FLAT ABS in 2 Weeks (lose belly fat) | 5 minute Home Workout

FLAT ABS in 2 Weeks (lose belly fat) | 5 minute Home Workout

This is your pest belly and a flat abs home exercise in 2 weeks. I want you to do this for 14 days in a row, and let us know in the comments below how you are doing. You can get epic results like these.

Ladies right, here, Don’t forget to tag me in your Instagram stories. Make sure you combine this workout with my fat burning exercises and good nutrition.

My cookbook is in the description below, If you like, you can do a full YouTube review. Video like this Amanda Yoksh, You girls blow my mind, I’m so grateful. My resistance groups are starting again this week.

I’M so excited, We’ve been developing it together for over a crazy year. These are the LEAN, Long Bands, They come in sets of three in the cute bag.

You just saw Medium strong and extra strong, All three come in the bag. This is going to make your workouts so much harder. We’re going to use it here on YouTube in the workouts. There are not many of these offered for sale. Please keep your eyes open.

The last time the resistance bands sold out was in 37 minutes, keep an eye on the YouTube community page and my workouts I’ll make an announcement about my workout videos This week it is being renovated.

Again. This begins. You want to avoid missing it, scroll back to where you feel your core kick to lift your legs up. We start with bicycles.

We have 30 seconds on each exercise. 5 minutes long and remember you do it 14 days in a row, We have it, keep your legs up. Arms, go soaring Pump your arms up and down stiff core Bring your arms to the waist Russian turn and straighten your opposite leg.

You can do it, come on Lie down. Your hands are in an arrow, You are going to come up completely touch and come back again.

Roll back pulling your core in tightly, Open the arm and return to the waist, Judge the middle here. Pull your core in tightly fasten with the waist move, the left leg crunch in and get ready to come on.

You’re almost there About half, If you need it put your hand behind you, but do not give up 10 seconds. Come all the way down, Plant the feet down, get up in the air.

You are going to pump your arms up and down, swipe the fingers of the Hands behind the back of your head. Keep the lower back flat, tap your feet off.

Comes up really high in the crunch, Elbows wide. We make the exercise harder by tapping both feet and then backing up again. Try to keep your lower back flat and the core really tight, elbows wide and high in the crunch. 15 seconds.

This is the last ten seconds of the workout. You threw it in, Do not forget to click on the thumb up button and sign in The LEAN resistance groups start this week.

Keep an eye out for the exact launch date. These are my LEAN adjustable resistance bands, and they are phenomenal. You want to avoid missing it. Basically, these are three resistance bands in one, They are wonderful. See you tomorrow for another workout

Unmasked Secrets For a Flat Belly

A flat tummy is a prize that many people want to show, however so couple of truly have. This reality has left a lot of people scrambling to the health club with the hope that they too can get a toned belly.


You may have read it or heard it a hundred times already, but alcohol does have an effect on how much fat you get on your belly. What it means that is that too much bear pumps the body up with tons of empty calories and then these show themselves in the all so famous” beer belly”. This tip is directed more to those that drink often and really want to have a flat belly.

Stomach Training

Belly training is another great way to develop a firm belly. The steps involved are simple, but the main intent is to strengthen your lower transversus abdominis muscles and oblique muscles. It also involves proper posture and you will even feel a difference when you start to belly training for a flat belly.

For the oblique muscles-which lie at the sides of your abdomen simply remain seated and gradually turn your upper body without moving your lower body. It may feel uncomfortable at first, however with a little practice, you will begin to enjoy it. You will likewise feel the impact on your oblique muscles as you turn from one side to the next and hold each turn for a few minutes. You can do this as work and home by knowingly thinking how you plan to turn each time you want to turn. Overtime you will tighten up the oblique muscles and get a flat stomach.

Muscle Building and Fat Loss

Then you will have to focus on losing fat, if you really want to have a flat belly. You can lose fat by taking in less calories and requiring your body to utilize the fat that it already has for energy. Obviously, this does NOT entail starving yourself, but rather consuming FEWER calories. You will integrate your fat loss objective with bodybuilding so that you develop a toned body while doing so and likewise a flat stomach. Avoid repetitive cardiovascular activities, due to the fact that these do not contribute to bodybuilding. Instead, get involved in outside activities that really work on your core section and cause you to have a flat tummy. There are likewise hundreds of indoor exercise programs such as utilizing a jump rope, abdominal twists, lying leg raises and flutter kick ab crunches.


Healthy Weight Loss Is About Changing Your Lifestyle

There is much confusion about dieting, what works and what does not. In this article I hope to give some insight into how to get started on a path to change the habits that do not serve your weight loss goals.

Online Weight Management Programs – For the Busy Bees Today

Today’s busy lifestyle has its effect on people in many ways. No time to cook or eat properly and less time sleep leads to many disorders. Insomnia, mental anxiety, stresses and abnormal body weight are just few of them. Even if people want to stay fit, they actually can’t take out time to visit a fitness consultant or hit the gym to get the right guidance.

Weight Loss Specialists

The professionals are the ones who provide information and guidance to those who are attempting to lose weight. They play the roles of mentor, instructor, supervisor, and motivator. There is no standard path to become a weight loss specialist but having training and certification in fitness and nutrition is helpful if this is your goal.

Weight Loss: Why Do Some People Become Attention Seekers When They Lose Weight?

In today’s world, there are all kinds of things that someone can do when they are carrying a few too many pounds. When it comes to what one will do to lose weight, it can all depend on their personality.

Why You Can’t Lose Weight

You are careful about nutrition, you take enough vitamins, lead a healthy life with hours of exercise. But, still, you don’t have the body you’ve always wished for. Just to feel better – you are not alone. In fact, this problem is quite often. Even though we often blame the genetics and we doubt that the celebrities have secrets about their perfect look, maybe better we should analyze the reasons that cause this phenomenon.

Do You Finish the Diets Your Start?

I was cleaning my cupboard the other day and found a lot of diet teas, pills, powders and specific diet foods which I started and never finished. Oh let me not forget the injections! And the terrible mood swings which come with some of the diets.

Bicycle Riding Tips for Heavy Riders: A Beginner’s Guide

Biking is a fun activity. For heavy people, this form of activity might bring up issues and worries such as damaging a bicycle, injuring oneself or even finding the appropriate clothing. This variety of reasons hinders them from bicycling and from enjoying its benefits. But with some helpful tips, heavy riders can have a wonderful biking experience.

4 Healthy Appetizer Recipes for the Figure-Conscious

Waiting for the main course to be cooked? Have a light snack to keep your hunger at bay – try these nutritious appetizer recipes that are ideal for weight loss!

Why You Should Follow The Q48 Programme

Overweight or obesity is a major problem these days. Many people are stuck in their desks in front of their computers for the most duration of the day. When they get home, they are often too tired to exercise. But physical activity is a must, and that includes regular exercise. That’s why for many decades now, there have been countless of diet and exercise programs that have been devised for the needs of the weight-loss seeking populace. But what makes an exercise and diet routine effective?

Rapid or Slow Weight Loss – Which Method Brings Enduring Results?

This article throws light on which is the better way to lose weight, Quick or Slow weight loss. We have based our findings on a scientific study done at the University of Florida. In the end we have cautioned everyone to be wary of weight loss plans that push you to lose or gain weight at once.

What Are The Ways Of Reducing Weight?

In Today’s world, Increasing weight is a common problem. More than 70% People are suffering from obesity. Here we provide some tips to reduce your weight without any side effect.

Five Things You Should Know About Alkaline Water

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