Professional chefs rating my healthy recipes.. uhoh

Professional chefs rating my healthy recipes.. uhoh

Hey everyone, so in case you guys don’t know, I make food videos on my channel, and also I have a free recipe website and a lot of you guys recreate my recipes on my website on your channel today.

We’re gonna be doing a what you eat. Yes, what you eat, not what I eat, please like the video, and we’re gonna jump straight into it. This video in today’s video I will be training and eating like Chloe tank. I don’t think I have to explain who she is.

Let’s just say she seems to be very sweet and keeps us fit to make all the more fun recipes she just released a couple of days ago. Thank you for saying that for today’s breakfast, we’re gonna make some waffles. We’re gonna need one egg, and then we need 62.5 grams of lupine flour. I have no clue what this is.

You don’t have to use exactly what I have like, especially if you don’t have lupine flour. You could always use oat flour. I do that too. Like if I don’t want to use lupine flour, I’ll use, oat, flour, sometimes I’ll use, regular flour, sometimes I’ll use a bit of banana flour.

I just use what I feel like using that day, like you, just have to adjust the measurements a little bit because sunflowers are a little bit more absorbent, so you got to add a little bit more like water or milk, but you get better all the time.

Like once, you start cooking, you know what to do like eventually, like it took me time. Okay, I wasn’t always this amazing cook, five out of five rated cooks, I’m gonna use a mix of regular and oat flour, one and a half tablespoons of a sweetener.

We need a teaspoon of vanilla. I’M using this vanilla, paste, vanilla paste is the way to go, definitely prefer paste over the essence. Whoa, that looks perfect.

I love your waffle maker. Okay: let’s try the waffles, I’m excited they smell so good, and I love when you’re making waffles like the whole apartment. Well, yeah waffles, very cool. They taste really good. Oh my god, I’m hungry, they don’t taste like protein powder at all.

That’s because I only added a little bit of protein powder, but if you want more protein powder, usually whey protein will taste a little bit better than plant-based protein, but you can find really nice plant-based protein these days as well. Okay, let’s rate this for the taste five out of five for preparation.

I would give this a flat four out of five, and these steps were pretty easy, but it took longer. I would totally do them again on weekends. I think what she was trying to say was that these are the best recipes in the world literally the best, but yeah like some recipes, do take a bit of time we’re making hash brown and eggs.

I like this recipe a lot of parsley to garnish. I don’t think I have a cast iron skillet. A pan should do the job. You don’t have to use a cast iron, skillet or pan. If you don’t have it, you could just cook it over the stove or just put it on a little dish and put it in the oven, but cast iron.

Skillets or pans are a great investment in my opinion, just because you could bake in it. You have seen how many recipes I made using my car’s iron hand.

Sorry, but if you don’t have if it’s okay, you could just use like any sort of dishes that you can put in of it filling, and I usually don’t eat them. Okay, all these videos are giving me a lot of anxieties. Alright, all this cutting and shredding done.

It does look like cheese perfectly brown. You can’t tell yeah, oh my gosh wow, it’s so crispy nice, so she did not put it in the oven. It’s fine for the taste, five out of five. This was such a simple dish, eggs and potatoes. So simple, I think with ketchup or some sort of sauce would be even better and then for preparation.

Also, five out of five: it was pretty fast. Oh, I’m! So glad she liked it, and it’s really, really cool to see some of you guys recreating my recipes like it actually makes me really happy.

I’ve seen them a lot on Instagram and on my discord. Server like people are trying them out and just really enjoying the new recipes, and we have a recipe up on the website every day.

So, this one recipe every day, so you gotta check it out every day. So, I’ll rate this it’s really cool about three out of five, maybe and for preparation, five out of five. It was pretty easy. I finished this, and I gotta say: maybe it’s not a three out of five anymore. I changed my mind.

It’s now a two out of five. I mean, it’s not bad. It’s really not bad. The taste of the miso paste is just not my thing. In conclusion: it’s not bad.

Okay, good, but not my thing. Okay, that’s it, guys! No more free recipes! People don’t like them, there is no free recipe every day there is a zero recipe, I’m shutting down the website. It’s gone forever, I’m joking, not everyone likes the same food and I get it.

I guess, if you don’t like miso paste, then you won’t like this. Miso paste can be very overpowering and really salty. It’s like an umami taste, so some people aren’t a fan of it.

I really like those miso glazed eggplants that you can get in Japanese restaurants. So, that’s basically, where I got inspiration from to make this recipe, but make it a little bit healthier in terms of instead of using bread.

I use tofu, I’m gonna add a few more stars here. I’M gonna add two more stuffs, so it’s four and a half stars, and then I could run it up, and then it’s five stars, the show where I make popular food items on the internet and I review them.

Oh guys, we’ve got a professional food reviewer here so today, I’m gonna be rating Chloe ting and her recipe on shrimp, pasta and zoodle. I’ve been very skeptic over her stuff because she posts a lot of clickbait YouTube titles like how to get abs. In two weeks or like eat this to lose weight eat this to lose weight like i don’t have that exact title now, we’re all skeptical of you.

I mean, you can clickbait by clothing. She can’t, she can’t clickbait. She can’t oh, that actually looks really good. Dude yeah chef – I haven’t, had pasta in a while so okay golden Ramsay, please review me what is in this meal, and it is shocking actually coming in at about 580 calories – is surprisingly high in protein, not that high in carbs and doesn’t have too much fat. We’ve got protein at 68 grams, we’ve got carbs at 51 grams, and we’ve got fat at 11.

Grams. If I weighed and measured everything that is a fantastic meal for the number of calories, that’s in it, what the heck! Oh, he said, nice things. Thank you, Andrew. I was about to hate you, but you said nice things.

Thank you so much. I appreciate that it’s fantastic. I used the water. I poached the shrimp in just to add an extra seafood taste to the pasta. I don’t think it made much difference, but the scallops taste very nice, very meaty and the shrimp so good, flavor, four out of five textures for what it is: half pasta and half noodles, I’m giving it four out of five and the quality.

So in the pictures of the dish, I don’t have the best quality shrimp. Chloe ting is, I think, she’s from Australia, so she’s got access to prawns, and we have nice prawns here. I just had these little baby shrimps, so the quality is actually on me.

I think this recipe is greater than the sum of its parts. I think all of the ingredients come together and make a really cohesive dish, so quality four to five healthy is great packed with protein, not too many carbs, not too many fats.

I give this a five out of five healthy: calm down, calm down value, five out of five easy to make. Actually, this meal comes out to a 4.2 out of five overall, and that is for sure, a yet get all this stuff get this recipe and make it at home.

Oh my god, that was a relief, I felt like. I was being judged on master chef or something okay, thanks Gordon Ramsay, thanks.

What are you, an idiot sandwich? I am going to be making dinner with my sisters, and it’s clean. I just recently found her recipe page, which is so weird because I’ve been doing her workouts for since i currently, and I never realized like a recipe page, yeah.

I just released the recipe page this year. So first thing we’re gonna make is balsamic glazed.

Brussels sprouts, I don’t think we’re gonna, do the glazing probably can put balsamic little rant here. Please be careful with that knife. I’M actually terrified when I watch people cook like, but anyways. So, I finished your fingers, almost got your fingers. Oh my god.

I can’t, you’re making me really anxious. I love your hair by the way, wait, we’re making chicken – oh my goodness, gonna poke you, okay, we got our lunch chassis already. Eight times is good.

Okay, I’m gonna try the brussels sprouts my food tastes, good. I’M saying it just tastes like the normal ones I usually make, but without like sweetness, I think it’s good.

You should try it, but better tastes better. It’s really simple to make 1010 recommend 10 out of 10. So, that’s basically, five out of five guys like rating has been good. You know, so five out of five. They make the food look really good.

So thank you so much for trying now we’re gonna make some desserts. I love these yummy match, like strawberry latte thing they’re also making this like greek frozen yogurt thing I already put a bowl of like frozen yogurt in the freezer so for the frozen yogurt, I’m just going to put some just it says sip of frozen fruit, but Our blender cannot handle frozen food. I think this is warm enough. Uh, warm, you’ll get it. Oh, oh you’re not even frozen yogurt.

Doesn’t this is not a froyo anymore. This is what the frozen yogurt was supposed to look like, but we don’t have liked the blue spirulina thing that makes it like that color, like for see bowls and stuff like that.

So, we just use strawberry because I said she’s frozen fruit, I’m based, but I think that looks kind of good compared to the picture. Sugarcane sure. Oh, we ruined it.

Wow! It’s fine! Look at the other side, though you just gotta, pour it gently. You can pour it with your cup, tilt it a little bit, and then you pour it in. So, it’s like really slowly actual moment of truth.

Now we kind of ruined another layer, but hopefully that’s two. You gotta. Pour it slowly like how you do the latte art, you know you gotta, do it gently, okay, frozen yogurt tastes like time, super cute and pink, but ready it’s okay! Well, you don’t like it. It’s okay, like frozen yogurt, sweet frozen, it’s kind of like a smoothie.

No, it’s more like a milkshake, yeah. I’ve seen this a lot of use. Strawberries that we use strawberries, but I feel, like maybe mango, would taste good to ooh mango. I love mango blend of mango, but yeah. I recommend okay, that’s it!

That’s all the recipes. We have, we’re gonna do more. Maybe we should make it’s like a series, a series that was a little Hailey, but I love it. I love these girls they’re funnily cute, very cute, thanks for trying out the recipes really appreciate it, I’m glad you liked it. We all know her.

She recently watched recipes on her website and I thought I like her workouts. She seems like a nice person. Let’s try one of her foods. Yes, i’m very nice, true story. Thank you very much.

So, I got the sweet, potato egg muffin recipe, and we’re gonna put it to the test. You printed it out. How are you gonna wash the ads if you print it out now, we put into bag with olive oil and salt and shake very nice? I like this, some salt, you need some salt on your cheeks. Okay, gotta shake it up.

You know I don’t know about the wedges, I don’t think that they are spread it out very nicely, but you know it doesn’t matter how they look like all it. Matters are how it tastes.

Oh, that should turn out. I think it looks pretty good from this angle, like this was actually really, really good. I really liked it, but it was far too much effort to make, and my sibling was in the room.

So i was just kind of mundane, but I hope you guys like this, and it was really fun to make. So I hope to see you guys next time. What do you mean that it was too hard? It was just potatoes, egg and cheese. I probably wouldn’t make it again because it took like forever.

I think she’s trolling me, guys its just cutting potatoes and then put some cheese and egg on top of it. I think that’s pretty simple what you’re talking about, but she said that this was really, really good, and she liked it.

So, that means that my recipes are the best. So based on what she said, it’s five out of five. My recipes are five out of five.

In today’s video, I will be following Chloe ting’s diet and her workout, my child. She said that she makes her own braid, but for the sake of time, I’m gonna use some Albany bread. I’M going to cut off these. That’s fine yeah! I use my own bread, sometimes I don’t there we go, so it seems like I’m out of vanilla extract.

If you don’t have vodka extract, maybe you could use cinnamon or chocolate powder. Whatever you fancy, I forgot to measure this stuff. Well, I didn’t. I measured on my scale, but I forgot to film measuring the steps. I think people don’t realize how difficult it is to film cooking videos.

It actually takes a lot of effort. I made this thing: oh forgot to film the final product that is really good, so this is how the food turned out to be I’m a YouTuber, but I forgot to buy berries and all of that stuff for this video.

So, as long as it tastes good, that’s all it matters, i you don’t have to put things prettily for it to taste good, but I gotta. Do it for my pictures on the website. Sorry, there’s a lot of effort going into it to make it look good.

So, this is how the salad is the chicken first. Definitely i chef’s kiss um and lunch was a really good lunch. Breakfast I’ll give it seven out of ten um because I was missing the ingredients. It was quite tasty, very much filling seven out of ten guys. I need more ten out of tens of five out of fives, all right.

We need them, I’m just joking, it’s okay, but for lunch, I’m definitely gonna give that a date because I’m not a fan of vegan nuggets, but they give the nuggets taste it’s just weird for me.

That’s why I’m not a fan, but yeah, anyway. Thank you, guys so much for watching thanks so much for trying out my recipe guys like. I really appreciate it because it took me a lot of effort to put out a website and also daily recipes. So, the fact that you guys tried it out and made a video about it.

That means a lot to me, like. I really appreciate it. So thank you so much for trying it out, really nice to see you guys recreating on Instagram or even tick. Tock, like that’s, really, really cool, it’s really cool to see my recipes out there and that’s it for today’s workout. I mean video.

I hope you guys, like today’s video, it’s a new type of video and if you make more videos of you creating my food I’ll, make more videos reacting to your videos.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this and leave me lots of comments because i like to read your comments. It makes me happy and I’ll see you guys in the next video bye

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