How To Do Push Ups for Beginners I Lucy Lismore Fitness

How To Do Push Ups for Beginners I Lucy Lismore Fitness

Hey guys how you’re going my name is Lucy and in this video today, I’m going to be taking you through all the beginner information that you need to be able to achieve your first wall push up.

I remember a couple of years ago when I was trying to do push-ups for the first time. I couldn’t even do them against the wall and I remember distinctly saying I will never be able to do these on my toes, however, with the correct progressions and some time and hard work.

I managed to get there so in this video I’m going to be taking You through the correct form, so I’m really good progressions that you can use and also some of the things that you should try and avoid, and I’m sure you’ll be on your way to achieving your first full push up in no time.

So first we’re gonna have a look at hand. Positioning come up into a high plank with your hands directly below your shoulders from here, move them out, so they are placed slightly wider than the width of your shoulders.

As you lower your body down, you should aim to keep your arms at a 45-degree angle from your body to do this thing about wrapping your triceps around and putting your elbows in towards your body. So from this angle, you can see that my hands are slightly wider than my shoulders are.

As I come down into a push-up, you can see that my elbows are no further than 45 degrees from my body. It’s also important during a push-up that you activate your core and engage your glutes.

You can do this by really actively pulling your core in and trying to tuck your tailbone under doing this will help maintain the hollow body position, that’s required for the push-up and also help prevent injury.

So, your full push-up should look something like this. You want to make sure you’re using the full range of motion, so when you get to the top make sure you push your scapula’s apart and when you get to the bottom, you want to aim to get your chest to the floor.

An Im to have a neutral spine and to keep your gaze a couple of feet out in front of you, so for our progressions we are not going to be using the modified push-up on your knees.

It is much more beneficial to be in the full push up position and lower the angle that you were pushing from instead, so the first progression is going to be using the wall, stand about two feet away from the wall and place your hands out in front of You slightly lower than shoulder height

Now keeping your body in a straight line and your tailbone tucked under lower your chest towards the wall when you reach the wall, focus on squeezing your shoulder blades together. Remember that it’s still important when you’re doing it against the wall.

To maintain that straight line in your body keep your elbows at a 45-degree angle and also engage your core once you can comfortably perform 10 to 12 reps of this exercise, or you feel like you’re not being challenged enough.

It’s time to go on to the next progression, so to take your push-ups to the next progression. You need to find something lower to push from. This could be a kitchen counter, the banister or even a side of the sofa like I’ve used here.

Once again, it’s important to maintain that hollow body shape keep your tailbone tucked under your core engaged, and your elbows at a 45 degrees.

Angle from your body also make sure that you’re using the full range of motion and lowering your chest entirely down to the surface. That you’re pushing from continue moving to lower services as your strength increases.

It’s really important to always be challenging yourself in these exercises. As that’s the way, your strength is going to increase, and you’re eventually, going to be able to do a full push up from the floor. Eventually, you will have built up enough strength to be able to do a full push-up from the floor.

Please don’t get discouraged if it takes a while to get to this stage. Push-Ups are an extremely hard exercise to master when you’re just starting out, the most important thing to do is to focus on your form and getting the correct technique.

It’s better to be able to do some of the progressions with a really great form than to do a full push-up from the floor with bad form, just focus on getting the right technique and your progress will start to speed up the stronger you get.

So, we see several common mistakes when it comes to push-ups, it’s important to avoid these, to prevent injury in the future and also to maintain the proper form when you’re learning your push-ups. The first of these is not activating your core.

It’s important when you’re doing a push-up that you’re engaging your abdominal muscles. This will protect your lower back from any injuries, and it’ll help maintain the hollow body position that you need for a push-up.

Another common mistake is having your elbows flared out too far. As you can see here, my elbows are almost 90 degrees away from my body. This puts unnecessary strain on your elbows, make sure you keep them at no further than a 45-degree angle from your body.

Performing a push-up in the pipe position means your butt. It’s gonna be really high in the air and your heads gonna be facing towards the ground.

This means that you won’t be using the full range of motion that you’re capable of, and it’s almost cheating yourself out of doing a full push up. Lastly, you’ll often see people using momentum to maintain their push-ups.

Relying on momentum to perform a push-up is kind of cheating yourself out of a push-up again, if you don’t have the strength to perform a full push-up without relying on the momentum or bouncing your chest off the floor, then the strength just isn’t there yet, and it’s Better to return to some of the previous progressions then continue on.

You can avoid all these mistakes by using the correct progressions and ensuring that you use the perfect form every time you perform this exercises, so guys. I hope you enjoyed that video and that its given you some good ideas on how you can progress to your first full push up.

I just want to quickly chat about comparison and how it’s quite easy, when you’re trying to learn something new, to look at other people and see how you’re progressing compared to them.

So, you might see someone in the gym who, apparently it, can do push-ups pretty easily, or maybe someone online or on social media. But it’s not really a very good way of checking how you’re going because those people could have been training for years.

They could be having a really great day. They could be a trainer. You just don’t know, I remember for me. It took me at least four to five months before I could do a semi-decent push-up on my toes and even then it was pretty bad form and I couldn’t do many reps and trust me they’re still days now, where I struggle with my form and my reps.

So, the best thing to do really is compare with yourself try and keep track of your progress and look back to how you were going a month ago, two months ago, to see how far you’ve come.

That will be a much better marker on how you’re progressing, and trust me it’ll be a lot more motivating than comparing yourself to somebody else. The quote that I really love is don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle or somebody else’s end.

It’s just not going to do you any favors, and the best thing to do is just look back at how far you’ve come, and you’ll be proud of all the achievements you’ve made.

So let me know how you go with your push-ups. I would love to hear how you said, put a comment down below or head over to my Instagram account and send me a message: I’d love to hear from anybody and everybody about how they’re going with their goals and help them out.

So, I would love to hear from you, otherwise I hope you’ve enjoyed the video and have an amazing day.

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