Baby, hey J wolves is sugar diamond J, and I’m back with another video, I’m bringing you guys today, a quick video on how I’ve been trying to keep in shape and what has been helping me, and I’m going to be talking to you guys about flat tummy Tea

So, I’ve been trying a lot of different ways of how I can get back to my mind-state and where I am more alive, brighter, healthier and more fit.

So lately, I’ve been trying out this tea, this flat, tummy tea. I’ve heard a lot about it. I’ve seen so many people talk about it. I’ve seen pictures I’ve seen results, so I’m like okay, let me see if what this, if this is about what it’s really supposed to be about like I was like.

Let me try this tea out, so I decided I’m going to give it over a month to see how it does for me, like. I actually took the time every day to take this tea.

So let me just tell you guys that, so what I’m telling you guys out of my mouth is what my personal experience is from this and Israel there’s a morning tea that you take in the morning and then there is a night see that you take about Every other night, so, first of all, I think the packaging is really cute. It’s kind of girly – and I like that, so I know a lot of girls. Take this P.

I feel like it kind of like motivates girls in a way. It’s like take flight to me, seeing you know I like its cute packaging. You need to carry it around with you somewhere. You have this pouch. First off, it smells.

I personally think it smells so good like it makes me want to take it. It smells like minty like it smells like really lemony like just something, that’s good for you. I really like it like.

It smells really good, like it smells fresh. Like I love fresh scent like I love something, that’s just fresh, something that’s just really refreshing.

So, I love the packaging. I love the way it smells first of all, it’s really girly, so it kind of it motivates me every morning when I look at it every night, I’m like.

Let me take my flat some BCE like death, like that’s literally I’m like it, motivates me to want to take it not really for weight loss as much so much like a cleanse like a cleanse, your system, it cleanses, like it, cleanses your pretty much supposed to help flatten your stomach, and I’ve noticed, like my stomach, has been looking big lately like guys.

If I insert pictures, if I saw some pictures, I don’t know if I will, but if I do don’t laugh, my stomach hasn’t been at its flattest like.

I would like it to be so what does he are supposed to do supposed to help flatten your stomach, of course, speed your metabolism up and help with digestion um with me.

I took it when I first started taking it. I think it was that time of the month, so I’m like it’s supposed to help with bloating, perfect timing right, so I took the tea. I was a little nervous, that freaking sunlight. I don’t want my stomach to her, I’m already in pain. Okay, sounds it is, but I’m like all right I’ll do it.

While I’m on that time of the month see am I don’t care, see you mine. So anyway, I started taking the tea. I was at nighttime, so I started at night and then the next morning I started taking it you’re supposed to drink one teaspoon every morning with breakfast.

So, that’s what I did. I took it every day I took the nightly cleanse flat.

Let me see at night, and I noticed automatically by the end of the night. I was feeling my stomach. Obviously, my stomach was feeling so much better. Some like okay, you know like. Maybe this is, maybe this does worth like.

Okay, so I kept taking it every day. I’ve been taking it for a little over a month. Now so far, I see like improvement in my overall self, so the first thing that I really love and enjoy about this tea is that it’s 100% natural and organic like. If I want to live healthier, I’ve gotta do healthier. I gotta be healthier.

I got it, actually live healthier. So, the fact that this tea is 100% organic, just like lit my day like I can take this for the rest of my life and know that I’m okay, you’ve, been trying to get back in shape.

My goal is to have a bankin summer, bikini body lay I’m trying to have that hourglass figure this summer, like I’m trying to get really in shape, but it’s not all about my body is just overall I’m trying to stay healthy, and I don’t want to just Be physically healthy, but I also want to be mentally healthy.

I’ve heard so many good things like girls are like you know. This is flattening my stomach, and I’ve seen so many reviews on and also people have said, it’s helped theirs.

You know attitude overall their attitude and let me just tell you guys, let me just tell you like previously in the past couple months I haven’t been in the best mood I haven’t been.

You know all but like now like I’m like, I can say that I, like, I, feel happy every day now like I feel in the mood to do stuff like I was like in the biggest funk for the longest, and I could say I can vouch that flat, tummy T Elias has something to do with it like.

I can vouch for that, like it’s really ever since I started taking it up in like a little more up company like happy ready to do stuff in the mood to do stuff.

So, me, personally, that’s from my personal experience now the only tiny, tiny, tiny, and it’s not even a problem, actually the only some like. I know some girls like don’t like it.

It doesn’t come in like t-bag, so it’s obviously a loose tea, so you’re gonna need a strainer. The strainer that I have is perfect for me, like the strainer, is small enough to where the leaves won’t come out into the tea.

So, I really, really like that, so I I personally have it had a problem with that at all. So just remember that when you’re taking this pee you’re going to need a strainer, so make sure you get a really good small strainer that believes will fit into, and you will be good to go.

Okay, so yeah guys it’s been a little over a month and I decided okay, I’m ready to do this review because I’m happy with what I’m what I’m seeing so far.

So, I’m like I gotta tell my Jay moves about this overall, my attitude, just my mood in general, has been from here since I started taking it to here where I’m at right now, like I have literally been in the mood to do stuff,

and I feel like it helped my stomach flatten, I see results in, like my stomach and I decided to take a before picture with the same exact clothes on that I’m wearing now.

And then now I decided to put the same exact clothes on, so I can see, like literally try and see if I can see a difference, a true difference and I can say that I have okay.

So, since I’ve started taking it, I’ve lost five pounds and that’s big for me, even though you’re gonna be like five pounds. Yes, that’s a lot, especially like for me.

I wasn’t like losing weight for a long time like I was just saying, I was actually gaining weight and when I started taking this today I am 5 pounds less. So hey, don’t ask me my weight, but yeah.

So, overall, I’ve been enjoying my experience taking flats MBC, don’t forget guys um. I also got you guys, a discount code, it’s going to be down below in the description box, so I will leave that in the link below so hope.

You guys enjoy it as much as I do. I love it so far and yeah. So, that’s my experience and that’s my honest, full opinion of flat tummy T.

It is not no BS, it is like the real deal. It really helps me, and hopefully, it will help you guys too so anyway, guys.

That’s my video for you. I have you guys today. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed it, and I will see you guys in my next video bye me be crazy.

Get A Flat Stomach: 5 Tips To a Flatter Belly

It is never simple to get a flat stomach, as it requires a great deal of hard work. But all the challenges that you are going to come across along the way will all be worth it as quickly as you accomplish an actually flat stomach. So to assist you with this, here are five reliable tips to attain a flat tummy, which everybody is passing away to have.

View What You Eat

If you truly want to flatten your tummy, then be careful with what you are consuming, and always watch what you eat. Lessen your consumption of unhealthy foods like pizzas, chocolates and burgers, because these types of foods will only bulge-up your tummy. Choose healthy foods like vegetables and fruits salads, because they are healthy and will not add-up to all that fat in your tummy.

Eliminate Junk Foods and Soda

As previously mentioned, always go for healthy foods in order to avoid packing your stomach with fat. Get rid of all those junk foods and soda in your diet and instead, drink plenty of water each day and change your soda with healthy drinks like fruit juices and tea. In addition, you need to eat more entire grain and fiber rich foods every day so to accelerate the procedure of making your belly flat.

Exercise Regularly

Everybody understands that regular exercise is the essential to slimming down, and is likewise the very best method to flatten your bulging tummy. Look for a workout that focuses on flattening your stomach and make sure that it needs to be something that you are capable of doing. These workouts would usually include performing a set of crunches and sit-ups that should be done routinely all throughout the week.

Carry Out Alternate Exercises

There are several different sort of exercises that you can do in order to tone and flatten your stomach. It is a good concept to focus on particular types of workouts, it is even much better if you alternate these exercises so you will not get tired of doing the same exercise routine over and over again. Rotating your exercise moves will also ensure that your total body will be exercised well, and can likewise assist you to lose more weight.

Increase your Metabolic Rate

It is a common knowledge to everyone that if your metabolic process rate is quick, you are most likely to lose a great deal of weight and flatten your stomach. Increase your metabolic rate by consuming more meals in a day- if possible, take in about six to 8 meals on an everyday basis. Remember that these must be little meals only, in order to prevent overindulging.

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