How Do I Lose Belly Fat? | Responding To Your Comments! | Doctor Mike


How Do I Lose Belly Fat? | Responding To Your Comments! | Doctor Mike

Is mayonnaise and instrument by mysterious? I don’t get it hey guys. I love interacting with you, so I thought I’d make a monthly segment where I jump into the comments. Read the best ones, have a few laughs, but also answer your medical questions.

I’M gonna get right into it, and here we kiss bullish, geek little fish canker I need a Quay asks.

Is water wet Anita water is inherently wet. That’s how wet is defined. In my opinion, weird questions, Sara Ashby. Is it safe to crack your own neck? I heard that it’s bad, but it feels super good.

Cracking your neck is probably not a bad thing as long as you’re not doing some crazy techniques on yourself, just the same way that cracking knuckles doesn’t cause arthritis. This has been proven time and time again. All that is our nitrogen air bubbles escaping from your joint space. Nothing dangerous is happening, a dtt. Can you read and write Russian?

I can read Russian, probably at a first grade level. Don’t judge me. I came here when I was five, and I didn’t get much training afterwards, but I can’t write Russian Casey sweet. Do you know heretic Russian Bollywood actor, you act and look like him. I don’t know who that is.

But do I really look like him, this guy? No way, thoughts on the tide, pod epidemic have you had patients coming in having consumed them Tessa? I have not had patients coming in who have consumed them. I don’t understand who’s doing this. It goes without saying that Tide Pods are harmful.

Just like I don’t go around explaining and lecturing people that staples are not good to eat. Can you create a video on decreasing fat around the abdominal area for men, hashtag, gym struggles, Anthony I’m with you.

A lot of my patients are with you, it’s very hard to lose abdominal fat, but the one thing we have to keep in mind is: you cannot spot reduce you have to work on decreasing your entire body’s fat composition in order to see improvements in your abdominal Area time for a haircut doc, I agree. Look I got one. What was your undergraduate degree?

Well, Kent? I did one of those seven-year combine programs where bachelor’s in science, which was of life sciences and then a doctorate of osteopathic medicine.

So, it’s a BS do degree. Seven years, combined only did three years of undergraduate studies and four years of med school. How often should you get a check-up?

Well, Alexi, it really depends on not only your age group. It depends on your sex. It depends on what medical conditions you have, but I think it’s a safe bet to say that you should at least see your doctor every year to have a healthy conversation and figure out when you should return. Is it good if someone poops after every meal? Well, first, Poonam everybody poops, it’s a good book.

You should check it out after every meal. It sounds excessive, but if it’s normal for you, that’s what you’ve been doing your whole life. It shouldn’t be a problem.

If everything else is fine, Mandy Kay, did you cut your lip or is that a cold sore? I know what video the alcohol verse exercise.

Video and yes, that is a healing cold sore – is a herpes virus. I took valtrex and went away by the way. A lot of you don’t know this. If you have an active herpes outbreak, you could ask your doctor to write your prescription for valtrex he’ll shorten: lifespan of your cold sore 1. 1.

5. 4. Clean. What about sex versus exercise? I volunteer as tribute as long as I get dr Mike, what about sex versus exercise sex can be exercised, but you burn only about a hundred calories having sex, and I love that radioactive food wrote that they’re in for threesome Thanks to radioactive food.

I don’t know what your user name means. What’s owed Kate ran. There is research that said smoking can prevent us from Alzheimer’s. Is it true? Can you discuss the pros and cons of a cigarette at your and your recommendation?

My recommendation here is clear: don’t smoke, there are no health benefits. Whoever told you that smoking prevents Alzheimer’s disease is probably saying that because you died earlier when you smoked, so you never get a chance to develop Alzheimer’s disease.

How do I fall asleep faster, and how do I stay asleep well address? It depends on that I would need to ask you a lot more questions, but one of the biggest things that I see people mess up when it comes to their sleep is having their phone by their side.

Phones are a distraction because you tend to look at them and see that your friends are up to some cool stuff, and you get jealous.

Or maybe you read a work email, and you get anxious and all that anxiety and FOMO is horrible for your sleep. But the blue light that your phone emits also hurts the melatonin sleep hormone in your brain, which may not hurt how fast you fall asleep, but it hurts the quality of your sleep for sure.

That’s been documented and next look at your sleep environment make sure it’s cool in your room, make sure its dark in your room and quiet in your room and by quiet doesn’t mean completely silent.

It just means that if you have a noise, make sure it’s not like make sure it’s like a white noise that stays constant. Is there any medical reason for the legal drinking age?

Obviously, kids shouldn’t be downing bottles at 5:00, but what’s significant from say, 18 to 21 Andrew. I think the reason that in the United States, the legal drinking age is 21, has a lot to do with the religious nature of the people that move to the United States from England.

But I also think that the later you start drinking the better. It is for your mind, because even at 18 or 21, your mind is still developing W Rivera wow. This was annoying.

Very I don’t know what video you’re talking about man, Marissa Buscemi. I would love to hear your thoughts on soy products and whether it increases risk for cancer, especially breast cancer.

Marissa great question soy has phytoestrogens in it. Phytoestrogens are basically the plant form of the natural estrogen that you find in your own body.

Your body can react to these phytoestrogens and, if you’re predisposed to developing a cancer specifically a breast cancer, that’s estrogen sensitive eating.

A lot of soy products are having a high soy. Diet, can speed up the rate of you getting this cancer and can make it worse. We don’t have any answers or exact answers on what everybody should eat, but I think keeping it in moderation being smart and not overeating. Soy products are smart. It’s like a through dry road.

You, I saw a PS4 controllers in the background of a few years. Video’He’s very perceptive: what games do you play? I play on playstation 4 Call of Duty World War 2 and i play overwatch. If you want to add me, my username is real. Doctor might add maple plain assume, ER a booster.

How do you exercise? I have an interesting exercise routine because I do all sorts of different things I like to keep it varied, so I’ll play soccer I’ll play basketball go boxing, but also lift weights.

I’M a big fan of head be weightlifting to make sure that I stay strong. That’s critical to me, and we’ve seen that you, the best results come from those who wait, train and cardio train, so I always like to mix up both of those routines. Dr Mike, I have a question for you.

That’s why we’re doing this? Why do I faint after blood exam, the sight of blood doesn’t bother me, and I’m not afraid of needles Tyra. It sounds like what you’re having is called a vasovagal response you, without even thinking about it. Your primitive brain has a startling response to getting poked and losing some blood.

It’s not your frontal part of your brain, which makes some of you are more complicated decisions for you, but your primitive brain starts panicking that it saw blood that you’re losing blood.

Your heart rate drops your blood pressure, and you don’t get enough blood flow to the brain, and when that happens, you faint, or you feel, like your guns to faint, and you’re gonna black out how much you can do with that.

What about it, but be cautious of standing up afterwards know that it could happen and take the proper precautions I couldn’t help but notice the pits wet.

You really should look into Thompson T’s. They changed my life change. I don’t know what Thomson tees are, but I often wear scrubs, so I don’t know if I can wear Thompson’s tees.

What I will say is that my armpits do sweat a lot, and I am considering getting Botox injections into my armpits. It’S that serious and that may be a future YouTube video stay tuned.

Sana Fatima. Can you please make a video on CT scans, MRIs ultrasounds? Are they really that dangerous to get can a CT scan actually lead to cancer?

Mri scans and ultrasounds are relatively benign sana. So, you don’t have to worry about that. Ct scans do pose a health risk because they do expose. You expose you to unnecessary radiation. How much of that radiation actually leads to cancer?

Is a topic that’s up for debate. I have talked to some radiologists who believe that the risk is overstated because they believe that the type of radiation that you get from CT scans is not the same type of radiation that we’ve studied from Hiroshima and other times when we use nuclear weapons.

Because that’s what we use as our basis of what is acceptable level of radiation for the human body to accept without health risks, if you don’t need a CT, don’t get it if there’s a significant health benefit for you, getting a CT scan like figuring out whether Or not, you have appendicitis, and you need emergency surgery, yes get the CT scan.

But if your stomach hurts, you just want to figure out. What’s going on, maybe it’s better to hang out a day or two and see if the stomach pain goes away and not get a CT scan, follow my logic there’s so muhammad’.

What is your opinion about meditation? I love a meditation. I think we live in a crazy stressful world where chronic stress is all around us and our bodies are not meant to handle chronic stress.

We can handle individual stresses on a short-term, but chronic stress is horrible and meditation is a great way to break out of chronic stress. What does the future of medicine look like a lot of individual personalized health care, meaning that, based on your genetics, we’re gonna give you a specific treatment.

For example, I could have two patients come in with the same illness, but treat them totally different based on their genetics, and I think that’s totally awesome.

I also think there’s gonna be an increase in telemedicine, which is basically like skyping your doctor, and I think that has a use, granted limited use, but there’s definitely a place in medicine where we can use that for the more technologically savvy. We all become the more we can use that sort of technology to make us healthier, hey Doc, you are losing your charm anyway.

Nothing in this world is permanent hope, I’m not losing my charm man been. This person isn’t even have a username within the exercise category, which would you consider the most beneficial for long-term health.

I’M a huge fan of hit for the win. It helps your resting heart rate. It helps with heart rate, variability it’s good on your insulin levels, and it’s good for fat distribution. So, I’m a fan of hit. I swear by hit.


I practice a hit. I recommend a hit. How many more times can I say, hit before you understand that I love to hit all righty. I hope you enjoyed the first installment of this new series, go and watch some more YouTube.

Videos of mine leave some comments because I’m gonna be looking at the recent comments and answering them in an upcoming video as always stay happy and healthy.

Lose Tummy Fat Quick – This 15 Minute Exercise Will Assist You Lose Tummy Fat In 1 Week

You are going to finish a set of workouts focused on burning calories that will assist you lose stomach fat quick, workouts you can carry out in the house so no fitness center costs.

What is the usage of burning off state 250 calories if you stack back 350 calories by consuming scrap food. To get the fat off your stomach you should reduce weight from the entire of your body so today you should begin to remove all unhealthy food and white carbs from your diet plan.

Consume a well balanced diet plan that ought to consist of, chicken breast or other lean cuts of meat, oily fish, greens such as spinach and broccoli, salads, beans, fruit and beverage adequate water to keep your body hydrated at all times.

Do not fry your foods constantly barbecue. A well balanced diet plan is as essential as any workout routine if you are to effectively lose tummy fat quickly, so no processed foods whatsoever.

Prior to you start any workout program guarantee that your body is appropriately heated up and to attain this you do some light running, some avoiding or cycle around a number of blocks.

You are going for high strength period training which suggests greater strength than you would typically but for a much shorter duration and this 15 minute exercise fits the expense.

OKAY let’s start.

Standing Jumps Take any item that sits 6 inches off the flooring (a stack of books will do) and guarantee. The workout is to leap up and down over the item as rapidly and as lot of times as you can.

Squat thrusts With hands on the flooring stretch your legs back as far as possible then pull your feet as high up under your body as possible and as rapidly as you can, repeat.

Pike Crunches Lie flat on the flooring with your arms totally extended above your head and your toes explained in front of you. Bend your knees a little then raise your legs off the flooring and at the same time raise your arms, keeping them directly up until you get to the V position.

Hold for a couple of seconds then go back to the flooring, repeat as often times as you can.

Star Jumps Squat with your hands simply touching the flooring then release your self off the flooring extending limbs in a star development, repeat as sometimes as you can. You truly should take off into this workout.

Sitting Push Ups Sit in an arm chair with you hands on each arm, raise your legs up until your body remains in an “L” position. Total as lots of rise as you can, this works triceps muscles and abs.

Sit Ups. Lie flat on the flooring and anchor your feet to a chair, then with hands behind your head, or folded throughout your chest raise your upper body off the flooring and when upright twist the body initially ideal then left and go back to the flooring total as lots of representatives as you can.
These workouts need to be finished with strength and maximum effort however I would alert novices and anybody truly out of condition to relax to begin with. Please keep in mind that if you begin to feel any pain or discomfort you need to stop instantly, if you do not you will get harmed.

Constantly warm down with some light running or avoiding.

If you finish these workouts daily, consume a well balanced diet plan and keep hydrated you will start to lose stubborn belly fat within a week, however you need to be dedicated and constant.

Make this your everyday mantra: I need to lose tummy fat and I will.

Thank you for reading this short article, Good Luck to You.

You are going to finish a set of workouts intended at burning off calories that will assist you lose stomach fat quick, workouts you can carry out at house so no fitness center costs.

To get the fat off your stomach you need to lose weight from the whole of your body so today you need to begin to remove all scrap food and white carbs from your diet plan.

A well balanced diet plan is as essential as any workout program if you are to effectively lose stomach fat quickly, so no processed foods whatsoever.

Bend your knees a little then raise your legs off the flooring and at the very same time raise your arms, keeping them directly up until you get to the V position. Hold for a couple of seconds then return to the flooring, repeat as lots of time as you can.

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