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Cinnamon – The Marvel Spice?

Cinnamon is a brownish highly-aromatic spice with an extremely unique flavour that is added to both sweet and mouth-watering foods. The spice is really the inner bark of cinnamon trees.

There are 2 primary types of cinnamon: Ceylonese or ‘real’ cinnamon, and cassia cinnamon Both types are acquired from related ranges of trees.

Both types of cinnamon are gathered by scraping off the trees’ external bark and then spying off the inner bark. This inner bark consists of an external wood part surrounding the strips of cinnamon

The difference between the two types is that the wooden part is discarded when gathering Ceylonese cinnamon, allowing this type of cinnamon to be rolled into stick-like quills that are then cut into finger-length sizes once dry.

When cassia cinnamon is produced the wood part is maintained. Cassia is not flexible enough to be rolled into quills so it normally comes as pieces of thick woody bark.

Less than a 3rd of the worldwide production of 35,000 heaps a year consists of Ceylonese cinnamon

Most of this type is produced in Sri Lanka though it is likewise grown in the Seychelles and Madagascar. Indonesia produces about two-thirds of the worldwide supply of cassia cinnamon, which is also produced in China, Vietnam and India.

Ceylonese v cassia cinnamon.

Ceylonese cinnamon has a light-yellowish brown colour and a finer and more crumbly texture than cassia, which is medium to light reddish brown and is tough and woody in texture.

The flavour of real cinnamon is thought about more fragrant and more subtle than the harsher taste of cassia cinnamon.

Ceylonese cinnamon quills include many thin layers and can be ground into powder quickly in a spice or coffee mill while cassia sticks are much harder.

Some sticks of cassia are so hard they can harm a domestic spice grinder and so this cinnamon is generally offered ready-ground.

It’s easy to see the distinction distinguish between the two kinds of cinnamon when the barks are entire. However, once they have actually been ground into powder there is practically no visual difference and they can only be distinguished by chemical analysis.

Having the ability to recognise the two varieties could be important for your liver as we’ll see listed below.

Use of cinnamon.

Cinnamon is principally utilized as a dressing and added flavouring in cooking. Its flavour is due to an important oil that makes up 0.5% to 1% of its composition. This oil has a golden-yellow colour, a quickly identifiable odour and an extremely hot fragrant taste.

In the Middle East, Persia and Turkey, cinnamon powder is added to a wide array of savoury and sweet dishes. In the USA, a cinnamon-sugar mix is used to flavour cereals, bread-based dishes (eg, cinnamon toast), and fruits (eg, cinnamon apple).

Cinnamon is also utilized in the making of chocolate and lots of desserts, such as apple pie, doughnuts, cinnamon buns, spicy sweets, coffee, tea, hot cocoa and liqueurs.

Nutritional value of cinnamon.

Ten grams (about 2.1 teaspoons) of ground cinnamon include:

Energy: 103.4 kJ (24.7 kcal).
Fat: 0.12 grams (1.2%).
Carbohydrates: 8.06 g (80%) of which fibres: 5.31 g (53.1%) and sugars: 0.2 g (2%).
Protein: 0.4 g (4%).
All in all, it appears like cinnamon is great things.

Benefits of cinnamon.

Cinnamon is used in standard medication to deal with muscle spasms, throwing up, diarrhoea, infections, the acute rhinitis, anorexia nervosa, and impotence. Modern research suggests that this spice might undoubtedly have some helpful residential or commercial properties.

Researchers in Tel Aviv University have mentioned that an extract from cinnamon bark can hinder the development of Alzheimer’s illness. According to the National Institutes of Health in the USA, cinnamaldehyde (a chemical found in cassia) can help battle fungal and bacterial infections.

Research studies on plants utilized in standard Indian medication have concluded that extracts from cassia are effective versus HIV-1. Other research studies have discovered that eugenol, a chemical found in cinnamon vital oils, inhibits the replication (in vitro) of the virus that causes herpes. And, according to a neurological researcher at Rush University Medical Center, cinnamon may assist halt the damaging process of multiple sclerosis.

Though promising, the majority of these conclusions seem to be theoretical as they are based, as far as I could learn, on lab tests and have actually not been proved in replicable medical trials utilizing human topics.

In addition, the big question for diabetics is: … can including an everyday dosage of cinnamon to the diet plan assistance control blood glucose levels?

Diabetes and cinnamon.

When I was first learning how to beat my diabetes, I discovered that you can use cinnamon to cheat on a blood sugar test for diabetes … in which you take a sugary drink to see how well your body keeps your glucose level under control.

To blunt the glucose spike, all you have to do is to consume two teaspoons of cinnamon up to 12 hours before the test.

I researched the matter even more and discovered that cinnamon can cut fasting glucose levels by up to 30%. Within a few days, my typical glucose levels on waking up had dropped by nearly 0.5 mmol/l (9mg/l) or about 8%, rather a bit short of 30%.

I explore the amount and discovered that a teaspoon a day appears to be required to make a significant distinction in blood sugar levels, while a half a teaspoon has little result.

Later I found that a number of studies have actually revealed that including cinnamon and cinnamon extract in the diet plan may help type to control blood glucose levels.

Nevertheless, a Cochrane review (a meta-analysis summarizing and analyzing the outcomes of medical research) published in 2012 discovered that cinnamon disappeared effective than a placebo in lowering haemoglobin A1c (HbA1c), a long-term measurement of blood glucose control.

In spite of the Cochrane review, there is still an agreement that cinnamon can help enhance glucose levels for diabetics. But, according to a study released in Diabetics Care, for cinnamon to be effective you would need to take in approximately 6 grams (about three teaspoons) of it a day. Ingesting large amounts of cinnamon on a daily basis could have an adverse effect on your liver. The problem is coumarin.


Coumarin is a natural fragrance and flavouring discovered in many plants.

According to Germany’s Federal Institution for Risk Assessment (BfR), relatively low everyday doses of coumarin can, over a few weeks, damage the liver of especially delicate people. Once the persons affected stop taking coumarin, this is not permanent damage and reverses.

The BfR has established a tolerable daily intake (TDI) of 0.1 milligram of coumarin per kilogram body weight per day. The European Food Safety Authority recommends the same maximum daily intake of coumarin.

Coumarin takes place in high concentrations in cassia cinnamon and the BfR suggests that large quantities of this cinnamon need to not be consumed. By comparison, Ceylonese cinnamon only contains low levels of coumarin which the BfR considers safe to eat.

However nearly all the research studies done on the blood sugar impact of cinnamon were done on cassia cinnamon. Research studies done on Ceylonese cinnamon do not show a blunting of the glucose spike when this cinnamon is ingested prior to a blood glucose test.

It might be that the active component in cassia that blunts the sugar spike is coumarin.

It appears that if you get the toxin, you also get the benefit. This recommends that the sensible thing to do would be to avoid taking cinnamon to decrease the glucose spike after meals.

Of course, you could stick to just using Ceylonese cinnamon, even though it seems to have little effect on your blood glucose levels. As cassia is, quite legitimately, called cinnamon, you have no way of knowing whether you are taking Ceylonese or cassia cinnamon.

Give up cinnamon?

It seems that cinnamon can no longer be thought about an effective and safe treatment for diabetes … if it’s safe (Ceylonese), it’s inefficient … if it’s effective (cassia), it’s not safe.

So, should I quit on my daily scattering (teaspoon) of cinnamon? My response is No.

Cinnamon consists of other benefits besides its capability to blunt spikes in sugar levels. It has powerful anti-oxidant material … much better than cloves and nearly as good as purple cabbage.

As any damage to the liver from coumarin is reversible, I see no factor to quit blending a scattering of cinnamon into my porridge (oatmeal) each morning.

I have regular tests done on my liver function every 9 months or two and my liver, so far, is doing fine. Obviously, as soon as any adverse affects are observed I will get rid of cinnamon from my diet.

The very best method to beat your diabetes, naturally, is to reverse it by adopting and sticking to a healthy plant-based diet … with or without cinnamon.

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