A lot of you guys asked me to do a video about giving you guys tips on how to get a flat stomach. I feel that it’s a matter what size you are a lot of people, I’m not happy with this stomach or they can’t seem to get a flat stomach.

So, I thought I would give you guys my top five tips on how to do that.

Just before I get started, I want to say that I did no exercise whatsoever that targeted by a specific layer. Obviously, I didn’t walk and run and stuff like that, but I didn’t do any exercises like crunches.

I don’t stones now, I’m not saying the exercise isn’t helpful, because obviously, if you’re gonna reduce your fat and increase your muscle because muscle does burn fit, then you’re going to get a flat stomach.

But it’s just not what I did so, let’s just get in Stuart what let’s get started into the video, so my first tip would be quality or quantity. So, a lot of people think that you have to focus on quality like you have to eat, liters and you’re not allowed to eat carbs, not even know you don’t actually have to do that.

You can, if you want that, will work obviously, but you don’t actually have to that’s why you see people like models and bodybuilders and all those people who can eat junk food and still have a flat stomach so for quality.

I’M talking about clean eating, healthy food things like fruit, vegetables, just really lean and clean, and basically through. That is not persists of things that don’t come from packets, things that nature intended you to eat and things that grow on trees and plants and stuff like that, and then on the other hand, you can think about quantity.

So quantity is pretty much the amount of food that you ate, so basically there is a special number which is called your caloric deficit. I will leave my video on it down in the bottom bar below, where I explain it a bit more, but basically it’s where you have a set amount of calories that you need to maintain your current weight in your current body, and then you minus that so That you can essentially lose weight, I mean there’s so many bodybuilders and models out there.

Therefore, the caloric deficit and it’s not optimal. You should be looking after your body and getting the amount of nutrients that you should, but for some people like they want taste in their life and if they can get abs and they can get a flat stomach in.

Why not and some people’s bucks. The second tip that I have is water now I know a lot of people hate water and they believe that it makes you gain weight. Water doesn’t make you gain weight, your made-up water and water, pretty much like you drink it, and then it goes out normally.

I drink about two to three liters a day. 3 liters is optimum, but I mean that’s a lot of water to drink. So what it actually does is it’s an antioxidant, so basically it flushes or your toxins and everything out detox, your body. So you get all that stuff out by drinking a lot of water and also and suppresses your every type. So if you think of a stomach like say, your stomach is the size.

Okay, my figure might be smaller whatever. If you fill that stomach up with, I don’t know McDonald’s, you can also fill their stomach up with water. Your body actually doesn’t know it’s McDonald’s or if its water so effectively, you are suppressing your appetite by drinking more water, okay. So, the third tip that I have for you is low GI foods, so a lot of people when they train you to flat stomach the first thing that they think is no carbs low. Carb got to get it out.

If you are gluten-free, then I’d probably recommend that you cut those things out already. However, if you’re – not you don’t actually have to unless you want to, I feel that the law of my carbs are the better. I feel energetic wise, but then I also feel really hungry and your body actually craves carbs, so you don’t actually have to get rid of carbs.

However, I was recommended going for an alternative, so there is low GI or low glycemic index foods. So, for example, if you had white bread change it to rum bread, if you have white rice, try to edge it to brown rice, it’s just the smallest things, make the biggest difference.

So that’s one of the differences is that high GI foods give you a spike. So, they give you energy quickly. That’s why a lot of ethics will eat pasta straight before they go and work out low die food, which means that you’re not going to get that spike straight away.

That’S over the period of time or like over the day. You’re going to be able to use it energy throughout the day, rather than having a spike and then crashing which a lot of the sugary foods such as chocolate and other things like that, caused you to do, however, with low GI foods.

They also keep you fuller for longer, because I’m all grainy in them or dense. So that’s why a lot of nutritionist will recommend eating things like oats and the mornings that you can spread it over the entirety of the day and all the energy that you get from that.

So the four tip that I would give you, which is a lot I feel like a lot of like people or companies, are using these days in the weight loss, industry and the health industry as well, and that is antioxidants. So basically, as I said, water has acts like an antioxidant, but you can also have things that have more antioxidants, things like green tea. I know a lot of people think that this magic tea out there is going to make them skinny.

It’S not. Okay. You need to use it in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy food having a good diet and exercising it. Just annoys me when people say: oh, this too will make you skinny yeah. It’s not going to do that so right.

Now, I’m going to explain to you guys how skis work, basically, what they do is they make you go to the toilet and buy go to the toilet. I don’t mean just like urinating, I mean like they make you real. Oh, they make you go to the toilet, so essentially it’s not actually making you lose weight as making you crap more. Can I use crap. I used it anyway.

They make you crap that reduces bloating, because it’s not stuck sitting in your bowel and then tip number five that I have is to eight yeah. I know the first thing when you think. Oh, I want to get rid of my stomach fit. The first thing that you think is, I am going to stop eating as much which works for the caloric deficit, but I feel that people go below the caloric deficit number because they think okay, the less I eat the more faster. This is going to work, and that is not true.

Our bodies are really, really clear bare and the way that they work is that as soon as they sense, okay, they see that they’re gon na go into starvation mode. They think survival. Your body knows it you’re getting less food if you’re starving yourself, and then it goes okay. I want to stop working now because if I keep burning everything, there’s body down end, and it’s going to stop living, it’s going to stop surviving. So, I would say: eat okay, now, not saying overeat what you normally eat, because your body’s not going to work yeah.

So those were my five tips that I give to you guys and they are not the exercise tips. Obviously, you can do crunches. You can go to brands, anything that is going to make you gain muscle because, essentially muscle burns fat. So if you have a muscle, you’ll have less back with the rate at which it burns is a lot faster than your body. Doing it like that, if anything, no, oh yeah!


Getting a Flat Belly Without Exercise

We want to look pulchritudinous and so voluptuous but in some cases we tend to consume too much. How can we achieve a flat belly even though we do not exercise? It is true that workout helps you to attain a flat belly however there are other methods besides exercising that can make you have a flat belly.

We need to prevent eating gas-forming foods. Gas forming foods are broccoli, Brussels sprouts, lettuce, cabbage and cauliflower. It is better to consume bananas, citrus, yogurt, eggs and rice since it is easier to break down and absorb.

You require to be very mindful in combining your foods due to the fact that it has an impact on your gastrointestinal system. It is much better if you can decrease down the ratio of your carbs to protein. Did you know that potatoes, rice and bread are under the category of complicated carbohydrates that is why you need an alkaline environment for proper food digestion? On the other hand, lean beef, turkey, chicken and fish require an acidic environment for appropriate food digestion.

One lady said that she has a flat belly but she never attempted working out. She challenges everyone who reads this and she wants you to prove her wrong.

We all do not want to experience fluid retention since it will not give you a flat belly. Keep in mind that foods that are high in salt can trigger your body to retain fluid that is why you need to be familiar with what you consume. Instead of eating this sort of food, consume carrots, cucumbers and cantaloupe since this will satisfy your yearnings for salted foods.

We all want to have a flat belly. We all wish to do it the easier method or the simplest method possible. Yes, exercise is an advantage however not everyone can exercise every day or thrice a week. Due to the fact that it will impact our body, there are other alternatives to exercise we just require to be really mindful of what we do. Simply consume healthy foods and you are great to go already!

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