Flat stomach in 3 DAYS? How I debloat & detox after binge eating | healthy realistic diet


Flat stomach in 3 DAYS? How I debloat & detox after binge eating | healthy realistic diet

Hey, welcome back to Oppserve. This is Juliana, and if you guys have watched the last episode, followed me on Instagram. You might know that I was stress eating over the past few weeks.

So, it’s time to detox in this video I’ll share how I toned my flat stomach in 3 DAYS? If you wonder what I did to see results fast, then keep watching.

The first thing that I do after waking up is to drink at least two cups of water. It helps rehydrate your body after a long night. Drinking water on an empty stomach can cleanse your bowels by creating an urge to move.

It thus helps regulate your digestive tract and avoid bloating due to constipation on day one. I woke up pretty late, so I had a brunch instead of breakfast and lunch.

I had two eggs and some cucumbers also some leftover from last night. I also added some peppers and several more kinds of seasonings, so the leftover are just mushrooms living in a typical Hong Kong family.

We basically have to rice every single meal, so I’ll try to avoid that massive amount of carbs intake. Well, it took me quite a while to wash the dishes and to prepare the meal. Therefore, I’m running late to school, it isn’t that bad because now I have to run for 20 minutes.

That means I have some cardio when you’re watching me running. Let’s, briefly, look at how much cardio I do every single day, so it takes me 20 minutes from my home to the mass transit station I’ll stand in the train for 25. More minutes until I can walk up to the campus.

It’s all together around an hour, and it’s another hour for me to go back home, oh whoa, so I’m being active for at least two hours each day, even when I don’t have time for workouts impressive. Now, I’m back in the lab with the coral polyps babies.

I’M now working on an experiment of how salinity and nutrients ratio affect the health and growth of corals and oops. It always happens, so yeah, I’m also looking for a remedy. We can do to slow down bleaching, by the way, I forgot my hair tie.

I’M so glad that I wore a hairband to school, (cuz, it’s one of the lab rules, lmao) anyways. I know you guys are here for the food that I have not about my school life.

So, let’s see what I have for tea time. Honestly, I am starving during the lab and after that for every single time, so I just go for something light. It’s chicken Caesar salad with some sauce, it’s more delicious than I expected I’ll, give it a 7 out of 10 more works to do. I gave myself a lollipop. It was great right after getting back home, I have some glass noodles for my late-night dinner and I didn’t have much because these are carbs and a kiwi after that.

I also got a cup of milk because I can’t stop eating whenever I’m working, but it’s very late right now, so it’s kind of like a substitute all right. It’s day, two and in the morning I have some boiled eggs.

A low carbs diet doesn’t mean skipping carbs completely and, as I skipped quite a lot yesterday, I’ll let myself have some more today and tomorrow so for lunch. Today I had tomato rice, vermicelli, a hot dog (half of it) and a chicken wing before going back home. I did some HIIT with my mask on.

I felt like the intensity is doubled, lol and then again a kiwi for more vitamin C. Coming to the third day, I’m already seeing changes in my body, it’s no longer blowing, despite the fact that I didn’t work out much.

I also lost some weight into today’s diet again, starting with two cups of water to aid digestion and clear toxins for those who are not used to drinking water in the morning.

flat stomach

You may want to throw up But try to drink as much as you can and for my breakfast, two eggs and cucumbers also a hamburger. Yes, you didn’t hear it wrong, a hamburger I actually just had half of it, though I cut it into half so as to minimize the portion size for lunch, I have some Vietnamese food.

After finishing my lectures today, it took me another half hour to walk to the bus, stop and, as you guys can see, it’s all uphill. Well, some more cardio, and for tonight I decided to only have fruits. These are guavas.

So in conclusion, I tried to reduce my carb’s consumption while allowing myself to still eat whatever I want. Drink at least two cups of water once you wake up every morning and eat more fruits, These are the ways which helped me detox fast.

Coconut Oil – The Shortcut to a Flat Stomach?

You are what you eat. Therefore, if you eat more fat, realistically you will pack on those flabby pounds quicker than you can count them.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

For several years, packaged food producers have actually been playing on this often misunderstood phrase to draw you into purchasing costly, unappetizing and super-hyped foods, which declare to do marvels to your midsection … never mind how terrible they taste or how draining they are to your wallet.

And not surprisingly, millions of people spend billions of hard-earned dollars on these foods every year, going for the rock-hard, toned body they’ve been dreaming about for years.

If purchasing trends and maker claims were anything to go by, we ‘d ideally be looking at countries complete of well-toned, disease-free and healthy individuals for whom every food that even remotely reeks of fats are taboo. Reality however, is another story completely.

The 21st century has seen a humungous rise in the variety of people who are medically classified as overweight, and have high enough levels of body fat to offer their medical insurance suppliers numerous sleepless nights. What’s more, a large bulk of these individuals suffer from cardiac conditions and diabetes … all this regardless of chugging down cans of diet plan soda every day.

So, where did we go wrong?

Unlike what you have actually been told all along, all fats are not wicked. In fact, fats can even benefit your health and go a long way in assisting you with your battle against the bulge. Hard to believe, however real.

To better understand this, let’s first have a look at what fats are actually everything about.

Fats or lipids are essentially classified on the basis of their chemical structure:

Saturated fats whose molecules are totally filled with hydrogen atoms.
Unsaturated fats which consist of two or more double bonds in their structure. Unsaturated fats are generally found in plant-based foods and are liquid at room temperature level.

A lot of nutritionists blindly categorize all unsaturated fats as ‘healthy’ and identify saturated fats as the ‘bad fatty kids’ citing the bad cholesterol-raising residential or commercial properties of saturated fats.

They insist that by totally eliminating hydrogenated fats from your diet, you can easily look forward to a long, disease-free and healthy lifespan.

The Truth About Saturated Fats:

Animal based fats include beef tallow, butter and cream while plant-based sources consist of palm kernel and coconut oils. A noteworthy exception here is coconut oil – a plant-based saturated fat.

Unlike beef tallow and butter, coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids, which are fairly easy to digest and break down. Recent research study likewise shows that by the time coconut oil makes its method to your intestines, it is almost totally absorbed and assimilated by your body.

Contrast this to long-chain fats which are much more hard for your body to use and metabolize, and are hence, normally tucked away and saved as reserves for later usage.

Coconut oil also goes above and beyond by increasing your metabolic process by approximately 48% after a coconut oil-rich meal. This spike in your metabolic process can last for up to 24 hours after you have finished your meal, and oftentimes, can even go as high as 65%.

Put simply, by merely including a little coconut oil in your meals, you can burn more calories and fat with no changes in your lifestyle whatsoever.

Another research study suggests that coconut oil decreases the rate at which food is digested by your body, hence assisting you feel fuller, for longer. When food is slowly digested, your blood gets a sluggish, steady supply of glucose, which in turn avoids your body from producing insulin.

For those of you who have not currently figured out where I’m headed, insulin rises are the number one cause for weight problems in today’s world, as this hormone forces your body to pack away glucose and store it as fatty reserves.

And most significantly, coconut oil likewise damages Candida – a weight gain-inducing yeast which is accountable for producing those oily, sweet food yearnings and a boosted propensity to hoard fat. Coconut oil likewise detoxifies your body and invigorates your cells, consequently helping your body to eliminate fat, securely, naturally and efficiently.

So, is slimming down all about consuming more coconut oil?

There actually is no single super-food that can transform your from Sloppy Joe into hunky Mr. Six-Pack Abs at the drop of a hat. The good news nevertheless, is that by making healthy choices in your everyday consuming routines and changing to a more active way of living, you can assist your body make the transition a lot quicker.

In addition to coconut oil, don’t forget to include other heart and waistline-friendly fats in your everyday dietary routine like:

Olive Oil: Olive oil includes a high concentration of detoxifying anti-oxidants and fatty acids, all of which work towards strengthening your heart and safeguarding your body from cancer. A toxin-free body is also less susceptible to weight gain and obesity.

Omega 3 fatty acids: The Omega family of fatty acids has long since been regarded as essential to normal growth and development. Omega 3 fatty acids are abundantly found in cold water oily fish like salmon, herring, mackerel, anchovies and sardines which contain 7 times more fatty acids as compared to other oily fish like tuna. If you can’t bring yourself to eat fish on a regular basis, try to make this up by consuming natural supplements like fish oil or krill oil capsules.

Plant-based fats: Seeds and nuts are probably your best bet if you’re searching for total, fiber-rich sources of healthy fat. In addition to healthy fatty acids, these foods also include liganins – a naturally-occurring fiber which is proven to minimize the threat of cancer.

Eating to lose fat can be relatively simple … provided you don’t let yourself be fooled by the dozens of gimmicky health claims and zero-fat promises that you find all over the internet, newspapers, magazines and your television set. And surprise, surprise – they didn’t need any nonfat, ‘wonder foods’ to lead them away from obesity and chronic disease.

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