GREEN TEA: 8 Benefits You Didn’t Know (Burn Fat, Lose Weight & Get a Flat Belly)


GREEN TEA: 8 Benefits You Didn’t Know (Burn Fat, Lose Weight & Get a Flat Belly)

Eight benefits you did not know about green tea, the second most popular drink in the world, right, underwater, green tea. What’s up guys and Clark, welcome back to weekly Wednesday health hack, where we go over things that make you happy healthy and inspire?

Let’s talk about green tea now, let’s not just write it off and say: okay, we’ve heard it before: let’s really get into some benefits and research, I posted the studies down below the links to them.

If you want to check it out yourself, so I’m gonna go over eight of them, eight cool benefits of green tea, and then I must show you how you can make it and incorporate it into your every day to get those benefits. Let’s get going!

Egc G! This is the compound in green tea that has been linked to lots of the fat burning properties, and I want to talk about two studies, specifically the first study.

I think it followed ten Japanese men, and it showed a 4% increase in overall metabolism, and another study showed that the fat oxidation rate was increased by 17%, meaning that not only is your metabolism boosted by green tea, but the actual rate of fat oxidation Is increased as well, so you’re able to specifically target your fat instead of just general calories, pretty cool focus and mental clarity is another benefit of green tea. Now this is a personal one for me because about two weeks ago, I switched from coffee.

I’ve been a lifelong coffee drinker I mean I grew up in Seattle, so we’re practically doing Gummer’s with the stuff and – and I started drinking coffee when I was 10, and I’ve been drinking it ever since, and I’ve been on and off a coffee about 50 times In my life and the times where I’m off of it I’m on tea, and I notice that there’s just such a mental clarity you get and your focus and concentration is so much better.

Now, personally, I’m not sure if that’s the tea’s benefit or the benefit of not having coffee, but I definitely notice it in the past two weeks since I’ve been drinking green tea, my mental clarity has gone up, and I was researching this, and that is because green Tea has an amino acid l-theanine.

I believe it’s pronounced that actually has a synergistic effect with caffeine and can cross a blood-brain barrier without getting too complex, basically you’re able to tap in and focus a lot better than some of the other stuff.

Because of that amino acid, some studies have shown it has anti-anxiety effects which is really cool because with coffee you know you can get the jitters, and you can get stressed out – and I remember my shirts would start pitting and all this gross stuff.

But I don’t get that with tea. The next benefit of green tea is a that you’ll die less in one study of 14,000 adults, those who drank the most green tea or 64% less likely to die over the six-year study.

Green tea has also been linked to skin health catechins, an antioxidant, that’s, I believe, it’s 200 times more powerful than vitamin E, so get your radiant skin by just drinking green tea. Multiple studies have come out showing that green tea can prevent tooth decay and increase your overall oral hygiene cancer.

Let’s talk about this one. One study found that men who drank green tea had a 48% chance. Less were 48 percent less likely to develop prostate cancer, and women who drink green tea had a 22% less likely chance of developing breast cancer.

Let me show you how to actually make this stuff, alright. So let me go over three ways. The first is to burn yourself with loose-leaf. Now this is probably the most popular method: don’t overthink it one or two tablespoons of green teeth, I’m using, I kind of got in an Asian market.

I got three of them I like to rotate through, and this gives you a really strong earthy tasting tea and let it steep for about three to five minutes, the longer you let it steep, the more bitter it gets and potentially the more caffeine.

If you want to mix this up, go ahead and add mint, you can do a diffuser, ginger or two Rick and lemon actually helps the catechins absorb. So, that’s another tip as well.

The second way is the easiest way and that is to buy from the store and a tea bag. You can get these in 100-200 packs from an Asian market for dirt cheap, although I’m going to the trusted Trader Joe’s, they never let you run, they never lead.

You wrong, they say how do you say that name and never they never wrong you, although Jose one trader, I like to do two bags because I’m a maniac and I get double the benefits and then the third way is just to take it in a supplement Form and extract – you can be careful with this.

It does have caffeine, and you want to avoid doing that before any of these before bed, if you’re sensitive to caffeine recommendations for this range from two cups a day, five cups a day, all the way up to ten cups a day.

One cup of caffeine is about 35 milligrams, which isn’t bad compared to its rival coffee, which has 135 milligrams in two tips. The first is, do not add milk to this. The casein protein is going to inhibit the effects of the antioxidant, okay. So don’t ever do that.

The second tip is to get a good, high-quality brand. Some lower quality brands have bad handling practices now even heard of them having fluoride in them and other not so fun things you just don’t want tea, alright, guys, that’s it! That is your weekly Wednesday hel tack, thanks for watching, be sure and thumbs up.

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All it takes is an email, so I got guys until next time happy tea drinking, stop settling start living I’ll, see you later

The Reality About Green Tea and Its Impact on Weight Reduction

All over you look today you’ll see some brand-new magic green tea weight reduction tablet, beverage, or supplement. Can green tea in fact assist you lose weight? The reality might amaze you.

The reality is green tea can assist you reduce weight, however it’s not the magic weight-loss supplement everybody declares it to be. How can it assist with weight loss? Here’s the fact:

It can assist fat loss by assisting keep your blood sugars level throughout the day The Catechins in green tea aid with glucose guideline and decrease the motion of glucose into fat cells. This assists to prevent insulin spikes which are a leading reason for weight gain in our culture today.

This tea can likewise assist reduce hunger. In a research study done at the University of Chicago green tea evaluated on rats triggered a decrease in food intake throughout the day.

It likewise includes caffeine which can assist accelerate metabolic process a little along with lower cravings and yearnings. Not just will caffeine hinder your yearnings, it will provide you more energy throughout the day.

In spite of all of this proof drinking this tea is not completion all be all of weight-loss. It can assist if taken in throughout the day.

Just how much you consume:

Research studies have actually revealed that drinking 5 to 6 8 ounce glasses of some sort of this tea every day can assist burn an extra 60-100 calories a day.

While it can weight or assist with a healthy diet plan and workout strategy, green tea is not the magic weight-loss supplement lots of individuals believe it is.

Consume a couple of glasses a day to assist you slim down with your diet plan, however do not anticipate the incredible outcomes that numerous supplements declare.

Can green tea really assist you lose weight? The fact is green tea can assist you lose weight, however it’s not the magic weight-loss supplement everybody declares it to be.

The Catechins in green tea assistance with glucose policy and slow down the motion of glucose into fat cells.

Flat Belly Solution – Is There Really a Solution to Achieve a Flat Belly?

I understand how irritating it can be to live your life the best you know how and try so tough to reach a goal but results seem up until now away. Or maybe you simply don’t understand HOW to reach that goal. Rest assured, I am here to assist you do just that. There IS a basic option for a flat belly and you WILL find it and get precisely what you are looking for.

There are 3 things that are crucial when aiming for a flat belly; exercise, state of mind, & diet plan. When these 3 things are well balanced and working together to reach your objective, you will profit.

If the components are pure and grounded from nature, it will benefit your body. If it comes from a box and has actually been stored on a shelf, those components will get saved in your body and turn to fat. In addition, drinking half your body weight in water daily will help assist you to reach your flat belly.

Exercise is also so essential when you wish to achieve a flat tummy. I’m not describing many sit-ups, either. I recommend raising your heart rate for at least 30 minutes 4-5 days per week. When you raise your heart rate, you burn more calories, which will burn fat.

You have to really make up your mind that you definitely believe 100% that you can achieve a flat belly. In some cases we believe as soon as we have children our body just won’t ever get back to where it was, or often we think if we do not exercise 4 hours a day like celebs do, it will never take place to us.

When your state of mind remains in the right place and your day-to-day practices change even a bit, you will quickly start to accomplish the flat stubborn belly you are striving for.


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