FLAT BELLY and ARMS FAT BURN | 40 min Home Workout

FLAT BELLY and ARMS FAT BURN | 40 min Home Workout

Whoa, what up guys I would be ready for our Kabaddi and cool? Oh yes, we are. Let me go in today. I’M so excited I’m feeling so hyped because it is the last lie of the week. How are you feeling after yesterday, by the way, I’ve had so many like comments through so many DMS through saying that your bar is on fire?

So let me know is your bar on fire. The good news is we’re barely touching legs, and today we are doing a little bit, but not too much like literally a little bit, it’s all about the shoulders upper body and the core so equipment-wise.

What I need you to grab as a self weight. If you don’t have weights just go with water bottles or whatever you can get your hands on, and I like to come with two sets because some of them I’m definitely going to want lighter, but we’re going to be working back as well, so you’re going higher For that format, guys we’re doing 45 seconds on 15 seconds off.

However, if you are advanced or intermediate, I want you to try and work through those 15 second recoveries.

If your beginner takes the 15 seconds recovery for circuits, we’re starting off with a little bit of fat, burn warm up arms and a tiny bit of ABS, we’re boxing okay boxing with some jumping, then we’re going pure abs, pure shoulders and back to come back.

Are you ready I’ll? Let you know how far you are. Don’t worry. I promise, so we’re just gonna get warmed up a little bit festival, no timer on just taking the legs nice and wide.

I don’t need to take the hand towards the opposite foot. Just literally swaying the body side to side warming up pretty much the entire body here, but pretty tight hamstrings for me after yesterday, oh my gosh. Now let’s get that music up nice and high hey guys! This is good, but I’m gonna lie.

But it’s a lie completely cooked, and they take from that or defeat slightly pivoted outwards, shifting side to side, just warming up the body filling a core in tight chest: don’t panic, I’m gonna kill you today, sir.

I am, and I don’t want to any of you dropping out. I know about the movie. We got the bad side, some guys get ready to. What amazing static both feet in we’re just going to. Let you take your arm in a nice circle.

Now, good, I’m going on to the other side. Amazing everybody ready for what’s going to be pretty good sense, okay, cool three two and grab your weight.

That’s what amazing! If you’ve got lighter weights or water bottles, I want you to grab that with only in ten seconds. Guys first exercise is going to be a jump push up okay, 45 seconds: let’s go getting that heart rate up high, really pumped into the sky: okay; okay, your eyes should be awake.

Okay, we are literally gonna do the same thing with our ABS right now. You can do 15 seconds recovery as you want it, but I don’t want my intermediate Vance, taking it okay. So, as quick supporter I may be my pet: let’s do this grab my weights, but let me advise we’ve so got this. Okay, we are going without pumped across speed, punches to start with an overall that could close. That’s not working.

Okay, come back to your watching point guys. The reason why is nobody can is my office or clients? Oh, we’re! Just gonna punch a crust. We got in five seconds: beginners no weight.

No! What am I doing to us today? What am I even doing guys I’m laughing because I was watching another person’s life, and she looked so perfect, like I’m a sweaty master in this life, I scream at you, I’m so nobody shoulders are on fire. Ok, how are you feeling quickly? Let me know out of 10.

I would love to hear third round is pretty much pure shoulders and back ok. So, this is amazing. Ladies guide, you already want to train back, but girl sometimes don’t want to train shoulders.

Are back so nice for creating lean arms, okay, shoulders and back helps you to scope into that hourglass shape she’s going to help you create the illusion of an hourglass or smaller waist.

Okay, we’re going ten seconds guys you’re in run your knees or standing grab your weights, we’re starting off with our punch, outs, nice and simple, find the beat.

Let’s go said you are writing in. I feel like I’m killing people today, I don’t know it’s just me. Am I just having a bad day, where is everyone feeling the bed?

Just let it go for three. There are some single day: oh cool. I want to quickly know how you’re feeling, this last one is going to be the worst ten minutes. That’s that’s all my hardest circuit by far guys. Okay, now beginners, I promise I’m going to show much, but at these plants you can modify okay, we’re starting off in a side plank.

It’s become apparent to me that a side plank is your least favorite exercise. Okay, again, intermediate box. I just want you to carry on through that 15-second recovery.

While I demonstrate the next exercise, we’re going in ten seconds grab the weight come into a plank beginners you’re here, intermediate advanced, go all the way up, hold stroke, hold strong, no it’d be rolling up to your other side, five seconds again, we get it, but it makes us cool, one? What?

Really tight and tucked under another time, you’re using one or two weeks combats we’ve, got it down to three seconds: oh yeah. Oh, my gosh, okay, coming up both old guys, we’re going to be mixing up the vote of hope to have your weights, nice and close roll back legs up and hold. I came to Ennis has a simply behind you, Vincent a really advanced. You know you are. I know it.

Ok, we’ve got, we’ve got the way blew it. He comes around yeah, Oh guys, you will you kind of made it forget about your finished up. Okay, you now have the head straight over to your finish up.

I know if you’ve done it on earth, never checking up on you to know you’ve done your furniture. Trust me is the perfect way to literally end this workout in the other screen. No, no! Yes! But if you’re going to play this literally just click on playlist on my break bar, I’m now putting it up, so I’m going to quickly show you what I mean whoa Alex, couldn’t see my side.

Okay. So, basically we do guys everything. You can see my profile that, along the top of my profile, I love the top of micro pop music playlist, you just click on playlist step and then once you click on that it has the days so basically Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

The 27th click on that weight is this: with the line it’s the next one, we do is going it and that guy’s you are done, but I am so proud of you if you wouldn’t mind quickly, smashing whoa the thumbs up button. I really appreciate it.

Also, this outfit launches tomorrow, this Jim tuck outfit launches tomorrow, so we’re going to put my link in the description box and in the comments and if you purchase through my link, I earn a small commission.

So, I really appreciate it obviously no worries if not buy. I just want to shave with you one of my favorite outfits, so this is the new flex range that launches at 7 p.m. UK time tomorrow, which is basically like around this time tomorrow, yeah, okay, guys, I will see you on Monday for another life, I’m so proud of you.

Please tell your friends: please spread the word honestly, I’m trying to reach as many people as possible, so just telling one person each. I don’t even know how many people we have, but that would really help. I love you light me up world up very, very proud of you. Oh, 500k. Well,

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