INSIDE THE LEAN APP 🔥 Revealing All You Need To Know

INSIDE THE LEAN APP 🔥 Revealing All You Need To Know

Love you guys, hello, beautiful, Lena hello, beautiful, teddy hello, guys today we are celebrating because we are officially just over 24 hours until the project that i have been working on for a freaking year is finally launching, and this wasn’t supposed to be alive and then Alex And i were chatting we were like you know what this has to be alive, showing you guys through the app.

So here it is here, is the beautiful baby. That is the lean app here is a very tired, lily savory, because we have been grafting. Our butts off – oh yes, we’ve been building the booty while prepping for this, so we’re going to be showing you around. Is anyone tuning in?

How are we going? This wasn’t planned at all, so i’m like, if you guys, are here. Thank you very much and so yeah. Basically, what we’re going to be doing is showing you inside the app, because i know a lot of you have so many questions we’ll be answering your questions as well as we go along, but we’ll be changing up the angle. So that you can actually look inside the app, so you are ready for tomorrow: 6 p.

UK time 10 a.m, l.a time, 1 p.m, New York, time at 7, 00, p, M Germany time i never don’t want to say that but yeah if you’re, looking at what time it’s going to be wherever you are in the world just type in 6 p.

UK time, and that will tell you where you are in the world what time it’s Going to launch tomorrow, Thursday, 10th of June – oh yes, one year in the making, so let’s just start at the beginning guys!

So we had this idea it’s actually over a year ago. Now that’s a lie. I’ve been dreaming about having an app probably for about 10 years, but we had the idea of creating a lean app a year ago, and we actually spoke to you on a live workouts. This obviously isn’t a workout.

I think i was like mid burpees and i was like how would you guys feel about having an app um and obviously you all went wild. Our following was quite a bit smaller.

At that time we have maybe like 300 000, which is still amazing in the lean familiar but we’re now just short of three million, which is obviously just beyond crazy, um and yeah. We had this idea, we ran it past, you, girls and you were all just like yes, one million percent.

We want a lean app and at the time we were thinking, we wanted to um, effectively have classes for you, girls have them on a website, have a recipe library and where you can search recipes depending on like whether you want eggs that day or whatever you Fancy – and that was the initial idea – and we were really really proud of that idea and really excited now fast forward a year, we’ve gone from 300 000 subscribers to nearly 3 million subscribers and we were like okay, that’s that’s not good enough for our girls, like We want to significantly up the freaking game, and that is what we’ve done.

So we are launching the lean app tomorrow. It is literally the best way of describing it is. You know Netflix how it has everything you could possibly need in that one space to veg out and live life and love your evenings in front of the TV.

This is the equivalent of that for fitness and health, literally everything everything you could possibly possibly possibly need in one place to live your healthiest and, most importantly, happiest lifestyle and we’re considering not only your physical health, but also your mental health. So why is it taken?

A year, i think this video is probably going to show you. This is not your average app. This has everything that you have asked for. You have built this app with us, especially those of you in the private Facebook group and in our youtube lives. I’Ve been asking you pretty much every single workout.

What do you think about this and we’ve been developing it based on your feedback, so this is an app that has been developed with you for you, and i hope that every single time you open this app, it is going to literally fill with you of joy And you’re going to have the biggest smile on your face.

That is the goal. I want you to wake up in the morning, perhaps you haven’t had the best sleep or enough sleep and you’re like you know what that’s? Okay, because i’ve got lily right here and you can screen it onto your TV and get in the best mood for the day. So you want to see inside.

Is everyone excited yeah? Okay, guys, let’s have a little look inside teddy baby? My sleepy bp, look at him. Oh bubba, i’m gonna have to put you in your teepee.

You got in your ticket come on all right, guys we’re going to flip it down now, so you can have a little look and i’m going to talk you through the process of how it works.

Okay, right, let’s come around here, so here we go. This is the beautiful lean app homepage. This is your home plan for the day. Okay, so, basically guys.

This is for someone who has already signed into the app teddy just stole my chair, and you have already decided that you are a member of the app and we’re going to talk about subscriptions in a second, because there is free content on here.

So this app is for everyone to download tomorrow for your free content and obviously, if you want to subscribe, that’s going to up um unlock a whole load of new features. So this is us right here.

This is, if you have been through the process of designing a personalized guide for you, so i’m not showing you right that that right now, but at the beginning of logging in you’re, going to put in your baseline details, like your email address your name, then it’s Going to bring you in then there is an option to get a personalized guide, workout guide and a personalized meal plan for you specifically to help you achieve your goals.

Okay, so if you have decided to become a paid member of the app, this is what it’s going to look like. You are going to already have been assigned a guide in this case the booty pump and lean legs guide, because i would have selected that, as my goal, you would have already been assigned a personalized meal plan, which this is my personalized meal plan for the day And you have the option to obviously change it in and out as well.

So if you have become a paid subscriber, this is what it will look like now here. You can see that on this day, i’m on day one of 28 of the lean booty pump. Sorry and lean legs guide, and then this is what’s gonna happen, you’re going to literally click onto here, and that’s going to take you to your day’s worth of workouts and i’ll.

Show you now there’s a warm-up. There’s an activation there’s a main workout, a finisher and a cool down, and this is specific to you, based on the information that you’ve given, so you have given how many times a week a week, you want to work out you’ve.

Given your goal, your physical goal, whether it’s to burn fat and get abs, whether it’s to build a booty, whether it’s to build an hourglass frame you’ve, given that physical goal you’ve, given your weight, your height, which calculates your calories, macros and micros for the day you’ve. Given come on lily sabre your weight, your height, you have given how many times a week out your week.

You want to work out which i’ve already said and you’ve also told us how active you already are. So, basically, how much you currently work out and that will generate this personalized guide for you. So at the top here this i absolutely love.

You’Ve got a 51 minute workout day say, for example, you don’t have that long on this particular day and you want to take that down a little bit. You can choose toggling on or off the activation or finisher so check this out. If you take the activation off that drop down there to 47 minutes, if you’re like actually no, i i think i’m going to keep the activation, i’m going to drop the finisher there you go and what that will do down here. Is it grays out that video so you’re not doing that video for for the day, which is absolutely fine, we’re going to go into them in a second, but i just want to show you one other thing so here confirm that we’re going back. Can you see this button right here so on this button?

All you do say, for example, you and this this one’s intense just as an fyi, and you know how intense my workouts are, that is 30 minutes long say, for example, you’re like do you know what i cannot do that today. That is not my vibe, i’m not on that. Give me some bar give me some pilates you just literally.

Can you see that button right there you tap on it and then that will take you to the workout library where you can search what workouts you want and you can scroll through and have a look look and you literally switch it so coming back into here. This now shows you your workouts for the day, which one i don’t even know, which one to have a look at.

Let’S just go with warm up right, so this is how it’s going to work, and you can screen this to your TV. Of course you don’t have to just do it on the app itself. You click on it, okay, and what you’re going to do? You can actually press play all and that would take you through all of them or you can click directly on it. But let’s go with play all and it’s literally going to come up by the way.

We’Ll speak about this in a second which is your favorite section, the heart which you have requested so highly over the last year, because you’re getting fed up where you can’t favorite workouts on YouTube. We got you, we got you okay, so here all you’re gonna do is click to press play, and then you can flip your screen and also screen it onto your TV.

Everything, of course, is in real time and you’d press this. Here there you go and you’re ready to do your warm-up, which i think is friggin awesome, um. Also that’s what i said is it called cast yeah cast by me saying you can screen it to your TV i mean cast.

So basically it will go onto your TV, so you can do it there and also. I just wanted to show you guys. So if you let’s go to here, this is something that’s unique and different, so see here how you have the cardio full body.

Let’s just come on to this one, you can actually go directly to timestamps within it. So if you want to check out what each circuit’s like, you can press on it and it’s going to take you directly to it so say.

For example, here we press play. Oh, i love that outfit and you want to go straight to circuit number. Two. You can press on it. Okay, there you go and it skipped you straight to circuit two, which is phenomenal again here, and we even give you your up next.

How much time is left and modification, so the modifications are there for beginners for apartment friendly for knee friendly. I always always have got you guys, regardless of what your level is.

This app is for absolutely everyone. Okay, so you can also mark it as workout complete when you mark workout complete, i’m not going to show you now, because it’s a little bit exciting. You can share it to your Instagram, for you mark workout complete.

We have been collecting from you, your favorite sayings, something like, for example, i don’t sweat i glow, and that will come up telling you what workout you’ve completed what day it is of your guide, and then you can share that to social media as well, which i Think is freaking amazing, because then you are tracking and you are being proud of your achievements, which you should be because these workouts are not easy.

Okay, we’re also going to go on to this, which is one of my favorite features of the app it’s something that we honestly spoke about. So much with you, girls in the Facebook group.

You may not have known that we were actually collecting your opinions um, but also with the wider team, and we were looking at your feedback for the last year and we know how important music is like music is life? Look at this don’t forget to turn on your fave music and basically, the main feedback that we had is everyone has different opinions on music.

Everyone has things that they prefer. Don’t prefer. It also depends on the day right, like some days, I’m majorly fancying, some BTS and little mix other days. I’M wanting a little bit of old-school 50 cent like it really depends on the day and the five.

So what we’ve done through Instagram and the Facebook group we’ve collected your favorite songs, some of them fyi, are the songs that we use here on youtube like to fly.

We know you love it. We’re not gonna leave it out and we put together four different Spotify playlists for you and you can play those spotify playlists while you’re doing these workouts it doesn’t have to be the Spotify playlist. Okay, if you don’t want to go with that, you can of course play your own music, like literally whatever your vibe works with.

But this gives you flexibility, so you can i’m not going to go out because i don’t know what’s here, but you can literally play music play it on your phone. Then turn on the video and the music will play at the same time as me, teaching the class with you, okay.

So, oh and the favorite thing i didn’t show you that, but literally, if you wanted to you press that the heart will go solid and that will go into a section where you can track all of your favorite workouts, which is awesome.

I’ll. Show you that after right next up – and this is really important and something that i really want to tell you girls about my guide, so this obviously you’ve been allocated the booty pump and lean legs guide, i’m going to go into it now, so that just unlocked There did you see it unlock that’s going from the freemium version, so the bit that you get for free, which i’ll talk to you about in a second to the paid version where everything is unlocked.

Okay, so in this case you can go through and you can see your four week plan. The the guides are four weeks long, okay and you can see exactly what to expect.

As i told you on the day, if you don’t fancy that workout, you can of course change it out. That’S absolutely fine, but you can go through. You can check it out. It tells you how long they are.

One thing that i do want to point out, which is what we’re not used to here, because you’ve been doing the weekly guides with me now for over a year and the free weekly guides they’re.

Of course amazing. I love them. They’Ve been incredible, but what they don’t do is they don’t give you progressive overload? They don’t use science, the science behind fitness and health to progress as you go along to make your workouts harder, more intense, potentially longer which they are to help you achieve a physical goal and that’s what these guides are all about. They’Re four weeks long, they start off freaking hard, as you know, but don’t worry.

There are modifications throughout for beginners for knee friendly for apartment friendly, but they get harder as they go along. Okay. So, as you go through the four weeks, it gets harder. So you’ll see that they’re even sometimes getting longer. Okay, i’m at the end.

There 40 minutes, oh gosh, that is to 40 minutes of sweaty cardio kickbox, good luck and 45 minutes. So they get longer. They get more intense as you go along and then we’re also specifically picking the finishes and activations to help you achieve a certain physical goal.

Okay, so that’s the guides, i’m i’m going to show you oh that’s, Alex’s hand, and he comes all okay, teza, all okay. So i’m also going to show you um the guides now that you’re going to be able to choose from, but just before we go on to that you’re making it straight.

Aren’t you i know you he’s so ocd um so down. Here is your recipes for the day, so this is what you’ve been allocated for the day for your macros for your micros to help you achieve your goals.

Now just a note this here – and this again is something i’m super super proud of that we considered the calories are on show here. If you don’t want your calories on show, if you don’t want to see those numbers, if it’s triggering for you, of course, you can turn it off. It is literally as simple as going to settings up here and turning off.

Can i even show that i think i can go into settings and you’ll be able to see how it says macros here you just go on to it and it will say, show or hide, and then you just go from there.

So it really is that simple. It will also ask you that during the onboarding process, when you’re putting in what you want specifically and your baseline uh goals, is going to ask if you want to see it or not, and i think that’s something. That’S just protecting some people’s mental health, which is really really really important to us and helping you on your lean journey. So here are your meals exactly the same.

These are the meals that i’ve been allocated for the day. You can click on that switch button right. There on all of them – and that will take you straight to the recipe library where you can check out the other recipes and potentially change them in and out.

But i have to say, i’ve been allocating a good blooming day like that is a really nice. Look at that loaded, chickpea, burgers pancakes for breakfast, this pad thai, just as an fyi, is one of the nicest things i have ever tasted, in my whole entire life, and these this is Shawn’s recipe as well.

We have um a resident gosh couldn’t get my words out a resident recipe creator who has, i believe, around 20 recipes on the app which are like our a la carte recipes, they’re, absolutely phenomenal. That’s my recipe and it’s so good – the peanut butter, blondies okay, so that shows you through that day, we’re now going to go into the con. Oh sorry, shopping list Alex. Is there making sure i do everything shopping list? You can click on that’s going to give you all of your groceries for the day or for the week, so really really really helpful.

I think because you can plan out your week content, so this is probably my first or second favorite page. The recipes. One is also absolutely amazing, Alex coming in with the swipe there. This gives you a little taster of what to expect in this section. It started off that it was going to be like this big now.

Is this big okay? There is a hell of a lot just to show you at the bottom. This is where your favorite workouts are going to live so when you’ve hearted them. That’S where they’re going to live right there they’re easy to find so we’ll start off with the guides. We’Re launching with three guides all of them are four weeks long.

All of them use science, use my knowledge as a physiotherapist apply progressive overload. They get harder as they go on more intense to help you achieve your goals. So obviously, right now we have the booty pump one up on the screen on the home page on the plan page, but we’ll come into this one just to see what it looks like so hourglass sculpt. This tells you a little bit about it. You can press start guide and this is where it gets really fancy.

Okay, so you can select how many days a week you want to work out something that is a luxury. Obviously, in the um free guides that we’ve been doing the weekly free guide, you haven’t been able to do this. This is so personalized. You guys to you your goals, your lifestyle, so let’s go with. Let’S go with five five times a week, so it’s gonna select it it’s gonna generate it on a back end, and this has allocated now five days a week for you, okay.

So what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go in you’re gonna look at your guide. You’Ll see that you’ve got one rest day. There you’ll see that you’ve got another rest day there, which makes up your five days a week, and you can obviously look through the guide itself. So let’s go back into content, so that was your guides. That’S the way that that’s gonna work and a lot of you have been saying.

How do i choose, which guide to do, which i totally get like they’re all phenomenal, if you’re, obviously joining the app they’re not going anywhere.

You’Ve already got three months worth of guides there for you to rotate through or we’re obviously going to be, adding more and more content. So who knows when you’ll get to do them, but these guides are all amazing.

It just depends on what your goal is and what you fancy doing. The app when you put in your goal is going to automatically allocate you a guide.

So in this case the hourglass guide has been allocated based on what your preferences are and what you’ve said. Can you swap guides at any point? Of course you can. This is an app that is designed for flexibility to work around you, your goals and your lifestyle to help you achieve a healthy and happy and active lifestyle forever. This isn’t about quick fixes.

This isn’t about fads. This is about creating which we’ll go into a second and a lifestyle that you love and that you want to live, and that is healthy and amazing, because you deserve that.

So this here classes, this is showing you through all of the classes of which there are a heck of a lot. You guys, you can click on to view all and you can even search so say. For example, you wanted a pilates class you’re, just going to type in p and all of the pilates all of the classes that have pee and are going to come up.

So you can specifically search through everything, activations warm-ups, cooldowns, full classes and finishes. So that’s all there or, if you wanted to you, can just literally have a swipe through and have a little look at whatever you fancy, so that is there there’s the swipe feature there as well and then down here.

This is actually part of our free content. How to use your lean bands, so a lot of you have been asking for this. You want to know how to use the lean bands, what they can be used for, and also some free workouts in there.

So again, you can just go into view all we go through the different sections, the hip band, the long bands and the adjustable band, and then it’s going to take you through how to use it, how to set it up and there’s also free workouts so say For example, this one here this is a free workout. It’s 11 minutes long, there’s no point in showing you know what it’s like, but it’s 11 minutes long and it’s teaching you like live in a class. It’S a free, workout right there. Next up nutrition. This guys!

This is amazing, let’s just go in here to show you, but honestly, this is one of my favorite sections, just look how beautiful and vibrant and fun it is, and that, for me, is what food should be and nutrition should be. It should not be like a chore; it should not be eating bland foods.

It is all about loving life, loving food, experiencing food with your friends for yourself. This is about building a lifestyle where you have the most positive and beautiful relationship with food and living and loving life. So here we have our different sections.

We are working with our lean nutritionist. He is phenomenal. His name is Alan kenny. You’Ve met him on a lot of lives already he specializes in sports nutrition, but i love that he just keeps things simple.

It’S all about just keeping things simple, not overwhelming us making sure that we’re educated, but not you know, being intimidating with the words that are used.

So we’ve broken it into different sections. Lean nutrition, a very good section here, enjoying food and still getting results, which is what lean is all about, especially with lean foods launching very soon like this is everything i want you to love life and love food and enjoy the journey lean. Myth busting a really big one, will eating too much protein. Make me bulky. Well, Alan Kenny.

What do you have to say about that? And i’m not going to show you because you can check it out tomorrow and then next up you have how nutrition affects your body. These are questions that have been asked in the Facebook group, so um nutrition to support an inner glow. Oh, this one actually came up quite a lot nutrition around menopause we’ve taken all of the questions that you had and we’ve put them here, and this is just the beginning. So much more is coming so you are paying for this.

It is very, very, very, very affordable for all of this, and it will just continue to go up and up and up, as we add, more content, more challenges more guides, more recipes, just so much more more physio. So this is my little pride and joy. This section, obviously those of you who know already most of you know i am a physiotherapist.

I used to work in professional football professional soccer with premier league football clubs, and i have used all of my knowledge that i’ve learned over the last 10 years and poured it into this section, based on your based on your requests again in the Facebook group. In here, so we’ve broken into two sections again: there’s the search feature, injury prevention and pain management.

So for those of you who are already experiencing pain like lower back pain, this is a real time follow along video for six minutes where you can click on it and i physically teach you some exercises in real time to help with your pain.

This is more about preventing pain, okay, so helping with your posture. If you work at a desk for hours upon hours a day stretches that you can do at your desk and your wrist, if you’re prone to rsis from using your computer and laptop all the time. So again, you will exactly the same last section in here. Is your how-to section.

These, i think, look beautiful. Some of them are absolutely hilarious. Where i’m doing like i mean please, never ever do a plank like that, but i think it’s super important from a physio point of view to teach you what’s wrong and therefore how to correct it into what’s right with that mind-body connection. Where should you be feeling it? This isn’t as simple as me just saying: okay, here’s a deadlift!

Do it like this? This is me actually showing you and giving you cues verbal cues, where you should be feeling it throughout. So this is again a section that i’m super super proud of we’ll keep adding to it, but these were the ones that were the most highly voted, it’s exactly the same like in terms of it always being real time. We’re never gonna shortchange. You guys, as you can imagine, this has taken a year to film a year to film, and that is because everything is in real time.

Absolutely everything is about me being with you every single step of the way to help you live your healthiest and happiest lifestyle and i’m never gonna. Never ever gonna leave you guys with just a picture.

I’M always gonna show you. So don’t worry about that so right! That’S your content, section, which again, i have to say, is just one of my favorites super super proud of that right on to Alex’s favorite, because he is the person who gets to test all of these and has tested all of these over the last year.

Recipes. Oh, my gosh, you guys, oh, that by the way is amazing. Oh i just pressed into it. It must be fake, it must be as ah do you remember that that’s one of Sean’s, oh, that was so good, okay, so coming into this section, this is. I have to say probably my pride and joy joy section and just because i’m all about food, as you know – and this is where i would say a lot of my energy – has gone.

This is where i want you, girls to feel happy and literally smile when you open this page and excited about eating all these delicious foods. So when you go through the onboarding section, exactly the same again, you are gonna select what type of food you want to eat. Is it a standard diet, including meat? Is it pescetarian? Is it vegetarian?

Is it vegan and we cover all of those? Now we had some chats with you. Girls do you want to have flexibility? I know for a lot of you who are living a vegan lifestyle. You will be staying in this section and that is absolutely fine, but for other girls who are maybe trying to eat vegan eat plant-based.

I should say for 80 of the time, but also want to have a little bit of meat every now, and then you can look across all of them. It’S up to you if you choose to okay, so all of that is there.

You can also select all which is a really, really nice uh place to be because then you, you have kind of that pick a mix of everything. So it’s also broken into your breakfast, your mains, your snacks and the mains cover lunch and dinner across here. You can do the view all so.

Obviously you can look into all of them if you want to – or you can just swipe across and have a little look. It’S entirely up to you guys that was so good. Remember the mushroom and brie that actually wasn’t from long ago and what we’ve tried to do, where possible.

We’Ve actually done this as a vegan alternative as well, so there’s mushroom with brie, but then there’s mushroom and vegan cheese, yeah so and also scrambled egg on toast. We have a scrambled tofu on toast, and so we’ve done our best to accommodate everyone.

You can search in exactly the same way you just type in and that will bring up all of the um options based on. I think let’s go with eggs and this will bring up some egg meals there. You go super simple super easy.

We’ve tried to make it as easy for you guys to use as possible and and like i said from this recipe library of which there are hundreds of recipes, hundreds you can swap in and out on the day, so they aren’t going anywhere they’re all there. For you, and this will continue to grow and grow and grow.

Oh remember that so oh, this is oh! No, not this one. This is the chocolate one we have the um. Is it there? No, we have the vanilla version of this every single morning.

Now, with the new lean protein, don’t this is so good, that’s so cypriot! I don’t know if there’s any cypriots watching, but i had this growing up all the time. Oh remember Alan. All right, i’m going on a tangent right. You can also add in your custom meals.

So if you are, for example, having a pizza, takeaway or you’re going out for a meal, you can add that in you will specifically be adding in the calories. Okay, that’s super important for you to know so you’ll be adding in the calories, but if you’re someone who knows that you want to track it, okay, it’s entirely up to you if you’re someone who doesn’t want to track it and may be triggered by that.

That’S absolutely fine, but if you’re someone who does want to – and you still want to know that it’s in the app it’s there for you to check and always uh come back to and know where you’re at you can add in your custom meal as well, which Was something that you guys requested so again super super proud of that so on to probably the most calming page, i would say of the app our habits and journal section. I’Ve already got a few in here as an example. How cute is that?

I just think it’s so cute. It even has like love lily. I really wish i got my nails done before this, but i haven’t had time to leave the house in a very long time because we’ve been working on it. So, let’s start off with habit. This is something um that i feel very passionate about.

I’Ve done a lot of learning myself around James, clear atomic habits, one of my favorite books and it’s all about building habits that are going to better your lifestyle, and you, girls, know that i’m already super passionate about this, because in every single weekly guide that you Get there is a habit tracker. The issue is with them: it’s not um. What am i trying to say Alex? It’S not you’re not able to type into it. So it’s not digital.

It’S not digital. To use it in the weekly guides. You’D obviously have to print it out, which is, is not helpful right, but fine, but not helpful. So what we’ve done we’ve created this, which is far more detailed, you’re gonna go into here – and this, i have to say, is one of my favorite pages. It’S so simple, but i just think it’s so beautiful, so this is proven.

Okay, this is due to research. It takes 21 days to to form a habit. Okay, now, what James clear says in atomic habits is 21 days to uh form a habit, but you can actually have two days off during that you’re sorry.

You can have one day off during that, but if you have two days off in a row that takes you back to square one, so you want to always, if you’re having a day off, if you don’t achieve it, that’s fine, but really try and get to That habit the next day, if you can to continue with that streak – and this is a streak system so uh, what do we want? Let’S go for em all of these come up, so you actually asked for all of these girls.

Do you know how long this took we literally sieved through? I think it was thousands on the Facebook group of things that you would want now you don’t have to choose from this all right.

So it’s not a case of you have to do say, for example, what else would begin with an m move, my body for 30 minutes? You could type in move my body and even though it’s not there, you can create that as a new habit. That’S absolutely fine, but these are here oh moment of gratitude.

Ah, let’s go with that. That’S so nice so have a moment of gratitude. You guys would have chosen that so i would want to do that daily rather than weekly. You can also choose how many times a day you want to do it. I think realistically, i’d want to do that once and i probably need to start doing that and then you go into the time, and this is something that again is very unique.

You don’t have to have it, but if you want to i’m someone that really really, it really helps me with having these reminders, you can set a time for a push notification, so by 8 pm. I want to have done that and probably 8 p.m.

When i’m trying to zone out which never happens because we’re working till 3 a.m at the moment, i would like to try and do that that moment of gratification is that he’s at gratitude gratification and then you can choose your color and now you’ve done that.

That’S turning on a push notification that will come up on your phone for you, so let’s go with the raspberry today. I do love that raspberry and then you set it up. It’S going to come into this section, and this is where all of your habits are. How do you create the stars? Super simple one of my favorite features.

I don’t know why this gives me so much satisfaction, but you just hold down look and then your streak. Your one day streak is there and you get like a great job or a star which i think is really cute, so that is how you’re gonna track it.

As you start going into quite a lot of numbers, a little special something happens once you’ve you’ve gone over your 28 days and you’re going high into those numbers. You’Ll see it um, okay, so journal section here this. I love this i’m feeling great.

Today i complete ed 15 burpees, so this was one that i obviously started writing before um, but yeah there you go i’m feeling great. Today i completed 15 birthdays.

This is where you can write down your thoughts, your feelings, how you got on with the workout, how you got on with food. Did you enjoy certain food or it can be as simple as tracking your progress in this section, so tracking your progress doesn’t just come in physical form. It’S also your mental health so always bear in mind everyone’s different.

I’M not a writer, i’m a speaker, so i would always write quite basic stuff but – and it probably wouldn’t make sense to anyone else, but to me it frees my mind. It just means that it’s down it’s there. I can look back in six months time. If i get the annual membership and look back and go, do you know what i’m really proud of myself of how far i’ve come? So you can do that?

But if you are more of a visual person, you can also use images or both. This is really good for tracking your progress. Now. No one else is going to see this. It’S a private little place for you for your mental health, to release your thoughts to release your feelings, and this is just to support you on your journey on your mental journey.

So you can add progress, pictures or you can add something as simple as you just press camera or you can go from gallery. Actually you can add something as simple as a picture of teddy and i wish i could turn this camera right now. For you to see him, because he just looks so freaking cute he’s sleeping on my chair, um and then look one day till launch. That was the one that i wrote the other day. Then you just uh put that entry in.

So it’s as simple as new post add post there we go and then they’ll all be there for you for you to continue to scroll down when you’re months down the line. Okay, final one – and i am actually going to show you this and the team message just before saying.

Are you sure you want to show because it’s supposed to be a surprise, but we do have a new uh lean product launching on top of that, before i go in here we have a restock of all of our bands.

Our bands have typically sold out in under 15 minutes, normally it’s closer to like five to eight minutes. So what we’re gon na do is everyone who’s on the app and bear in mind.

You can download this app for free we’re, giving you early access to the bands tomorrow as soon as that launches. Okay. So, as soon as the app goes live, you can purchase the bands in the app.

So i’m hoping that all of you are going to be able to get the bands, because i know that it goes wild when those bands restock, so all of them are being restocked and we are launching the brand new lean skipping rope. This is not just any skipping rope.

This took us a hell of a long time to design with you, girls in the Facebook group, because on the handles we have a little quote. We’Ve also got the most beautiful rose color on the caps which we designed again with you girls. We chose the color, so it’s it.

I’M trying to describe how it feels the handle kind of velvet is the wrong word, but it’s soft. The handle is like so soft because i went through about 20 different skipping ropes to choose this one and it feels soft right alex.

This is a premium skipping rope yeah. It just feels so beautiful and soft and we’ve also kept it really really affordable. We looked at others that are like this they’re a hell of a lot more than this costs um, but we wanted to keep things as affordable as possible on here.

So on the bottom it says lean, which i know you can’t see there and then on the candle. It says: don’t wish for it work for it.

So, every time you hold that skipping rope in your hands and you look down and you’re doing, have you got both hands there wherever both my hands are in your hands and you look down and you’re doing a cardio box with me and i’m asking you to Skip – and you just want to stop it’s going to say, don’t wish for it work for it. We also have the restock of all of our bands, our two adjustable bands in the two colors and our hip bands absolutely brutal by the way they hit bats. Not so much this one for the extra strong and then all of the long bands are restocking in their set of three as well. So that’s all here! This is all going to be available as of tomorrow, 6 p.

UK time 10 a M la time, 1 p.m. New york, time, 7 p.m.

Germany time, i really need to know what to say German time: Germany, c-e-s-t 7 p.m in Germany. So here you go guys. I know it says: sold out they’re, actually all sold out right now, they’re not available, but as of those times tomorrow, they’re going to be available um do you want to show the process? I think so, if you were to want to purchase, say for example, you want one for you and your mum, because so many of you are doing workouts at the moment with your family, which just makes me so happy.

All you do is go to two buy. Now or add to car, it’s entirely up to you and by the way your car is up here, so that’s where it will all live and you can purchase directly in the app look at that Matt coming soon coming soon, it’s so blim and beautiful all right.

I think that’s everything right Alex so we’ll head back into the chair i’ll answer. Some of your questions, DJ Alex, is not in the house right now, but he will ask me some of the questions. I’Ve just rubbed my face by the way, so i’ve got like eyeliner everywhere on my face, so please don’t judge.

Okay, just gonna have a sip of water. Mr teddy poo, you are gonna have to come off of my chair, portable and guys. We’ll have a little chat if you have any questions, let’s go through that. Let’S chat about, i think the premium con version as well, so downloading it for free. Okay, sorry, i was just having my water guys teddy.

Do you fancy moving at all daddy anytime soon? Mister, oh hello, hello, come on come on baby. Can you come in your mommy’s lap? I know it’s so comfy. I like this chair as well.

Yes, thank you hi! Oh my heart, just absolutely melted come on lie down. Oh there you go my fluffy right. Is there questions coming through yeah? Just give me a second sorry: Alex is like trying to do a million things right now.

Oh guys, i hope you’re as excited as me, like i have to say today. I’M feeling calm definitely isn’t. The word like i am so look at my nose running that is i’m a little bit sleep deprived, i am so overwhelmed. Slash excited excited, slash nervous. I i don’t even know like.

I was trying to explain to one of my best friends earlier and she was just like so proud and she’s so lovely, and i was just saying like working on something for a year. I think is incredibly unusual right, like normally, you can go with like long-term projects like even when i think back to uni, and i was doing a dissertation.

That was like three months worth of work and that felt like forever. But a year like a full year of absolute graft – and i have to be honest with you and you know, i will always be honest, like it’s been a slog and we were looking back at like a year ago, when you know we were filming for the App and also doing like lives four times a week at nine p.m at night, and because we were trying to make sure that we were available for everyone around the world.

Like it’s been a slog, but like being with you, girls being able to change your life. Being able to like have an impact on your life to help you get that positive relationship with food and working out and just love working out like for me.

It’S way deeper than just achieving a physical goal. It’S about the energy that i can get across to you through a screen, hopefully one day in real life through an event, and that means everything and it can be nine o’clock at night and i’m exhausted, and i really don’t feel like it, which i’ll always tell You, if i’m i’m like struggling and i’ll push through from the moment we turn on that camera, and i know that i’m helping you and i’m with you i feel fulfilled like that, is literally it and from the moment i finish it’s a nightmare when it’s nine O’Clock at night i have all the energy don’t know Alex, i’m not sure like i could conquer the world like i’m just so happy and i think it’s jewel. I think i think it’s a two-way thing.

You guys don’t realize how much you have positively impacted. My life and changed my life and same in the other direction. I hope like like going on this journey with you girls, to build this app that i strongly strongly strongly believe is going to change. Your life has been the wildest journey and the most fulfilling journey.

I could have ever ever ever wished for, and i just hope that when you open this up for the first time and for every single time, moving forward every day when you go in there that you just you smile and you have the biggest happiest smile on Your face and energy in your body, because that is what this app is all about.

This is about you and you living your best life, and i hope that all of my energy and time and skills that we have put into this app is gonna change. Your life, i really do that’s that’s the goal.

That’s all i want, and please know that this is going to continue to grow. It’s going to continue to go up and up and up and up and up in content. This is the bare minimum that you’re going to have.

My goal is every week to two weeks to have new recipes on there to have new guides all the time new challenges all the time. I’M already thinking about a 10-day um shredded abs challenge, which will only be like five to ten minutes a day, but i just think it’ll be awesome that you can add in so yeah.

I’M proud, i’m happy, i hope you’re as excited as i am look. How tired i am i’m just like now, i think i’m just delirious and like this is happening. Isn’T it and yeah a few of you have been messaging, like, oh, my god, we’re gonna break the app store, i’m so excited like there’s.

So many of you that are going to be going on at the same time to the website to download the app, and i don’t think we’re going to do that. But i love your positivity and your support means the world, and i just know that.

However, many of us join tomorrow, this community is just going to grow, stronger and stronger and stronger to live our happiest lean lifestyle together, um, so yeah questions. Should we just quickly remind of times tomorrow so time’s? Tomorrow, 6 p, M GMT UK time 10 am.

in la 1 p.m in New York and 7 p.m. Cest. So that’s the time in Germany, just as an fyi app is launching worldwide we’re just saying those times, just because they’re nice little markers for you guys around the world and but the app is launching worldwide.

You can pay in your own currency worldwide, which we’ll go into in a second and to get the app at that specific time that i’ve just said. You go onto our website, which i know you’re very used to from the free guides in the past. It’S You go on to there, it will be, it will be right there.

Don’t you worry, you won’t have to search for it. It’Ll be right there and you can download the app right there, and so should we go into prices and stuff, i’m guessing. That’S probably the most is it all here i don’t have my glasses with me, ted’s, i’m so sorry, so they should make the account on the website. First, okay, teddy says you got to go to the website.

Oh lean with lily, Com – okay, maybe you stay here, go to the website and then make the account yes baby, make your account on the website, then Alex and then you can download then download it just follow the steps right follow the basically just be on the website at that time.

That’S all you’ve got to do and then just follow the steps we’ll make. It super super easy for you because i know hello. I know a lot of you, i’m so sorry. I know you want to stay. I know a lot of you go to your TV.

He wants to get back up. Doesn’t he i’ll be two minutes ted’s? Then you can come back up okay, so i just need to show you the prices so go to the website at that time. Leanwithlilly.Com and that’s where you follow all of the steps – and these i’m gonna outline now is doing the stretches good morning teddy.

These are the prices for you guys again what we’ve done. We’Ve gone with three currencies, so we’ve gone with pounds, uh dollars and euros for your example, but – and that’s us dollars by the way um.

But all you’ve got to do – is just chuck that into google. That will give you how much it’s going to cost transfer in your uh currency and you can pay in your own currency. There’S literally like hundreds of currencies, you can pay in so you should be covered.

So we were saying even in Malaysia, you can pay them. Rupees and ringgit: what’s rupees INDIA, INDIA, rupees ringgit? Oh there’s, there’s rupees yeah in a lot of places, Dubai, Durham and so right, let’s go through it.

So we’ve tried to make it as a lot of you guys know. Is there anyone even here yeah, okay cool?

I love you thanks guys um, because i’ve already covered this on Instagram and the Facebook group, so i’m like um. I don’t know if you already know but we’ll go through it. So we’ve tried to make it like as affordable as possible.

Obviously, um the amount that we’re offering is, in my opinion, and i’m sure in yours now you’ve seen it like absolutely phenomenal. I i, when i look back at it.

I just have pure pride like that is what i have i’m totally honest pride and excitement for you to get your hands on it and when we first started talking about a membership through a website, we were saying you know: it’ll be pounds between 10 to 15 Pounds a month – and that was obviously just to have random classes, workouts and random recipes, which still would have been great now, we’ve obviously built this whole freaking lifestyle ecosystem, where you can like build it specifically to you and your goals like it should be.

In my opinion, i’m sure you agree a hell of a lot more than that 10 to 15 But i’m incredibly proud to say that, even though we’ve invested a hell of a lot of time and money, we are keeping it as affordable as physically possible. We’Ve taken it actually down to the bare minimum of that 10 to 15 bracket in pounds.

So in pounds for all of this, for your personalized guide for your personalized meal plans for a full recipe library for a full nutrition. How to all of that journal habit tracker?

We have monthly cost a monthly cost of 9 pounds 99, which i said is under what we initially thought for something that was going to be like one percent as good as this.

I don’t know if that made sense, but you know what i mean like 100th. As good so 9 pounds 99 per month, 13.99 in u.s dollars and 10 99 in euros, so that’s the monthly cost.

Okay, if you are going for quarterly, which is three months or annually that price significantly drops okay, so i’m going to tell you now for quarterly in pounds it’s 24.49 dollars, it’s 33.99 and in euros is 27.99, and that is a 15 saving. If you pay for the three months up front the quarterly, if you want to go for annual, so if you want to pay for a year, this means it will be one-time payment, and you have this for a year.

You literally have all of the content that i just showed you for a year plus way more because we’re going to be updating all the time weekly monthly, depending on what it is, there’s going to be more and more and more and more and more content coming This is the price for that one-off payment for the year. It’S a 33 saving. I always get it wrong. I say 30 It’S 33 saving pounds: 79. 99 us dollars 111 euros, 91 euros 99.

I’M gonna say that again, basically, 80 pounds 112 us dollars and 92 euros, and that is for the full year now um. If you do that, just have to think about that yeah. If you do the annual membership, you actually get a free seven-day trial, so you’ll log in you’ll give all of your details.

Hello, teddy uh you’ll, give all of your details and you’ll be given us a free, seven-day trial prior to your membership starting for the year, and is there anything i haven’t covered free, okay, so ted? You want to come back.

Come here teddy teddy, come here! No! Okay, he doesn’t want me anymore. He wants daddy, come here so for your freemium come on up good boy! Oh, you know your shot, my shoulder so for the free version guys and this app is 100 free for everyone to download.

So you can go into app store, you can download um or you can go onto the website. I should say you can download. It is available on um android and what’s it called apple, iPhone, apple, yeah, apple, IOS and android, and so that is for uh.

The website you go on to there all you’ll do it’ll, ask you for an email address and your name, i believe, and you’ll go in, and you will see absolutely everything now as part of the free download which again i’m super proud of, and this is something That we’ve worked on, we are given giving 17 pieces of free content 17, which is pretty amazing. Just to give you an idea of what that includes.

That includes all of the videos about the lean bands for free, so how to use them, how to set them up what they’re used for and workouts there’s workouts in there as well fyi. If you do have the lean hip band, it’s a finisher.

It’S a cardio finisher. I think it’s only five minutes long and it was the death of me like it was so hard filming that i must have been really tired. I think i’d filmed longer workouts in the day, so that’s all free.

You also get a free, 30 minute, um workout, a real-time workout, 30 minutes long. It’S amazing! You also get a free warm-up, an activation, a finisher, a cool down all for free, and you also get some free recipes as well.

So you have access to all of that when you go into the app. It also gives you the option to see everything so everything i’ve just shown you you’re going to be able to see the layout how it works the titles of videos, what to expect the images of recipes.

It’S going to show you all of that. Obviously, when you click into the recipe which i actually didn’t show you, it will show you the full method and the groceries that you’re going to need the ingredients you’re going to need.

And obviously, if you do the meal plan, it will show you the all of the ingredients. You need for the shopping list, can’t get my words out today and so yeah. That is what you’re going to see, but obviously that’s going to be locked so just to confirm everyone can download the app at leanwithlily.

on at the times. I told you for free, okay, it’s completely free, you can log in you can create your account with your email address and your name for free, so be there do not miss out.

You can also shop on there okay, so this is where you have the limited access or, i should say, the exclusive access to the lean bands and to the skipping rate.

Just to let you guys know, we don’t have a huge amount of lean bands and we it’s not a crazy small amount, but i’m just a little bit concerned. If you know you definitely want them.

Just please be. There is the best way to describe it because i get so many upset messages, and it’s really i hate it. So please just be there: if you want the lean bands and then what else is there that is, for free download, you’ll get the 17 pieces of free content that you can start playing around with. You can do a full day. Okay, that’s the best way to do it, go through the whole full day process.

It’s not going to be personalized. I’M sorry we’re obviously not able to do that for the free side of things, but you can try out a warm warm-up, an activation, a main workout finisher, a cool down for free. You can do the meals for free and you can explore those other sections and then, if you want to all you, do you click onto something anything that has the locked icon on it and that will take you through the onboarding process. Now this is a pretty special process. In my opinion, it’s where all the magic happens behind the scenes and you’ve got to be specific with it um, so something for me, you’ll laugh, but it asks you for your weight.

I haven’t weighed myself in years like i literally had no idea, but the reason why i asked you for your weight and your height. I actually hadn’t. I don’t really know how tall i was, but um roughly, but i had to remeasure so that it then generates a personalized meal plan and guide for you. So it’s actually super important.

You can obviously hide the macros micros and calories, like i told you, but just to let you know that process going through, like obviously your email address, your password, your weight, your height, how many times a week you currently work out how many times a week you Want to work out your style of eating that you want pescetarian, vegetarian, vegan, meat, eater, etc.

Uh just just make sure you get that information correct. You can obviously change it, but make sure you get that information correct, because then it’s gonna do the magic behind the scenes, which is what the incredible app development team have been working on.

Uh, like honestly, the amount of work that goes into this, like it’s really opened my eyes to how much work goes into this level of an app like it’s not it’s. We have a team of nearly 30 guys, it’s crazy okay like, and they are amazing. So, anyway, onto the important stuff which that is important, uh just take your time with that section, don’t worry like once.

You’Ve logged in the app isn’t going anywhere, it’s there for you, but it will just make sure it gives you the the guide you want and the meals you want, and all of that Alex have i covered everything. Is there more questions? Yeah there are a few. Would have been answering them? Oh you’ve been okay cool right, so i think guys, that’s everything.

Uh we do have a live workout in about an hour, i think on Instagram. So if you want to come and join me, if that i need to get changed um, but we’re going to be doing a 500 rep, abs and booty and then tom challenge and then tomorrow we have actually we’ll play one of the Spotify playlists for that.

For the absent booty challenge, yeah uh your requested songs and then tomorrow we have a live launch party: hey will dj alex attend, hopefully, okay in the house, DJ Alex will be there. We hope for the live launch party. That is an hour before launch okay.

So that’s at 5 p.m. Uk time tomorrow, it’s a workout, but it’s a party celebrating the year of work that has gone into this, including your input as well and and then we’ll all be ready at 6 pm uk time to download the app and live our best life. Hopefully, change our lives and i just yeah because i can’t see any of your comments. It feels really weird, but are you excited they’re very excited?

Can i see teddy you want to see you want to see this? Just it doesn’t feel real guys. I have to say, like even my throat is now going because i’m just yeah it just all feels a bit crazy. Okay, ah there’s so many of you here. I did not expect this.

We didn’t even plan this live. Okay, who’s excited from Luna. Will it cost money from horan? I just explained all of that, but if you didn’t see it we’ll save this, you can go back and have a little look. Um!

Oh, please have ample rest. Don’T tie yourself out for us a stronger. You means a stronger us. We love you, i love you guys too, that was from the best name ever shaggy wagyu. Ah the four week guides freeze again, all of that was explained in this video.

So just have a little look back, but no the guides are not free and but you do have some free content in the app because the guides are personalized, so yeah um, i’m guessing you probably asked. I don’t know if it’s here, but i don’t know if Alex already answered about youtube, we are still uploading to youtube guys. I am not going anywhere on youtube.

I will still be here for the familiar on the app who will also i’m sure be on youtube. As well and for people who are not on the apple just have the free version of the app i will still be here for you guys, i’m not going anywhere.

However, for the last i believe, 14 months we’ve been doing, the free weekly guides every single Sunday for free and filming full time for the app as well and before that we had three years of free content on youtube, so that means we have over 500.

I bet there’s workouts that you’ve never even seen on my channel because you’ve just been doing the new ones all the time, but there are over 500 workout videos on our youtube channel that are not going anywhere.

You can do them at any point. You have all of the old guides as well, so you have access to them. You can repeat them if you want to and most importantly i will be uploading new workouts.

However, i’m going to be completely honest. Unfortunately, we can’t do weekly guides every single week and for free just because i’m going to be filming every day, pretty much for the app, because new content is going to be going on to the app so i’ll, be filming for youtube. I’Ll be uploading, shorter videos on YouTube, but it won’t be free weekly guides.

Unfortunately, and i really really really really really hope. You understand that and we’ve obviously done it for so long for free, and i wish there were two Lilly sabri’s, but i’m breaking as you can probably see.

I’M incredibly worn down right now, and i know it’s not sustainable and i would tell you girls, if you and me that you need to have a better lifestyle and a little bit more sustainable with the amount of exercise and filming i’ve been doing. However, there will still be some challenges and we’re actually planning one out. We might be doing the uh summer shred abs challenge, which would be on youtube, say. For example, it’s a 10 day challenge. We’D upload that video you can do that same video for 10 days.

In a row, if you want to obviously for free um as part of a 10 day challenge, but if you wanted to do a different workout every single day for 10 days, they would live on the app so yeah we’re trying to cater for everyone.

We we really are um and i just i really want you all to be happy and healthy. That is my goal in life. For you to be happy and healthy and to meet you um, so we’re trying our best, and i really really hope that yeah you understand that i guess um right guys. I think we’re done.

I think that’s everything um, yeah, you guys are amazing. I’M just waiting patiently for the app here. Everyone i feel has just set their alarms and now you’re, just like i’m ready so yeah set those alarms, be there don’t miss out and we have the live just before so we’ll do that little live launch party together.

There may well be some burpees in there or i might be kind, maybe not, but guys. I love you so much and we’ll do some dancing tomorrow and just have fun, and i will see you in an hour on Instagram.

I think leaving lily right guys. I love you bye. I hope that helped and explained everything and i’ll see you soon love you later

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