How to Reduce Bloating Quickly – Causes of Bloating and Tips to Debloat Fast!!


How to Reduce Bloating Quickly – Causes of Bloating and Tips to Debloat Fast!!

Hey guys, Cassie here today we are going to talk about bloating. I talk about the subject a lot on my tick tock because after I’ve had an incredible dessert, full of added sugars, dairy refined, carbs lots of gluten, my belly will turn into a food baby, and sometimes its kind of cute, and I’ll turn to the side and put my hand underneath my low belly and pretend I am with child and sometimes well most of the time it’s really uncomfortable.

It makes me sluggish lethargic um, I just feel really weighed down, and my clothes fit terribly and I just feel not myself, and it is the worst when the bloat stays for a day or two when I’ve really just you know overdone it now, of course, when I’M eating that dessert.

I am making a conscious decision to eat it, knowing that the consequence will be a bloated belly and the sluggishness that comes along with it. So in today’s video we’re going to talk about what bloat is how it’s different than belly fat, what causes bloat and what you can do to get rid of bloat.

So, if you’re ready to dive in, let’s do it, let’s talk about where you feel bloated. So, when you guys are eating a big meal, and you tend to feel super full, that’s when our stomach, which is right underneath our chest, is getting filled up with food, then, when it moves down a little bit more into your small intestines and then your large Intestines, eventually, that’s where we tend to feel bloated and that’s where we feel that food baby and then kind of feel like we are with child.

So, why do we get bloated in the intestines? Well, you guys, when your food is being broken down and digested in your intestines, there is gas being produced while it’s being broken down, and then the food also needs extra water to be in the intestine area to help push it through. So with that mixture of gas and extra liquid, that is what creates the bloat.

So, what that means is that as long as you’re eating, you’re gonna feel a little bit bloated and that’s totally normal, everyone is gonna feel that. But if you get the kind of bloat that makes you feel really uncomfortable and lethargic and sluggish, and really just not your best, then that’s the kind of bloat that I’m talking about here because that’s the kind of load that I get when I’m feeding my bodies With the foods that do not nourish it in the right way, now that you know that excess water and air is giving you that bloated feeling, let’s go over some common things that you could be doing to add in that extra air and water into your intestines.

Swallowing air through chewing gum or drinking through a straw eating too fast eating too much eating fatty foods. Eating foods that create gas constipation. Also, some medical conditions like lactose intolerance, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease and irritable bowel syndrome can make it harder to digest food.

But what if you’re not doing those things, and you’re still getting bloated? Isn’t that the worst? Well, you guys? Sometimes there are healthy foods that make us bloated too and, as you know, everybody is so different and reacts to food differently. But here are some common, healthy foods that might make you bloated raw cruciferous veggies, like cauliflower kale, cabbage brussels sprouts onions.

Unfortunately, these things as much as I love them, sometimes too much of them, can make me really bloated, especially a lot of cabbage some fruits like apricots apples, pears, peaches and prunes beans and lentils and whole grains and then some of your more obvious bloat foods, like Greasy fatty foods, foods with artificial sweeteners, look for sorbitol on the label, carbonated beverages, the air bubbles and salty foods and processed foods that tend to be really high in sodium, so things that are canned and a lot of times lots of frozen food.

So back to the healthy foods list, why in the world would a healthy food make you bloat? Well, it’s because it has a lot of fiber, which is awesome, but what that means is that it is a little bit harder to digest than other foods, which means there might be a little bit more gas production when the body is trying to break down the Food and these foods tend to draw in more water, so there you go again with the extra air and the extra water you get that bloated feeling.

So, how can you tell the difference between bloat and belly fat? So, you guys have you ever had a super indulgent meal, and then you decide to weigh yourself afterwards, um, not the best idea, but I’ve done it before, and I’ve gained up to like seven pounds.

After one crazy meal um, but so fun because no one can ever believe that I can eat that much, but I actually can’t eat that much anyway different story for another time.

You guys, if you have just one indulgent meal, it’s not actual fat, that you’re gaining that extra weight on the scale is excess water, the literal weight of the food that you just ingested and you guys its excessive calories over time that is going to make you gain body fat, not one indulgent meal.

So if you are thinking that you gained a ton of fat from one meal, that’s not true! That is most likely bloat and you kind of just need to go. The bathroom and you’ll be back to normal.

Maybe your face. Might be a little puffy from the excessive sodium and stuff but drink a lot of water with lemon, and you’re gonna be fine. So, when is it belly fat? Well, if you are not being active regularly, if you are sleep-deprived, if you are stressed out, if you are eating an excessive amount of calories and you kind of just feel like you’re not at your best. Well, that’s probably the belly fat that is coming into play.

It happens over time and does not happen overnight. Here are some common questions to ask yourself if you’re not sure if its bloat or belly fat, let’s go through this quickly, is my belly suddenly bigger than it was a day or two ago, probably bloat does my tummy slim back down the next morning? Probably bloat.

However, you guys, when I eat a crazy dessert at night, my bloat doesn’t go away um the next morning at all, it stays all day the next day and then goes away the following day. So, it actually takes my body two days to recover from an intense indulgent meal.

When did i last go to the bathroom? If it’s been a day or two, it’s probably blowed. Are you on your period? Probably bloat. Are you dehydrated, probably blood?

Basically, it’s probably blowed. Unless you’ve noticed changes all over your body and again gaining belly fat is going to take time and also is a reflection of your current lifestyle, not just one indulgent meal. Now that you know what causes bloat, how do you get rid of it? You guys, you know, I am a huge fan of journaling and through my 90-day journey I was able to figure out exactly the things that bloat me. So, if you’re not sure how to do that, basically, you can start journaling in any notebook.

You can get the 90-day journal, or you can do it on a piece of paper or a spiral, notebook whatever works, for you, write down what meals you’re eating throughout the day and then write down how you feel after each meal and how you feel the Next day because I did that and was so precise with what I ate, I noticed that anytime I had dairy I would break out with pimples anytime.

I had gluten or refined grains. I would bloat really intensely and feel super sluggish and any time when I feel like I wasn’t eating enough I’d, be super hangry, so literally write down what you’re eating and how you feel because this is how you are going to figure out what foods work. For your body and what foods do not and again it’s going to be different for everybody. This is your individual journey, and this is something you need to discover for yourself.

That is obviously something that’s going to take extra time and effort, but if there are some things you want to implement right now, the first thing you can try doing is try to eat more slowly, so that you’re swallowing less air as you’re eating your food.

You could also try deep breathing to stimulate the digestive tract and also to relieve the pain and discomfort you can also sip on a warm beverage or drink some prune juice.

If you’re feeling constipated, i just really want you to stay away from laxatives as well as stimulant teas like those skinny teas and fit teas because you can be really dependent on that. And if you do rely on that to go to the bathroom. It’s going to make it harder to go naturally in the future.

So please try to be really natural about this. You can also give yourself a colonic massage to move that food waste in your intestines along. It might just need a little bit extra physical stimulation. You can also strengthen your core and, if you’re dealing with more intense bloating issues, it might be a good time to contact your doctor and walk through some other options. That might be good for your body now.

You understand what bloat is, but if you are still dealing with belly, fat or combination of belly, fat and bloat. Well, let me tell you how you can get rid of belly fat.

So the first thing to understand is that you cannot spot reduce fat. You definitely can spot tone and work on a certain muscle group, but when it comes to fat, you guys are going to be losing fat all over your body at once.

Okay, maybe at different rates in different places, um like, for example, for me, I lose fat easily in my arms, but my low belly is really hard, and you know what, when you lose fat, you can’t choose you’re gonna lose fat from your face, but also From your boobs and your butt, you know guys it all comes all together melting all at once.

But how do you do it? It’s a combination of your workouts, your nutrition, your sleep levels and your stress levels working all together and basically, you guys what you need to do is make sure that you are active at least a few times a week.

I like to work out pretty much every day because it makes me feel good because when I feel good, my body is moving. My mind is sharp. It makes me just more motivated in life.

Okay, so that is the workout part, make sure that you are enjoying it, and that is something that is making you stronger, mentally and physically because that is really important.

Okay and look, it doesn’t even have to be my workout videos. It could be any workout video out there. That makes you happy, and that makes you feel like you want to wake up and just do it because that is going to be the most important thing. Consistency all right.

Let’s talk about that nutrition, so I just released a 90-day meal plan guide and if that is something that you need a little bit extra help on, I wrote it with my rd, so you can follow that.

There’s four different types of meal plans: you can choose what works for you and your dietary preferences, but in there you will learn how to calculate your caloric needs for your goals, for your activity, level, for your height and age and gender and all that kind of Stuff because it is going to be different for every person, but the main thing to understand here is that even if you are eating healthy, but you are eating excessive calories, you are going to find that it’s going to be hard to lose weight, and that is Something that I dealt with because I just like to eat a lot and yeah.

Maybe I eat a lot of kale chips or eat a lot of cauliflower rice. But when you eat a lot it still becomes excessive energy in your body, which then makes your body hold on to extra fat. Now totally, it depends on what your goals are, if you’re totally happy with, where you are then good.

But if you feel like you have extra belly fat or extra fat to lose, then you are really going to want to dial it in and figure out. What is it that is making you hold on to that stubborn fat?

And you know what you guys. It’s not really a simple calorie in calories out situation has a lot to do with your hormones too, and that’s why the sleep and the stress comes into play.

Because when I was really on my game when it came to workouts and food – and I just couldn’t change my body, it was because I wasn’t sleeping enough – and I was super stressed out due to not sleeping enough and working too much and my body was just out of whack, and it just wasn’t like an equation anymore.

So make sure you are really paying attention to how you’re working out making sure that it makes you happy now you are eating for your goals, but also making sure that your food makes you happy because, if you’re not happy, you’re gonna be stressed.

If you’re stressed, you can’t change your body, so you know it all plays together. Okay, you guys so pretty much. That is the whole story on bloat and belly fat. I hope this video helped. You understand better what the difference is and what you can do about it.

And lastly, I just want to say that if you’re feeling bloated it’s okay, it’s normal just like I said, but if it’s making you feel uncomfortable, there are things that you can do about it and at the end of the day, I just want you to look In the mirror and love yourself, whether it’s with a cute food baby or without it love every inch of your body because our body is fluid, it reacts to food.

Food is more than just energy. It’s cultural! It’s delicious! It’s joy so allow that beautiful relationship and interaction with food to happen and um yeah.

I don’t sometimes know when I have an amazing meal. I do like to look down on my belly and be like yeah. You did a really good job, and you know just give a nice little pat, I don’t know you guys just enjoy what you’re eating and enjoy your fitness journey and just know that you’re amazing.

I love you so much and if you want to check out some more videos, go ahead and click right here and keep watching and I’ll see you in our next workout. Okay, you guys I’ll see you later bye.

How To Get A Flat Stomach – Tricks Exposed

How to get a flat stomach? You’re not the only one who is asking this concern. A great deal of individuals wish to reach their ideal body for the summertime season to reveal it off. They are most likely believing they can reach their objective with an insane quantity of sit-ups or stomach crunches.

The fact is that you will not reach the objective you desired with sit-ups just, this is why I am informing you how to get a flat stomach, to assist you translucent all the smoke and mirrors and to accomplish your ideal abs. You require to do a lot of workouts next to sit-ups and you require to understand about your muscles.

The standard understanding of the abs muscles. The abdominal area has 5 huge muscles, and each of them requires to be dealt with. You require to ensure you utilize various strategies for instance isometric, concentric and eccentric. To have the killer abs, you require to get rid of the fat around there. That’s the only method you visiting the abs muscles distinct.

To eliminate the fat on your body, you require to participate in versatility, strength and cardio exercises. You require to stick to a healthy diet plan at the exact same time. Cardio exercises are aerobics, running and swimming. In strength workouts you can utilize resistance bands, dumbbells and your own body weight. Versatility training can be yoga, Pilates or simply a couple of stretches.

The “old-fashioned” crunches are only one part of your abs work out. I understand how to get a flat stomach which’s why I am informing you, that you require 80% of rotational operate in your abs exercise. Rotational work suggests twisting kind of motions. Sit ups is not one of those types, since you just raise your upper body up and down.

The very best method to get a flat stomach is to utilize various kinds of positions and devices in your abs training. Obstacle your muscles; make them more powerful and more specified. You do not require to push your back in the supine position to train your abs at all times.

There’s standing position, side position, raised on a ball position and hanging from a bar position and much more which you might utilize to specify your abs. Ensure you remain in the best body posture. If you’re not, you are not working your muscles as you need to and it’s harmful, due to the fact that it might seriously damage your spinal column.

Here are a couple of suggestions for the ideal body posture:

Do not pull on your head or neck, do not move your legs either while exercising; your legs need to be still, focus on your stomach, make it work.

When I started as a beginner and would like to know how to get a flat stomach, and I’ve been informed that I require to pull my stomach button in towards the flooring at all times while I am dealing with my stomach. Guy, it made things more difficult, however it worked.

You’re not reading this short article for nothing, so I’ll offer you some sample workouts and you will certainly understand how to get a flat stomach. Do not lose your time, begin your training today and you will have the best stomach for the swimwear season.

The Basic Crunch: Lie on the flooring on your back flat, your knees ought to be bent and your feet must be flat on the flooring. Put your hands behind your head to support it.

Now this is really essential, that you raise your shoulders a couple of inches off the flooring with only your abs muscles, keep your upper body up for 3 seconds and lie back on the flooring. Do about 10-12 of these crunches.

Standing Towel Circle: Stand straight and hold your resistance band or if you do not have that, a little towel will do too, and stretch it over your head. Squeeze your stomach and gradually make a large and big circle over your head and around your trunk with your hands.

Ensure you keep the towel or band extended all the time. Go back where you began and begin doing it the other method when you completed with this relocation. Ensure you do this for 8-10 times on each side.

Oblique Twist with Ball: Sit on your ball directly. Start strolling with your feet forward while you are resting on the ball up until the ball is holding your back up and you remain in the very same line as the flooring.

Put your hand behind your head to assist you to make crunches. Utilize your stomach to raise your shoulder blades off your ball and turn your left shoulder to the best side of your hip. Return to the position where you began and do it on the other side. Do this for about 8-10 times on each side.

Now you understand my tricks on how to get a flat stomach and there’s absolutely nothing holding you back now to begin developing the best abs you wanted for and I hope when you attained your dream you are going to keep your abs flat. All the best and I hope you enjoyed my post how to get a flat stomach.

How to get a flat stomach? I understand how to get a flat stomach and that’s why I am informing you, that you require 80% of rotational work in your abs exercise.

The finest method to get a flat stomach is to utilize various types of positions and devices in your abs training. Do not pull on your head or neck, do not move your legs either while working out; your legs must be still, focus on your stomach, make it work.

When I began out as a rookie and desired to understand how to get a flat stomach and I’ve been informed that I require to pull my stomach button in towards the flooring at all times while I am working on my stomach.

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