Get Lower Abs in 14 DAYS! 5 min Beginner Friendly Lower Belly Workout, No Equipment

Get Lower Abs in 14 DAYS! 5 min Beginner Friendly Lower Belly Workout, No Equipment

Day 0 Hi everyone. It’s me April, I don’t know if you have the same problem as me, My body is thin upper abdomen flat and even have 11 lines, But the area around the navel And the lower abdomen always appears large training starts at 1:33 pm.

Even when tightening the abdomen (inhale deeply), It couldn’t make her look better. So, I started my 5 minute lower abdominal workout, which I will be sharing today. I did it once or twice a day.

I’ve been doing this for 14 days. There is no change in diet Day 14. After doing this exercise for two weeks, I feel that the lower part of the abdomen is flat And toning happens to him a lot. I can feel the muscles tight now That was soft at first, Because I want to evaluate this exercise, So it’s the only exercise. I’ve had in 14 days.

No changes in diet, (always eat healthy). If you’ve been following me for a while, You may know that I am a mother of two, So my lower stomach always makes me have a headache.

I find this 5 minute, workout really effective for me, And it is easy to do this on a daily basis. I also want to remind you of that If your belly is like this, In addition to doing these exercises, You also need to control the diet And do some fat burning exercises in the whole body. Like the HIIT exercises I shared with you before, Then you will get results faster, Okay, so, let’s get started with today’s exercises.

There will be 6 exercises and 5 minutes in total. The first exercise lying on the face, bend the knees, Slowly extend your legs forward Until your heels barely touch the ground. The toes must be pointed at all times. Please tighten your stomach. Always Yes, suction your belly button And keep your natural breath, do not arch your waist.

Please keep lower back squeezed on the floor the whole time, This can ensure strong, lower abdominal stimulation, As well as avoiding lower back pain. You might want to ask “. Why can’t my lower back touch the ground ?”? Why does my lower back hurt so much during abdominal exercises?


Well, first, you have to check Whether you have a problem called “ anterior tilt of the pelvis.”. For now, a towel can be placed under the back, provide support and make you feel much better. Well, rest for 10 seconds. Let me show you the second exercise.

Your hands are under your ass, bend your knees and close them to Lower both feet forward so that the heel barely hits the ground The further away the feet, the more difficult it will be, engage your heart throughout the process.

Again, please don’t arch your lower back, keep it pressed to the floor, Especially when your heels are close to the ground. Please tighten the abdomen tightly. This can help train your lower stomach. Well, It also helps maintain the lower back pressing on the floor to avoid lower back pain.

Please don’t hold your breath, exhale slowly when exerted Inhale deeply. When relaxing, Let the movements follow the rhythm of your breath. Okay, take a break. The next exercise is to sit on each V with toe taps. It trains, our entire stomachs very well, Especially the lower abdomen.

The thigh and body are V shaped, Lower the foot until your toes barely touch the ground. Please tighten the abdomen always And straighten the spine.

You can add both elbows In this way, two shoulder blades will be collected. Thus, the back is straightened. The greater the angle of the V shape The greater the distance between the toes and the shoulders, The more difficult.

This Is you starting to feel tired. Please Wait. Because the last movements Which I finished with a lot of efforts and struggles, They have the best effects of training on our muscles. So please do your best And, yes, you can do that well, take a break. The next exercise is to raise the hips.

This is a very good, lower abdomen exercise To avoid using upper body strength to lift the hip. We can put hands on a chest like this. Do not swing your legs towards your head, But extend your legs straight up.

You can imagine trying to touch the ceiling with your toes, engage your core to lift the hip up, Then slowly. Lower the hip to the starting position, Then extend the legs forward.

If it is difficult for you, You can do single foot drops as a low-impact version. I know this exercise is challenging, But this means that this exercise is really effective, So think about our upcoming flat and narrow stomach. Please work hard, fight Well, rest for 10 seconds. The next exercise is the X Ankle Reach. This is one of my favorite exercises.

It can train the lower abdomen, very well, And strengthen the upper abdomen as well. Please raise your legs and bend your knees. Engage your heart to touch the fingertips of the opposite. Ankle Then return to the starting position and move to the other side. The farther the foot is from the body, The more difficult it is.

When doing this exercise, We must avoid using neck force. This is the reason why your neck hurts when doing exercises. To avoid this, we need to involve the belly throughout the exercise. Second, keep applying pressure on your chin. You can palm, try to show your double chin In the last seconds.

Let’s do a couple of constant crunches. 5. 4. 3. 2.

1. Good. Take a rest. The last exercise, hip pressure, plank Plus abdominal training. It can also strengthen your shoulders back buttocks and legs.

So, it’s a good fat-burning exercise too. Please do not raise your hips too high. Your body should be a straight line rather than a triangle. Engage your heart to carry the body, don’t put all of your body weight on the shoulders. If it is difficult for you to do the hip thrusts Or your waist hurts, So you can just do a basic plank.

Instead, However, the hip tapping job works really amazingly. Well, In toning, waist and lateral muscles get 11, So we have to work harder to challenge yourself.

More Than you’ll get good results, faster fight, Okay, workout today, don’t forget to stretch. Let’s support our bodies with the elbows, first raise the head and look slowly. You should feel the belly stretch by now, take deep, breaths and relax.

You can also support the upper body, But please make sure of your lower back. Do not feel any discomfort. Okay, so let’s relax our necks. Now you may feel a burning sensation in your neck. This is because the muscle is called the sternocleidomastoid Merged.

While I was doing crunch, It is wrong, but very difficult to avoid for beginners. First, use your hands to press firmly under the collarbone. Here is one of the two points of origin of the sternocleidomastoid muscle. So, we can repair one end of the muscle by clicking here. Look up and slowly turn your head.

You will find the angle that gives you the strongest stretch, keep extending Okay. So, let’s move on to the other side, extend in the same direction.

The best angle of expansion varies for each person, So you will find that your proper angle will be fine. You don’t need to do the exact same thing as me. Pay attention to controlling density do not stretch too hard, which could lead to injury.

Now, let’s press with one hand on the sternium manuburium Here is another spot of origin from the sternocleidomastoid Support the back of your neck. With the other hand, This can avoid hurting your neck.

At the same time, raise your head slowly, look up and feel the stretch. Well, these are all our exercises today. This exercise can be done once or twice a day.

You can do this on the floor or on a not very soft bed During this period. I do not advise you to do so well, this is today’s video, See you soon on the next stage. Good bye,

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