MINDBLOWING Before After Results – Video Call with VIEWERS

MINDBLOWING Before After Results – Video Call with VIEWERS

Hello, we’ve got another results video today, but we’re doing it a little bit differently this time. Instead of watching results of people’s journeys on YouTube, I’ve decided that it would be really fun to talk to some of you guys on a video call about your journeys.

I hope you guys enjoy it because I find it really interesting and different and just fun, so smash that thumbs up button for me, leave a comment down below. I really appreciate that and let’s get started, so nice to meet you. Thank you so much for like this, I’m so excited to see you, I’m nervous.

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I’M like meeting Chloe I’ve seen a lot of results on like Instagram. You also really stood out to me in a way that you’ve done this for a long time. This is a new experience for me, and I thought it would be fun to catch up with some of you guys who have been doing my workouts for a while.

I feel, like I’ve known you for a long time because I’ve seen your photos. No, I’ve been obsessed with you since, like October last year, and it’s basically a dream come true like actually talking to you.

Maybe you can tell us who you are where you’re from, and what do you do? I’M originally from Taiwan, I’m now living in Melbourne and I work as a clinical psychologist.

Oh wow, that’s so cool, yeah! Thank you. I know I don’t look like a psychologist because I’m always looking like a kid, but at work I’m different.

I’M happy. I am from England, I am in tourism, where I stumbled onto you in October and yeah fitness has become a big part of my life, since I’ve got nothing else to do at the moment I live in northern California.

I have two boys and one man, so I’m a mother of two: how old are they? They are mom? You don’t remember my age, 13 and 8 It changes every year.

You know your kid is 13, and you look like this. I always tell people that I add 10 years per kid, so I’m like 50, something, oh, my god. How did you get into fitness?

I had a very boozy weekend away last year with a lot of naughty food. I was so hungover when I got back to my flat, and I was like I just need to do something to make myself feel good.

I did no exercise at all. I looked like a potato, you don’t look like a potato, but I did, I just felt so awful about myself. So, I was like you know what we need to get body moving and do something. So, I started the two-week shred. I had no idea.

It was like a viral trend thing on ticktock. I just found it on YouTube really randomly for real. I told someone I was doing it, and I was like what, I don’t have TikTok. What is it? I’ve seen a lot of his stuff and I saw how you dance, maybe how to do some of your moves because it’s impressive.

Thank you so much. I didn’t know that you saw my post stuff as well before I started doing your workouts. I was already doing whole. My strength was going up slowly, but then, as I started, doing your workouts, then I feel, like my strength, suddenly improved really fast. I think it was like fall of 2019.

That’s when I first heard your name. My co-worker said that she was doing clothing workout, and she said it was like more hit style, and I’m like well, I’m still into my Pilates type of workouts, but later on.

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In 2020, I had a different friend. She posted on her Instagram saying something about like a Chloe take challenge, and I’m like what is this clothing challenge so yeah? I looked it up and I’m like.

Oh, okay! Oh, that’s what my coker was talking about, but then I tried out the two weeks. I actually really liked your layout and I loved the timer. It was just something that I can actually stick to and work with. I think that’s what made me so consistent when we first started lockdown.

I was quite depressed because I’m an extreme extrovert I couldn’t go out, didn’t know how long it would be for had to work from home, but one day I tried the first video of the 2019 two weeks read.

I was like oh wait. I did it. I can’t believe I did it and it was so fun. It was not as crazy as I imagined because you were so friendly in the video, and you were like just having fun, it made me think it’s fun as well.

It’s not too serious. It’s not an exam, and the second one after that I was hooked, and I just kept doing it every day and continued. So, that’s how i started. Let’s talk about your pictures, all right! Oh my god, guys.

Look at her latest pictures all right. I know, like when I posted your photos. Some people were giving hate because they said, like you know, you suck it in. It was just a pose, but this is clearly not just a post. I hate it when people just like discredit someone’s public.

I don’t know if you saw there’s this Instagrammer, and he did a hate post on the two-week shred, and I was like the picture in it, and he went to town on how bad it was.

And I just like dm’d, and I was like this – is ridiculous. It was a reporter who wrote an article, and it was a bad article. He basically just said I was someone that wouldn’t eat.

Food didn’t eat food, and I was like dude I’m the biggest foodie like this is why I look like a potato when I wasn’t working out because all I do is eat.

I was just like: don’t bash someone for getting into fitness if it’s like a trending thing on YouTube at the time it doesn’t matter how you get into it as long as you got into it, you’re still like getting healthier than what you would be doing without It yeah it was ridiculous.

It’s really sad that people were giving you hate or working on yourself, especially if they don’t know the facts, like on my Instagram. I’ve been very honest and said: it’s not a two-week transformation.

I post what I eat. I post that I run every so often like why then completely tear someone down to doing something that is making them healthier because I am healthier, I am fitter.

I am eating more, like greens and stuff yeah, he wasn’t a nice person or, as I get a lot of hate for doing what I do, but I just can’t believe people are just hating on everyone, that’s trying to work on themselves, and they don’t know what You’re going through the thing is, when you tie to a video two weeks read it’s not saying you’re gonna look like a Victoria’s secret model at the end of it, it’s a tagline.

It’s to get people to work on it, you’re probably not gonna end up like this, but it’s a good start. It will get you on your way there. Thank you. You actually point out like one of the most important points in the video.

I always say that thank you for emphasizing that I’ve seen that your picture is, and I’ve shared that on my Instagram, your transformation is epic because it’s so real for some reason like whenever I start a new program it felt like.

I was just stepping back a little and then building myself up three steps forward, one step back, but I’m still moving up. You know yeah and I can still feel the progress in between two.

I mean it’s normal to not always progress linearly like overall, it would be linear, but it would just go up and down a little bit by looking back at amazing progress. What did your family and friends think about it?

How did they react to it when I was first doing it, we were just sitting in the break room, and he goes. Did you lose weight and I’m like yeah? Why can you tell he thought oh your collar bones, and I was like oh my collar bones?

I was like, oh okay, so you noticed it through the throat and then later on. I was putting on hands, and they fit differently and i’m like.

Oh, my god, I gotta try on the other pants that I haven’t been able to wear for so long because of my muffin top. So i tried those on and i was like. Oh my god, I called my husband. I was like babe, my pants fit. I fit into these pants now and then later on.

I think that same week he sent me flowers, oh saying, congratulations that you fit into your pants. Your husband is actually so freaking sweet.

It’s like he knows that you worked hard for it, and he wanted to congratulate you. Oh that’s, so nice actually really sweet, very thoughtful yeah he’s very supportive.

Let’s show your results, the latest one that you shared like two days ago, my god, your abs girl.

Thank you. You really helped me a lot with the strength and feeling really strong. I just really like how confident you are as a person. If you look at your back muscles like you, can see all your like definition on your legs and all of that, and the progress is amazing the day one today for 405 Thank you, yeah. I’M really happy about the results too, and what helped me the most.

With my strength and like you know, the abs and the muscles is your programs because I did 15 of them, and consistently I’m happy that it works out for you because working out to something that you enjoy is really important so that it’s not a chore.

Are there any tips that you could share with the people that are watching this video, like stay consistent with their fitness journey? I would say: give yourself a little bit more credit.

Small progress leads to big progress, as you can tell by the pictures that I post, give yourself credit. If you can only do one video, that’s fine.

If you can do one video and take like multiple breaks, still give yourself credit, you know you’re still accomplishing something. If you can turn on the video, give yourself credit for that too, just being nice to yourself.

Sometimes we can be very harsh on ourselves. I think that our own worst critique right and then don’t treat your workout as a punishment. You know, like we avoid punishment.

So if you’re trying to work out, you don’t want to like to go into something that you’re avoiding, hence the punishment. You know it’s something that your body can do or that you want to do. This is a very mature and great advice.

Part of it is because both my kids are autistic, so it taught me a lot of patience, my oldest, but he didn’t like the swings for like the longest time, so we had to do baby steps. We started off with standing five feet away from the swings, progressing to four feet.

Three feet, two feet touching it with your finger sitting on it for one. Second, it’s kind of like the same concept with working out. Give yourself credit. It’s not the end result that we’re looking for is the progresses. You know it’s amazing thanks so much for sharing.

That actually means a lot, and it’s really nice when i’m hearing it from you other people that are going through to get all in fitness journeys. Yeah. Thank you for sharing, that’s really, really nice. No one’s fitness journey is perfect. You’re gonna have days where you slip up.

We all do, if you’re having a bad day emotionally with family or boyfriend, or something you’re gonna naturally want to for me eat more. However, I always think it’s those days that you don’t want to work out that most people give up on, and you just need to stick to it.

Consistency is what’s going to make you see those results, you don’t have to give it your 100 each time as long as you show up, and you do it over a period of like three to four months, you’re going to see some quite drastic results.

Do you want to tell us a little bit about your diet? I have like four meals a day because I’m always so hungry, I’m a creature of habit.

When it comes to breakfast. I have like protein oats with like bananas, apples, peanut butter, chocolate spread like everything. So good and like lots of noodles rice dishes, I’m actually the worst cook.

I gave myself food poisoning four times one year, wow yeah at home, yeah it was, it was really bad. I’ve also managed to set things on fire.

Okay, I thought I was about cooking. I can cook pretty well, but the process of cooking is not easy because I like to do everything really fast, and sometimes I cut my fingers before I got into fitness.

I used to eat out like four times a week. I still do like once a week. Instead of four times a week, moderation right, I can’t go a day without chocolate.

I start crying. As I said, I like cheese, a lot, that’s probably how I got quite big in the first place. I can’t stop eating cheese. What’s your favorite cheese, actually halloumi or camembert? Oh, I love coming back.

How do you try like baked? Remember yes with the chutney or like the onions in it? Oh good, and then I really love it with honey as well. Sometimes people focus a lot on restricted diets like i think it works for some people for sure, but it definitely did not work for a lot of people, including me, and that’s the reason why.

I asked the question because someone said like false things about your diet, and you clearly do not restrict based on the things that you said you just basically try to eat healthier and eat out less some of my results, video they blew up, and they keep asking Me, what do I eat show us videos what you eat in a day, but I try to refrain from giving people too specific advice about what to eat because I don’t want to like to make people think they should do.

The same. Everybody’s body is different. I already eat generally healthy before I started your workouts so more whole foods, but not strict or restrictive, and try to be balanced. Is it the same as you, or do you have liked a stricter diet? I just eat whatever I feel like eating, but I don’t overeat.

I used to overeat a lot when I was bulking, and I was used to big portion size and then after I got off bulking. It took me a long time to get used to eating like normal portion again.

Definitely not restrictive because I don’t think restrictive diet works for most people. Maybe it was for some people, but for me, it just does not work and also, I agree with you with not telling people what to eat everybody’s different. What works for you might not work for others, yeah.

I need to buy some new stuff. My exercise stuff’s, like immediately small, it’s always exciting. It’s crazy that, like your sizes, have changed over the months. What’s even worse is before my fitness journey. I was like wearing size.

10 I was not a size 10, I must have been like a size 12. And I thought it was normal to unbutton my trousers after every meal, and now I look back i’m a size. 8.

Now i wore my prom dress from when I was like 18 out to dinner in London the other day, and I got so many compliments, and I was like okay, just quite eat, dress and off. It was insane, it was such a moment.

For me, that’s a really nice feeling right, being able to fit into your old clothes. I think it was the first time it sunk in that I’d lost quite a lot of weight. I cried. I called my mom, I was like yeah. I didn’t realize.

I’M really small. Now, do you do like my wake-up workouts? I did your first get fit one. The 2020 I actually had to work my way up to it, so I attempted one day of it.

After a few of your programs and one video just killed me – and I told myself not, yet I’m gonna wait until I get a little bit stronger before I attempt it so then after I got strong enough for it, i actually really liked it.

I had a gym membership like eight years ago, and I never went to the weight section, so I wouldn’t even know how to lift weights properly but adding the weights in.

I really like it, I’m seeing a lot more muscle definition coming up it’s challenging, but not in a like push yourself in a hit way. Probably will alternate going back to this one. Every other challenge just to keep like strength up. I’ve also noticed some back muscles, and I’m like.

Ah nice, I love back muscles. I live for that I’ll, never miss a back day because I love working out my bag yeah. I didn’t even know you could have muscles back there.

You know, I actually want to learn how to do pole dancing because that’s kind of hot, my husband went with me when he went. I felt it was really funny, and then there was once where his balls were caught in the pole.

Oh, my gosh, both are caught in the pole, yeah yeah. He liked it at first, but then later he felt it wasn’t for him, so he stopped, but he knows a bit of the basics, but not very advanced in poll.

Thank you for replying to the email. It’s really nice to chat to you, you’re such a sweet girl. Thank you for choosing me.

I’ve noticed your result because you’ve done so much, and you’ve tagged me. I think you use the hashtag or something right. It’s a lot like scammy ones, like not working with me, like just selling products.

When it’s a result, you notice that here I’m like you’re clearly selling something here, don’t use my hashtag, but there’s nothing. I can do about it, I’m so grateful.

I started working out. I’M so grateful to you because I think a lot of what’s happened in my life recently as well is due to me being bitter, more active, I’m definitely a more positive person. My mood is so much like happier all the time. It’s not just changed my physique. It’s changed, like every aspect of my life.

What I do on weekends now is different. Like a site thing, I go hiking instead of just like sat on my own watching TV, it’s been a complete lifestyle change for me. I love your story.

It’s amazing! It’s really inspiring, I mean I just followed what you were putting out there, but like listening to how it has changed.

You make it happier, and all of that that makes me feel like what I do is kind of worth it because I never felt like I’m doing anything, I’m just putting out workouts, I’m just, just working out girl on YouTube right but like to hear that help. Someone out in a little way it makes me happy yeah, definitely not little.

For me, it’s huge. Do you want to like to give a quick shout out to your Instagram or anything you want to shout out to all your friends and say: hey to my friend, Laura hey? She says she finds me inspiring, and I lack that self-appreciation to find myself inspiring.

So, she always tells me that I’m inspiring, and I’m grateful for her words, Laura you’re amazing, to say that to her, and I also find me very, very inspiring and motivating I really do think so from the school.

Thank you. You guys, if you are interested in anything with fitness or cold dancing or progress, feel free to check out my channel. It’s iron x, doll on Instagram and YouTube. Thank you, guys, check it out.

Links are in the description box. As always, you know what to do. Give us some love, say nice things. Like your videos, comment. My Instagram is active, underscore hattie, give me a follow and I like to post transformation photos.

You do have a lot of great photos, guys, check it out. I found her through her Instagram. You tagged me a lot and then eventually I was like. I know this girl, I’ve seen her before, I’ve seen her after many months. I was like okay, this girl has done a lot.

I didn’t actually think you’re seeing them again. Thank you. This is crazy. For me, this is a dream. Come true like actually having a conversation and like getting to meet you so speak has been so nice and thank you so much and yeah.

I just you’ve changed my life, no worries you make my day, but thank you so much, well, when you’re in California. Let me know I do want to hang out if possible, of course, of course, like similar age group, you know I’m in the UK.

Let me know because I would love to actually meet in person. I don’t know if that’s weird or not, but that’s not weird, that’s not weird. It’s honestly, I’m not a serial killer.

I’M kidding, I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Thank you for the chat, Chloe so nice to see you here really nice to meet you sally, we’ll speak soon. Okay, take care, bye, all right, see, ya, bye, bye, bye, bye! I can’t hang up because I’m too excited, so you’re gonna hang up. For me.

All right, I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video and big shout out to sally harry and po for being part of this. I really appreciate that. I hope this video gives you some sort of motivation or inspiration towards your fitness journey.

Please smash that like button. For me, let me know if you guys want to see more of this and leave a comment down below and I’ll see you guys in the next video bye, bye,

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