Get Abs in 2 WEEKS | Abs Workout Challenge

Get Abs in 2 WEEKS | Abs Workout Challenge

Hey everyone Today’s abdominal muscle training is only ten minutes, but intense and your stomach will hate you while loving you, But it’s all worth it. This training is part of my 2-week fat loss training and will help you achieve The abdominal muscle lines are clearly defined. Here is the course schedule. This training is free, don’t forget to click the like button, follow my channel and turn on the function of receiving messages. Good, If you want to join this challenge, don’t forget to leave a message below to give me your progress Or use my hashtag on Instagram (photo wall).

You can also set up your own YouTube channel like these girls, so that we can all support each other lets start together. All the exercises today are 30 seconds each and they are all supersets (connecting two different training exercises). We do two exercises in a row Then rest for ten seconds. Let’s start together, The first action is to raise the leg and high-five Slowly lower your legs and raise them up, get up and give high-five hands Be sure to pay attention to your back lying flat on the ground, especially when you lower your legs.

Don’t hurt your back. There is no rest time. Dear ones, we go directly to the reverse. Curl Use your abs muscles to lift the buttocks Here, pay attention to focus on the core muscles. We have ten seconds to rest, and then the next action is the Spider-Man plank.

Raise your leg towards your elbow on one side of your body Now enter the staggered climber. Lift your knees as close as possible to the opposite elbow Everyone needs to tighten the core muscles. The next one is the Russian twist. The movements should be slow and well controlled. My abdomen is very sore now lets go directly to the movement of the stretched leg.

I really tortured you But remember to inhale when you stretch your legs and exhale when you close your legs. Don’t forget to tighten your abs. We continued to lean on the plank while resting. This action is very effective on the oblique muscles. Now we go directly to the plank opening and closing jump Be sure to pay attention to your core muscles together, you can do it.

Its another quick rest, The next one, is hanging legs and raising legs. You can straighten or punch up and then swing your arms up and down. This action is very difficult. If you need a break, you can stop Get ready to curl your belly. Tighten your waist weve done.

Half of it come on, you can lets, take a break and enter the up and down stick pose. We must tighten the abdominal and buttocks muscles and don’t turn up or drop the hips Now go to the plank. Remember that your core muscles should be tightened and the gluteal muscles should not be upright. Okay, take a rest and enter the left and right heels touch your heels with your hands. This action is also very effective on the side.

Muscle Go straight into the bicycle crunch. I know Im forcing you, but were over soon keep on fueling. After rest, we enter the reverse, abdominal curl, to stretch the legs. Remember, to use your core muscles to lift your buttocks, get ready to get into straight leg. Curls do a few curls!

You can also curl your legs. The most important action is the up and down. Stick style, you can do it. Today’s training is like this. I hope you like it Remember to like, follow and turn on the button to receive messages so that you will not miss.

My new video See you next time. Bye.

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