BURN THOSE CALORIES! | At Home Cardio Workout | No Jumping

BURN THOSE CALORIES! | At Home Cardio Workout | No Jumping

What’s up everybody, so today we have a no jumping, cardio workout part two, so today’s version is going to be slightly harder than the first one, but it’s definitely doable.

So if you want to burn some fat with me, come along with me. Alright, let’s just jump straight into it. Today we are starting with some warm-up exercises, and you’re gonna be sweating. In no time we are doing two circuits six exercises in each circuit, repeated twice with no jumping involved, so no excuses guys.

Let’s get moving, we will start with some butt. Kickers, kick your leg back one at a time. Do it slowly just to warm up your limbs cross your arms as well and get that heart pumping?

Next, we have slow, Jaime, take it nice and slow here to loosen up those stiff muscles and joints. We are going to be smashing up the exercises later, so take it easy for now.

Now we have torso twists as name’s Jess tweezer. Your toes. Oh, keep your core tight and do it slowly.

We have leg, swing, necks, let’s start with our left leg. First, I normally do it next to a wall or a barbell.

I just like to hold on to something. While I swing my leg, but I couldn’t find anything in the room, so don’t love if my balance is a little bit off, yeah so be sure to grab on to a chair something while you swing away, and now, let’s do the same ball Right side too.

Last warm-up exercises. We are doing lunges slow and steady. I like to go down quite low and give it a good stretch out my legs before the exercise. Now I have a quick ten seconds break.

The first circuit has six exercises with five seconds break in between, and we’ll do them twice. The first exercise is squat straight squat down and keep one leg in front of me one at a time.

This was the legs and also the ABS as you’re kicking your legs up. Does it slow and control? First we’ll be repeating this circuit again.

Now stretch out those arms with your leg behind you and bring your knee as high as you can. While pulling your arms downwards, I was doing it in full force, so bring up the intensity.

If you are able to this exercise, works out your abs, your arms and your legs, so you go as hard as you can. I hope you’re sweating right now, time for the other side, just 30 more seconds to go.

Time to get those legs a little breast and without those arms and abs with walking plants be sure you bring your right hand and leg Out at the same time, this makes it a lot harder and makes you work harder for those apps, so time to rest those arms.

We are doing stationary lunges to work out those quads and that booty of yours do it slowly and feel it burn, and we’ll stop over to the other side after 30 seconds, good job guys.

We are almost past 40% of the workout we’re going to be repeating the same six exercises, but this time I need you to do a full force. So now that you have familiar with the first circuit, no slacking guys, let’s do this.

We’re done with the first circuit, and we’re 60% through guys now for sake, which, I Think, is easier, so you’ve gone through the hard part ready just stay with me. Guys just stay with me. Let’s start the second circuit with pike push up.

I personally think this is easier than regular push up. So don’t get discouraged set yourself up in a pike position like this, be sure to keep your hands and feet shoulder-width apart and pull that back out into the sky.

Now do as many pushups as can, if you are not able to, then get on your knees, to make it easier.

now get into a high plank and do some mountain climbers.

You know this drill bring in your knee one at a time as fast as you can and as close to your arms as possible, build those abs burn.

So for the next exercise, bring your left knee up and bring it back down and tap On the ground for split second, you might find it easier to balance if you extend at your arms like an airplane.

So, I try to work your balance, but if you can’t do it, then grab on to a chair or wall. Thirty seconds almost up, but we’re not taking a break this time guys hold your knee up for five seconds.

Now, don’t put that knee down, but stop pulsing your knee. I know this is going to start burning, and I was really suffering as well, but we are almost at the end of the workout. So, you can do this guys, let’s just smash it out.

Same thing guys, but we are going to work on the other side. Remember when I’m not taking a rest hold that knee up at the end of this 30 seconds before you pulse, you can do this, nice, one guys one more round of circuit two, and we are done no more talking for me, sorry.

I’m blasting this music and go hard! That’s the guys! If you have completed this workout. Please drop me a comment below and tell me how you feel I really just want to know.

I really enjoyed this workout considering. There’s no jumping involved, give this video a thumbs up and I’ll catch. You in my next video Saturday,

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