Melt Body Fat 2 Mile|Half An Hour Exercise in your home

Melt Body Fat 2 Mile|Half An Hour Exercise in your home

Oh, wonderful times our two-mile walk; okay grab the weights; I’m gone two pounds right from the beginning, two pounds in each, and you decide one pound two pounds.

If you stack them, I’ve got my one pound ready for when I want to go to three pounds: okay. Warming up basic steps. You know how to walk this way. Let’s do it walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk!

What, in this series, is going to give you a 15-minute mile? Okay, so the music builds up to my speeds. We averaged four miles an hour paces in this series.

Let’s go, okay, guys, step aside step. Five and seven all you do is just step out to the side, always have to allow the body just some gentle time to get their body temperature up, get a little juice in the joints.

I need your joints to get a little lubricated, so they feel really smooth in that roshun. All that good mobility, you don’t feel stiff, prepare the body for more intense exercise later on, there’s four and three and two so even though you’re raring to go, I need you to just allow the body to ease into it.

That’s the safe way to exercise, just pick up those feet. We go back to walking in between all of our moves, so it’s easy to follow. Okay, kicks are coming guys, give me four and three and two now a kick is simply, you know just go ahead and lift that leg straight out.

That’s out, lift out now remember carrying weights when you work out, it’s not really so safe. If you are in some guided program, I worry about someone who grabs dumbbells and goes out to walk in the park. You know you compromise me some joints, you might be just throwing off your lower back.

I kind of worry about that for our type of walking. We can name four breaks hand weights safely, so strength training can be safely done, even while you’re doing cardio exercise back to walking guys.

Okay, we help you to keep safe so instead of moving all around with those plates, I want you to get controlled. Follow me the best that you can, especially while carrying the weights. We want them to work for us for the benefit not for risky exercise just because we want to burn a few more calories right.

We want good, safe results, pick up a little higher coming, and you know them just let’s go me up and Nia cut that posture. Let’s check it now, flatten up your belly button draws back as deep as you can that just flattens up now my shoulder went right above my hip.

I don’t do back. I staked all along, so the natural curves of my spine are just a line beautifully. Okay, easy way to align your back tuck in that tummy’s flat enough and then stack shoulders right above hips, you got it four. Three two okay knees are down a wee, walk. Good.

All right now pick up your feet just a bit higher as we get further into this warm up. I want you to pick up your pace. A little more really get the body temperature up now come on. Feet, walk a little stronger before three two now step out to the side. Here we go, stepfather’s.

Why did you can, and here’s where we start to sit down into in this event? Okay, so you can step out a lot wider if your knees are bent and that jump balls on a lot more thigh muscle, a lot more back-end muscle. Those are your big power you’re walking to let’s walk it again: good, okay, especially if you’re holding weights.

Now I want you to slowly raise up slowly bring down slowly raise up just get that passive motion. All I want is those weights to go above your head and slowly bring your knees down towards your trunk down now press up to the front, slow, just work in all these planes of motion now try this out to the side, pull them back all we want To do is get everything ready for now.

That’s the pace. I need to get your heart rate up, so put more muscle into it. Give you a higher calorie burn, come on right or left. Don’t worry about counting to get you to your goal. Isn’t it amazing?

Okay, walk nice, nice knees are coming ready, knee lifts. Let’s go meet deep inside your waist you’re activating the waistline oblique muscles are active and especially if you have weight in your hand, wow we can get our waistline with easy moves like this. For more here’s. Four: three: two: let’s walk again: nice, alright, extend the arms, curls bump, fixed end and curl very nice on the straight arm.

Alright, ready step out to the side come on with power close to your body, just carry the extra weight and that’s what every time you raise your arms you’ve got that core walking in it, for you, come on, keep going, keep reaching already my heart rates, it’s Where it needs to be, I feel it my breathing is heavier aerobics.

We’re using a lot of oxygen is going from the toes one and two now back up one and two take that next girl curl the upper body’s going just a bit slower. Okay, I want you to control the weight, no fast jerky movements with the weight.

So, let’s start with simple, like this single me left and remember here we go with that waistline communication you’re talking to the waistline. I just want you without swinging a lot. I want you to just touch your opposite knee for three double watches.

This nice go hold that weight and let that knee come up, hold that weight out there and let the knee come up and get it. I think I can. I want sighs to work harder. I want my back-end to work harder. Take my arms out to the side.


My elbow gets right up in line with my shoulder and believe me, your waistline is firing. Okay, guys, hold the weight. I want you to go in double sidesteps all right. Let’s try it now, go to one today. You know power.

Kick the balls of your feet. You kind of just allow our extension of the leg to come on. Go 4, more 4 3 super walking. Now we walk to watch, keep walking when you’re ready, started it.

So ease watch this five six, oh I’ll catch the beat first with the walking then I’ll show you can really get into the strong get down low as a turn and my weights are controlled.

Is that will fak nice way to hold them for three? Let’s walk now, yeah one two one, two one, two Wow boys, I hope you’re sweating. The way I do these are singles. Let’s go here’s four, three ready for double there’s a double now go all right, come on pull your weight control your weight one! I found a that works.

It works your size, it works your back-end, but your belly. Your waistline is firing off a lot of money. All the way yeah nice maker working hard for stabilizing, come on move and those just carry the extra weight. It’s a big right here. Very nice, okay, wait!

Abby! You want to continue with wait. You don’t want to guess what I’m going down later, I’m going to once I had a lot of upper body training on that mile. I’M going later, guys ready. I just halfway out arms: don’t do a full extension.

It’s just halfway and a tight belly come to draw the belly. I’M walking now, go Wow very nice here. It comes to guys, raise them up, bring them down. One stretch then go back down now with lighter weight.

I, like this movement with lighter weight, don’t walk out, come on halfway down curl and walk bicep curl, while you’re walking, but keep it small fast and jerky motions no way control the weight blow out that hair cut back.

It goes. You know we’re towards the end. Now you know that okay, three ready tight, tummy kicks here. We go kick and think of that good posture now come on. This is a time when you might get a little tired, and you start to lose that beautiful alignment, you start to tip back, don’t sit up, come on walk tall, come on pick strong and align that back up so beautifully.

Give yourself stability by tucking back your belly, eight seven, six, five, four three two walk now now very nice weights. All the way, ready knees-up right here knees up. These are single knee lifts. I opened up my face. My feet are a little wider.

Coming in from another angle, here I go if you’re still holding weights, I want you to control it to the front and if you don’t have weights on come with me in this big range of motion to walk right now, walk very good.

Isn’t it amazing? What a couple of extra pounds does well? Can you imagine when we’re really carrying a lot of extra weight? Don’t you dare feel bad?

This modern world led us all to the point where we’re all trying to knock off some weight. Why? Because technology does everything for us, don’t feel bad do something about, and you are you’re working out today, you’re walking, you’re boosting your metabolism come on walk in place now, what’s gonna happen today get your meals cuz, that’s the other component.

Now you’re gonna say: hey, I just kind of great walk. I am gonna eat healthy, but I’m gonna eat no skipping meals ever promise me you’ll, never skip a meal.

Don’t tell the Italians are all your skin? Oh, no. You can’t do that. You’ve got it, just be prepared for good choices at your meal time. One more time come on pick up nice top out ready.

All you do is touch the floor. Touch the floor. How’s, the belly, nice and tight, come on draw back the belly button. Deep. There’s a deep layer of muscle and your waist, and it is just it helps you really flatten up that belly.

If you engage it, it flattens you up right away belly button towards the spine and that’s the way to engage the transversus, the muscle that flattens up our belly two more one more set. We’re walking now side steps out this way. Let’s go, you have the weights. I want you to stay right here. I want it closed with the weights.

If you don’t have weight, I definitely had enough upper-body strength, training for this workout, so I knew to get rid of the weights now you might want to do that too because the overuse of them is not the key, that’s when they become a little risky and That’s what keeps it as safe workout that incorporates cardio breath aerobics with strength training.

That’s why it’s safest because we don’t use it all the time, and we don’t overuse upper body. All I want you to do is reach up, pull down reach up, pull down. Last time everybody nice come on power, walk pick up. Your body is burning a lot of calories, but you can hear that we leveled off.

The pace is coming down a bit, but muscle activity, spire, and you’re still burning a lot of calories, and you’re going to for the next few hours. Your body’s gonna burn a bunch of calories just because you lit it up today, wow. What a nice bonus me left, let’s go knees up knees, up knees, up knees, up knees, let’s go double nice, 1 & 2.

You want to try fours, 4, 3, 2, 2, 3, 4 little challenging one and two and three and four switch sides. One two three four walk in place: you need about a one minute: walk to get your heart rate back down we’re transitioning into pool down in the stretch and in just about a minute I’ll make that announcement that we’re all waiting for my famous announcement, good just walk: let’s move around a little bit.

We do a lot of that in place. Huh, let’s move any way, you want to move anyone and come back moving forward and back balancing muscle use. It’S really good for your overall general wellness that we move you in all directions. If we’re going forward, we’ve got to get back right, challenge those muscles behind us. They never get enough work, but all the muscles in the front of the body are all overused.

Grover trains and everything in the back is under trains. So, that’s an imbalance that can cause some problems, sometimes back pain, sometimes joint pain because muscles are imbalanced. Okay, so stay right here, easy sidestep, just relax. This is the point where you officially did two miles nice job. That was a two-mile walk strong.

Those weights really make a difference. Don’t they okay little bit more time. I want your heart rate to get back down to where it was when we started the workout, back to a resting state.

It’s actually recovering you’ll know because you’re breathing kind of comes back to normal, and that’s when you know you’re in that nice safe, recovered state. You know, anytime you’re in a workout.

It’s really brisk. You have to allow your body a gradual time to descend and cool down. Don’t ever come to a quick stop when that heart rate is high, even the most fit people should never ever do that.

You’ve got to allow cooldown time for safe workouts, we’re doing it now, just a heal guys, put a heel to the front, just an easy hill. That’s gonna feel, but look look how fast you can recover.

If you need exercise now takes a little while longer, but those of us who’ve been working out pretty routinely three four times a week. The good beautiful blessings your strength and endurance allows you to recover fast, you’re, good, fit body allows the recovery fast, two more okay.

If we just open up our feet, turn our toes out just a bit and a little B softness to the knee just bend. The knee tight tummy bellybuttons, going toward the back toward the spine, and I’m simply gonna raise up for a good stretch. When I need it, exhale always feel so good that big full range of motion feels so good and exhale down.

Let’s go halfway up close the arms open those arms up, close those arms open them up very nice, we’ll see you the next time we walk together. Thanks, everybody

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