My Experience & Results Using Flat Tummy Tea


My Experience & Results Using Flat Tummy Tea

Hello, ladies, welcome back to much more than beauty in today’s video. I’M going to be doing a review on my personal experience using flat to meaty, and I’m sure a lot of you, ladies, have seen posts or reviews on flat to meaty.

But I just wanted to share with you, ladies my results in my experience using the T. Okay, ladies, so many be giving you my absolute honest opinion on the team, my personal experience, I am going to be sharing some before and after pictures of my results. I am going to say that I have not changed my diet.

I’ve been eating the same, which is not very healthy, so I have not changed my diet and I also have not exercised. I just did the tea and that’s it. I didn’t change my diet and I didn’t really start exercising.

I’ve been using flat, tummy tea for going on six weeks. First, I receive D four weeks supply which is fit for now.

I’M going to say when I did my four-week program, I did stop for a little bit after, and I will say that if you do stop the tea you’re gonna go back to the bloating you’re going to go back to probably constipation and just be Mall, like sucked up in your abdomen area honestly.

I can’t see myself going without the tea because I have gone without the teeth and my symptoms come right back, I get that bloating big belly.

I get constipation, I get pain, so I would not read them in starting the teat and then stopping cuz you’re gonna go right back. So, if you’re gonna try it, and you like it, I recommend you keep using it. It comes with two packages. This one is to activate package.

The one dirham today, which is used to speed metabolism, boost energy and reduce bloating and in the cleanse one, is for cleansing your system, stimulating digestion and reducing bloating.

Whether you order the two-week program or the foley program, you will get to activate the package or join the day and the cleanse package that you’re going to do before bed. You also are now to receive a nice little pouch. The tea comes in this house. I just want to show you what the team looks like.

It seriously smells amazing. I love it, and it tastes little bit, so I just want to show you the tea leaves. This is why you need a tea ball or a tea. Infuser literally awesome local natural leaves. I love it.

Love, love this deep, so for the morning team. What I do is this is to activate pouch. This is the morning one. It says to drink every morning with breakfast, so you put one teaspoon of the leaves in the tea ball, and then you infuse it in your cup of hot water for about five to seven minutes, and then you just drink your tea and enjoying the day. It starts.

Stimulating your digestive system so with that, you’re actually going more regularly, and you’re letting all that bad toxins, that’s in thing in your digestive tract out you just let it all out and then at night before bed, you want to use the cleanse package.

So, what you want to do is you want to drink it at three of their evening before bed for the first week, just use one teaspoon into the table strainer, and then you infuse this one for three to five minutes, and then you just drink it.

Now. First got the team and I smelled the tea leaves, it’s not really, really good. Very relaxing like it gives you that relaxed feeling and state of mind.

So, when I tried and taste it to tea, I was so shocked and surprised because it tastes really good. Unlike other teas that I’ve tried that actually tastes pretty nasty, and you have to like force yourself to drink it and swallow it with this tea, you actually want to drink it because it tastes good.

So, what I’ve noticed with the AMT once you drink it, it does give you like that boost of energy, like you feel healthy, you feel like you want to go out and exercise or just do something adapted, so it does speed, also your metabolism because it does make you go join the day and by go I don’t mean you get that urge feeling where you really have to go.

When you have to run to the bathroom, you don’t really get that feeling you just get. The feeling of I gotta use the restroom.

So, what the tea does is it literally cleanses your system, so everything you’ve been eating? You know, all the food that’s been kind of like just getting stuck in there.

It all comes out the reason I decided to try this cheese because I saw so many post and so many before and afters on Instagram that I thought. Okay, if this is working for them at least give it a try, and so literally as soon as you start using it, you start seeing results. You start losing your belly, so another reason why I wanted to give this to you.

Try is because I suffer from IBS, that’s irritable, bowel syndrome, and a lot of people suffer from that. Really. What that is, is its a combination of abdominal pain, diarrhea and constipation.

So basically, I’ve been having IBS, since I had my son eight to nine years ago, and so I have not been able to find really something that would help ease like the pain and the discomfort in my abdomen, when I started drinking this tea, I have had less Ibs symptoms and fewer problems like I don’t get the abdominal pain and much anymore at all, and I don’t even get constipated anymore. I’M not constipated at all anymore with the tea because it stimulates my intestines, and it’s making me go.

So, I’m not I’m not getting that pain from the constipation. Well, I ain’t 100% pleased with the team. It tastes amazing. It literally truly does reduce bloating. Oh, but I get less abdominal pain, less constipation, my digestive system is more regular.

So, yes, I think it’s absolutely 100% effective. I love about these teeth that does not keep you the runs like. Yes, you can drink it. You know what, in the morning at work, it’s not like you’re gonna have the runs and have to literally run to the restroom. Doesn’t do that.

It gives you that feeling like yeah, you have to use the restroom. It’s that normal feeling of having to use the restroom, not getting diarrhea and running to the bathroom.

It does not do that. I have not had any side effects with the tea at all nothing, so that’s really good it just really just cleanses your system yeah. Ladies, this team really really really is working really well for me, so it’s something I can recommend to you.

Ladies. If you’re looking for a detox team, that’s going to cleanse your system, I definitely recommend flat tummy tea and from all the teeth. I can honestly say that this one is the one that has liked the best price because there’s a lot of teens out there that are very pricey, and they don’t even taste good, and it’s not really as effective.

So if you’re thinking of a detox team, I would recommend you try a flat tummy teeth, first, see how that works out for you and if it works, keep using it not maybe try something else.

Thank you so much, ladies, for watching my personal experience and results using flat, tummy tea, I’m going to leave all their information in the description box below, so you can check out their website.


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