How To Stay Motivated When You’re Losing Weight – Weight Loss Motivation // Lucy Lismore Fitness

How To Stay Motivated When You’re Losing Weight – Weight Loss Motivation // Lucy Lismore Fitness

Hey guys how you’re going, I hope, you’re all doing well and welcome to another video now a question I get so often is: how do you stay motivated when you’re trying to lose weight, or you’re going through a health and fitness journey, and I know that This can be a really challenging topic, and it’s something that I’ve experienced myself, and also I see so often in my clients as well. So in today’s video, I’m going to take you through some of my top tips.

I’ve tried to narrow them down to about five or six different points, but realistically I’ve come up with a lot of things that really help over time in terms of staying, consistent and working towards your goals and not necessarily always relying on motivation. So without further ado, let’s get on into the video, okay.

So, the first thing that I want to talk about is the fact that motivation is going to come and go you’re never going to have motivation there all the time, and we wouldn’t expect that to happen.

So if you notice that your motivation starts to decrease, then you have not failed. This is completely normal. It can be really easy to be super, super hard on ourselves when we notice that motivation starts to decrease, even if that’s after just a couple of days or maybe a week or two, but it is perfectly acceptable for this to happen.

And it’s okay to take a couple of days off and just relax. So, we know that motivation is going to come and go, but there’s really no point in sitting around feeling guilty about it.

So, when, inevitably, those days do happen, what I like to do is think about the fact that I have a choice to make. I can either sit around and accept that I’m not going to do anything for those couple days and not feel guilty about it in any way whatsoever, or I can think about something that I could implement into my day.

That means I will still be working towards where I want to get to, but just in a smaller way because ultimately, I know that sitting around moping feeling sad and guilty about the fact that I’m not motivated, which is completely normal, is not going to help.

So, there’s always going to be something I can do that’s better, whether that’s just getting up and moving on with my day and having a phone call with a friend or something like that. Just anything, that’s going to take you away from just sitting and wallowing and feeling guilty about the fact that you’re not motivated.

I always find it really useful as well to remember that consistency really is key, so you don’t need to show up and be there 100 of the times, fully motivated every single day.

If you just try to be consistent, or do these things more often than not, that will still lead you to where you want to go so in a nutshell, motivation won’t be there all the time so accept that this is completely normal and don’t feel guilty when You’re finding that you’re not motivated to go and do something and just be a little bit kinder to yourself.

Okay, point number two is set a goal that you want to achieve, and the important word in that sentence is you if we try to do things for other people, or we think is going to please other people? That is a really quick fire way to. Ultimately, not feel motivated to work towards those goals when your goal is something that you really want to achieve, and you have specific reasons as to why you want to achieve that.

You really won’t need to rely on motivation anywhere near as much as if it was a goal to try and please somebody else. You also won’t need to continuously be checking for progress either or just become a lot more natural, and this goes for anything. It doesn’t have to be health and fitness related.

It could be your choice of partner where you choose to live or your career, they all matter to you, and you should never really do it because it’s going to please someone else, or it’s going to impress somebody else. Personally, I have a bit of a people.

Pleaser mentality and I always think about other people before I prioritize myself, but with my weight loss. I had that aha moment and from that moment nothing else changed before that.

I had some failed attempts at trying to lose weight, but once I hit that aha moment, I just knew that this is what I wanted and nothing was going to change that, and it became so, so much easier to just be consistent as much as possible and Not constantly checking my progress because i knew it would happen in time, and I knew that because i really, really wanted it. It was going to happen all right. Point number three is to learn as much as possible.

I have spoken about this so many times, but as soon as you understand basic principles around whatever it is that you’re struggling with, you’ll find that it’s so much easier to trust the process. Trust what you’re doing, trust yourself and then stay consistent and also look forward to doing stuff and be motivated to work towards those goals.

If your goal is fat loss, then you want to be looking at energy balance and focusing on the fact that energy in is far more important than energy out in that regard. That means, if you’re not enjoying your exercise – and you just don’t feel like moving, you won’t be worried about the fact that you’re not doing that because you’ll understand that you can still reach your goals without having to go to the gym every single day.

If your goal is to get stronger or to learn a new skill, then learn the principles of exercise and programming, learn how muscle growth works and how to progress or regress exercises.

Like I mentioned once, you understand something: it becomes a whole lot less scary, and you feel, like you, have a lot more control over it, and you tend to be a little bit more motivated in doing those things, and I can give you a personal non-health and Fitness related example of this so several years ago I used to have pretty severe health anxiety.

This wasn’t just worrying that I had a headache, I was having full-on breakdowns in the street. I wasn’t able to go to work a lot of the time. I really struggled for several years with health anxiety, and a lot of that fear came from the fact that I didn’t understand how disease or how our immune systems or how our bodies worked.

It was only when I went to university to study science and I majored in immunopathology and physiology as well that I started to realize it wasn’t as scary as I thought, and a lot of the stuff that I was making up in my head or imagining and Catastrophizing just wasn’t the case and having that knowledge and that education around how disease works, how medicine can treat and cure different diseases and essentially, how the human body works.

I was able to start controlling my anxiety and have a bit more of a rational view and trust that everything was going to be. Okay, they always say knowledge is power, and it also feels like it gives you some form of control, which I think in terms of my anxiety, I felt like. I had no control over my body and my mind, but I see it again and again in health and fitness, especially when people are starting out.

They feel like they’re just aimlessly stumbling through this world of not knowing what to do, how much to eat what diet to follow which exercise plan to follow, and it gets really, really confusing. So if you can understand that, actually they all have their merits, and they’re not going to be a one-size-fits-all approach, then it becomes a lot easier to feel confident that what you’re doing is going to work.

That, in turn, helps keep you motivated and excited to keep going so once you’ve got that knowledge, you can then start to create a plan that works specifically for you and, like I mentioned there, really is no one-size-fits-all approach to weight, loss, strength, gain learning, different Skills getting into health and fitness or just living a balanced lifestyle, so use those principles and start playing around with some different options that might work for you and take your time to really sort of patter out something that you really enjoy.

So, you can live a satisfied and balanced life, which is essentially what we want all right point number four and to me, this is really, really important, although you’ve probably heard this time and time again but avoid comparison.

This is one of those things that you just don’t realize it affects you as much as it does until you take it out of your life. So many of the ways that we compare ourselves are completely subconscious. We don’t realize that we’re doing it.

We don’t realize that it’s affecting us, but once you start to remove those mechanisms of comparison out of your life, you start to feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and at the moment the main one really is social media.

So, we don’t realize it, but we can be scrolling through, could be YouTube. It could be Instagram could be ticktock anything at all, but we don’t realize just how much we’re comparing ourselves to some of the things we’re seeing and also how much information we’re actually absorbing now.

This can really confuse matters and basically suck your motivation dry because it can make you doubt that what has been working for you will continue working for you.

It can make you doubt that you’re doing the right thing it can make you doubt that you’re doing the best thing, and it can just bring up a whole load of questions when everything actually is okay, and we haven’t even mentioned the physical comparisons or feeling like You’re not good enough and that naturally making you feel less motivated to go and do a workout or to eat well or to continue working towards your goals.

My camera died for the second time and I can’t quite remember where I was, but just avoid comparison at all costs, and i have found that the easiest way to do this is to do some social media cleanses.

Make sure that the information that you’re bringing in is stuff that’s going to benefit you and do it regularly so edit often what you’re consuming it’s really, really important. The comparison trap really can change your mindset around what you’re doing and make you doubt yourself.

So much, and the key thing is that you set out things that work for you, which is going to be different from everybody else and that you enjoy it and comparing yourself to another person’s fitness regime or another person’s diet plan, might actually put you in a Position where you’re doing stuff that you don’t enjoy and that doesn’t work for you, and that is a sure-fire way to work towards not being motivated to do it right now.

Point number five is another favorite of mine, which is to track your progress, and before we get into this, I want to take a step back and really think about what we realistically want to achieve.

Regardless of whether your goal is weight, loss or to get stronger or to get fitter, what we really want at the end of this day week month year decade, whatever it might be, is a balanced, healthy and happy life or as close to that as possible.

So, while tracking your progress and having some hard data to look back on in relation to your exact goal is really important, it’s also important to track your progress in many different ways.

For example, if your goal is fat loss weight on the scale is not going to be the most important factor, not to say that you shouldn’t wear yourself, but it’s not the only thing that matters and by far not the most important when I was losing weight. I did weigh myself quite regularly, but I haven’t weighed myself in the last maybe year and a half, two years. I have absolutely no idea how much I weigh because realistically nowadays it has no bearing on how I feel or my health.

So, what other factors can we use to see if we’re making any progress? Well, we’ve got the obvious ones like taking photos taking measurements, seeing how your clothes fit, but there’s also some more obscure ones and definitely important ones as well. So, things like your mood, how do you feel generally, do you feel more positive? Do you feel more motivated? Do you feel more energetic?

Are you sleeping better, looking at the physical aspect? Is your coordination or balance better, or do you generally feel that doing things around the day is a lot easier like picking up a laundry basket or walking up the stairs taking the bins out, for example, of course, we’ve got general health measures as well, so things like your resting heart rate and your blood pressure and another often forgotten about, but really, really important, one is: how are you having an impact on people around you?

So, I know that when I was losing weight, and I was getting more active, it definitely had a Positive impact on those that were very, very close to me and by noticing that you’re having an impact on others, you can realize that you are definitely making progress yourself to the point where people can see that because they might be looking at you going wow.

They look so much stronger, or they’ve been able to go for a three-kilometer run or whatever it might be, and I want to be able to do that. So, you know you’re making progress or, of course, it could be physically. You look slightly different, and people also want to achieve that too.

So track your progress in as many ways as possible, and you will be grateful because it’s the times when my clients come to me, and they say i’ve not lost any weight for four weeks and this hasn’t changed and that hasn’t changed. I can look at it and I can go well. This is better, and you were able to do five push-ups, which you couldn’t do two months ago, and look at this photo.

Your posture is so much better and didn’t your husband go out for a run for the first time, and I can point out all those things because you know we can be our own worst. Critics, me included, and so sometimes it’s nice to have as much evidence and data as possible to draw upon to see that.

Yes, you are making progress and that in itself will keep you motivated to keep pushing towards your goals and, while we’re on the topic of goals, I’m going on to the last point, which is to set goals and make sure that they’re attainable and realistic as well. So, when I have a consultation with someone who is potentially wanting to become a client, I will always ask them what their expectation is to achieve their goals.

So if it’s a weight loss goal, how long do they expect it to take, and how much weight do they expect to realistically lose and if it’s a strength or a training goal I’ll ask them how long it would, they expect it to take for them to Be able to do that movement? This is because, when we’re starting out on a health and fitness journey, we’re always relying on trust.

To begin with, we don’t have any evidence to show that what we’ve put in place is actually working until we start seeing progress, and that can take anywhere between one month to two months.

For example. That’s also why understanding and having education around the principles is really important because it kind of pushes you past that point, and you can have that trust a bit easier. Obviously, once you have that evidence through tracking your progress to show that you’re actually getting the results that you want a working towards your goals, it becomes a lot easier to stay, motivated and stay consistent as well.

But if we set unattainable goals, we are just setting ourselves up for disappointment and, in our minds, failure when we don’t achieve what we’ve set out to expect. So unless you have some serious grit and determination to push past the feeling that you’ve failed because you’ve set unattainable or unrealistic time frames or goals for yourself, it’s likely to make you feel like what you’re doing isn’t working when realistically, it’s just not been long enough.

So make sure you have an idea of where you want to get to, and then you can take that larger goal break it into some smaller goals and some shorter time frames again make sure they’re super realistic and start formulating a plan using that education that you’ve used to start working towards them and track your progress along the way as well, once you feel like you, have a plan, and you’re doing something, and you’re taking action, then it becomes a whole lot easier, just to stay consistent and keep going with it again.

You’re not always going to feel motivated, and the key is to make it as easy as possible. I keep telling it the teeth, brushing effect, so it’s become something in your life that you just do and if you can make it as enjoyable as possible, then that’s fantastic, but there’s still going to be days where you just don’t want to do it.

You know we don’t always wake up every morning and want to brush our teeth, but we do it anyway because we know in the long run it’s going to benefit us and that’s exactly what we’re doing with our health and fitness we’re trying to make it enjoyable Along the way, but ultimately the goal is just to live a happy and balanced life and remember to set lots of different goals in lots of different areas as well, so it could be.

I want to get eight hours sleep consistently or I want to move my body 30 minutes every single day, or I want to be able to pick my child up with relative ease and having lots of different markers means that you’re more likely to hit one which, In turn, will keep you more motivated all right guys.

That is what I had for you. I hope this helped. I honestly tried to narrow it down. I could have given you probably about another 10 more, so I will spare you, but I hope that you found something useful in this video just remember, motivation will always come and go it’s not going to be there all the time. What you want to do is make it as easy as possible to develop a lifestyle that is going to be easy for you to sustain, regardless of motivation, to do that.

Make sure you’re tracking your progress, having realistic expectations and enjoying yourself along the way because that is realistically all that matters. We’ve got a tiny little cameo in the end, but thank you so much for watching this video guys, and we will see you in the next one, bye. You

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