How To Have Flat Tummy Without Losing Weight


How To Have Flat Tummy Without Losing Weight

Hey guys, it’s Jenna here, so you’ve been eating, really well in track.

Every single calorie spent many hours in the gym. You have pretty much done everything right and healthy, but, how to have flat tummy without losing weight.

So if you want to know why and how you can start shifting those fats away from your midsection then be sure to watch this video through I’m going to get into the science behind it and also offer you practical steps on how to lose belly fat.

To simply food belly, fat equals hormones, plus lifestyle, so if both of them are imbalanced, that’s where you will start to lose belly fat if either one is out of balance.

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And that’s when the fat will start to be stored around the midsection okay belly fat can Also mean high insulin levels, high cortisol, low estrogen, and look for gesture as one of the most common reasons.

How To Have Flat Tummy Without Losing Weight
How to have flat tummy without losing weight? Continue reading…

Why we struggle to lose belly. Fat is due to stress, when I talk about stress – I’m not just talking about emotional stress.

This includes your sleeping habit, exercise, routine and also food habits.

So let’s take a look at stressful lifestyle. When you’re stressed out, it can lead to mindless overeating, and you tend to crave for high-fat, high-calorie and high sugar food, and that is just one part of the equation to make matter worse.

Your body will pump out more cortisol which enlarges the fat cells, increase, appetite And this promotes your body to store fat around the belly area.

Okay, if you’re a thin woman struggling from belly fat, you have to understand that it comes down to stress management.

It is not how much you eat, how little exercise you do or because you’re consuming too many carbs.

It really comes down to stress, so the next time you’re stressed out, instead of grabbing high-fat, high-calorie junk, try deep breathing for two minutes to meditate or go for long walks.

I personally find that taking two minutes of deep and conscious breaths really helped with my stress level.

Next lack of sleep: if you sleep less than six hours every night, and you’re constantly feeling tired, you’re also putting your body under stress, which means higher cortisol levels.

Less Oxley also increases ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite, which means you may consume more high fat and High sugar foods in a day so into sleep between 7 and 9 hours.

Every night stay away from caffeine in the evening and put away all your electronic devices one hour prior to your sleep, keep your room, cool and dark to ensure that you get a good Rest.

The next really important point to look at if extreme dieting when you’re constantly feeling hungry, and you’re constantly depriving your body from food you’re also putting extreme stress onto your body, so eating less and expecting a flat valley.

Long term would not work the hunger hormone.

Ghrelin is also a fat storing hormone, so if you’re someone who practices eating less and exercising more yes, you may miss weight temporarily, but unintentionally, you’re increasing your growling and also fat storing potential.

So, once you resume to normal eating, you will find that your body puts on static very quickly, and that is why I’m against any quick weight, loss, solution or restricted dieting because it is not sustainable, and it will only cause damage to your body long-term.

There are two ways to of purchases: if less exercise less or eat more exercise more, both these methods will still generate calorie deficit for you to lose weight but enough pill to keep energy hunger and cravings stable.

So, I would encourage you to watch by the science behind burning belly fat videos here, so you understand each method in more details.

The next point to look at is the wrong kind of training.

So, what do I mean by that, you’re? A cuddle bunny and that’s all you do not include strength, training into your routine.

You deliciously perform 100 crunches every day, hoping that the belly fat would melt away.

You do very light, workout and assume that exactly enough effort.

So, let’s look at cardio is very important and should be part of your exercise routine, but doing cardio alone is not enough. Your body stops burning fat right after your cardio exercise.

You have to include strength, training and also high-intensity training.

That’s because what you’ll do is that you will increase your metabolic rate and your body will continue to burn fat even after the workout.

While at rest saying that, however, you shouldn’t be performing high intensity training every single day because over exercising can also put too much stress on to your body, so you may struggle to sleep at night.

Still lethargic tired, agitated increase in appetite and all these can be counterproductive.

So, my suggestion is to include two days of strength, training, two days of high-intensity training and two days of moderate to low intensity training.

It is also very important to remember that we cannot spot reduced fat, okay, which means doing 1000 or 100 crunches every single day will not melt the belly fat to reduce belly fat.

You have to reduce your total body fat percentage.

So, just to give you an idea: a lean belly is about 10% body fat for meal and 20% body fat for female.

At the moment I am about 20% body fat, so belly fat is also associated with inflammation, highly processed food, refined, grains sugar and fried foods such as chips, cakes and crackers or soda drinks can cause inflammation in the body making the belly to appear larger than It should be.

These foods also cause your insulin level to spike aka the fat storing hormone and encourages your liver to store fat around the belly area.

So, even if you’re on a low-calorie diet by your diet consists mainly of junk foods, you will still struggle to shift the fat away from your belly because, remember guys not all calories are equal.

It is not about going on a low-calorie diet, or you know, counseling.

Every single calorie but more importantly, it is about eating the right calories to burn fat and to get a flat tummy.

The easiest that the take right now is to cut on all junks, and you will see the difference in just one week, even more natural foods that fight against inflammation, such as green vegetables, berries, ginger, turmeric, healthy fat from salmon nuts and seeds.

All these foods, where it your digestion, Burnet, stubborn belly fat and make your Valley appear less bloated and the final factor which we will all eventually need to deal with is aging as we age, our body starts to change as well, reduce in metabolic rates less efficient.

In burning fat, and it is more challenging to lose weight and tone up so for the ladies weight gain around the midsection is extremely common, especially after menopause.

Our estrogen levels drop dramatically, causing fat to be stored around the midsection.

So, when you’re older, you wouldn’t need as much energy compared to your younger days.

So if you were to eat like your younger days, you will start to gain weight once we have in your 40s or 50s.

You need to make changes to your eating habits.

It’s slightly lesser and consume between 4 and 5.

how to have flat tummy without losing weight 1

Smaller meals attained during low-impact exercises such as vigorous yoga will also help to reduce belly fat.

Do you watch my changes to your body at 20 to 17 to really understand how h plays a huge role and what you can do about it?

So, these are the factors of why you’re not losing belly fat. Remember that belly fat equals hormones plus lifestyle.

So, your lifestyle will influence your hormone levels, as much as most of us would want a flat belly to look good in a bikini.

I’M not promoting that. We should all aim for 6 packs and a really lean looking tummy because a little bit of fat can help to protect your organs, but too much of that around the midsection can cause many health issues such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and even cancer.

How To Have Flat Tummy Without Losing Weight? Click Here!

How To Have Flat Tummy Without Losing Weight

How to have flat tummy without losing weight for everybody. How to get a flat stomach, without exercise? Nope, we are not suggesting expensive liposuction or hazardous tummy tuck either.

· First and primary: consume. If needed, consume in small portions five times a day instead of depending on 3 whole meals where opportunities are you would most likely overindulge. At the same time, 5 small meals do not suggest that we motivate binge-eating either.

· Human body function is directly proportional to the metabolic process rate in your body. In easy terms, metabolic process is how fast and just how much your body can break down the food you take and transform it into energy to sustain your physical activities.

Having a healthy metabolic process is essential to sustain growth. Having an excellent metabolism begins with the extremely first meal of your day. Have your breakfast, a great, healthy, and delicious one and your metabolism starts early.

· Finally, preserve your weight by preventing food that tends to collect near your belly. Losing stomach fat can be quick, if you follow the best eating routines and a healthy routine.

How To Have Flat Tummy Without Losing Weight? Click Here!

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