INTENSE ABS FAT BURN (7 Day Flat Belly Challenge) | 30 minute Workout

INTENSE ABS FAT BURN (7 Day Flat Belly Challenge) | 30 minute Workout

We think well that hello, what’s up guys, how are you and very different backdrop today? I’M probably I may be slightly red, I’m hoping I’m bronze, but I make me slightly red. It was my birthday, so I’m gonna move on to the workout, but yeah, we’re actually on a little state-space staycation, and I’m very chilled here in Dubai and yeah. This is the start of a new week. This is actually the start of a new challenge.

Is a 7-day, apps and flat pellets flat belly flat tummy, whatever you want to call it flat stomach tone stomach challenge. So, I really hope you’ve already got the program, the guide and, if you haven’t, please make sure you read the description for how to get it cuz. I literally get thousands upon thousands of DM.

It’s like. I don’t know how to get it and honestly, all of it is written in the description for you, so all you got to do is download it from my website by entering your email, address and yeah, that gives you the full seven-day guide.

I also want you guys if you can, to take progress shot today commit okay. That makes you commit it’s only seven days long. You got one day off, and that is at the weekend either on Saturday and this is gonna be freaking epic. So for today’s workout, please grab a towel so quickly. Reynolds now grab a towel.

We’re gonna be done if you’ve got one. If you have the, please don’t work now, we’re gonna be doing three circuits at nine minutes. Each we are gonna be going in we’re literally gonna be burning, and this is gonna be quite different.

Okay, so hope, you’re ready for something different from an epic I’m so chilled. I feel like I’m probably gonna, say some words wrong and long wrong and the bed is right there and, to be honest, I’m tired – and I just ate an entire pizza to myself, and it was bloody, beautiful right so very makeshift.

We don’t have the timer guys, but you know what it’s like in the leave with early household, and we’re just gonna go with it. So, timer is here 45 seconds on each exercise at 15 seconds off we’re actually starting off with our towel.

So, I’ve got a really big towel. It doesn’t matter what size of towel is, but what I want you to be roll it into a log. Okay, so just spend a second now rolling it into a log and better still, if you have a roller, you can use that instead, so just mix be rolling up.

So, it’s like that like a little log, is that one screamed in terror. Can I give me yeah Emma means, ask me if they need trainers? Yes, no, oh cool! This is cool it with that we’re going to be targeting in this area. Kick we’re going to be burning it.

Some of the exercise will be super, super slow and controlled, and some of them will be a bit faster, but no standing this one. This is a very different guide to normal.

Yes, there are going to need further cardio fat burn, but not today. Well, not in this work, the other one okay, so I’m ready to come down onto your towel. Okay, if you know that you’re going to struggle a little bit, also grab a pillow and just have it there for your head.

Should you need it? Should you need it, you want your tailbone onto the towel, and then you want it to go in between your shoulder. Blades we’re gonna go over fifty and second countdown – and I told you this – this is different. Okay, so from here the chin is tucked to the chest. The core tight and the lower back is flat into max look forward, relax the shoulders and lift one leg up for me and just start up there.

You should fill up that corner working, I’m going to be doing a lot of talking today. This is questionable, so just stop quiet music. In the background now try it. You can remove yourself and restore balance to lift the other leg as well and just hold that you should be feeling the core. So, I know I need to go down.

I need to be here: okay, Holt, pull that core in tight now. If you can try to straighten out single leg stretch under it back in breath out straighten breath in draw back, if you need to drop that head down okay, breathe!

No, you can keep those legs up if you need to drop them down, but otherwise keep them up. Keep that chin to the chest of you can look forward, we’re now going to tap the toes down and bring it back up again into physics head down. If you need to breathe, let’s go breath out right there.

Just Molly is saying that our that’s my spine is there anything she can do to make it easier. Just go without the top yeah anything, that’s painful. You lit you just modify to work for your body and a foam. Roller is much harder still or there’s something cool to pull up to the mobile which we’re thinking of bringing out just because they are so freaking phenomenal. They work an sports to another level.

But for now, go without all of these can be done without breath. Trying to scoop is hot. It’s good keep going good and again, try it hold guys. Well, you don’t want to happen. Is your back to arch like this?

You want to be an imprint. Okay! Keep holding back, keep breathing keep looking foolish okay come if you can’t even try hub around, which is really fun. Okay, so I’m gonna go but still breath out half-birthday why you are killing it by the way. What do you think of this backdrop?

I want a limpid either implement. Is it okay hope, I’m gonna drop the legs down from self no gonna lie? My tummy is like almost cramping. How are you feeling quickly take a second to let me know, but while my core is on fire, so we’re gonna go with exactly the same thing. We’re gonna cost me mm painful top.

This is the last one on the top hold there to start off with we’re now going to open the left leg out and draw it back in I’m right. My abs are written by a oh, my god, everyone’s feeling, good Emilia W is feeling good. Just Molly says it’s been Tasha is loving this okay, we’re now going to take that out.

We’re gonna place it even between the knees we have a full pizza using the arm. Then we come back to our biting point, touch the floor and then all the way down and don’t enjoy that pillow too much behind you pillow by.

Ah, I can’t just stay there, but you’re not allowed okay. What that court breathe, depends on it, and then you have to control it back up. Great blacks should be feeling that now drop the towel off. You don’t need it. You’re gonna be opening the legs apart.

We’re gonna be gone with a flag. Stick top okay people should be able to say that now and then, so you’ve met its bill it in 40, which I believe not that food choice. Australian, literally just came up from the pole. Hey guys, come on. You wanna make it harder.

You could be quite a temple. Okay, you need that towel again, I maybe it would be the smaller power that starts with this okay. I want you to roll this, just like that. Okay from that, what you’re going to do is cook that skull around your feet. I’Ve done this on Instagram, asleep right when they’re going to go into a reverse crunch.

As we come up, we’re gonna try and hold either get both straight legs. Let’s get chest open if you come up, breathe, breathe, [, Music, ], Crazy Legs is my color black dye. Really, that good way now trying to hold. I think I’m like very nearly all right, but missus. I brought last time.

This is a new place. This is on yeah. First, I went we’re gonna a hotel. At the moment. I am okay, the crust that what you do is hop one legs down trying to hold that balance.

Okay from that yesterday, we found out that we got three full of this is not if we’re moving in about the week, been gathering the Audrey Miller, and I’m so excited about it. If the landscape, the comment so exciting: three by three, there’s not it and now two more and last one good. I can’t try and come back in now, I’m just gonna move myself to the, all right! Oh yeah, oh yeah. First, that get done.

I thought that was pretty fun. It started off torturous as I got a little bit more fun. Okay, the next two circuits. What we’re doing we’re going in with this? I realize how much I said that until you look quick to get out and all that, oh okay, a little bit too much okay, we’re going in with speeding it up!

This is where we’re getting into fat-burn territories at nine minutes again guys. I do want you to keep the pillow quite close by because you are gonna need it for a few exercises, but not the towel. Okay, 15 seconds how’s. Everyone feeling need to. Let me know, okay, so the villain so we’re starting off with some bicycles.

We’re actually gonna hold on the seventh bicycle: let’s go one, two, three four five six seven and hold when that becomes in we’ll find it five, six seven and hot: lets goodbye February, typically pay something slightly different. What we’re going to be doing is reaching to the toes, but on the next one we are going to reach through 8 X, 4, 3 3 XS, like so, come on, keep it hurry guys engage that cold. Why would we bother to do tonight? The next episode, all right? Lastly, gonna come up with cool clothes.

Now I’m gonna use the dead bugs. This is going to mix up your prediction a little bit we’re going to show the tax on. Only for the third quick-like so lift up for me. Just pull the core in nice and tight breath, engage those stomach muscles, we’re literally shipped the body weight and taxes, keep it a super control. Four: three: two, tight red coming across the ball.

Underneath now, you know exactly what these are because two forums and back up again: okay, okay, that’s ready how we’re doing for my clean-up this people, the pulled around or in the house guys that you live, but it doesn’t make sense, even the knees or an All right can that be cool to quickly collect, but it is helps me reach for people like you.

I would really appreciate it. Oh, six hours, reading full-time post, so they are tech hose gonna come higher level, get some feet under one. Please, three good ideas: gonna go straight up to that on the side sweep the legs the route we are getting, that we are getting that tear it down today, 0:01  three, that’s fabulous. I wish I actually do.

Okay, hundreds up next guys, then we’re going into debt box double-neck tabletop. I think you look fine that beat now we’re going to breathe this guy in two three pull right out: six: three: if you’re a boss, straighten back, then keep breathing good, now pull some strings.

Some really nice behind that fence back breathe, come on what, if you like, rhythms, intense bucks now the pillars right people, the keys on the upper part of your legs? Okay, I want them to do on the basket enough. Well, this is actually a very valid point.

See this next up see, you know we remember the Moodle dead, bugs when I say sprint we’re going to start to do. Town, okay, so questions, please let me know your next break legs up. Do you like to know how long is left? It’s like slow, like the Alex. Doesn’t care he’s not like her?

You don’t really care about time. All right! Look! We ran, I need to know good mother like I just give up so that make you know how much love good luck good. So now I kind of have liked an inbuilt timer in my body 25 seconds.

Thank you.. Okay, here we go. Are you looking at the sweat on me whatever? Thank you, smell sweat cities for coming I’d, actually don’t sweat that much normally, I’m not a sweater, but my upper lip right now is dripping.

Do you be sweating massage? What’s that there’s the beach? That’s what we’ve been saying guys will show you at the end. Okay, last minute, I’m sorry to say it, but this is the nasty nine minutes. Okay, so have your pillow close by you’re gonna need it just for a few exercises, but this is all tightness.

It’s all planks with a lot of points in this one: okay, Guyo 15 factors with starting off in a bullfight with dot across with an up/down qualify, shoulder tap, shoulder tap awake that beat you on the knees or in the feet of you can come on up.

Get ready in four three two: let’s go! What Brian Mauck way by move the feet? A little wider night support, babe good one, two three four tap and get back neck crap it down on the forearms. Okay, we’re gonna be doing a double hip dip into the center on the toes.

If you can be okay, so its stick: dip Center, yeah; okay, I mean it Phil 29, but all right put over by Nicole a quick spritz find the beat for three, ready,  25 seconds fifteen seconds, in distance, I’m actually pretty pink, no like okay, but it’s already gonna bun, hey robot you’re. Currently, three three: two children breathe in full: three, the doctor. It means like dying right now.

Did you oh yeah has underneath to smooth off the black okay, if you can dip no arms down by the side of the body entirely up to you guys all over the legs up to the sky, I’m going to be counting! You down for inquiry: Oh, three, two and one, keep those hands back.

We do know the flutter kicks like. We just did in two cute apps as low as we pass three three three going in three two legs up: let’s go, it’s faster. If you need to just have by your side, I actually have to like a sweat pair of knickers right now that I’m actually dressing. I am in Dubai. Okay, do you want to see the view guys Chuck through any questions you have, well done?

You made it, let me show you the view through the same: hey, don’t go too close, just in case the white, the white side. That’s a little bit weak outside, huh. I don’t grab this, so I can see the questions.

Uh yeah, I don’t know if I’m hoping I’m in this guy’s, can you see that, and I’m really hoping I don’t mess up the Wi-Fi connection bar yeah. So, this is where, and I’m gonna actually show you the indoors, so it hasn’t been cleaned today.

So, I’ve got a makeshift, obviously makeup of the bed, but oh my gosh, I’m so shaky. So, this is the room. Normally, this sofa and that’s so for there would be at the end of the bed. Oh my gosh, no way, so now.

Oh yeah yeah, I’m like where are they up to you say five after the next exercise, so I love the deck or and stuff in here.

So, all of these opens and closes the whole way round. Hey – and I love these, I’m obsessed with these mirrors. I want to get something like that in the new villa, but yeah, we’re just we’re literally just about to check out, so you can see and yeah. This is where Alex has been doing all the work.

That’s where the foam was balanced and yeah, we’re pretty much packed up.

Okay, yeah, should I put this and oh, this is a sorry double mirror. So, this is the same. Let me show you this well, okay, it doesn’t go the whole way, but can you see through?

I don’t know why, but there’s something this kind of for me feels like it’s all my little nephew just message this feels like like: what’s it called like sailor II, almost those flowers were for my birthday, not from Alex but yeah, oh my birthday, so any that’s. The view so the questions.

Yes, I see if there’s any question your knees, okay, what a fantastic thank you should, we sit out there all if it cuts out? Well. Sorry, I’m sorry! I want to get the view. Okay, oh my gosh.

This is very nice. Actually, this is so chilled all right. I missed Eddie we’re about to go and pick up Teddy from his little puppy hotel. That is so cool, and so I’m super excited to see him good morning from California good morning, and how do you crack your own back? I would never recommend cracking your own back.

The physio in me would never recommend that, and if you’re having back issues a hundred percent go and see a physio and where’s, my outfit from this is from look at you yep. So curly is right. This is look at sure that actually based in Dubai, and they have really beautiful stuff. They do this. Is them yeah, very sweaty?

Now, I’m not going to like. I don’t know what that was. Is it but it better to work out morning or night really doesn’t matter? It’s your own preference when you feel wax best for your body and best tips from staying motivated back mate. Its meta bit did that’s best tips for staying, motivated to lose weight.

Sign up to my weekly guides. You don’t have to be motivated, just tune in, literally just turn on your phone or your laptop and I’ll. Do the rest for you. I will shout at you. I will make you a card, but yeah.

That’s your motivation right there, and I’m sure some of you girls can confirm on that, Lily forever. That’s timeless Hamlet! Thank you! So much! I love you guys.

We are so nearly at 700 K like what oh, please tell your friends. Please tell your family, like I’m gonna, be so excited when that happens, and can you say hi my I’m really hoping I said your name right, ma, RI ma I am Maya, Maya, Maya, Rodriguez or laughs.

Maybe your Spanish – I don’t know, but hello, hey hi. Thanks for tuning in, hi from Australia, I’m doing work out at night. So, what should I eat after a workout dinner?

If you go to my previous guides, I have so many recipes unless you can’t choose any of them, and you want high protein if you can and meal plans and there are guided and recipes and everything let’s get loose 700s, that curries are Karen’s. Thank you. For my birthday, video, thank you everyone. I love you so much and okay.

I think we owe my lower backs coming off the mat when I do he’ll tap just take the legs a little bit higher until your back into imprint and your lower back no longer leaving the map.

Okay, I think I mean there’s absolutely not millions, but thousands of messages coming through. That was a very over exaggeration, and will you carry on doing the free weekly guides after lockdown as soon as the app is live, which I’m hoping 100% be within the next month, but yeah we’re really getting there with the app and the weekly guides?

Will stop, unfortunately, but I will still be uploading to YouTube, will probably be doing challenges yeah yeah rather than the weekly guides, and the videos just won’t be as long just because I’ll be doing all of them. Actually, that’s got that up um on the app instead. Ah, I think guys, I think I’m gonna have to love you and leave you because I only have 50 at 17 minutes to check out the hotel, and I want to film some install ready.

Please follow me on Instagram Kate. Thank you. So much have an amazing rest of your day. We’re done now we’re about to check out and go pick up Teddy. Okay, guys.

I love you very much. Huh, oh he’s turning it off over there. Okay, I’m just gonna end with this view, guys it’s a badge all lit up goodbye squad. I love you so much, see you soon.

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