Quick & Easy Healthy Snacks | 3 Pre Workout Snack Ideas

Quick & Easy Healthy Snacks | 3 Pre Workout Snack Ideas

Hey everyone welcome back so today I have three healthy snacks that you can make undergone a baby, not on a go, but you can make this the night before and just chop it up.

I mean, slice it up and pack it for your next. The next day I normally have these before I go to the gym, so I normally go for quite a high-carb snack before I go to gym because it really helps to give you some energy to like to lift some weights.

Do some exercises, so yeah. So, these are my pre workouts, the next yeah.

So, the first thing I have here is a paleo burn, our bread, which is super awesome. I really love it. This is probably my favorite banana bread of all the bananas, the holdup in a dress that I make in a past, but it has coconuts, are not oil in it.

So if you don’t like coconut, I’m sorry and also a muesli energy bar, which is really nice as well – and I love a snack that I have today is a smoothie which is my personal favorite, because I love drinking a thick smoothie before jamming and yeah.

I hope today’s video help some of you guys out and what you can eat before you go to a gym or given a snack yeah.

Let’s do this. What is healthy banana bread? You need these ingredients. The ingredients and instructions are all in the description box. So I didn’t add any maple syrup, because the bananas are definitely sweet enough, but if you are a song, go for it.

So first just mix all the wet ingredients together using a blender and also coconut oil. So, after that’s all mix, then add the coconut flour. Almond meal and also baking soda sorry yeah, I’m too lazy to wash another Bowl. So, I just put everything in the blender: yes, I’m a very easy lazy Baker. So yeah, that’s pretty much.

It is so simple to transfer the mixture into a mole and bake for around 30 to 40 minutes, depending on your oven, at around 180 degrees Celsius. The second recipe I have here today is an au.

Not they far, you can adjust number of oats nuts depending on your liking, so just process the almonds and cashew a little at the oats. Some chia seeds are the seeds that you want to add. It’s really up to you.

I soak my dates in some hot water for an hour because the dates are pretty hard is so gotta soak it make it move an easy to blend. So, once that’s done process the dates with some remaining water and also almond milk, then just add the mixture to the dry stuff that we have their mixed it. Well, transfer it to a tray and let it set in a fridge super easy.

So, the lovely is my personal favorite, because I just like really natural and simple ingredients, so no fuss at all acai banana smoothie. This is really simple.

Just frozen bananas and açai all the recipes above are really simple and easy to make and there’s no nasty things added, they’re all really natural and healthy, so yeah. I just want to share this with you guys and let me know what you think and that’s about it for today’s video.

I hope you enjoyed it. Please give you a thumbs up if you liked it and I’ll see you guys very soon. Bye thumbnail.

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