NEW WEIGHT! | Intermittent Fasting | WHAT I EAT IN A WEEK

NEW WEIGHT! | Intermittent Fasting | WHAT I EAT IN A WEEK

What’s up guys its week, two, so I’m gonna weigh in today and also probably do a physique update. I really don’t think I can see any difference just within a week so yeah, I think, I’m going to start intermittent fasting.

I’ve done it before. I went on the trip to Italy, Italy to Portugal and Turkey, and I think I managed to lose like a kilo within like a week or two, so I’m gonna try it again and this week and maybe next week so yeah just sixteen hours of fasting.

So now I’m just gonna weigh in and see my new wait hours.

Forty-seven kilos last week, I’m gonna be worrying similar-type about this, so it’s just a sports bra and a pair of shorts, and I’m going to win now.

So, I’ve lost one kilo in a week. I think that’s amazing, I’m pretty sure it’s mostly one away, but that’s okay because I haven’t even started cardio so for the whole last week I was just picking myself up because I haven’t trained for a while.

I can’t do a shoulder press without feeling like I was gonna. You know, literally just crash, and I’m not sure when I’ll start cardio again.

I just want to take it easy first, maybe somewhere this week or next week, I’ll start doing some cardio. So without how you have lost one kilo, I’m really excited about today’s breakfast and it’s just bananas with peanut butter.

So, I just chopped up banana, spread some peanut butter on it and put it in the freezer for around 20 minutes down. It is not hard, but it’s its a really nice texture, a thing I’ll put butter, put it in for an hour, so it’s a bit more. They gave like a frozen texture.

You know it frozen banana texture, so I yeah try this one out. If you like, peanut butter and banana all right, this is why I’ve been having just a bowl, not mix love, this post-workout, snack banana chips and then I’m gonna put some so bad. I’M having my lunch now, so I have soba noodles with tofu mushrooms.

So, what I’m gonna do this week is that I’m gonna show you guys the food I’m eating, but I’m not gonna show you the process of cooking it because that’s gonna take up like the majority of the footage – and I think that’s really like just too much, so I’m just going to show you guys the final product like this one and all the recipes are in the description box yo. If they of intermittent fasting today has been okay.

I woke up not feeling hungry just did some work, but last night was quite difficult. Sorry, I have to break my posture, although just I have your cashews and that’s it sorry, sorry.

So today I’m going to have bigger meals so that I can stay Flula for a longer time. So maybe yesterday I wasn’t eating enough for the day.

So, that’s why I was feeling quite hungry at night, so yeah, I’m gonna try to be good today, and so basically I normally start my meals at taupe or one o’clock in the afternoon and my last meal at around eight, nine.

Oh anyway, I just make my breakfast and it looks amazing. Look at oh, my god guys. This looks like chef material, I’m just praising myself, no shame, but I haven’t tried it, so maybe it tastes like crap.

Basically, I stopped some spinach and a season with salt and pepper into the capsicum and baked it in the oven for around 25 minutes. I remember I’m going to do some grocery shopping.

Japanese grocery shopping, I’m on the way to suzerain, which is like my favorite shop. Around area sashimi we got salmon, we got tuna, see me do ice cream. Is that good enough? What’s up strawberry? Finally, I’m making my lunch.

Now I got my rice, my sushi rice, my use brown rice. I put some salt people syrup and rice wine vinegar. I’ve got my sashimi, I chopped it up, and so I got my tuna, my salmon avocado a sesame up in soy, sauce with rice, vinegar and yeah.

I think that’s pretty much it oh my see week and that scallop, I think, this ice cream is definitely the best Japanese ice cream. I’ve ever tried is the best it is so different from the normal ice cream is a much higher scream with red bean and mochi what an interesting combination, but it tastes so good.

Oh, how cute is this bowl having Mississippi for dinner good morning, so today I got up quite early, which is surprising. I tried my best to get up early, so I’m just gonna bake a banana cake, a paleo banana cake.

It is really high in protein, which is good. This also no added sugar other than just natural sugar. So, it’s just banana and maybe a little bit of maple syrup.

I think the last time I made it I added just like a tablespoon or teaspoon of maple syrup, and that was too sweet for me. Maybe this time I’ll just stick with banana and I’m really trying to cut down my sugar intake, because sugar is really, really addictive.

Once you start having a lot of sugar, you just keep wanting more. So I’m trying to slowly bring it under control.

I’M not trying to cut out sugar completely like this there’s no way I’m ever gonna do that, but I’m just gonna eat less sugar yeah, I’m gonna just show you the ingredients quickly and I’m gonna bake them off camera, because when I have The camera on it takes me like double the time, so I’m just gonna do it quickly.

This are the ingredients, so I have maple syrup baking, soda, coconut flour, almond meal, vanilla, extract virgin, coconut oil and some bright bananas.

I think I’m gonna go for three about 300 grams car member. How many eggs I’m gonna, put all the ingredients and recipe down in the description box, so you can check it out. Here’s my banana cake. Look, look, look perfect, perfect slice still slightly warm!

I didn’t add any maple syrup, but it’s sweet enough, definitely sweet enough, and I’m going to have banana bread. And then I’m gonna have the zucchini pasta, which I’m very, very excited about because I’ve never made it before.

And I just got a spiralizer just for it. Let’s hope it’s good. Let’s hope it’s worth the investment.

Let’s have my banana cake before I make my lunch mmm pump believe this happened to me, garlic, splattered everywhere I was trying to bake my garlic in oven.

For my pesto, so oh no, I gotta clean this up before I put in the freakin salmon so know. I spent over 30 minutes cleaning this up. Finally, I can finally start cooking, I’m so tired. Now, from all the washing to me ages to figure out, I can open this.

It’s looking, oh my boy. What am I doing wrong again? Finally, done gonna give it a try. Look at that! Oh, I just broke it, I’m having coconut your breakfast.

As always. I like this spread by Nicola. I thought that the yogurt is enough. It’s not. This always happens after I start eating.

I just get hungrier, so I just cooked myself to boil eggs and I’m gonna eat these. So, I just want to give you guys a little update of why I ate today and so before. I want to enjoy my hair a little snack bar by Shelby.

Oh, my god, it is so good. I’ve never tried it before, and that was my first time.

Having it, it looks really, really good, and then I went to a gym of it. Shoulders a workout went straight out again to get some roast chicken. We got a whole chicken, but obviously, we couldn’t finish it.

We’ve got some wings as well, so he took away hobbled is chicken more than half of chickens back home, so I’m just having the leftover chicken from lunch and also a quinoa salad. So, what I have here is quinoa, oh, that’s, pretty cool, it’s not falling off and I season my quinoa with some parsley.

Salt, pepper and i think that’s pretty much if it’s pretty simple. It’s really, really tasty smells so good, so I’m gonna eat this now because oh, I have just gone up and talked to my friends and while going to young char in less than 30 minutes, it takes me about 30 minutes to go to a City.

so, I’m gonna be late and the worst thing is. I couldn’t sleep last night I slept at 6:00 and woke up at 10. I don’t know. What’s going on, I think, is PMS.

My body is heating up. I couldn’t sleep, something’s so uncomfortable, but I was so tired. It does even make sense. Why look so annoying? I’M just gonna check on a bunch of makeup in my face and I’ll show you guys.

Hi. Look like after Odin took me like 15 minutes. So, it’s not too bad gotta go no! I’M almost there just the reservation, so I just got home and I’m pretty hungry right now, so I had young chart for breakfast and then that’s pretty much. It like.

I didn’t have anything else other than just some fruits. I went to my friend’s place and just shut up for like five hours and now it’s almost seven o’clock.

So, it’s pretty much the last me all this day, I’m not gonna cook for tonight’s dinner because I’m running out of time for my HUS, it’s almost 7:00 so and my class ends at 8 o clock online o’clock. And secondly, I don’t know what to cook today like because I’m trying a bit harder for this video and I’m running out of inspiration.

So, this is the best time for me to just go out and explore and try different type of foods and make my healthier version, but I’m going back to basic burrito because they have the best burrito sorry yeah,still freezing in Melbourne.

So, it’s one o’clock: now I’m going to make myself at the side bowl because I just like it. I don’t need a reason. I just want to eat it. Sorry I’m going to make it now yeah! Oh, my I was just on the phone.

I had a job interview on a Boeing. It was pretty interesting. I just want to talk about my lunch quickly. I used this pasta, it was not nice guys, it was not nice, it was crappy tastes weird. It was nothing like the fettuccine one that I ate.

Last week this tastes like mush, it’s just mushy, just doesn’t taste that anything, but if that is pretty good like these lots of fiber lots of protein, so it’s actually really good.

So if you want to try it go for it, but it’s not gonna taste, nice I’ve warned you so yeah, I’m going to go out to get some nuts and some chocolate because I want some pot, not chocolate.

So yeah I’m gonna finish my work because I’m getting pretty stressed out in my gym gear, I’m not gonna take a shot of it. Oh my god, so Adrienne bought these from Elise, I’m gonna snack on it. Before I go out so guys.

I didn’t vlog who, at the end of the day yesterday um I was just really busy. Just anything might be here, and also I was just really tired, and so I did go out to get my chocolate if you haven’t seen it on my blog.

Yet I’m really surprised because I always show it on my foot videos and also I had someone a lot of you guys asked in my previous video. I got it from. I got it from a store called Terra Madre.

They only have it in Melbourne. They don’t have any online stores, so unfortunately you don’t have this, but it’s a good thing because its sugar and honey coated.

So, it’s not that healthy, just haze, really good. Okay, I had that and salmon for dinner. So by the end of the week, intermittent fasting was not that difficult anymore because I have a pretty full lunch and dinner.

So, my dinner, I tried to have more like fat, fatty fish or just that things that would keep me associated for all the time. So yeah, I do have a problem for the last couple of days.

Only the first two days. I love it like autumn, I’m struggling after that, I’m okay! So next week I’m gonna give you guys an update of my new weight.

I’M gonna go for another week of intermittent fasting. That’s all guys! That’s all I want to say I hope you guys enjoy today’s video. Please give it a thumbs up. Leave me a comment.

Let me know what you want to see if there are any recipes that you want to know, let me know down below and yeah, thanks. So much for watching guys, and I’ll see you guys in my next video on Tuesday, which is a no jumping, cardio workout. Don’t come at me,

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