you come back, raise the same leg and then switch to the other leg. You will feel it on the muscles of the buttocks.

Next, we have the exercise (touching the opposite: foot), lift one leg and touch it with the opposite hand, do not mistake them, as I always do, And now squatting with the leg kicked aside.

This is your last exercise, standing so squat as low as you can and then kick to the side Switch legs every time we have a full minute for this exercise, so let’s feel the burn guys All right lie down on the floor, and we’ll do the one leg bridge exercise.

Make sure your stomach is kept tight and push your pelvis up and keep doing this Now replaces the other man Now turn around we’re going to raise the leg up to work, the butt muscles.

After lifting it put it inside making sure that the torso remains tight, We have a full minute for this exercise. Guys do your best to work. Your abs and butt muscles Now lie on your stomach. We will do the frog, kick exercise that targets the butt muscles.

Here, make sure to squeeze or tighten your butt muscles when you kick up Now, do the plank imagining the ground as a wall, and you are climbing it as Spider-Man.

This exercise works the abdominal and side muscles Now turn around again, and its abs to do the bike exercise make sure to breathe in and out with each movement Straighten your legs.

We have an exercise, Kick the leg sideways and up at a 45-degree angle. This exercise targets the side muscles of the back as well as the abdomen. We finished the exercise.

Friends, you almost finished the exercise, so don’t think about quitting now replace the other man Now sit down we’ll do some Russian laps I have to remind you again to clench your abs and keep them tight. Now a low plank (elbow), we’ll do some kicks.

Do not forget that we are working on the back muscles, So make sure to tighten your back and abdominal muscles. When you do this exercise, it may seem a little daunting, but it will become easier to do with time.

Now. Straighten your legs. We will do one leg at a time. We will start by lifting the leg and then kicking Now.

The other man And now everyone’s favorite exercise is mountain climbers, and then we have 5 more easy exercises. Left doesn’t give up guys stay where you were, we’re going to plank with side. Kicks Now straighten your lists.

We’ll do left leg kicks Then now the other guy, Now the plank position, We will do a half-flying exercise where you raise an arm with an opposite leg. This exercise works all the muscles of the body, especially the core and the buttocks.

It remains an additional exercise, and we’re done guys, And for the last exercise we will do the bridge with push. You need to push the pelvis up, taking care to tighten the area. You have a full minute to perform this exercise.

Carry on This is our exercise, guys hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to hit the like button And turn on the alerts button. So, you don’t miss.

The upcoming episodes, see you in a workout coming bye,

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