How to Get a Flat Tummy without Flattening Your Chest


How to Get a Flat Tummy without Flattening Your Chest

We get a lot of questions with the hashtag # askthedoctors about shedding pounds, but this viewer’s curious how to get a flat tummy without getting a flat chest.

So, I’ve been thinking about losing weight, but my friends are always joking that, like the boobs are the first to go. Can I avoid that somehow You know for women? Yes, their breasts are a large part of the volume for many women is fat.

So if they’re deciding to lose weight, they’re going to lose fat, hopefully all over their body, but everyone’s a little bit different They may lose fat from one part of the body quicker than other parts.

And for one woman it may be the breasts another woman, the tummy, the other woman, the hips outer thighs, for example, But for anybody that’s losing weight men included too.

You are going to see changes in the breasts that the breast tissue, the breasts, will shrink, leaving you with loose skin. So, is there a way to naturally offset that In general, good breast health? You want to exercise.

You want to work your pec muscles, Ah, that’s key To help keep the chest toned.

You don’t want to have big fluctuations in weight, and that includes pregnancy too.

A lot of it is genetic and if your breasts have less fat and more breast tissue they’re going to change less, because that breast tissue does not respond to weight loss like other fatty tissue in your body.

I figured this would be a chance for you to talk about. You talked about vaginal rejuvenation, (, audience laughs ), but we have a fix for that. We do have a fix for that.

If you want a lift, if they’re too big they’re, too small, there’s great options for all of those In other words, if you’re someone who is going through a massive metamorphosis, body-wise And you’ve seen it And you come out the other end, you’re healthier, but you’re incredibly disappointed with maybe how your breasts have evolved with the body changes.

That’s where the — And ( mumbles ) in common You guys do the fat injections all the time. Don’t you Fat injections too, putting the fat back in And you’ve seen all of our post massive weight loss, re-dos women’s breasts, probably the single biggest area that changes dramatically?

They just lose so much volume, so much loose skin literally hanging on the chest wall that those things we can do big changes to give them back their breasts. Alright, there you go You’re, the breast.

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