Healthy Snacks to be a SNACC – Best Protein Snacks EVER

Healthy Snacks to be a SNACC – Best Protein Snacks EVER

Hello: everyone, welcome to another healthy snacks, video to be a snack. I gotcha. I tried most of these recipes a few times just to perfect it. Okay, I tried, so we’re gonna have lava cake, which is high in protein.

Then, typical of a cake, we’re gonna have a protein bowl, which is higher in protein than my older protein bowl, and we’re also gonna have a date snack, which is high-rise in protein, and also we’re gonna have a frozen yogurt, that’s high in protein.

So, everything is higher in protein today before we start, please smash that thumbs up button, get us to a hundred and ten thousand likes. Please. I know you guys can do it. You guys did it for one of my videos recently. I really appreciate it.

It means the world to me that you guys liked the video comment on the video and share the video share, the video and, let’s start, so we’re gonna, be making our lava cake, and we’re gonna start with oat flour.

Today’s lava cake is gonna be gluten. Free, we’re gonna use a hundred grams of oats, okay, whatever doesn’t have to be that accurate, and then we’re gonna be using lupine flour. So, I’ve used this a lot of times. If you guys have seen my older videos, you know what this is.

This is super high in protein and high in fiber. So, it’s going to keep you full, we’re going to use 50 grams of this. So if you don’t have lupine flour, you could replace it with some protein powder or just more oats, and we’re gonna add some sweetener, so the sugar that I normally use is from this brand. Not this blend. I normally use the zero calories one.

So, I’m gonna use about 70 grams of this, but I’m gonna use a bit of both this and stevia, just because I get a little bloated from the sweetener sometimes, so that’s the reason why I like a stevia a little bit more because fever doesn’t load Me and again, stevia is sugar, free and zero in calories, and it’s natural, and we’re gonna use two tablespoons of cocoa powder, and this has been processed.

So, that’s the reason why it’s called cocaine, not cacao. You know what, I’m just gonna add a little bit more chocolate just a little tiny bit more, and we’re gonna add some a teaspoon of baking powder. I’M gonna have about 100 grams of a banana. I don’t think you should add anything more than that because then your cupcake or your lava cake is going to taste like banana, and you don’t want a lava cake to taste like banana.

It’s just weird: that’s about 100 grams, now we’re gonna add a bit of lemon juice in here. Some lemon juice and some vanilla extract very, very good, and we’re gonna have about 180 grams of any sort of plant-based milk.

You want to use, you can start slow if you’re not using lupine flour, then you don’t have to add as much milk, maybe 160 grams, just because lupine flour is very, very absorbent. I swear. I used 160 grams the other day, and it was too dry, and I feel like it’s too wet right now, what the hell is going on.

I want a little bit more chocolate. I, like it, chocolaty, always adjust it based on how you like it, you can always add an egg a bit more protein. You can always add me, you can always add an 8 if you want more protein there, but I don’t think i wanna okay. Now we’re gonna transfer this into this cupcake mode. I feel like this is not chocolaty enough.

You guys, I’m gonna add more cacao powder in here, just because i really, really like chocolate-based stuff. This is not too high in calories because it’s like there’s only a hundred grams of oats and 50 grams of lupine flour, which is super low in calories anyway, and spread it across six cupcakes. That’s like not much at all, and now for the fun part. We’re gonna. Add some chocolate blocks in here.

So, I’ve made this. I melted all these chocolates they’re all vegan, I melted using the microwave I couldn’t be bought. So, I melted these and put it in the mold, and I’m just gonna pop these chocolates in here. So, if you think having too much chocolate is not good for you, that’s what you think you don’t have to add too much chocolate. You could add just one block or two blocks or three blocks for me.

I personally would add a little bit more than that. So, this milk chocolate is from this brand. I melted it, and now I’m gonna just squish it into my cupcake. Okay, let’s push it in! Oh, that’s so satisfying here see that all right, here’s a dark chocolate one.

So if that’s too much for you, then just cut it down, pour just like two little blocks of chocolate in there, just play around with it. Guys, like you, don’t have to follow what I do exactly, and now we’re gonna put it in the oven. For about 15 minutes, and we’re done, why are you running the cupcake is done you guys? Let’s try this dark chocolate cupcake! Oh, this looks so good.

This is so melty. This is insane, like, how perfect can it get? This is so good. It’s so moist the cake is so moist and the chocolate melts really well um. This is using this no sugar chocolate, chocolate sauce.

These cupcakes are so bloody good, so we’ve got some frozen yogurt some frozen banana, some stevia and some protein powder. If you want to and some chocolate powder cacao or cocoa powder – and that’s it – it’s very easy – we’re gonna pop the froyo in here, it’s just so frozen. I can’t even get it out, what the hell, let’s go for about. Let’s go with 200 grams and some frozen banana, about 100 grams. You can have a little bit less if you want a little bit less carbs.

You know some protein powder, let’s go with uh one scoop, we’re gonna. Add the chocolate powder later. Sorry, let’s blend this up, what is this broken? It’s face e 31. What does that even mean, error?

It smells like it’s burning up. The machine is just like: no, no! No! No! This is not cool.

We’re gonna add a little bit to the milk. It’s just too frozen, oishii i’ve more, throw you in little blocks. Little froyo bites. Don’t do this, guys! You don’t want to break your teeth.

Okay, this is the yogurt I’m using you can use any other yogurts guys, I’m so full. This thing is so good. The banana is to make it more creamy instead of icy.

So, that’s the reason why I add a banana in there, but if you’re watching your carb intake, you can exclude the banana and have icy frozen yogurt very good, I’m seriously so full right now, all right! You guys, I got something to show you up and down plank playing gang.

It’s my merch! It’s coming soon, there’s about 20 designs, there are jumpers t-shirts crop tops crop tanks, tanks, it’s gonna, be joggers too and shorts. So, there’s a bunch of stuff, I’m so excited because this is like my first clothing merch, which I worked so hard on like it’s been a year since I started designing like the first design and took us a long time to find someone that could make It the way we want it to be, so it’s going to be available in about a month for pre-order, I’m so excited. I really love the designs. I think they’re super Hawaii, I’m gonna wear this now and show you guys how it looks like on me.

I’M super bloated right now from all the foods, there you go. This is the crop top super cute. Okay, let’s move on to the next recipe because it’s not about my merch, it’s about the snacks. Okay, we’re gonna make stuffed dates with protein.

Cookie dough we’re gonna start with the protein cookie dough, we’ve got a can of chickpeas, and then we’re gonna use some protein powder, some almond butter and some sweetener and some salt very easy, very simple, all right: okay, okay, I think that’s everything I need So we got our chickpeas a can, which is about 240 grams, and we’re gonna use 60 grams of almond butter.

Two tablespoons, approximately you can add a little bit more almond butter if you want to, but I don’t want it to be super caloric. You know what I mean: we’re gonna use some protein powder, we’re gonna go for 50 grams. Okay, this smells really good. It smells like peanut butter. Is this the Sacha inchi?

I have no idea how to pronounce this. This is the Sacha inchi powder is a plant-based protein powder. Apparently, it has a lot of benefits. I think this is so much nicer than pea protein powder based on smell and taste, 50 grams of this, so that is about 3 tablespoons. That’s right people, and then now we’re gonna add some stevia.

You can use honey maple syrup. You can use other sweeteners that you prefer, like monk fruit. I just really like this stevia. I think this tastes pretty good, and then now we’re gonna blend them together. We can use a little bit of salt as well.

Why not? But there’s salt in my almond butter, so I don’t think we need it. Let’s blend this up, let me try it. This is pretty good, but I think I want it a little bit more sticky, so I’m gonna add a little bit of protein almond milk. I should measure this just a little bit.

I just want it to be a little bit more moist. If you want it to be a bit more sticky, you can always add more almond butter or some sort of syrup like brown, rice syrup, maple syrup or honey. Honey is really good to make them stick together and some dates, if you prefer. This is actually a good idea to just chuck it in here and just make it sticky now we’re gonna just take the dates, split it open. This is pitted, take one of these bowls.

You just squish them together and then pop it in here and that’s it easy, and then we’re gonna drizzle some chocolate sauce on top later. Actually, you know what, i wanna have to bite. This is really good guys. You don’t even need a chocolate sauce. It’s so good if you can’t be bothered stuff, some nut butter in here, it’s going to be less in protein.

It’s going to be more. In fact, it’s going to be more calorie dense, but you know sometimes if you can’t be bothered, you could just take the easy way out. I suppose, but if you don’t like the taste of chickpeas, maybe you won’t like it. I love chickpeas. I love dates.

I love almond butter, so this is perfect, though, for me, and now I’m just gonna melt, some chocolate sauce and drizzle. On top, I’m gonna use vegan chocolate chips. This is not chocolate chips, but just chocolate pieces. Oh, yes! Yes, you guys know how much I love chocolate.

Sorry, this is perfecto. Oh, it’s not looking very pretty honestly. This looks like crap, you guys. You know what, I’m just gonna put a lot. I like chocolate so much.

This is my stuffed date with protein, cookie, dough and chocolate sauce is so good. I’M just eating the cookie dough, it’s so good. Okay for the last recipe, we’re making some protein balls and, as you guys know, I have the best bowls out there.

So if you’re washing your calorie intake, try today’s version, there’s gonna be less fat and more protein, and that’s the reason why fewer calories – let’s do this. Let’s do these, we’re gonna have 150 grams of dates.

You can soak them first, but this is juicy. These are some juicy days. We’re gonna have some hazelnuts, just because I like hazelnuts, the most it’s also the highest in calories. So if you’re watching your calories, you can always use almonds 80 grams of this, and then we’re gonna have 70 grams of protein powder. Just use your favorite protein powder, like I said, it smells like peanut butter.

So, this is really great. I’M still gonna add a little bit of stevia because I feel like it’s not gonna be sweet enough. The hazelnut shouldn’t be in here first, because I don’t want it to turn mushy. I want it to be like crunchy, that’s the whole purpose of putting the hazelnut in there. I think, when I record videos, my brain just can’t function, or maybe it just doesn’t function on a daily basis, so it’s not gonna lie.

This is really annoying. I think that’s enough. I can just leave the rest in there now we’re gonna blend this up. Oh, this one’s a freaking earthquake in here what the hell’s going on, I’m gonna use a little bit of almond milk. Oh, that’s!

So much better! Now the hazelnuts, something is definitely wrong with me today. I can’t function. I forgot about my cacao powder, 2 tbsp. If you can’t be bothered, you can just have it on its own, but you can also wrap it in fruits.

So, you take one of these freeze-dried strawberries, and then you just wrap it around it. Oh, my god, this is so fragile, so you just gotta, be quite careful, just wrap it around your strawberry. This is a little bit drier than before.

So, when you’re trying to wash your calorie intake or have snacks that are lower in calories, they’re generally lesser in fat and that’s when things are not going to be as sticky, but you can always use milk or something else to make it a little bit more. Sticky, you can put a little strawberry in there and make it into a little strawberry protein bowl.

So, it’s not like the regular protein ball is just a teeny tiny bit more fun. You can always soak your date first and that’s gonna make it a lot more sticky, but I just couldn’t be bothered today and now.

I’M gonna make another version that I made a while ago, but now it’s less in calories because of the base over here, it’s the one that has hazelnut butter in there like Nutella. It’s really, really, really good. I really like the original recipe, but this version now is gonna be a little bit less in calories because it’s fewer nuts and also this protein powder, so make it into like a pancake like a little bowl.

Add your hazelnut butter in there, um. I think one scoop is enough: if you want a little bit more, you can, if you’re happy to take more calories, then you can add more butter. You can always adjust it based on your macro.

If you want to have more protein, then add more protein powder, but of course like you have to do it in moderation because if you add too much of something else and too little of something, sometimes it just tastes like. So, this is the hazelnut bowl that has Nutella inside very good, so that’s the biggest one because balls, let’s cut this one open a little strawberry in there.

This is so satisfying, that was a big cooking session. I’M tired again! That’s it for today’s video. I hope you guys enjoyed it and also for my merch, it’s gonna be available in about a month and the pre-order will be starting soon, so do check out my website. It’s gonna, be all on my website.

Sorry, anyways! Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and also leave a comment down below comment down comment, though it’s really, really important, please, and also like the video. I really appreciate it, and thanks so much for the recent support.

I know you guys have been helping out with the likes and comments and I really appreciate it. It means a lot to me, so thank you so much and the new program is coming out in two days as you watch this video, sorry.



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