Flat Belly Abs Challenge Before/After Results + Tips | Did it Work for Others

Flat Belly Abs Challenge Before/After Results + Tips | Did it Work for Others

So, this is after three weeks. I definitely feel a lot leaner, especially on my waistline. Everyone will come back so today is an update video of my 30 days flat belly challenge, and I’m going to go through a couple of things before we get started today.

I’M gonna go through my results, and I’m gonna share some tips to get that belly faster and quicker, and I’m also gonna talk about rest days, and I’m also gonna talk about what other common mistakes that people are making and why you’re not getting a flat belly, and I’m also gonna, be showcasing some of your results.

They are so amazing and finally, we’re gonna talk about what did you after 30 days flat belly challenge after this study expect very challenge, so Before we jump into it, don’t forget to smash that like button and also subscribe, if you haven’t already and yeah, let’s talk about my results so on day one I was at forty-seven point: seven kilos and my waist was at around 25 inches slightly over 25 inches, and that was right after the holiday season sauce.

Looking a little bit chubby and after three weeks I was at forty-five points: six kilos. I was actually normally around forty-five point, six to forty six kilos at that time, so I’ve lost a little over two kilos, which was around five pounds. My waist was down from 25 inches to 24 inches and after three weeks I was at forty-five point: six carrots.

So, I only did this program for three weeks because, right after that, my stomach issues got really, really bad. I couldn’t go through with the program anymore, and I have an exercise since then and if you have seen some of my recent videos, you know what issues I’m talking about, but yeah.

There are tons of great results from you guys that I’m gonna talk about later. In the video so stay tuned for that, so sometimes I get messages of you guys sending me your meal pictures and some of them they are like tons of prepackaged, sauces or prepackaged meals and generally those are not that healthy because there’s always a lot of sugar.

At it, if it’s not sugar, it is some sort of like sugar, alcohol, which is not great and also really bad quality oil that you want to go for that extra olive oil or coconut oil, not like canola oil. They are not really that healthy because they are too high in omega-6.

So, I guess a try to question what is really clean: squeaky, clean food, basically Whole Foods, so I, like your sweet potato bacon, a little bit of coconut oil or olive oil, whatever just things that are made from scratch.

You know I mean so if your food comes from a can or plastic bottle, or just some prepackaged food they’re probably not clean, but again, there are certain exceptions for like sardines or salmon that in spring water or olive oil, those are totally okay, so make sure you have enough carbs protein and lots of vegetables so for carbs you can have some rice or some sweet potato and also some protein, like some fish, meat or tempeh or tofu, and lots of vegetables because they’re so essential, so make sure you eat enough and not under Calories as well because if you are eating too little, your metabolism is going to slow down, and you’re.

Also, not gonna have the energy to do the workout so make sure you eat enough and not restrict too much so with cheat meals. Although you guys asked me about that, like you, can totally have a cheat meal here and there, it’s totally.

Okay, just follow the 80/20 rules, so 80% of the time you’re eating clean and 20% of the time. You have a cheat meal. So, a cheat meal is not where you go all out and order like five ice creams and two pizzas and try to finish it all in one go, that’s just that’s just over indulging so don’t over indulge, and you know portion control and now rest days.

Do we need more rest days, so a lot of you guys asked me about that. Like do, I have to train my apps every day so, based on the program, you train your apps for about five to six times a week.

You can definitely take more breaks if you want to like. There is no one way to do like workouts right if your app is really saw and take a day off, it’s totally fine you’re not gonna, not see a result because you took a day off. Also, if your body is really sore – and you can’t do a workout, and you just feel tired, lethargic exhausted, then it’s time for you to take another rest day.

Just because the program say a workout today doesn’t mean that you have to follow it exactly because everyone’s body is different and everyone recovers at a different rate, and it also depends on your diet, if you’re not eating enough carbs you’re not gonna recover as fast As well so don’t be afraid to make adjustments to the schedule, you don’t have to follow it so strictly and also, if you don’t feel like doing a full-blown workout on that day, then you can try.

Maybe a walk in the morning or after your meals, or you can do low-impact exercised all my workout videos have low-impact exercises, so you can check that out too so yeah okay time to touch on some common mistakes. I feel like the most common mistake is that people are not being strategic with their workouts. What I mean is that I’ve seen comments of people saying like I confidence. Just thirty minutes work out it’s too hot, and I don’t feel good about it.

I don’t like the fact that I can finish it, so I’m not gonna do this workout again. I think it’s important for you to be strategic. Imagine you’re going on a 45-minute car ride. You gotta fill up your car right now. Imagine you’re going on a 45 minute workout now, but you have not eaten.

You have not slept. You know you’re not going to be able to perform, and you’re gonna feel like crap, that you can’t finish the workout because you either feel too tired to exhaust it or you just you’re just not in it. So, you don’t want to finish it. So if you’re feeling like crap, then just don’t work out you’re just setting up yourself for failure.

You’re just gonna make sure that you’re in the right mindset to work out as well because if you give up halfway – and you tell us that we can’t do it – then there’s a very high chance that you can’t do it, and then you’re gonna just give up on a program just because you can’t do it today and also don’t be afraid to not be able to complete a workout like every day, some days you’re just not it’s just not strong, and on those days just try to low-impact versions.

You don’t have to go high-impact every day. You can always like to take a chill pill and just do low-impact exercises. Sometimes you know I mean the days I go to gym and ten minutes in I’ll be like nah, I’m just gonna leave, and I’ll leave like because there’s no point pushing myself to do something that I don’t enjoy on that day. So for you guys, if you don’t like doing your workout that day then just take a break, don’t feel guilty about it. It’s totally fine with just humans guys, what humans!

So now, if you’re doing an ab workout you’re linking some app, so you got to squeeze your abs because school it is real hard and if you’re not squeezing your abs, I don’t know what you’re doing if you’re doing a flat belly workout. So yeah.

Remember that you’re gonna engage your core, and a lot of people ask me: how do you engage your core, how they squeeze your abs? So one method is to think of, like breathing out, breathe out and squeeze your abs, so I obviously got breathing after so make sure you squeeze your abs when you’re breathing out it’s almost like you’re trying to take a poop, but not really it’s different. Okay, it’s different.

This is working your abs, but yeah, just remember to squeeze that ass breathes out, squeeze it breathe out, squeeze it does that make sense so for more tips and more common mistakes.

I’ve added a link down in the description box to an older video. That’s do relevant so do check that out as well, alright time to showcase some of your results, thanks so much for sending your results in I’m so proud of you guys, you guys have done so well. They want to stay dirty so proud of you guys. So, let’s start with Fit anabella’s.

She only did three weeks, just like me, and look at her progress. This is completely insane, I’m so proud of her various farms. She’s also another one who’s still halfway through and look at her results. Look at the progress. It’s amazing one lease Naik’s.

I really love how by thought what you can see the lines down in the middle of apps, really great job Worley. Next we have Yarra Mary. She listed some stats. So let’s look at that. She lost a total of 11 pounds in 30 days, shades up 4 centimeters of her waist one centimeter of her arm and thighs, so proud of you girl.

Next, we have forever simply, she lost 8 pounds and 3 centimetres of her belly. It makes me so happy. Looking at her after photo because you can see how confident and happy she is next, we have Anna PBXs. She lost two point four inches of her waist, and you can definitely see more definition forming around apps. Next, we have Haley butter, who has really great lighting in the room.

Her abs are starting to look rock-solid, I’m so proud of you girl. Surely, it’s madness it’s next and has results as madness. Indeed, thanks for using my hashtag Chloe think challenge, everyone goes and send this with some love right now. Do it next is Isabella p.m.

You can tell that she has some ass before, but I love how much more different it is after 30 days, so proud of you. Girl next is kiki Praja from indonesia, but baddest bandit, that’s in the nation for good apps or good belly. Here are Lulu’s apps, she’s done such an amazing job. Shredding of those excess fat upper belly. Look at the transformation, it’s amazing and here’s Kaitlyn’s result.

This is such an inspiring picture. Thank you. So much for sharing this girl, Milan Iberia she’s squeezing her also hotter face. Turn red I’m kidding, girl, you’ve done so well, so proud of me. Here’s Shivani Gupta, I just realized and loved how so many after photos are usually with skinny jeans.

Just shows how much more confident you guys have gotten great work, everyone, and here’s Sophia Vargas. The only one who sent in videos she wants you guys to know that the abscess trio – it’s not Photoshop, I’m so freaking, proud of you Sophia. Now there were so many photos and I tried to include as many as possible.

Thank you so much for sending everything in and sorry if I didn’t get a chance to feature your photos. I just want to end this bit with Ida’s comment here guys, even if you don’t see a big difference, visibly, please don’t forget it’s all about mentally and physically getting stronger.

This is what will keep you going on to reach your goals in the long term. Again, thanks so much for contributing, guys. So, a lot of you guys asked me what to do now after 30 days. I watch, I do I still continue when’s the next program. Don’t worry guys.

I got a new program for you guys coming up soon, but if you have finished your study days flat belly program, you can still repeat it 30 days, it’s a very short time. You can still do this.

Workouts put another round so basically 60 days, and you’re gonna get even better results because you’ve done like workouts consistently for 60 days, but make sure you to take a break in between, so after the delay is taken a week off because this is quite an Intense program so take a week off and the next week come back and repeat the program, but if you’re bored of the full-body workouts, you can replace it with some of my older full-body workouts, they are just as good. Some of them are a little bit shorter.

Some are low-impact zones, just adjust it based on how you’re feeling, so yeah just keep going guys just keep going.

So, my next program is coming up in a couple of weeks, but do let me know what you want to see next, so I can put that on my planning board, so I’m finally feeling better, and I can’t wait to work out – I’m probably going to head back to the gym like this week or next week, and I’ll film a little something for you, guys, yeah, so just stay tuned for my new workout videos, it’s gonna come up very soon.

Bye a super freaking, exciting I’ve been worked out in a month. Oh, my goodness, and that’s it for today’s video. I hope you guys enjoy it, don’t forget to smash it thumbs up button. You know subscribe and also tell notification, and I’ll see you guys in the next video bye for 80%, so 8004 getting good out or don’t

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