High Intensity AB Workout | 10 Min Standing Abs Workout to BURN FAT & Get ABS

High Intensity AB Workout | 10 Min Standing Abs Workout to BURN FAT & Get ABS

Today we have a standing abs workout. This is quite challenging because it is a high-intensity ab. Workout you’re gonna sweat, you’re gonna feel breathless, but this will help you to get those apps because of the intensity.

This workout burns about hundred two hundred and fifty calories just within ten minutes, that’s hits well, of course, that depends on how hot you work for it and also various other factors.

So I tried to stick with me until the end: let’s jump straight into the workout today, we have ten exercises back to back 50 seconds on and 10 seconds off.

Let’s start with high knee bring one knee as high as you can about the hips level and do it as fast as you can do it with a little crunch as well and remember to keep your core engaged.

Also, I’ve included the low-impact version for those of you who prefer low-impact exercises. We have 10 seconds break and the second exercise is standing. Bicycle crunch, bring one layup and touch it with your opposite. Elbow.

Remember to keep your core tight by squeezing and tightening those core muscles. That’s very important. The third exercise is knee pool stretch out your arms with your left leg behind you and bring your knee as high as you can, while pulling your arms downwards.

Do it as fast as you can, while keeping your core tight and engaged. The next exercise is the same thing, but on the other side, remember to squeeze those abs.

The next exercise is standing. Toe touch, keep your legs as straight as possible and make sure you squeeze your abs while you’re doing the exercise.

I’D keep saying this, but it’s very important, next is top Jong-un as high as you can and let your thighs touch your hands. This is going to bring your heart rate up, and you’ll definitely feel breathless. I was doing it as fast as I can, so try to push yourself, but also know your limits.

I’ve also included a low-impact version if you prefer that, the next exercise is reversed. Chop keep your arms straight and raise your arms across your body until you’re standing up, make sure you use your core muscles to move your arms. You can also hold a dumbbell if you want it more challenging.

Now, let’s do the same thing to the other side, we’re almost done our settler exercises hopping front. Kick your left leg forward, while I am doing little jumps using your right leg during the front.

Kick helps you to work your lower abs. Do this for 25 seconds and move on to the other side? I’ve also included a low-impact version for this one. Now swap to the other side. The final exercise is extended.

Toe touch. Have your left leg extend it behind you and your right arm stretch out then bring the leg forward and then on downward until they touch make sure your leg and arms are as straight as possible and engage your core.

Do this for 25 seconds and move on to the other side, now I’ll sort to your right side, three more seconds, and we’re almost there convertible making it to the end smash the like button down below and if you are able to do my Intense ab workout to complete your workout for the day, thanks for watching bye,

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