Flat Belly Fat Burner | POP HIIT

Flat Belly Fat Burner | POP HIIT

Hey guys, Cassey here and happy time for you to start on that new Body Makeover, I’m so excited that a ton of you are tweeting me pictures of your transformation. You look so good, so hot and so confident. Today, I have an amazing and super effective workout for you. This is the flat belly fat burner. 2021 is all about fun.

Videos, intense videos. Let’s start the year off right. Let’s go, all right, guys. We are going to start out with the in and outs. No not like the burger and fries well, they they are really good, but I’m talking about the fat burning kind, so you are out and in out and in okay, that’s it were to warm up.

Those legs start to burn some fat cardio warm up. Here we go hit that music inhale sit up, big access, the mouth shoulders, really back, five, six, seven, eight out yeah you got it stay low, beautiful! I love it light on your feet now, good job guys. Many of you have neighbors downstairs. I feel sorry for the can mad at you tell them to join you, yes, bringing the whole public down.

Yeah, yeah. Let’s go, you know if you want sup body, you want the life of yours, always room, though it’s possible and does it together, nice anymore. Here we go 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and it’s who the edge of your mat, has it French commands behind you’re going down for roll-ups hands long behind you like the front toe, pointed inhale. I want it to reach up peeling the back off the mat, but the Tune In can’t slow the comes down, really working that whole plate of lab ready. 5.

6. 7. 8 you’re up two, down four to reach very nice. Now, beginners, you can hold on to the legs here and come down slow, okay, it’s all about words from the core. All about building the strength right here from within cannula should be a time for you how many of these roll-ups, or actually, how many sit-ups Deeping equals one of these roll-ups, good guys on list for to have man, sir, I’m going to tell You yep that’s right guys because you’re working from the upper abs, all the way down to the lower ab, we’re gonna pull things so good, burning, fat and toning up that muscle, at the same time, the best foundation couple more and lift one more.

Let’s go and lift up okay, let’s text wedding, you look so good keep going. He could give me 800 more. Let’s go for three two and one, right: okay, come down all the way behind triple crunch. Here we go lift two three and down working the upper abs right here, don’t pull on the neck flip with the chest and the ABS you’ve got it fullest. Two, three and down relax the feet higher.

You swing up, lift exhale reach and down the lips that was wide. You got it guy’s up higher each time come on lips, oh you’re doing so beautiful, and you look so beautiful. Oh, breathe exhale 2013, like it’s matter of and kill them for, lift and reach two three: this is your year, we’re gonna conquer it together. You believe it. I do not believe in you.

Oh two, more, lift two. Three one more uphold it hands right here on that bass, feel how hard they are. We all are. They are yeah inhaled, exhale list of you guys, yep. Oh, you better be shaken nice.

One more time, inhale, exhale left, hold hard fun. Give me five for doing sink three: two one hands long legs, long inhale and sitting tall hands behind really good, alright guys! I don’t want to do this next part. You know. What’s up for those of you who have trained with me, you know I hate burpees, but I love them ready?

You are okay, beginners! You can walk these out. You don’t have to do the jump. The rest of you, you better work. Your butts off right now.

Five, six, seven, eight flip good stuffs, all the way like back and in oh, let’s go nice work, have fun with you guys. It’s so amazing, you’re everything, I’m nothing on you. Let’s go! Let’s go five more right here. Give me five four come on three last twos to even higher down all the way down come back hands behind you, it is print and slowly rose out there.

I have time, okay hands behind the tailbone, name it square. Who are you, triangle like that feels pressing? Here we go down to lift soon. I want you to relax the test. Okay, it’s all right heel arrives, breach, Oh breathing down to exhale up /, very good down and reach point the toes lower now beginners here and lift, but those you’ve been around for a while honey to go low.

Parallel to the floor, come on push. It now make sure that low back into the mat and not use your back for straight hair from using your abs back, the muscle you want to work good down for two for two you’re coming down. I love it. Two more, all right, yeah down and hold their knees. If you flex point flex, point hands long legs long, inhale, exhale, lift all the way up.

Good you’re back up! Alright guys ready for this. We’re gonna go ahead and do football run all right. Stay close! Nice top right there quick feet, quick feet: yeah hums, like a drumroll right, come on good sweating.

I’M sweating keep going yeah come on, come on one all the way on the mat again, and you’re done okie dokie. Now I want you to place the knees crossing angles crossing stay with the arm Eagle. As for the center of the core, let’s go, reach exhale make peace for the shoulders are other, but tell them you got it. Reach come on and up good. Let’s go eight.

Seven yeah yeah and five good four come on whoa you’re gonna go right into quick buzz right here, I want you tap. Whoo! That’s right feel that bird I want the leg straight toe pointed twisting opposite shoulder to opposite knee. Okay, guys, it’s got! No more cardio in this routine, but we are finishing out with these Criss crosses.

That’s right. You are not stopping Oh whoo. That’S a burning! Fine yep! That’s right!

Whoo! Can you handle, stick with it guys. I know you got it Bam. You know. That’s feeling where it’s just like this so honest and sweet birdie ran the center of your core.

I feel it too and brace it because you are beautiful, and you’re sculpting life that you want. Let’s go tap tap 20. The toes reach your reach, so good. We’Re about to change the temple up, pay attention like a game boom boom. Oh, we are slowing it down.

You’re going to hold for to hold whoa low control, now take discipline here and hard work and slow, lift and lift good and turbo speed. Here we go boo, boo, boo, boo, yeah, yeah yeah. Let’s go really quick. Come on boom, two three four yeah, a little quicker it up and slow it down single boom. Yeah you’ve got it we’re almost there straighten those legs out, flip the shoulders even higher.

I know you’re right here with me. I’M right here with you BAM, let’s go as feeling so good, three or four days, and that is my goal for you. Let’s go twist elbows wide now, don’t cup your head, whoa breasts, yeah yeah! Let’s go grass and you’re not dying nope you’re not no! No!

No! No, you’re alive you’re here with me, come on press press. Almost there yeah. We feel so good. Give me three.

Two one hold knees in head down. Ah, so good guys awesome work guys. Now I want you to finish the rest of your routine on the January workout plan. All you have to do is click right here and print out the January 2014 calendar. This will tell you exactly what workouts to do every day, so you don’t even have to think about it, I’m basically your personal trainer.

I am your personal trainer and also follow the new body makeover challenge. It is twelve weeks to really transform your body. I tell you what to eat every single day, so you have to think about it so pair these two babies together, and you’ll, be just fine.

You’ll see your body start to tone up slim down and, most importantly, if you feel really confident and be super happy. All right guys I’ll see you next time work hard and let me know in the comments below what kind of workouts you want to see.

Discomfort Free Flat Stomach Solution – Is There a Pain Free Flat Belly Option For You?

It is quite complicated to believe that the only option to a flat stubborn belly would be to go through painful surgery with needles poking and prodding at us. Millions of dollars are spent each year for women who would actually go through that ordeal. Fortunately, it is not the only solution to a flat tummy!

Let me very first discuss WHY you presently do not have a flat stubborn belly. Perhaps you are a new Mom, possibly you are a busy Mom that does not have many time to spend at the health club. Possibly you have an exercise strategy and consume the healthiest ways you understand how but still your tummy will not budge. Whatever your situation is, the reason you have extra fat in your stubborn belly is because there are things in your body that should not be there.

Everything that crosses your lips need to be utilized by your body, or it should be neutralized and removed as a waste item. It is so difficult in this day and age to provide our bodies exactly what it needs to perform at its finest and it’s even harder to prevent the things that will damage us.

Your body basically keeps fats as a way to protect the important organs in the body from things that should not be there. Your body will in fact make fat for the particular function of keeping harmful things as far away from crucial organs as possible.

Some suggestions to consider every day include:

  • Eat a diet abundant in fresh fruits, veggies, and entire grains
  • Drink half your body weight in water
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes and elevate your heart rate
  • Watch part sizes and prevent all processed foods


The benefits you will enjoy by supplying your body with exactly what it needs to carry out at its finest include:

1. Losing excess weight
2. Achieving tighter and toner skin
3. Clearer, smoother skin
4. You will start to feel and look your outright finest.

When you move your thoughts and absolutely believe you will attain your flat stomach discomfort totally free, that is when you see results. You do not need intrusive surgical treatment or perhaps uneasy shape wear to attain a flat tummy. Comprise your mind today, it’s time to get the results you most certainly deserve.


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