Do this before any ab workout for best results!

Do this before any ab workout for best results!

Hey guys and welcome back to my YouTube, so today I’m going to show you the one thing that you guys should all be doing before your ab workouts because it’s going to make a huge difference.

Giving you those defined abs. Now, this is something I was doing prior. But it’s like the technique that I’ve really learned to master, especially in my postpartum journey, and it’s helped not only heal, my diastase, which is the ab cap separation that I had.

But it’s also made my abs a lot stronger and a lot more defined, so I hope you guys are excited and ready to dive into this one trick. So, this trick that I’m going to teach you is going to help. You really engage your core when you’re doing any kind of exercise.

This can be from ab workouts to even sorting your legs and your glutes, and you can do this when you’re doing squats lunges when you’re lifting and picking things up. But it’s really good to do, especially when you’re doing ab exercises because it helps to engage the entire core.

Now, what I’m going to show you today is helping to ignite your trans abdominal, so it’s going to help to really tighten and clench in every single ab.

As well as give you that great form that you need, especially when you’re doing ab exercises because there are many times that so many of us are doing ab exercises wrong. But this technique is so simple, so easy, and it’s something you can do literally anytime, anywhere.

So, when I’m talking about your trance abdominal, I’m talking about the inner abs now, what you want to do this is how I envisioned it. When I started learning, is you want to imagine that you are doing up a corset?

You have a zipper from the bottom zipping all the way up now. What you want to imagine you want to do is say, there’s a little bit of string here. You want to try and act like you’re making it come together.

You want to seal in your waist, and you all don’t want to make sure that your ribs aren’t poking out, they’re sucked in now. One of the things that i used to struggle with was trying to make my ribs come in, especially during my workout.

So, what I want you to do is, I want you to face the camera. Looking at me, I want you to release, don’t tense, don’t do anything. I want you to breathe in and as you breathe in.

I want you to really pull up your pelvic floor and I want you to imagine like I said that. There’s a zip, and it’s running all the way up, you’re trying to get everything to connect like you’re wearing a corset so relax breathe in and, as you exhale tighten everything I want to see.

If you guys can see the difference. This is me relaxed, tying everything in. Let’s try that again, so imagine zipper pulling you up so now.

Just give that a couple of breaths everything’s coming in everything’s, sucking in at the back you’re pushing that belly button through, and you’re zipping. Everything in ribs are coming in, waste is coming in, and those bottom abs are touching.

You should be able to as well. If you put your fingers in your lower abs, you should be able to when you tension, our abs feel them tense. You can feel them straight away when you’re clenching.

So let’s put that into practice by doing some abdominal work on the floor, and I want you to. Let me know if you feel this instantly because you really should see a difference in your abs, and you will notice that there’s no pressure in the middle, your ribs aren’t flaring your hips shouldn’t be moving. This makes such a big difference.

So, let’s go into a crunch: okay, my lumps, so we are on the floor now, like I said, breathe in tighten everything to keep it there and then come into crunch and down connect and go up again. Now you should straight away feel much more of a connection with your stomach.

You should feel your abs more. You should feel everything connected, and you should really feel that contraction so much more when you are doing a workout, let’s try it with another move.

Let’s try sitting in this position and doing a Russian twist, so balancing abs, back, ribs, tucked in everything, can engage twist, engage twist, engage twist, engage twist, engage.

And that’s it guys, it’s that simple, but this little move will really help to engage your core, and It will help you bring those nice defined abs back to life now. I hope you all really did enjoy this tip. It’s something.

That’s really helped me, especially during my postpartum journey, by getting my abdominal back to where they were in their strength. If you guys, like this video.

Please don’t forget to give me a like and subscribe to my YouTube channel and if you want to check out some training programs, for you take my free quiz in my description box below now. I really want to hear from you guys: did this make a difference? Did you feel it? Could you feel your inner core working a lot harder?

If you could, let me know in the comments below and if you like, this video I’ll, be sure to bring you some more tips and tricks.

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