BUTT LIFT in 14 Days (pump & round) | 15 minute Home Workout

BUTT LIFT in 14 Days (pump & round) | 15 minute Home Workout

This is your 15 minute: butt lift home workout. We are going to be lifting into that perky booty from home, Just 15 minutes on the clock. There are 20 exercises of 45 seconds, each no equipment needed If you do have a resistance band and you want to make it harder.

You can use it, But trust me this is going to burn I want you to focus on squeezing those butt muscles the entire way through the workout I’ll, be guiding you the whole time. You can get some incredible results like these.

Ladies here, The booty results are amazing. Make sure you tag me in your Instagram stories. TikTok or if you want you can do a full YouTube review. Thank you. So much, As you know, to get incredible results.

Don’t forget to combine this with my full weekly home workout guides. It ranges from 30 minutes to 45 minutes of exercise per day And obviously nutrition is key. All right, you ready to burn. Let’s do this, Oh by the way the soundtrack is unreal. (, timer, beeping ).

We are starting off down on the mat, flexing that right, foot, lift and lower Donkey kicks really pulling that core in tight Feel that beat Good really squeezing the booty core tight. If you want to make any of these exercises harder, you can use your resistance band, (, timer, beeping, ) Good, now, holding it up squeeze the butt Feel that beat straightens bend.

Good really squeezing that butt Good 10 seconds left Squeeze squeeze squeeze ( timer beeping ) Amazing. Coming up now From there we’re going to lift the leg out to the side. Pump lower Up pump lower core, really tight 15 seconds, Keep squeezing that butt flex that foot ( timer beeping ) Amazing work, straightening that leg out take it across the body, lift and lower And you’re chopping it at a diagonal Keep that foot flexed Keep squeezing the booty.

Keep that tension on the glutes ( timer beeping ) Amazing work bringing that leg up. You’re going to draw a circle, You take it out to the side and then back up again Keep squeezing the booty ( timer beeping ), Oh wow, straight onto the other side, shake that butt out! Okay, flex that foot lift lower come on keep squeezing the butt ( timer beeping ) Hold it up, straighten bend. Remember if you’ve got this band pop it on make it ever harder squeeze that butt Nearly there eight ( timer beeping ) Okay, come up from there. Take that leg straight.

Keep the foot flexed lower breath out breath in feel that new beat Good work. Your butt should be burning. You got this 10 seconds ( timer beeping ) Into those fire hydrants Keep that foot flexed Up pump, lower Nearly there 10 seconds come on, keep pushing ( timer beeping ) Woo. We now come up and round up round lower, keep those butt muscles squeezed Keep that core tight Come on keep going (, timer, beeping, ), Good work, we’re going to finish up with one more on all fours Straighten that leg out and we’re going to go with our arc. Up and over and back This is amazing for the under butt.

Nearly there now come on 15 seconds If you’ve got that band on I salute you Keep that foot flexed Activate the posterior chain into the booty. ( timer beeping ), Okay, we’re going to even you out onto the other side Flex the foot over. We come 15 seconds you’re. Nearly there ( timer beeping ) Incredible. We are now coming onto our side lying down for me.

Excuse me munchkin. Okay, all the way down bring that upper leg forward, toe downhill, up, Lift lower Core tight, make sure that toe is turned downwards, feel that outer booty burn ( timer beeping ) Bring those legs together, Bring those feet up onto an imaginary stool arm up if you can Open, pump, lower, Really nice and smooth drop that hand down for support. If you need it, control that movement Really smooth ( timer beeping ) Onto your back, Oh my gosh. That burn is real, Bring yourself up into a bridge. Squeeze the booty.

We come down open. Keep that rib cage down and keep squeezing the butt. Okay, super important, (, timer, beeping ) Okay hold at the top squeeze that butt tuck the tailbone under and just squeeze for me. Come on squeeze it 100% of your maximum, squeeze that booty core tight Good. Nearly there Now, you’re just going to pump up Tiny little movements squeeze that booty Okay, now hold Last 10 seconds.

Squeeze that butt, come on squeeze as hard as you can. ( timer beeping ) Three two and lower down one We’re going to even you out now so you’re coming onto the other side That side work series Forward toe down. Let’s go Good core, really tight, lift that waist. If you can hand down, if you need it, I know this burns you’re. Nearly there come on keep squeezing that butt ( timer beeping ) Amazing bring those feet together, bring those heels up Open, pump lower.

You want to be as stable as possible here: okay, Really, really thinking about that core and the butt ( timer beeping ) Amazing. We are now coming onto our stomach to finish up. Okay, Really thinking about those butt muscles, really squeezing we’re going to lift the legs, and we’re going to hold Squeeze that booty. Okay, come on, really think about those butt muscles. Squeeze for me In three in two in one open, close (, timer, beeping, ) Amazing, Oh my gosh, my booty is on fire.

You smashed it familia. I am so proud of you. If you enjoyed this workout, please leave a comment down below And if you’re doing it for more than one day, keep a track down below It’s a really good way to keep a track of how you’re feeling, if it’s getting easier, your gains, your results. I am so proud of you, I’ll see you soon for another home workout..

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