HOT GIRL SUMMER ABS in 10 Days | 8 minute Home Workout

HOT GIRL SUMMER ABS in 10 Days | 8 minute Home Workout

Hot Girl Summer Abs! This is an 8-minute abs and lose belly fat home workout. I want you to do this workout for 10 days. All the way up to, the LEAN App launch on the 10th of June. That is just 10 days away.

No equipment needed. I just want to take a second to say, you are beautiful! It is coming into summer, you look amazing. This is going to have your abs on fire. You already look amazing.

Get ready for an incredible abs burn. You can get incredible results like these ladies just here. Don’t forget to tag me in your Instagram Stories for a chance to be featured. You can even do a full YouTube review or a TikTok video. Which I really, really, really appreciate.

We are officially 10 days until the LEAN App launches! I am so excited. You literally have no idea how excited I am. I’ve been working on this for 12 months, a whole year to get this app ready for you. Personalized meal plans, personalized guides to help you achieve your goals.

A physio section, a nutrition section, a recipe library, there is so much! There’s even more than that, by the way. I can’t even put into words how much the LEAN App is going to change your life. We have just 10 days until the launch. So make sure you check the description box.

That has all the details in there. The exact launch time is 6pm GMT on Thursday 10 June. Don’t miss out. Okay, let’s get working out. I love you, let’s feel the burn.

So, we’re starting on down and lying. Find that beat, bicycles. One, two, three, hold. Good work! 50 seconds each exercise, you’re already halfway.

Push it! 8 minutes on the clock. I know you’ve got this! Amazing work, 10 seconds recovery, breathe. Next up, double leg tabletop.

Up into a crunch. Pump the arms up and down as you straighten, and in. Over halfway, keep looking forward! Protect that neck. Pull that core in nice and tight.

Hot girl summer! Amazing work! Next up, Dead Bugs. Have a moment, breathe. Double leg tabletop.

Arms are up. One and two. One and two. Good, if the neck’s sore lower it down but do not stop. You’ve got this!

Good work you guys, come on! We’re nearly at the end of that song, 10 seconds! Amazing! Wow, my core is on fire. Drop those feet down, support the head, reach to one side and back.

We’ve got this, let’s go. Come on, really pull that core in nice and tight. Breathe. Changing sides! In four, three, that beat is dropping!

Nearly there, come on, keep pushing! Oh, wow! Oh, yes, that burns. Okay, legs are wide now. Hands are in a diamond shape.

We’re coming all the way up, reaching to that ankle and back down. 10 seconds you. Amazing, the legs are coming up to the sky. Now flex the feet. We’re reaching to the center for four, then the left, then the right.

Okay, let’s go. Four, three, two, and one. Left, right, left, right. Center, four. Left, right, left, right.

Center. Five seconds. Whoo! Up into a plank. Now, we all so nearly there.

Just a few exercises left. Come into a nice strong plank. Hold, breathe. Hold, breathe. In four, in three, in two, seesaws and dips.

Dip, up, saw. Dip, up, saw. Good, keep that core really nice and tight. Rib cage down. Tailbone tucked.

10 seconds! Amazing work! Wow, how are you going? Were in sitting now. A Russian twist to finish up.

Pull that core in nice and tight. Twist, twist. In four, in three, in two. The legs come up if you want to. Rotate that opposite leg out.

Nearly there, come on! 15 seconds, that’s all! Whoo! You smashed it Familia! Please don’t forget to click the thumbs up button.

Also put a comment down below. Let me know how you got on. Click subscribe for more videos just like this. Honestly, reading your comments. The familia support network is mind-blowing!

Just have a little look. The way that you support each other is incredible. Thank you so much for making this the best Familia on the planet. I love you so much and I cannot wait for the app launch in 10 days. See you tomorrow for another home workout.


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