Quick & Effective HIIT Workout for Flat Tummy ✅ 15 min Calorie Burning


Quick & Effective HIIT Workout for Flat Tummy ✅ 15 min Calorie Burning

Hey everyone, welcome back to the 2021 summer shred challenge. This video is a 15 minute. Cardio workout, That’s gone! Na help. You burn fat all over everywhere, getting you ready for summer.

So, you can do this video on its own, or you can join the rest of us with this 35 day free program by following the calendar schedule, I’m also giving away three Apple watches So check out The comments below to find out more So I got everything you need hear all free on this channel.

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Today’s workout is 15 minutes. Cardio abs session You’ve got three sets of eight exercises, 30 seconds on and 5 to 10 seconds of rest and 20 seconds in between sets. Let’s kick things off with Shuffle crunch. It’s always going to be no jumping low-impact variations.

So if you’re feeling tired or not a hundred percent, you can always take it down a notch, make sure you take big steps and do this fast Remember to exhale as you crunch, and squeeze that core for low impact you can just exclude the shuffle Next, we have High knees, lift those knees-up and go as fast as you can for low impact.

Just take it. Slow Mountain climbers are next so get on the ground. For this, one Bring your knees in one at a time and remember to focus on your core and engage those ABS. We’ve got burpees shuffle next.

This is going to get your heart rate up shuffle from side to side and get into a plank Jump up, fit back in and get up and repeat. High Kicks are next, kick your legs as high as you can, but don’t lock your knees. It is critical to engage your core here and make sure you’re breathing for low impact. Just exclude the jumps.

Next, we’ve got alternate toe-touches, make sure you squeeze your abs when you bring your leg up All right time to speed things up again We’re doing fast-foot or American football shuffle go as fast as you can hear guy and make sure your core is engaged the whole Time We’ve got lateral jump crunches next, hop from side to side and crunch for low impact, you can either do the lateral steps or you can just do crunches.

Only That’s the end of the first set. So, we’ve got 20 seconds break perfect time to tie your shoelaces. Take a small sip of water or send me a DM on Instagram and yell at me.

You can take up to a minute break if you want to as well all right get on the plank and we’ve got bunny hops, hop to the left back to the middle into a plank position and then to the right and repeat, work that core guys. Next, we’ve got up and down plank grab a fitness mat.

If you can, as I was killing my elbows here, I definitely don’t recommend doing up-and-down plank without a mat, So stay safe, guys, 180 degrees. Burpees are next Start with a burpee and make a 180 degrees jump, then another burpee, no more burpees. I swear .

We’re almost halfway, guys stay strong, A thousand more burpees are next Okay: let’s keep that heart rate up with some high knee All right: We’ve got 10 seconds break, and we are doing touch ground and kick next touch the ground with your left hand, while having your left Leg extended behind You then jump back in and kick your other leg up, stay safe and balance here, guys Now onto the other side. Next, we’ve got reverse chop start with both of your hands outside your thighs.

Then rotate your toes as you go up just two more exercises to go to finish off this set. Keep pushing guys Now onto the other side, Great work, guys just one more set to go. We’ve got a 20-second break. You can take a longer break. If you want to make sure you have a fitness mat for the next exercise.

We are kicking it off with some flutter kicks, lift your legs up one at a time and try to not bend your knees. If you are going to lift your head up, make sure you’re using your abs to lift your chest up, Not your neck and that’s gonna make your abs burn way more.

Next, we’ve got some in an out remember to engage that core exhales as you bring your legs in and keep pushing guys Shuffle crunch is next, So stand up right, and we’re shuffling from side to side with a crunch. Do it fast but controlled. Next, we’ve got some skater hops to keep up with that heart rate.

Just five more exercises to go so don’t give up. We’ve got kick-outs next start in a high plank and kick one leg to the side, while lifting one hand off the floor, You’re kicking from side to side and start slow until you’re familiar with the movements then ramp it up. If you can, but the low-impact version just keep your legs side-to-side in a high plank without lifting your hands off the floor back to another round of high knees, so go as fast as you can and burn those calories.

We’re almost there guys second last exercise get in a high plank, and we’re going to move from a high plank to high kicks kick up four times and repeat. The last exercise we have here is tuck jumps, don’t hold back and give it all you got.

This is where you burn out as much as possible. Make sure you land softly. You can land into a squat, make sure you don’t injure your knees. If you can’t do tuck jumps, you can do crunches or high knees. Great work for reaching the end, guys.


Lose Stomach Fat – 3 Tips To Burn Stomach Fat And Get A Flat Stomach

Are you searching for methods to lose stubborn belly fat, however you still stop working to shed of the additional pounds from your belly? You are not alone, the majority of people who have sagging stubborn belly do search for numerous method to eliminate it.

Around 90% of these individuals who still bring the sagging belly not due to the fact that they accept the sagging tummy as part of their body shape, however they simply quit attempting to lose it due to the fact that they believe it is difficult.

Well, it is the reality that fat at tummy location is the most persistent fat to be burned off, however there are methods to flatten your stomach if you do it. Below are 3 suggestions that have actually been shown to lose tummy fat efficiently and make it possible for lots of people with loose and flabby stomach to have a flat stomach.

Idea # 1: Health diet plan is necessary to attain the weight-loss objective

A few of weight reduction programs need you to count the calorie and ensure you do not take in more calorie than your body needed. It might be real in theory, however it is not almost to count every calorie you put into your mouth.

Not all fats are produced equivalent. Excellent fat includes calories to improve metabolic process while bad fat will activate your body to save more fat.

Getting a healthy diet plan is properly to opt for those who wish to lose stubborn belly fat and get a flat stomach. Healthy diet plan increases metabolic process so that your body remains at high equipment in weight loss and assistance in losing the loose and flabby stomach.

With the consuming practice modifications from hamburgers, fried and processed foods to healthy diet plan which contains fresh fruit, veggies, lean satisfy, entire grains and steamed-based food, you remain in the best course towards getting a flat stomach.

Pointer # 2: Cardiovascular works out increase the weight loss procedure

A lot of healthy weight-loss programs consist of some sort of cardiovascular workouts to shed additional fat. Due to the fact that cardiovascular workouts are the finest exercises that improve metabolic process and speed up the fat burning procedure, this is.

If you are looking forward to losing stubborn belly fat and attain flat stomach, these types of workouts must be consisted of in your weight loss strategy. You do not require to do complicated workouts for long hours; rather basic workouts like crunches, leg raises and Hindu squatting are amongst the workouts that assist to firm your abdominal muscle and lose stomach flat.

If you can dedicate about 30 minutes, 4 days a week to do them in the convenience of your house, and paired with a healthy diet strategy, you might flatten your sagging belly in weeks.

Suggestion # 3: Be client and find out to keep the stomach and live fat lost permanently

The fat did not build up in your belly overnight, so do not anticipate it will disappear right away. Given that, it is the most persistent fat in your body, you require to provide it long times to lose it. Due to the fact that they do not find out to keep the tummy fat lost permanently, numerous individuals who lose stubborn belly fat effectively will quickly get back the fat simply.

You have to discover to live in order to lose stubborn belly fat and do not let it comes back to your stomach. Healthy diet plan and routine cardiovascular workouts ought to be continued, not simply to keep the fat lost permanently, however likewise for your health advantages.


It is possible to lose tummy fat and get a flat stomach in weeks as long as you do it. Both healthy diet plan and cardiovascular workouts are 2 crucial elements for effective weight reduction, however your dedication to patiently pursue the success of losing tummy fat is the essential figuring out element to get a flat stomach.

Well, it is the reality that fat at stomach location is the most persistent fat to be burned off, however there are methods to flatten your belly if you do it. Excellent fat consists of calories to improve metabolic process while bad fat will activate your body to keep more fat.

Getting a healthy diet plan is the best method to go for those who desire to lose stomach fat and get a flat stomach. If you are looking forward to losing tummy fat and accomplish flat stomach, these types of workouts must be consisted of in your weight loss strategy.

Numerous individuals who lose stomach fat effectively will quickly acquire back the fat simply due to the fact that they do not find out to keep the stubborn belly fat lost permanently.

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