Getting Fit & SNATCHED | What I eat – Easy & Healthy Recipes

Getting Fit & SNATCHED | What I eat – Easy & Healthy Recipes

Hello today, we’re gonna be eating yummy food, we’re gonna, have French toast for breakfast chicken nuggets for lunch and also vegan Quiché for dinner. But before we start, today’s video is sponsored by bs, pink, and we’re gonna have a special discount code.

For you guys, so stay tuned for that, and let’s make a French domestic to make French toast. You need a loaf of bread. This is made by me.

It’s high in protein low in carbs, really healthy, really high in fiber. The recipes are always on my website. So if you want to check it out, check it out there, we’re going to be cutting this up and soak it in the custard sauce and then fry it on the pan. Where is my bread knife? It’s thick enough, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven!

All right, I’m gonna cut off the top. I don’t want dry french toasty, and then I’m gonna cut it up into like steaks. I think there’s a lot of bread. I can’t finish this much. This bread is so freaking good, you guys.

So, I’ve cut up my bread into like steaks like this because it’s gonna soak up the sauce a lot better, and it’s gonna be tastier and the bread is super yummy. You guys, you gotta, try it out.

If you want a low-carb high-protein high in fiber bread, that’s gonna keep you full for a long time, try to spread it out so for the custard sauce, I’m gonna use 200 grams. Actually, you know what 100 grams of milk is enough.

A teaspoon of vanilla extract, which I’m not gonna measure because it doesn’t matter where is my teaspoon we’re gonna use a teaspoon of cinnamon?

I love cinnamon, so lots of cinnamon, maybe a little bit more vanilla, extract some stevia and a pinch of nutmeg. So, just a little tiny little bit, and we’re gonna be using the lemon, not lemon.

This is not a lemon, an orange, the peel of half an orange because you know trying to be fancy pansy, just a little squeeze of orange juice, half a lemon.

I mean, I am so fast in the head, so half an orange. And I think that’s it before we add an egg to it, and I’m gonna add that last because I want to taste the sweetness of this custard. Oh damn, this is intense one lash.

Eight, oh, my god, it’s spilling everywhere and then now we’re gonna soak our breadsticks in here and see this is actually really easy to make, but because. I’m making it for the video, it takes a little bit longer.

We’re gonna soak it for about five minutes: hey everyone! It’s a five minute: breadstick ab workout, okay, let’s not do five minutes. I feel like that’s too long. Let’s soak this for two minutes, and I’m gonna heat up the pan.

Okay, we’re gonna. Add a little bit of avocado oil not much at all, so we’re not using a lot of oil, and then I’m gonna pop this on a pan and fry it and that’s it.

I’M gonna show you guys the final product because nobody wants to see me fry stuff because it’s gonna be disastrous. Okay, like sad, i got some mushy French toast because you know the bread is too soft um, but it’s okay. We still have about two thick slices of bread or two and a half slices of bread.

So, that’s good enough. Okay, we’re gonna plate it up now, okay! It’s done. It took me forever to take the photos, so I’m gonna finally start eating. I actually ate the crumbled ones there, so I’m gonna dip this into this soy yogurt over here, so I’ve glazed a little bit of this.

On top of some of the toasty toast, I have two more maple syrup, and I’m gonna try them all today because I’ve never actually compared these a lot. The taste of this maple syrup. We got dark maple here, not so dark maple and the sugar-free one.

So, this is sugar-free, and it’s really low in calories, and these two are made from Canada, and this is from Australia and there’s no maple in here. It’s just natural maple flavor with sweetener.

We’re gonna start with this because I think this is the light one man, this just tastes like sugar, like pure sugar. Now I’m gonna try this, mmm. I really like this one great a maple syrup. Is this not grade this? One doesn’t taste that good wow this is like, so high in calories compared to the other one, interesting.

So, the dark maple is slowing calories, and it’s also a lot nicer. This is clearly not maple syrup, its fake maple syrup and for the last one we’re gonna try some homemade Nutella, yes, drizzle it there’s barely any fat on this French toast.

So, it’s okay, okay, Nutella sauce is my favorite last bread steak. Okay, so I had the same breakfast a couple of days ago and kept me full for hours because of the fiber content and protein.

So if you want something that keeps you full and happy try this one out, it’s pretty low in calories as well, because of the bread, and also we barely use any oil to cook it.

So yes, good hello, I’m back so, like I said earlier, we got something special for you guys you can get 20 off, vs, pink, seamless, leggings, just for you guys not for everyone else. So, I’m gonna pop this on me right now, so you guys can have a look.

So, this is how the shorts looks like on me. You guys have seen this before, I’ve worn this seamless set numerous times. I’ve got the pink one and blue one.

So, you guys know how it looks like from my videos, so the seamless leggings are currently on 25, just for you guys, just for you guys so just use leggings 20 to get 20 off.

Yes, okay, we’re gonna be making some healthy chicken nuggets with rice crumbs, so it’s gluten-free. It’s also going to be often baked with zero oil.

So, it’s a lot lower in calories, a lot healthier just protein and good stuff, yummy stuff. It’s going to be a chipotle chicken, nugget, flavored chicken nuggets what the hell we’re gonna use, um about half a teaspoon of chipotle powder.

You can add a little bit more or less much or less, depending on how spicy you can go. It was a lot of paprika powder smoked, paprika um. I should have touched it. My fingers are gonna be spicy. Now it’s chipotle, oh, I can feel the spiciness on my fingers all right.

It’s! Okay! It’s! Okay! Some black, pepper salt, salt, stuffed salt.

Now I’m gonna mix it in maybe a little bit more, so it’s red, it’s red, hot spicy. Okay, now we’re gonna assemble our chicken nuggets together. It’s very easy: I’ve preheated my oven to fan grill.

If you want a crispy okay, I’m still really full from breakfast we’re gonna start with the chicken, and this is potato starch and that’s an egg and that’s just the rice crumbs. Okay, let’s start we have our chicken bite chicken pieces so coat it in potato starch.

Oh my nose, the chipotle is strong. Oh my goodness, it’s spicy, you guys. Oh, my nose. Okay, second, one dust off excess starch, coat it in Eggo and then pop it into the rice crumble. That’s it.

It’s very easy, make sure it’s fully coated because you want any juice from the chicken to be absorbed by the flour. Oh, my nose. I think i added a little bit too much chipotle today.

I think I have about 250 grams of chicken or 300 grams of raw chicken. I’M not really sure I didn’t actually measure it, keep going, guys.

We are almost here. We have 12 pieces of chicken, but here it is, I’m gonna pop this in the oven for about 12 to 30 minutes. Eight minutes then flip it around now.

We’re gonna make some honey mustard, sauce, homemade mustard, sauce we’re gonna use. Some soy yogurt we’re gonna use about 60 grams.

You can use Greek yogurt, it’s just because i have soy. That’s 80 grams pop it back in 30 grams of mustard or a little bit more and then my lemon a squeeze on lemon.

We need to do this quick, because the chicken is almost done. Oh good, okay got it got it, got it. Okay, let’s use a about a tablespoon, don’t have to use a full tablespoon.

You can go okay, okay! Oh that looks so good right now, instead of honey, but instead of honey, we can add some stevia, because the honey is obviously a lot higher in sugar content.

Chicken is done you guys chicken is done yeah, let’s go  it’s here. It’s just some salad leaves avocado some nuts paleo nuts and seeds with the honey mustard sauce and more chicken on the side. Let’s eat the chicken because it’s not going to be crispy soon.

This is so good, seriously. You don’t really need sauce for it. It’s juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside, mmm, come closer. Come closer, zoom focus there. How crispy does that?

Look? I’M really full, you guys. That was a lot of food, but now I’m going to go to the clinic to get my leg laser. I burn my legs, in case you guys, don’t know this, um because a lot of you guys are new.

So, I burned my leg about two to three years ago on my thigh one of my thighs, and it was a second to third-degree burn.

I normally put some foundation on it. When I take like photos or videos, it was a very terrible experience. So now I’m gonna laser if it’s been more than a year since I’ve been to the clinic because of covet.

So finally, I’m going back, I’m gonna show you guys my leg because it’s gonna be super red. Later, I’m gonna show you how it looks like raw without any foundation.

So, this is how my leg look like right. Now, it’s a lot better than what it used to be, but this is the part. That’s like really burnt 30 degrees, they’re all over here.

The degree as well um and all these are, like, maybe second degrees, so I’m gonna get it lasered, I’m back, and this is how it looks like after laser co2 laser. It feels like it’s burning a little bit um, but it will be.

Okay, by tomorrow, you can see that there’s a lot of spots here. These are all my scars because the patch was this big, but it has gotten a lot better. Obviously, yeah, I’m not, not complaining. This is a lot better than what it was two and a half years ago. Yeah.

Okay, let’s have dinner, it’s dinner time, I’m having vegan Quiché. I made this yesterday because I know I wouldn’t have time to make it today.

I think I’m gonna have three quarters, so this vlog and half of this uh because I want to have a little dessert. My doctor told me that the scar on my leg will always be there. The skin on my leg will never be the same again.

It’s just this rubbery texture and pigmentation from the burn it’s gonna fade away, but it’s just always gonna, be there it’s not gonna be the same again.

That’s what he told me he just didn’t want me to get my hopes up, so yeah. That’s an update about my lake in case, if you’re interested, let’s have a bite of this first. The main ingredient here is tofu.

Nutritional yeast and lots of vegetables like pumpkin, capsicum, zucchini spinach, so super healthy, low, carb, there’s only 150 grams of a pumpkin for the entire thing should I time-lapse this?

Do I have to prove myself to anyone? Do I do it matter because someone else gonna find something else to talk about? I speed an ate this and my stomach is not feeling really good right now because I ate too fast.

That’s the reason why I don’t eat in front of the camera. 

Because I try to finish it as quick as possible, and it’s not good for my digestion, I’m gonna rest for a bit, and I’ll come back for dessert, it’s not too hot. This is the last thing I’m gonna have for the day, ah, just a little bit of chocolate in there melty chocolate, I’m so full.

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. Please give this video a thumbs up. Leave a comment down below share this video with friends all of those nice stuff, um, and I’ll, see you in the next video bye, ciao

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