How To Lose Weight FAST in 15 DAYS ? || A Complete Diet For Weight Loss

How To Lose Weight FAST in 15 DAYS ? || A Complete Diet For Weight Loss

Hey everyone, I m Mukti Gautam, your fitness coach, so guys. Today’s video is about 15 DAYS OF STOMACH FAT LOSS CHALLENGE. So guys, if you accept this challenge, then please do comment and tell if you accepted this challenge and guys, please let me know after 15 days whether your body has undergone under any changes So guys without wasting much of your time.


So guys, subscribe to my channel if you want a watch videos related to HEALTH & FITNESS and don’t forget to press the bell icon. This challenge consists of 5 STEPS and you must follow all these 5 steps and do watch these videos till end because I’ll let you know what diet you have to follow, what kind of workout you have to do and are followed by some amazing recipes

STEP. 1.

The first thing you have to drink in the morning is LEMON WATER, so take lukewarm water, not boiled water, take a glass and prepare lemon water in a great quantity so that your body hydrates, properly and also detoxifies, and you should also try to drink more water And for taste you could add black salt if your weight is IDEAL, then have a whole lemon for the day for OVERWEIGHT 2 lemons per day to lose weight for UNDER WEIGHT half lemon to lose weight. There are many benefits of lemon in your diet.

It will help in weight loss, reduce acidity and will also help in reducing bloating. It will also help in detoxifying your liver, and it is very good for your heart controls BP and reduces stress as it contains Potassium and also helps in purifying blood. Many people think that if they drink lemon water on an empty stomach, then their body will be acidic and will suffer from acidity. But it is not true as soon as lemon mixes with our saliva, then it becomes alkaline in nature. In fact, the lemon water helps in reducing bloating and acidity

STEP. 2.

The second step is MEAL TIME, so guys, you have to fix your meal time for the next 15 days. I.E.

If you are having a meal three times a day, then note the time and eat the meals of following days on that particular time for e.g. If you are taking a meal at 11:00, AM then have a meal at 11:00 AM for the next 15 days. If you are having three meals, then have them at their time for the next 15 days.

This MEAL TIME is not just about maintaining your discipline, it benefits your body because our hormones balances perfectly and if our hormones are balanced, that will directly promote our weight loss. The girls suffering from periods of a problem such as PCOD or PCOS, or suffering from thyroid, they struggle in losing weight. So, the reason behind this problem is HORMONAL PROBLEM. If your hormones are properly balanced than losing, weight will be easy for you,

Step 3.

The third step is RAW. Until LUNCH in this step, you have to make sure that till your lunch timings you have to eat UNCOOKED FOOD i.e. All the foods should be raw, not cooked. When we introduce raw food in our diet, it aids in detoxifying our body, helps in improving our gut health and, most importantly, helps in weight loss.

You can add fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. The easiest way to have raw foods is to have vegetable soup. In breakfast, or can also opt for green smoothie or salad for breakfast, you can have two things: the one is Vegetable Juice and the other is Green Smoothie. You can also prepare a breakfast on your own by using vegetables or fruits.

Here’s the recipe for vegetable juice, half bottle, gourd tomatoes, ginger, beetroot, mint black salt and can also add spices of your own. If you don’t like ginger much like you cannot eat pieces of it, then you can grate. The ginger now take a blender and add chopped bottle: gourd chopped tomatoes, the juice of grated ginger, the juice of grated ginger, chopped, beetroot and mint leaves and add a glass of water. Add salt according to your taste, and you can add, spices that match your taste. So bottle gourd should be easily available, and it contains many benefits, as it consists of Vit C Vit, K, calcium.

It also helps in reducing your cholesterol, maintains blood sugar levels also helps in keeping your body cool, helps in weight loss. It also helps in Treating UTI (urinary track infection). So now the vegetable juice is prepared and ready to devour. You can also add lemon to make it a bit sour. The second optional recipe is GREEN SMOOTHIE. The recipe for green smoothie is spinach banana overnight soaked, figs, milk and cinnamon soak some figs overnight, and they’ll swell the next day and will be soft, now take a blender and add spinach one whole banana overnight: soaked figs, a glass of milk and cinnamon.

If you want a proper taste of cinnamon, you can add cinnamon powder to it, I’m currently out of cinnamon powder, so I used cinnamon. Stick. Figs are commonly known as natural candy as it has high natural sugar, minerals and soluble fiber. So if you crave for sugar more, then you can eat figs, as they are more apt for weight loss. It is rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc.

Figs are also a great source of Vit, A and Vit K. So now our green smoothie is prepared and ready nowadays. The constipation problem is very common, so you can add figs in your diet, as it contains a lot of soluble fiber which helps in keeping your digestive system healthy and also helps in keeping your constipation at bay. Along with green smoothie, I am having 10 almonds at brunch.

You can have a colorful fruit bowl, so here I am going to have papaya apple mango and banana

STEP. 4.

The fourth step we have is PROTEIN SHAKE, The recipe for protein. Shake is KAPIVA-slim shake powder, one glass of milk and one banana. The KAPIVA-slim shake powder is not just a regular protein powder; it contains 6 AYURVEDIC HERBS. Green COFFEE, green coffee beans helps in boosting metabolism. Garcinia helps in weight loss CINNAMON to reduce sugar, cravings GREEN TEA to burn your fat. Boswellia contains a lot of anti-inflammatory properties so guys I actually do not personally prefer meal replacement, but I really like this KAPIVA-slim shake a lot as it contains 12 super foods, and it also contains 25 vitamins & minerals. This product is really very beneficial for controlling weight and also for weight management. It contains 12.5 gms of protein per serve, fiber is 3.2 gms per serve. The calories per serve is just- 95

5 gms 6 ayurvedic herbs, 25 vitamins and minerals and 12 super foods. When you have KAPIVA-slim shake with milk, then it will become your complete meal and I am going to add a banana in it. Most people think that banana promotes fat gain, but it is not true. Banana contains Vit B, the deficiency of Vit B increases the fat storage on your stomach, and the people who consume alcohol on regular basis should try to consume a banana daily in your diet. Every meal after this will be a normal diet. We usually take PULSES RICE, CHAPATI, VEGETABLES, SALAD,

But One MOST IMPORTANT THING IS MEAL TIMINGS So for 15 days fix your Meal Timings in All meals, i.e, Dinner at same timing, everyday

STEP: 5.

The 5th step is WORKOUT & EXERCISE To Reduce Stomach fat. It’s very important CARDIO So DO 30 MIN OF CARDIO Every day Because it’s very important to target belly fat (overall body fat %) ALONG WITH THAT 10 MIN OF WORKOUT Link of 10-min workout, is in description OR click. The link above I say it in my every video that our 80% body is what we eat, So diet is very crucial. So, within these 15 days THE FOODS TO AVOID ARE Fried Food Packaged Food, Biscuits, Namkeen, Pastries, Pizza, Burgers, etc., so avoid it all.

In simple words, have HOME COOKED MEALS And that’s it guys.

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